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Christmas wishes

No, not those wishes! I mean real wishes.

Like in the “you get three wishes” category. But for Christmas (or Festivus, or what have you)!

FaBio here, typing to you from his miserly laptop from the darkened drawing room of my father’s house in Chandler, AZ. No one else is awake; even the Schnauzer has long given his farewell and gone to bed. Yet I feel compelled to get at least one post out to our update-starved public, and this question has been lagging me of late, therefore…

If you had three wishes that could be granted (say, by Jesus, or Buddha, or Kali or whoever) but could only directly affect the production of the show itself… what would they be?

(“I wish my bedroom doubled as Daenerys’s room in Qarth” doesn’t really count, as that would technically hinder production of the show. No production hindering!)

Wishes for “everything to be just as awesome as season one” are perfectly legal (though perfectly boring). What I’m looking for, however, is stuff we may not actually see. I wanna see you, in the glory of your imagination, reach back into your deeper subconscious and let your id run amok. Color me curious!

So I’ll kick it off with mine; please note there will be SPOILERS ABOUNDING throughout this—at least vague ones. So if you haven’t read past, say, A Storm of Swords, then read this post and its relies with due caution.

So without further ado:

1. More for Jon and Dany to do in season two. While I loved A Clash of Kings, it did feel as though two of our primary protagonists—Jon Snow and Daenerys—basically did nothing exciting up until the very end of the book. They travelled, then travelled some more. Jon had odd little conversations with Samwell; Dany had bizarre marriage proposals from men clearly not interested in women… and really, nothing happened. Qarth and Beyond the Wall can certainly be made a bit more exciting, even is that means (gasp!) deviating from the novels a little. Yes, I am openly campaigning for deviation. Here’s to hoping D&D know what I mean and we get some good stuff!

2. Strong Belwas. That’s all I can say to that. Doesn’t even need to be a speaking part. (All he really has to do is look impressive and poop on command.) Strong Belwas!

3. Jason Momoa returns in season 3… as Daario Naharis. What, that would be epic! And would sort of explain why in the hell Dani even likes the skeevy guy in the first place. Unless you really think it’s his twirly blue mustaches and gold teef that bring all the girls to his yard. Jason would kill it as that dude.

So gimme some of your weirder wishes, Gatewatch! Hold nothing back. Today is a day for fantasy, after all.



  • 1. Lots of Stannis, Mel and Davos in S2.
    2. Lots of Ironborn action.
    3. 2-season renewal for S3 and S4, based on monstrous ratings of the second season premiere.

  • 1. They bat it out the park with the visions in the house of the undying. Even put in a little moore than is in the book. There has been no legitimate reasons (and no spare screentime) to do flashbacks, so even show a little extra from the past jumbled in with the other stuff to hint at certain things. But as I said. Bat it out off the park. Done in a way that isn´t messy or confused, and don´t jump things that belong in the rooms dany see through the doors, with the things that is in her prophesy. The three set of threes. I think it would have better impact with tv-viewers if some of the rooms she look into contain scenes from the past played by the familiar actors. People will know it is not happening right know, but would replace some of the talking head (s)exposition.

    2. Seing Davos and Mel actually go into a boat and sail into a cave beneath Storms End for the birth, as opposed to just walk into a cave. Sailing in a boat will allow them to elaborate a little on Davos smugler background, and put in some of his and Mels dialogue from the book. Rotten onions and such. And a dark boat, in the dark water, beneath a cliff with a castle on top would provide amazing visuals if done right.

    3. To keep as many as Tyrions lines from the book, specifically with Varys, Cersei, Bron and Pod.

  • 1. and only wish:
    I wanna see the San-San relationship as it was in the book. And thus, I want the Sandor-saving-Sansa-from-the-Mob to be truly epic! I want to see the Hound butchering his way through the crowd Leonidas-style! And then back at the Red Keep when all hope seems lost I wanna see him show up with Sansa.

    Well, now that I think of it, there’s actually a second wish:

    Don’t mess up the Jeyne-Robb thing!!!! I’m reeaally scared of this.

  • I second Strong Belwas. I’ll use all three wishes on that, if needed. Strong Belwas, Strong Belwas, Strong Belwas.

  • First of all: To all who are celebrating today: Merry Xmas!

    My wishes:

    1. Nice and decent Battle of Blackwater
    2. Some helicopter shots everywhere
    3. Acting as good as it was in S1

  • Hmmm….
    1) This one’s easy (albeit boring): I wish for the production to continue until the 7th and last book (well, don’t pull a “lost” on us geeks)
    2) I wish my bedroom doubled as Daenerys’s room in Qarth… I know, I know… but I promise it won’t hinder production!!!
    3) Dragons, Direwolves, Giants, Mammoths… I hope they do it right… won’t be easy
    They should be as big as Tormund’s member!!!

  • 1: Mel pooping out a shadow-baby.
    2: STRONG BELWAS (he’s so good he gets allcaps)
    3: D&D decide that AFFC and ADWD are unfilmable crap and decide to make up a proper story instead.

