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Top 5 Thrones moments of 2011

It’s that time of the year. To look back and reflect on the last 12 months. What were this year’s top moments for Game of Thrones fans? For your reference, here was my list from last year. Now let’s look at my top 5 moments from this year.

5. Winter 2011 TCA – Getting to have breakfast with George R. R. Martin, having a chance to meet and personally thank David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for all their hard work, chatting with Peter Dinklage… oh, and being one of a select few who got a real good, early look at Thrones‘ first season. What an awesome way to start the year.

4. Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy – How cool was it to see Tyrion win an Emmy? I actually fist pumped when Peter’s name was called. Something many people predicated a long time ago, back when the show was just a pilot script sitting on David & Dan’s desk, actually happened.

3. The Maester’s Path – Beginning with receiving the scent box, which led to the birth of “Always Support the Bottom”, then came the weekly puzzles and the reward clips. This whole thing was so fun. And it all culminated in…

2. The WiCnet Moot – What better way to celebrate my last night of Thrones virginity (I received the screeners that day and started watching them the following night) than with a bunch of WiCnet readers? Not only did we have a bunch of super cool Thrones fans, but the Campfire team showed up with one of their famous scent boxes, as did Jim from HBO with some cool Thrones swag to give away. And to top it all off, Finn Jones, the Knight of Flowers himself, stopped by! An amazing night.

1. Watching the first episode of Game of Thrones – The moot was topped only by the first time I popped in the Thrones screener and heard the now-familiar opening theme. The next 62 minutes were pure awesomeness as I witnessed what I had been anticipating for nearly two and a half years… the Song of Ice and Fire story, come to life, on my television. The following nine episodes were just icing on the cake.

Honorable Mention: Season two gets the greenlight, San Diego Comic Con, Gwendoline Christie cast as Brienne, Season two In Production video, TitanCon, WiCnet Awards with Miltos’ and Natalia’s acceptance speeches, getting mentioned in A Dance with Dragons dedications

Winter Is Coming: So that is my admittedly somewhat personal list. Now I want to hear from you all. What were your top Thrones moments from 2011?


  • dizzy_34:
    You know you guys did get immortalized in ink in the A Dance With Dragons acknowledgemnets.

    Ah yes! Forgot about that. That was pretty cool. Not enough to make my top 5, but will add it to our honorable mentions

  • What a wonderful GoT year. Many many memories. The 15min preview, the premiere and the show’s success, and the Belfast TitanCon top my list. The most recent adition to which is watching the series with my dad these days, he loves it and got fully addicted :) beyond my expectations.

  • Hands down favorite moment was talking with my boss (who is a former sorority girl in her late 20s) and hearing her say. ‘I’m OBSESSED with this new HBO show’. I responded by saying, ‘oh yeah, what’s the show?’ Then she said, ‘this is going to sound really nerdy, but it’s called Game of Thrones…’ From that moment on I had a new, very unexpected connection with my boss (who now owns all the books). She even posts links for the make of videos on my wall on facebooks (as if I haven’t already seen them… it’s so cute). My absolutely favorite moment from this was just after the airing of episode 9 she texted me, ‘are you caught up on Game of of Thrones?!?!’ When I told her that I was she responded ‘WHAT the FUCK!?!?!?!? I loved Ned!!! Joff is such a little shit, I want him to die!!!’

    I never would have thought I’d be having this conversation with this person haha

  • 5. Experiencing the local buzz among my friends, workmates etc as they watched (and sometimes read) the season/books. All my hard work (and the quality of the show of course) had paid off!

    4. Experiencing the Winter TCA tour 2011 in front of the computer

    3. The 3rd of March (GRRM finishes ADWD, new videos etc)

    2. TitanCon (meeting all the fans, meeting the cast, bus tour)… almost the top moment.

    1. Watching the first episode live three times back-to-back in a hotel room in New York.

  • Hm, my list would probably be:

    5. The Maester’s Path and especially solving the first task and then the feeling as I was realising what the reward was!
    4. San Diego ComicCon (although I had to experience it at my computer).
    3. The season 2 greenlight and all the subsequent casting announcements.
    2. TitanCon and meeting so many wonderful people and seeing some of the beautiful filming locations!
    1. Of course, watching the first episode!

  • I think the biggest moment for me was the reveal of the dragons. I was so worried they’d look shitty and/or cheesy, but they were perfect. I may have shed a tear or two.

