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TITANCON: Sunday sojourn

Our continuing (and seemingly year-round) coverage of TitanCon had to end somewhere, and so here it is: the final day of titanic TitanCon, wherein two busses filled with galavanting gadabouts took to the Northern Ireland roadways in search of various Game of Thrones filming locales.

This misadventure is told by me (with the aid of the tireless HmR) to you in various short video snippets—possibly exceeding 20 snippets in number but surely falling short of my personal goal of 8,456.

As an active opponent of “Home Movie Night with the FaB Family,” this goes against my better judgment. But why the hell did I bring a video camera if not to share this with our fans? So it has to be said: This is really the sort of thing you should go through if you have some times on your hands and are just a little bit bored. I will concede this is probably a lot more interesting to people who were actually there.

That said, I’d like to invite you all to join with me on FaBio and HmR’s Road Hijinks! If you watch all the way to the end I have a special treat for you.

PLEASE NOTE: I suck at taking pictures. Moving pictures are no exception. You have been warned.

We began the day being organized into two busses—or rather into two lines for two busses…

You Tube Link!
(I see you, Silverjaime…)

(I see a lot of familiar people, actually. I think I found Waldo too!)

Who goes to the back of the bus?

Miltos has a message!


So we rolled on down the highway, visiting first the Painthall (no pics) and then on to Tollymore Forest… which I apparently thought was pronounced Tollymere

You Tube Link!

Hear Me Roar: Man, that first part of the tour really was wet! Luckily, I’ve spent the deluge in the great company of bottom supporters, of which I would particulary like to mention Dennai (the real deal from Spain and more recently Scotland), Pod (the real deal from Dublin), and Roger & Alice (the things he did for love, from the US and England). Thanks, it was lovely meeting you guys! Everyone was happy when the rain abated later in the day. /Hear Me Roar

I shoot Kristian Nairn’s butt! Seriously, I must have been mesmerized.


Theon redux.

The elusive White Runner.

A perilous trek.


A perilous crossing!

40 long hours…

We arrived at the spot where the direwolf pups were found…

You Tube Link!

FaBio stays safe.

Our first death!

More slogging begat the location where the prologue was filmed…

You Tube Link!


Wildlings were here!

Reenacting the death of Gared.

Next was Inch Abbey…

You Tube Link!

Inch Abbey!

The King in the North! Ah, nerds and their spontaneity. Miltos started it. Pod was thus crowned, and reigns to this day.

A Very Special Message for WiC!

Finally, our last stop was at Castle Ward—that’s right, folks—Winterfell! When we arrived we were given a show of puissant pugility put on by “Lord” Jo and featuring Clann Ulaidh’s skilled swordsmen…

You Tube Link! … and FaBio wouldn’t last eight seconds against any of them.

Finale: a Bow-Firing Priest.


HmR’s coach tour photo gallery.

And I promised you all something special if you stayed with me. And I mean to follow through.

Or I …did.

I had a lovely bit of video with Sophie and Maisie, filmed during TitanCon’s first night, giving Winter Is Coming a lovely personal greeting. And thanking Phil. And telling me how awesomely great I was. Wouldn’t you know it that would be my sole corrupted file.

(I finally have proof that yes, I am awesome… and my computer eats the proof. Kismet?)

So with that disappointment in mind, I give you instead something I filmed that very same night:

It’s Rabbit, doing the Running Man.

What? It is Rabbit. And she is doing the Running Man. Somewhere in the dark. I saw it.

Fine. Here are some pictures as well:

The heights of Winterfell (Castle Ward)

Kept expecting Arya to come running up in a Stark helm...

Art Parkinson - happy to be doing Thumbs Up with FaB

Miltos Yerolemou - not quite as happy as Art Parkinson

I think my face was frozen that way.

Two Valiant and Attractive Men Who Should Not Be Named

Redshirt, Redhead, Greyjoy

Faceless Man, JackityMackity, SCHoot, and Hear Me Rawr

Nein Schnauzen! (Dire Schnauzen)

And with that we wrap up the—wait, no we don’t! We still have one more TITANCON post to come!


Stay patient—and stay FaB, people!