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Quick Hits: Lists and interviews and “HBO will never cancel a show”

  • Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss make it onto The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 50 Power Showrunners 2011 list. While Peter Dinklage makes it onto AskMen.com’s Top 49 Men 2011 list.
  • The AV Club writes that it seems HBO’s new policy is to never cancel a show. Guess that bodes well for us getting a full run!
  • Winter participated in a roundtable discussion about the season two recasting over at Tower of the Hand.
  • To all you Belfast-area Thrones fans, Northern Ireland Screen will screen the entire series over two nights this week. They plan to give away prizes and tease possible cast member appearances. Sounds like fun, for those lucky few who get a chance to go.
  • Lena Headey talks with MTV News about season two at the red carpet of the Scream Awards, teasing her character’s story arc for season two. Access Hollywood caught up with Sean Bean where he again talked about a possible return to the show.
  • George R. R. Martin was interviewed by Vulture recently. Some interesting answers in there, although more for book fans than for TV fans (i.e. beware of spoilers).
  • TV.com has TV villain pumpkin stencils for download and they’ve included everyone’s favorite evil prince turned king, Joffrey Baratheon.
  • Last but no least, did you catch the Thrones reference in last week’s Parks and Recreation episode? If not, here it is!


  • Personally, I don’t see how there going to have any time for flashbacks this season. They have to cram in an extra 160 pages worth of book, plus extra details about Robb, Jaime, and Daenerys. Maybe season 3 then.

  • Enjoyed the interview with George.. His comments on Dany being the most powerfull person in the world because she has the dragons, and equating them to a nuclear deterrent,was interesting. Then when he said “But is that enough” , thats what really got me a little worried for our Danys future.
    At least George has a head start on WoW, with 100 pages carried over from ADWD.

  • Thanks for this weekly roundup Winter, enjoyed your comment in the discussion. Also since when is Dexter past its prime? Btw: I think Tywin is a much better villain than Joffrey. Joffrey’s just a spoiled kid whereas Tywin is truly badass

  • Anyone catch the Ice cameo in this weeks The Big Bang Theory episode (or was it Longclaw?) Sheldon just might come accross as a badass wielding that sword :D.

  • Lisa,

    A well known character will die. I wonder who that is. From the description I’d say they’re still shooting BofB but no well known character dies in that battle. The only well known character that dies in ACoK is Renly but there’s no fighting in or around his death scene.

  • Winterdark,

    I guessed Renly as well, since that’s the only well-known character to die in ACoK that I could think of on the top of my head. Or maybe Yoren but I don’t know if he counts as well-known.

  • Crap how stupid am I It’s Luwin of course! There’s a lot of fighting surrounding his death so that matches with the description. Though Yoren might be very likely as well.

  • Interesting write-up on HBO’s policy, but the writer knows about as much about their policy as we do. Still, I can’t say I’m too worried about GoT’s prospects at this point, the ratings for season 1 were quite good, and chances are high that season 2 will build on those. I know a lot of people who just didn’t watch, it wasn’t on their radar, and now are waiting for dvds to catch up and see if its for them.

  • Two Feathers: Enjoyed the interview with George.. His comments on Dany being the most powerfull person in the world because she has the dragons

    Yes, that was interesting. If anything is clear in the last book is that she needs another kind of help and it seems that this help is trying to reach her from everywhere.

  • I am really intrigued to see how they’ll be able to handle Renly’s death, I’ll also be curious to see if a certain birth scene at Storm’s End features. As for HBO not canceling shows I guess you could say they’ve been really positive lately but alot of those shows which didn’t secure good ratings don’t cost a fortune per episode.

  • In the NYMag interview the comment by GRRM that “I’m beginning to wish I had never bothered with the color of people’s eyes” could partially be a reference to how fans noticed that Renly’s eyes were described as green in A Game of Thrones but were later described as blue.

  • Every time the usually TV-savvy George talks about the implications of Mago’s death, my head spins. Does he really think “fixing” that change will take more than one half-second to come up with a new name for an identical Dothraki character?

  • Zach,

    Indeed. And since it’s highly unlikely the same actor would be available to play Mago after a few years off screen, it would be either replace with a new, similar character or recast even if he weren’t killed off.

    Likewise replacing Marillion will be fine.

  • Good for our GOT but too bad that HBO policy wasn’t in effect before Carnivale and Deadwood were canned…I’m still pissed.