  • ( That sample chapter kept me up late.. woo-hoo ! Thanks GRRM , that was a lovely gift.)

    5. The giddiness of making our root veggie and lamb shanks and lemon cakes feast and settling down to watch the show..it was sweet.

    4. A tie: Following the discussion here after each episode. ( The joy , the spite , the gates , Always Support the Bottom..) and Larry Williams’ review ..or is that revue ?

    3. Another tie : The fabulous shot of the wall as the riders emerge…Thrills, chills. Tyrion and Bronn.. who knew I would love them together so much ?

    2. Arya and Syrio and “Not today. ”

    1. “Baelor ”

    Honoureable , honourable, 100x honourable mention …dragons. ( only because their appearance was so brief )..but they’re among my most anticipated things of season 2.

  • 5. A day in early March while I was on my vacations in Italy – snow was falling, I was sitting in the warm hotel bar, drinking delicious big capuccino while solving first puzzle of Maesters paths and watching for several times a new trailer released a night before.

    4. Twitter madness – waking up at 6 AM every Monday just to help our Fabio with retweeting hilarious reactions.

    3. The morning I got the mail from Dubrovnik – revealing the locations of the future filming.

    2. The day I got a mail from HBO Adria with the invitation to the premiere of Game Of Thrones – and madness of premiere it self.

    1. Titancon – and everybody I met there!

    p.s. one thing is yet to happen – I travel tomorrow to Kings Landing (Dubrovnik) to spent a New Year week-end down there!

    Perfect end of the perfect Thrones year!

  • My top moment was getting my wife to watch the show with me (after unsuccessfully trying to get her to read the books for years) and watching her get as enthralled as I am. She has read book one twice now and book 2 once. It is really hard keeping the crazy stuff from book 3 from her.

    Next was two friends who I convinced to watch the showing both calling me after episode 9 flipping out.

    And lastly the anticipation of my best friend finally reading the books (holding off on the show until he gets through book one) and listening to him every time we talk get enthralled as well.

  • For me, there are three major moments.

    1. Watching ALL the episodes (it became a fun weekly gathering of friends at my place).

    2. The EXTREMELY SURREAL experience of seeing ASOIAF become totally mainstream. I read the books ten years ago, but in the first few months of 2011, I suddenly had 12 friends reading the books, and at least 25 friends watching the show.
    It STILL feels surreal, to be honest!

    3. Reading A DANCE WITH DRAGONS.

  • Joshua Taylor:
    Winter Is Coming,
    If you had a high opinion of ADWD would you haveincluded the Acknowledgement in your list?

    No, because even before I read the book I wasn’t that blown away by it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful gesture by George and I’m very grateful that he acknowledged me in that way. But my reaction was more like, “Oh, that’s cool” not “OMG HOLY EFF I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!1!!!!!1111”

  • Winter Is Coming: No, because even before I read the book I wasn’t that blown away by it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful gesture by George and I’m very grateful that he acknowledged me in that way. But my reaction was more like, “Oh, that’s cool” not “OMG HOLY EFF I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!1!!!!!1111″

    That’s very stoic of you. I think I would have peed my pants. :)

  • Winter Is Coming: No, because even before I read the book I wasn’t that blown away by it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful gesture by George and I’m very grateful that he acknowledged me in that way. But my reaction was more like, “Oh, that’s cool” not “OMG HOLY EFF I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!1!!!!!1111″

    Well for some of us it’s about as likely as the Eagles ever winning a Super Bowl. So I thought it was kind of a big deal. :)

  • I think the announcment HBO picked up the series was my starting point and number 5.
    5. HBO promotion machine and premiere date announced
    4 Seeing Sean Bean cast as Eddard Stark
    3. Watching the pilot episode…. 3 times on the first night.
    2. Seeing how D&D handled Baelor!
    1a. Hearing Season 2 renewal
    1b. The award season recognition and Dinklage winning his!

    FYI there is a new Making Game of Thrones post about the last week of filming.

    One interesting bit is about the last scene filmed in Belfast being with Hodor, Bran, Rickon and Osha…. Hmmmm Sounds like the Reeds could very well be cut.

  • One interesting bit is about the last scene filmed in Belfast being with Hodor, Bran, Rickon and Osha…. Hmmmm Sounds like the Reeds could very well be cut.

    I’d say it’s pretty much a confirmation. Let’s hope they introduce them in Season 3, at least.