  • 1. Seeing all castles (in the book) in future, like Riverrun in season 3. and Storm Ends some season. *I’t true that we don’t see Storm End in season 2?
    2. Scenes in Winterfell, seeing all major character, like Jojen, Meera, Manderlyn, Reek.
    3. Some good strategy game about SOIF, Genesis suck hard.
    4. And finaly, more Roz… no, just kidding. :D

  • 1) More of the good stuff the production team has been doing so far! Keep it up guys!

    2) To somehow integrate more of the flashbacks/dream-sequences into the show – something I thought was a little lacking in the first season. The Rhaegar storyline is my favourite from the books (apart from anticipation of Jon+Dany sloppy makeouts that is) and it’s a shame that it’s been given short shrift so far.

    3) For Bronn and Tyrion to burst into a Christmas-themed duet:


    Merry Christmas to everybody, esp. WiC, FaB, HmR et al who have brought us this wonderful site! Winter surely has come, even if the weather outside is more damp and grey than crisp and white in my little corner of the world :)

  • Also I think that is better film bakc to kack 4.th and 5.th book to own seasons and then showing seperate. Together they are too big for one season, splitting up with chronological order make then 5. season (if they split 3.th book in 2 season) end lame, and if you put these together, they are too many plotlines involved. And like GRRM say that trying reading these books in chronological order is not his inted. I think that only good way adaption the books are film 2 season where first season is only about westeros plotline, no wall or dany.

  • We are so hungry for news

    here are my wishes, and spoilers ahead

    1) I really want Jojen and Meera Reed to show up, because I love Jojen he is one of my favorites

    2) I really want to see “Reek”, he is just so scary. Because you haven’t seen cruelty till you meet “Reek”.

    3) I really want the Director to perfect the visions in the House Of The Undying. But what i want the most from that is for Rhagaers part to be perfect and exactly from the book.

  • Knihti:

    I agree about filming books 4+5 as two back-to-back seasons- it’s what D&D want to do with both parts of Storm of Swords and if it works then I don’t see why they shouldn’t do it again.

    I disagree about keeping the geographical separation though. As much as I love the series I think Feast and Dance are deeply flawed and unsatisfying books, and D&D are in the enviable position of being able to do a fan-edit and possibly (*gasp*!) improve upon GRRMs text. A season without Dany, Jon or Tyrion would be murder…

  • 1: THE REEDS. FOR THE LOVE OF TALOS. Oh and Meera’s actress being closer in age to Isaac, so I can ship them come season 4/5. <3



  • “To all the gods, the old and the new! I beg of you! Make GRRM write books 6 and 7 fast (and better than AFFC and ADWD)!
    Jorah Mormont reply: “Even a queen does not have that power”
    The Old Gods reply: “Sorry, Winter is coming”
    The Seven reply:” Talk to R’hllor, we are busy watching Cercei and Jaime”…
    R’hllor: “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable, not to mention the night is dark and full of terrors. Please burn such crazy wishes in a pyre and try again in say… seven years”?

  • Since we get three more wishes next year (right, FaBio?) I’ll only have wishes for the second season.

    1. I want House of Undying to be incredible and expanded. Dany should see more history about the rebellion, and flashbacks to Rhaegar and Lyanna!

    2. Astronomical ratings for the season 2 premiere.

    3. That the Shadow(s) work on screen.

  • Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noël, Sretan Božić!

    All I want for Christmas is for them to come back to Dubrovnik so that I can be an extra on the set :))

  • 1. Flashbacks! Trident, Rhaegar and Lyanna, Tower of Joy, whatever.
    2. Some good scenes with “Arstan Whitebeard” (and of course, Strong Belwas.)
    3. A good long run for this show, like, til the end. :)

  • My three wishes are:
    -More than 10 episodes per season, please HBO, and flashbacks with our beloved characters.
    -I want to see all the characters from the books: Reeds, Reek, Thoros of Myr, Beric, Blackfish…
    -Movies, epic ones, between seasons. Peter Jackson knows how and in 2013 or 2014 he´ll be free!!!
    Thats all folks

  • Three deviations (sacrilege!) I’d like to see:

    1. Have Theon’s story line end with the capture of Winterfell, and leave Reek, the Reeds, and the rest of it to season 3. The pacing works better for TV, I think.
    2. Move the battle of the Fist of the First Men to the end of this season- would be a great cliffhanger for Mormont and the boys, and it would bring in some much needed wight action to this season.
    3. Expand the House of the Undying, as suggested upthread.

  • I wish to the old gods and the Seven(but not R’ hlorr, that guy still hasn’t put Stan on the throne, lazy bastard)

    1: I wish Headhunters will be released in Holland today! I wanna hear NCW talk in Swedish
    2: I wish the series runs for another 10 seasons so I can join the writing staff at some point(remember this is the anything is possible section)
    3: I wish Brienne doesn’t betray Jaime cause I wanna see their lovebabies(again this is anything is possible)

    And oh yeah I wish for Reek and the Reeds in season 2. Unfortunately I allready used up all my wishes so someone else’ll have to do it. Me becoming a writer on the series is much more important anyway.

  • They can’t cast Jason Momoa as Daario because they’re going to need him when Drogo comes back to life at some point in the last two books.

  • 1. Lots of Pod moments. Don’t be stingy now!
    2. the Sean Bean mentioned the possibility of returning for flashbacks (ToJ anyone?) so maybe they could include little Neddy moments in the House o’ Undyin’.. Lack of ToJ flashbacks hurt my L+R=J shipping soul.
    3. I want Tommen’s epic battle against the strawman. I WANT IT

  • jellydonut:


    Man, this is seriously the ONE THING quality-wise that terrifies me. The only nice example of big fluffy animal done well in cgi that I can think of is Aslan from Narnia and he took two years to be developped with a full muscle system, on a movie that had a budget of $180,000,000. The dragons won’t need a realistic fur system so I’m less worried about them, but I still hope they have some really good animators.

    …I have no idea how they’re going to do this. Is there anyway to know which studios they’re working with?

  • 1. 15 episodes.
    2. Flashbacks.
    3. Stannis crushes all opposition and unifies Westeros – leaving him to unify the Free Cities and the Dothraki and Qarth and the Slaver Cities in S3, conquer Asshai and Ibben in S4, destroy the Others once and for all in S5, and dispense universal and perfect justice in S6.

    I know that last one would involve some deviation from the books (or, hopefully, just skipping ahead to what is no doubt the plot of books 6-10), but they’ve already added Roz, so my suggestion seems a relatively minor alteration.

  • 1) That they HAVE cast Ramsay Bolton & he’s super cute but disgustingly vile….

    2) That whoever has been ‘killed’ off in this series is of no real importance. Or I will banish the show from my house :/

    3) More male nudity for the ladies please…. Jon/Robb/Jaqen H’ghar (have you seen the dude playing him, OMG)/Jamie/The Hound (please, please,please)

    And, as it’s Christmas Day & Santa has thus far failed bringing me the only gift I want…
    That when I get home tonight Rory McCann (The Hound) has somehow randomly ended up in my bed, handcuffed to the headboard (with scars, greasy hair & chain mail thank you!)

    Jordan Healey:



    Alethea Pyre:
    1. I wish the Hound had more of a presence. He rocks.


  • Udi:
    a 4th wish (I know that’s not how it works but can always try):

    If she died I would be sooooooo happy, & Shae to die NOW. I like whores normally on the TV, but these 2… bah!

  • Hmm… I would say that my 3 wishes are:

    1. PLEASE make the Battle of the Blackwater be completely EPIC beyond fathoming, because that battle in the book was CHAPTERS long. You could write out the ships name in each opposing fleet and scratch off each boat as it sinks lmao. I dont want to see a few shots of boats fighting, i want a whole half episode (at LEAST!) dedicated to the battle! And Tyrion’s sinking ship fighting scene has to be there, that was so nerve racking!!

    2. If i watch an entire season without Strong Belwas, i will FLIP SHIT! So i guess that’s my 2nd wish, Belwas lmao

    3. That Lommy’s death be the saddest part of season 2… because im a grown male and cried histerically because all he needed was to see a maester to get his leg removed… but no cruelty takes hold once again :'(

  • Also, my 4th wish (i know im breaking the rules, but rules are meant for breaking lmao)
    After all the books are make into an epic HBO television show right to the end, i would LOVE for an amazing director who ALSO is on board with staying true to the books to do The Hedge Knight books. :) i Know everyone else will agree :):)

  • My 3 wishes ?
    1) Proper battlescenes…
    2)Strong Belwas appearance…
    3)Top of the line FX for the dragons and shadows and direwolves…

  • I don’t think I have enough time to ponder all the things I want to see throughout the whole series, so I am just going to focus on A Clash of Kings.

    1. I wish for the House of the Undying to be legitimately creepy. I want to see crazy corridors with eerie lighting and a boy-wolf thing and the old ghosts.
    2. I wish for Rhaegar to show up in the House of the Undying, as an actual spectre with lines to speak. He MUST speak the “ice and fire” line. And he should be Michael Fassbender (now I’m stacking wishes…but hey, a girl can dream).
    3. I wish for the Reeds. Bran’s journey is not the same without them. Go look through any thread that discusses them for my views on that.

    HOTU-heavy wishlist, but it is still one of my favorite passages from the whole series.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Three wishes:

    1. Flashback scenes (including Rhaegar Targaryen pleasepleaseplease!!!)
    2. All books finished, and the show doesn’t get cancelled until then
    3. Richard Armitage as Oberyn Martell

    (instead of the 1. wish I could also tolerate a movie about Robert’s rebellion and the flashback stuff. But first of all I would give almost anything just for 5 seconds of Rhaegar!!!)

  • 1. Excellent dragon and direwolf CGI
    2. Male nudity > Ros > Shae
    3. RHAEGAR TARGARYEN, both in flashbacks and the House of the Undying. The bits of Targaryen history in Season 1 (eg. scene between Maester Aemon and Jon), were the reason I started reading the books!

  • emma:

    3) More male nudity for the ladies please…. Jon/Robb/Jaqen H’ghar (have you seen the dude playing him, OMG)/Jamie/The Hound (please, please,please)

    And, as it’s Christmas Day & Santa has thus far failed bringing me the only gift I want…
    That when I get home tonight Rory McCann (The Hound) has somehow randomly ended up in my bed, handcuffed to the headboard (with scars, greasy hair & chain mail thank you!)



    Completely agree! More male nakedness please!

  • 1. Get Joe on the show!
    2. A proper psychotic Cersei Lannister.
    3. …Some relevance to the new scenes that they add.

  • I second (third, fourth) so many of the previous wishes. Including:
    – Non-cheesy CGI
    – Superb House of the Undying with all the fabulous but mystifying visions from the book
    – Re-appearance by Jason Momoa as a Khal, as the prophecies are playing out in DwD, or as Daario Naharis, as Fabio suggested. He’s got the arrogant grin, the lust for life/blood, and the Hunk o’ Plenty looks that make Dany and us chicks with a pulse liquify in our chairs. He’d be perfect!

  • With regards to Jason Momoa, brilliant idea, if Deadwood can cast Garret Dillahunt in two different roles why can’t GoT do the same with Momoa?

  • Drogo will be in season 2. Jason Momoa was back in Belfast to shoot scenes. Presumably it will relate to what Dany sees in the House of the Undying.

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    What I want is simple… almost blindingly simple compared to some of yours. I want to see my favorite new show of this year, and possibly one of my favorite shows of all time, to keep going as strongly as they have been, if not more so. This show injected new life into the fantasy genre… it deserves a strong future.

  • Having lived in Westeros this year , I can`t very well wish for more. But I do mostly like what you guys are wishing for.
    Since this year is done I have only one wish for the next…. Please ,please Lord Frey, can I come to The Twins for the wedding?

  • For the Blackwater to alternate between the action and Sansa, as it did in the book. Don’t marginalise Sansa! Some amazing scenes – her singing to the Hound, Cersei terrifying her about a) blood b) Joffrey being an admittedly rubbish fiancé c) women’s weapons being their vaginas d) Ser Ilyn waiting to kill them – take place during the Blackwater.


    Some explanation as to why the Tullys and Riverrun aren’t around, as to me they seem like sad gaping omissions.

  • If I could get 3 wishes, Id ask the same thing for the 3 times!! (which is the one I want the most)…I would wish to see Jason again on the show…. No kidding, I love the man and he did such an amazing job as Drogo (cried as a child when he died)… He could return as someone else although, I would love see him as Drogo again ( I know, I know, its impossible, for my sadness) but thats just my wish!!!

    JASON BACK FOR SEASON 2….. =))))

  • 1) a much more crazy Cersei … don´t like this psychoanalyzed Cersei of season one. I don´t care if she turns into a one-dimensional character. The aproach of season one about this character was very confusing for me. If you have a twisted realtionship with your brother (trying to be subtle here) and play mind games with your child is possible that you’re crazy or shomething like that.

    2) A Strong Belwas who can speak while “poops on command”.

    3) Maybe what Knurk said or the Blackfish

    Knurk: 3: D&D decide that AFFC and ADWD are unfilmable crap and decide to make up a proper story instead.

  • 1. The blackwater battle HAS TO BE awesome and epic, its one of the main events of the whole series
    2. The whole house of the undying part has to be exactly as the book, not missing or shortened or changed.
    3. Renly’s death by the shadow, must be done in a mixture of horror and mistery scenario, not abusing of the cgi.

  • 1. SanSan! … or at least more of the Hound. plz? he’s fantastic.
    2. Bronn, my fav. character, and his awesome one-liners! And also showing him being kick-ass during the Blackwater scenes/battle.
    3. More costumes, specifically dresses… I like the pretty dresses, okay!! ( Especially Margaery Tyrell!)

  • I am clearly,most definately a Jon Snow girl! I think that Kit Harington is awesome and I would love to see his take a bite out of something more meaty than just having Jon moping about. Jon is a smart guy and like Ned full of honor. Jon is a leader in the making we all know,but I want to see Kit bring that to the table. And like any hot blooded,american women…I want to see a few nice naked moments!

    Dany,her stuff just bored the crap out of me in book two. I had to re-read her stuff just because i felt bad for skimming her chapters. But she really reminded me of the type of women I hate! I love Emilia though and I think she can make it all more interesting!

  • Emma:
    And, as it’s Christmas Day & Santa has thus far failed bringing me the only gift I want…
    That when I get home tonight Rory McCann (The Hound) has somehow randomly ended up in my bed, handcuffed to the headboard (with scars, greasy hair & chain mail thank you!)

    LOL…how naughty.

    My 3 wishes (I am a huge Sandor/Sansa fan so…):
    1. Plenty of Sandor and Sansa interaction
    2. That their relationship is going a step further in the 2nd season than it did in the 2nd book (I want a kiss!!)
    3. Sandor actually holding/carrying Sansa when he rescues her from the mob…they seem to have eliminated the horses for that scene anyway.

  • Ok… now that I’ve got a few egg nogs in me, I’ll give it another try.

    #1. Ramsay… fucking Ramsay. Give that SOB a POV, and don’t go Hollywood ugly on the casting. I want downright, undeniably ugly… Like, I want to be able to smell the fucker through my TV. Vividly depict his “hunts” in graphic detail, and show him tormenting Reek right from the get-go (i.e. the OG Reek), so viewers can get a taste of what he has in store for Theon.

    #2. Damphair: Before Theon arrives at Pyke, give the viewers a bit of a family portrait, and show Uncle Aeron in his full glory, drowning scared young teenagers in his skivvies on a cold grey beach, like the crazy mf-er that he is. Give him a bit of dialog, so viewers can get a sense of just how fanatical he is. That way, viewers will understand Theon’s plight a little better.

    #3. Blackfish: Look, I know he’s out. We all know he’s out (and the entire Tully family might be out, at that), but there’s no denying the guy is a badass. Even if you don’t like his character, he provides the Tully family with a certain ballsiness that would be sorely lacking if he were left out of the mix (assuming the Tully family appears at all, outside of Catelyn). By the time we get to AFfC/ADwD, Jaime will need someone to negotiate with, and the Blackfish is the perfect character for that whole exchange. A lesser character who’s unconnected to Catelyn won’t provide the same effect at all. Jaime REALLY respected the Blackfish, and felt like shit having to dick him around. I don’t know… GRRM was willing to keep him out for a reason (I suppose), but I’m holding on to the hope that he’ll make a comeback in the story, eventually.

  • 1) Season 2 to be the greatest season of any show ever and win best drama at the Emmys.

    2) In conjunction with wish 1 :
    Quit it with the sexpostion.

    3) In conjunction with wish 1:
    Melisandra is written and played perfectly (difficult character to bring to screen)
    & every scene with Arya and Joaquin is $$$

  • Knurk: 1: Mel pooping out a shadow-baby.2: STRONG BELWAS (he’s so good he gets allcaps)3: D&D decide that AFFC and ADWD are unfilmable crap and decide to make up a proper story instead.

    Agreed on the AFFC/ADWD story needing some serious changes for tv.
    I’d like to see the House of the Undying and Blackwater scenes done well.

  • Last year was amzing, and your site was a light on every gloomy day and a joy to watch and read.
    My first wish is for you: have an excellent year!
    Second to the cast and everybody on the show: keep on brothers!
    Third to all of your readers and fans: enjoy the site, the show and the books!
    I would have a fourth (thogh I know it won’t happen): I wish GRRM to finish the 6th book THIS YEAR!

  • My wishes
    #1. a better soundtrack in season 2 (s1 was good, but I expected more)

    #2. please, don’t use flash backs. This is a very boring and lame technic. In the books, the history of the world is a great part, but on screen are other focus.
    let the actors talk about important history, else they will talk about little fingers feelings… ;-)
    (except magic visions like House of the Undying, this is an other point)

    #3. no more great character changes. Expanse is another thing (I like loras + renly scene, great preparation for season 2 and maybe sansas conversion with loras in s3) or mini changes (like damphair in later seasons)
    But: Cerceis dead baby or hound lines for lf… Terrible…

    But i wish me another great year with this kindly community and interesting posts.

    (return of Jason Momoa? He was an epic khal drogo, let him so in our memories and give him rest.)

  • Varamyr Fourskins:
    Ok… now that I’ve got a few egg nogs in me, I’ll give it another try.

    #1. Ramsay… fucking Ramsay. Give that SOB a POV, and don’t go Hollywood ugly on the casting. I want downright, undeniably ugly… Like, I want to be able to smell the fucker through my TV. Vividly depict his “hunts” in graphic detail, and show him tormenting Reek right from the get-go (i.e. the OG Reek), so viewers can get a taste of what he has in store for Theon.

    I <3 this. But I do want a hot Ramsay actor, only so I feel wrong for liking (wtf is wrong with me????)

  • I’m back to a place with Internet connection! Merry Christmas everybody (Yep, I know I’m late. Just pretend I wrote this yesterday, please).

    Anyway, I agree with point #1. I’d rather see more direwolves than Strong Belwas (seriously. There was a white wolf with a red eye the last Once Upon A Time episode. I seriously thought “Ghost! What the hell are you doing on ABC?”) and my dream casting for Daario would be The Situation. I’m not kidding. This way, we would get a) viewership bump b)the best person for the role (the guy wouldn’t even need to try to act, he should just be his jerkish self). It would be PERFECT

  • Okay! I only read a third of the comments, but here are my three (damnit, only three!):

    1. Edmure, Hoster, The Blackfish and co. get a badass introduction in season three and it’s all done amazingly well and puts to rest the unhappiness of their lack in previous seasons.
    2. The Hound gets his due, with lots of great scenes, etc. XD
    3. No more Ros, or at least less sexposition (sex is fine, just less obviously pointless sex).

  • Ahh, wishes….

    1. I wish that Dany starts to exhibit signs of the classic Targ madness, and starts having visions of her brother talk to her, all the time. He starts coming to her, first at night, and talks to her. His conversations can range from actually helpful to bizarre to the ‘on no girl, don’t you listen to him!’ sort of things. Then as her stress level increases, she starts seeing and talking to him during the day, in front of her bewildered and increasingly concerned companions. Yet this is their leader with her dragons, who does not burn, so they keep following her, despite her talking to her dead brother who is not there. I think this would be an interesting path for Dany’s character, which can be pretty bland and boring in long stretches, but mainly it’s an excuse to get the fabulous Harry Lloyd back, and get him wandering around in that wig making crazy eyes again for my entertainment : )

    2. Change the end of the Red Wedding

    3. Cast a magical spell over the producers, so that each day they must come to WiC, read our comments, and incorporate most of our requests! :P

  • I’m thinking that HBO will replace Blackfish with Ser Rodrik Cassel. Rodric has already acting like blackfish in late season when he comes sout with robb, not nort. Rodrik has already show to audience in 1. episode, and his personality in much like Blackfish. If my theoriy is right, HBO dont’t kill Rodrik in end of 2. seaoson and that is good because Rodrik kick ass.

    And 3 wish:

    1. Chiswyck
    2. Weese
    3. Jaqen H’ghar

    I hope that you understand… :D

  • For HBO to decide that not only do we need at least 8 more seasons but to need even more Westeros and release some Dunk and Egg movies between seasons to tide us over.

  • andrea: oh,I don´t know what to think of you because of this but made me laugh.

    Don`t worry Andrea, I haven`t turned my cloak. I still serve the king in the north.Its just that I have never been to The Twins, and I like a good wedding. Besides , what can possibly go wrong.

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    For the love of the Seven, please cast James Purefoy as the Red Viper!!

  • The Rabbit:
    We should make a T-shirt afterwards with: Attended the RW and survived! :))))

    Great idea Rabbit. Although the smallest number of custom tee shirts you can order is ten. And speaking as a Stark bannerman, that will be too many.

  • Hey WIC, Can you please spoiler tag my last comment. Tag not working at my end. Thanks. Happy new year WIC, HMR, FAB. You all do good work .ASTB

  • Agree HUGELY on the House of the Undying. That could be an absolutely brilliant sequence. Every so often, TV gives us something deliriously surreal (think of the infamous “Horses” sequence at the conclusion of S2 of Millennium, the Buffy episodes “Restless” and “Surreal”, the famous dream sequence in Twin Peaks) and I’d love to see the House of the Undying join those ranks. When I read the book I thought it played out almost exactly like something by David Lynch, even on the page. The show’s biggest problem so far has been a lack of visual poetry and atmosphere, especially with the fantastical touches, so I hope they bring in someone to knock it out of the park.

    I agree with deviating from the books, if necessary, to give Jon and Dany more to do. I actually thought there would be more room for standalone TV-style plots in their storylines, since all they really do is travel places and meet people. In particular, since we’re going to be a little light on the White Walkers until the Fist of the First Men–which, by the way, I really hope they move to the climax of S2 instead of waiting for S3–I’d love it if they could find a way to work in an encounter with them earlier in S2. Maybe running across one of them is what makes them decide to go to the Fist in the first place?

  • Only a couple hours since I made my wishes and allready one of em’s come true: Headhunters will be in cinemas in Holland April 12th

    And now for some real news: Alan Taylor (Baelor/Fire and Blood) will be directing Thor 2

  • Thoroughly amused by the wishes for sexy men and nudity. I concur! Preferably nudity with many men on screen at once, if they are having sex with each other that would be a bonus. I’d particularly like a twosome between Jaqen and Jaime. Oh yes!

    Other than that:
    1) Make Dany badass, it took forever for the book Dany to begin to appear, I want to see her in full force
    2) Brienne and Jaime to have proper awesome interactions which do not mess up the book story (which in my head is the only real ship, at least the only one that doesn’t lead to incest or child abuse squicks. As much as I dig San/San in the books, I don’t want to see an underage actress have romantic relations with a much older man. Wait until the actress is 16 please.)
    3) Brienne to be a BAMF. I want to look at her and believe she could beat the crap out of everyone except the Cleganes.
    Bonus) Kill Shae. Replace the Shae storyline with Ros. Yes, I know. But the actress was not the problem, the situations she was dumped in were. The actress who plays Shae was the only truly bad casting decision, but the Shae storyline is one of my faves. It would make some sense keeping Ros. If not, at least kill Shae and bring in a new prostitute to take her story.

  • dimensionallyt: Bonus) Kill Shae. Replace the Shae storyline with Ros. Yes, I know. But the actress was not the problem, the situations she was dumped in were. The actress who plays Shae was the only truly bad casting decision, but the Shae storyline is one of my faves. It would make some sense keeping Ros. If not, at least kill Shae and bring in a new prostitute to take her story.

    Interesting. I didn’t like Shae’s casting, either. Ros ROCKS. Might be good if Ros could replace Alayaya, or the Harrenhal whore, Pia, just to keep her in the story without making it disruptive.

  • I want to see Jon and Ygritte warm up a cave. I want Jon to discover what it is he gave up when he took the oath of the Night watch.

    I want to see more Tyrion and Bronn witty exchanges.

    Jaime and Brienne, enough said.

    Oh, and Robb and Margery.

    Dany and dragons


    did I use up my wishes?

  • Tyrell Wishes:

    1. S3 Maggie Smith as Queen of Thorns
    2. S3 Badass Garlan
    3. With Dormer as Margaery, if they are straying from the books, make her story line brilliant. Can’t wait for Marg/Cersei scenes.

  • 1) Honestly, what I want most is to be at LEAST as satisfied with Season #2 as I was with Season #1. Anything beyond that is *gravy*.

    2) CGI Direwolves that rock.

    3) HBO Greenlights Season 3 and 4 at once following the opening premiere with 4.5 million+ viewers…with D&D being able to actually pull that off. (Being able to writing the shows in the time allotted is the problem with this. It ain’t easy).

  • Fabulous CGI

    Ser Ilyn bursting in to deal with the principals in any cases of sexposition.

    Arya and Jaqen to play as well off each other as Arya and Syrio.

    The Hound rising to prominence and LF acquiring more subtlety.

    ( See how I made 1 out of 2 , there ?) ;)

  • I kinda wish that the Tully men are all introduced in season 3 episode 1, then killed off in episode 2. Just to hear all the screams of hate and anguish :D

  • 1. Stannis
    2. Tyrion’s accent to be more convincing
    3. Blood, excellent acting, intensity, nuanced writing and all the things that made s1 so astonishing.

  • In no particular order:
    1. No Roz and no Shae.
    2. Absolutely fabulous direwolves, the way they’re described in the books.
    3. The next two books to be published next year, I mean this year! (yes both!)

  • Ok my wish list turned out kinda girly…

    1) Lots of sexual tension with the whole Jorah – Dany unrequited love thing, I just reread CoK and my pages were oozing with it (I suppose do some for the Sansan people, too…)
    2) Kinky Shadowbaby-making “pleasure greater than you can imagine” ritual YESSSSSSSSSS!!! (i fully realize no one wants to see this but me)
    3) Jaime and Brienne fighting in the mud. Those pics of Jaime and Brienne have whetted my shippetite, MORE!

    Jason Momoa returns in season 3… as Daario Naharis.

    Wuhh….? Not even to mention the whole “isn’t he dead?!” aspect, Drogo and Daario are literally nothing alike, personality, demeanor, looks, NOTHING. As sad as it is to say, I hope your wish does not come true! :(

  • 1) surprise us with a Reek at the end of season 2 that kind of resembles ….wait! is that a dirty, pervy Cillian Murphy?
    2) Sian Phillips as Olenna, Queen of Thorns in season 3.
    3) ignore all requests by fans to leave out the RW.

  • 1. Mance Rayder
    2. Dragons
    3. Direwolfs

    Also, I have a question for all of you: Why all the Roz hate? What do you find so wrong with her? Do you only hate her because she actually wasn’t in the books?

  • WallyWorld:

    Also, I have a question for all of you: Why all the Roz hate? What do you find so wrong with her? Do you only hate her because she actually wasn’t in the books?

    because the scenes she’s in are usually.. kinda awkward. I know they’re supposed to be hot, but I find myself really bored. I’m like “did they really need to put this here?”. Anyway, I don’t dislike Ros, mainly because she looks kinda independent and talks back to Theon. I was hoping she could have been show!Kyra, untile she moved to KL. Now I’m hoping for her to be show!alayaya

  • WallyWorld,

    Personally, I don’t hate her. She is actually a very good actress and gorgeous of course. Also, I am no purist. There was plenty of sex in the books and it’s fine to have sex scenes on TV as long as they make sense and add to the plot. The Dany-Drogo love scenes, Jamie-Cercei (gross!) and Tyrion-every whore in Westeros and beyond scenes are all vital. Even the Renly-Loras scene (which took me by surprise)was important (could have lived with a more subtle theme to let the viewers realize they are lovers though). The Roz scenes, well: A) They (and she) were not in the books; B) Seemed pretty senseless and took up screen time which could have been used for better purposes; C) Gave me that irritable feeling that they were just added to give viewers a dosage of nudity and sex, which is a bit offending to my viewing intellect. But that’s just me.

  • WallyWorld:

    Also, I have a question for all of you: Why all the Roz hate? What do you find so wrong with her? Do you only hate her because she actually wasn’t in the books?

    I am abit of a purist, but I don’t hate Ros because she’s not in the books, I just find her pointless. I have nothing against the actress, I think even if Kiera Knightly was playing her, I’d still be like ‘meh’. To me it feels like they just wanted someone to constantly get their clunge out on the TV… I mean, does she serve any purpose in the future series? A long lost sibling of a Lord? I think not, & if she does I’ll throw up all over myself. Unless she will be playing the part of Alaya or whatever her name is, I really couldn’t give 2 onions about Ros. Let Ramsay get his hands on her & flay her slowly for my viewing pleasure :D and Shae… or better yet, give them both to Qyburn….

    Joshua Taylor:

    3) ignore all requests by fans to leave out the RW.

    As much as I hate it & couldn’t read the book for a long time after these scenes, we defo need the RW. (God, I’m gonna start blubbing in a minute!!!)

  • I don’t like Ros because she represents the only lazy writing on the show (sexposition).

    And now for some real news: Alan Taylor (Baelor/Fire and Blood) will be directing Thor 2

    Big congrats to Mr. Taylor. Baelor won him that job,no doubt. The only bad part about this news is that he’ll probably be too busy now for GoT.

  • PatD: she represents the only lazy writing on the show

    I dunno. They set up Ros such that she can interact and relocate geographically with several main characters without actually changing their story arc. She had awkward sex scenes (Littlefinger lezzie scene), but she had great ones, too (with Theon and Maester Pycelle). The show had budget and time constraints, and probably a sex quota, too. It seems like tough job shooting several birds with one stone, and I wouldn’t dismiss the effort as lazy. Plus, they might use her to greater effect in Season 2, if they opt not to cast an Alayaya, Pia or Kyra. The familiarity of the audience with her character will add some continuity.

  • I have no issue with most of the sex scenes, I just wish there was more for the girls to enjoy…. and having Hodor get his kit off is not what I mean! Nor watching Loras shaving Renly, both too skinny (& hairless) for my liking :D

    Give me a naked Hound, hairy & covered in bloody battle scars or a dirty Jorah, up to his arms in enemy intestines… hmmm….

    BUT! If I have to see any ‘fat pink masts’ in future seasons, I will burn my own eyes out with acid. There are some things a girl does not need to see.

  • emma,
    Aw, the Sam/Gilly love scene was sweet, I thought, and actually unambiguously consensual for both parties. Better than a lot of what we get in asoiaf… And of course they won’t show erect dick – HBO doesn’t do hardcore.

    But I’m with you on seeing more of the warrior types covered in mud and blood – those shots of Jaime from the Ireland behind the scenes… O_O

    Also if we don’t get at least one good Renly/Loras makeout session, I will be upset!

  • The not so obvious

    1)Ygritte delivering the line to Jon “You know nothing Jon Snow”

    2)SanFlorian, SanTyrion, SanFlorian, SanLittlefinger Developments

    3)Viper v Mountain

  • 1. The Battle of the Blackwater replaces the Battle of Helm’s Deep as the gold standard in CGI-driven fantasy battle sequences.
    2. Robb gets a storyline that emphasizes how he NEVER LOST A SINGLE BATTLE.
    3. House of the Undying blows me away.

  • Wow, I understand the Ros hate to an extent (extraneous character in some of the most awkwardly written scenes, not in the books) but people hate Shae that much? I thought she was excellent.

    For those of you who have never seen Twin Peaks, here’s the famous dream sequence. If they can capture even a bit of this atmosphere in the House of the Undying sequence I will die a happy man:


  • Hey guys, when commenting, please try to remember some of us newbies haven’t read all the books and although I love reading these comments, maybe you could give a heads up spoiler alert for wishing about anything beyond A Clash of Kings.

    Like someone said something about the later books not being as enjoyable and can’t imagine not having Peter Dinklage in a season so now (even though I’m coming to realize everyone I like will die) I’m guessing he dies at some point in the last 2 books that have come out.
    Just wanted to remind you not everyone is up to speed on all the books.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Chris: Like someone said something about the later books not being as enjoyable

    If it´s my fault, I´m sorry. I wasn´t referring to any death or tragedy. I only meant that ADWD was boring but it´s just my opinion (many others love the book). Don´t worry. You could sleep in peace .

  • andrea,

    Thanks Andrea! Not your fault at all. But thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment.

    I wasn’t as worried about opinions of the books as specific facts being leaked little by little. It’s hard to remember sometimes where 1 book ends and 1 begins. On another site someone stated Robb dies, and then above some said something about Peter Dinklage not being in the future seasons and I’m just thinking, maybe I’m the one who shouldn’t be reading comments just in case.

    But thanks again for acknowledging my frustration It’s probably just frustration that everyone I happen to like dies!

    Happy New Year!

  • Chris,

    We all have been spoiled at some point I think. Yes, maybe you should stay away to avoid frustration. I understand because I, for one, prefer not to watch clips from season 2 (very hard thing to avoid here).
    Happy new year to you too ;)

    I just realized that my comment about ADWD is not even on this thread.

  • I haven’t read any of the books, but here is what I wish for!

    1. Robb and his new Frey bride find true happiness together.

    2. Sansa teaches Joffrey not to be such a douche, and he realizes how his cruel ways were preventing him from being a great king.

    3, And finally, Dany and Ser Jorah ride the dragons back to Westeros, where Dany falls in love with Tyrion, and Jorah goes to the Red Keep and beheads Cersei! YAY!

  • 1. More wolves!
    2. Not doing any nudity with Jon/Ygritte until they are indoors! My favorite part about that pairing was the fact that I know exactly what that moment of ‘oh wait… we’ve never been naked before for fear of freezing limbs off!’ is like, and it is hilarious.
    3. Arya and Gendry awkward flirtation. It’ll be weird with the age difference, but their scenes were just so fun! Even if it comes across as brotherly/sisterly- so long as she kicks him in the crotch for complimenting her.

  • Phil Norris:
    Only the 1 wish, introduce Daario Naharis in S2 and have Ser Jorah butcher him spectacularly. Save us all that “Oooooo Daario” shit later on.

    Agreed. His head would make a wonderfully vibrant trophy, what with all the colored moustachios and such.

  • Would so love to see Jason Momoa back as another character. He did such a great job as Khal Drogo. Now add Sean Bean to the list of returns as another character and you would make my year! Two characters and actors I adore so any return would be great!

  • Alethea Pyre:
    3. I wish Loras is allowed to be the paragon of knighthood that he should be, and not waste time worrying about stupid shit like bodyhair.

    Thank you. THANK YOU, good soul.

  • My wish is only that they don’t mess up the three truly awesome moments in all of ACOK:

    – Arya’s storyline.
    – The House of the Undying.
    – The mob scene.

    Hit those notes and I will be happy. And I must say I truly appreciate Renly’s bitchin’ crown.