  • Lex: I’d say it’s pretty much a confirmation. Let’s hope they introduce them in Season 3, at least.

    I suppose they could encounter the Reeds on the way to the Wall and then decide to split up.

  • dizzy_34: Well for some of us it’s about as likely as the Eagles ever winning a Super Bowl. So I thought it was kind of a big deal. :)

    How dare you, ser! I hope the Cowboys lose on Sunday night as punishment for your insolence!

    I can tell you that my wife about lost it when she saw the dedication page. She was freaking out. I already knew about it, thanks to those early copies leaking out. She was like “Why didn’t you tell me!?” I just shrugged. She proceeded to call and tell her parents about it and post it all over Facebook, much to my chagrin.

    I gather that is the reaction most people would have upon finding out something like that. I’m just different, I guess.

    Anyway, enough about me. What is everyone else’s top Thrones moments from this past year? Some good ones in here already!

  • 1. Having no idea what GoT was, but putting it on & being instantly captivated as soon as the White Walkers appeared.

    2. Baelor. The only episode of a TV show that has made me wrench my own hair & stand up in shock bellowing ‘NOOOOOOOO!’ (I hadn’t read the books at this stage).

    3. Being introduced to The Hound :D

    4. Finding WiCnet & being up to speed on all things Throney.

    5. Knowing that Season 2 is only around the (very long) corner.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Heh, I should think all ASOIF fans would want the Cowboys to win. You know to free up George’s Sundays and all.
    Back on topic though, my favorite “Thrones” moment of 2011? Probably spoiling Jon getting a girlfriend to my wife and her reaction. Never thought I’d see the day where she was giddy about ASOIF.

  • dizzy_34,

    I like that idea.
    I’m not sure they will be in the series just yet, but waiting to add them until mid-journey could play out nicely!

  • darquemode,

    I’m thinking they may have left the Reeds out for a reason. I believe it is because it adds all the green seeing stuff to Bran’s journey to the wall therefore beefing up his story to span two seasons. This just leaves me to wonder what they’ve done with our Reek (the first).

  • Join in on the Game of Thrones Yahoo! fantasy Football league was awesome!

    5) Finally seeing people who I have asked to read Game of Thrones finally do do so after see it the Series on HBO

    4) Reading ADWD

    3) Realizing Peter Dinklage is the perfect Tyrion and following that up by watching other of his work such as Death at a Funeral (2007)/ Peter winning an Emmy

    2) Watching my girlfriend fall in love with the series when she showed no interest at all before the season began

    1) Seeign the first episode for the first time and listening to it on new entertainment speakers that I bought just for the series!

    (The pervious years #1 would be meeting George R R Martin at C2E2 in Chicago)

  • dizzy_34: Well for some of us it’s about as likely as the Eagles ever winning a Super Bowl. So I thought it was kind of a big deal. :)

    Too bad the Eagles won’t make the playoffs. They’d have a better change to win in the playoffs then who ever will win the division, just look how stong they have playing the last few weeks. Too bad the Jets couldn’t beat the Giants last week.

  • dizzy_34,

    I have a strong feeling that what Reek ends up doing will coincide with the RW almost simultaneously. Thus the motives of one character will be mysterious until the RW. It will be a brutal, brutal blow at the end of season 3. I also believe that Reek, the Reeds and the Tullys will appear in season 3. Their just pushing back and pushing ahead certain events.

  • KG: Re: Football.Go Lions!… we so rarely get to say that around here.

    you guys deserve to be in the mix this year. Megatron is going to eat up some D-backs this post season and make up for Staffords snub to the pro-bowl.

  • Joshua Taylor: dizzy_34, I have a strong feeling that what Reek ends up doing will coincide with the RW almost simultaneously. Thus the motives of one character will be mysterious until the RW. It will be a brutal, brutal blow at the end of season 3. I also believe that Reek, the Reeds and the Tullys will appear in season 3. Their just pushing back and pushing ahead certain events.

    Why do a lot of people think the reveal of Reek will be so early? We didn’t know about the arc of Reek and Ramsay until ADWD. If ASOS gets split into two seaons (and it should) we may not get Reek revealed until season 5 IMO.

    I can see us seeing the Reeds and The Black Fish introduced in season 3 but it doen’t look promising.

  • 5. Baelor I meant to stay ahead in the book each week the series was on; I meant to read as far as I thought the next episode would reach, and then comparatively watch that episode every Sunday night. But I got behind. And so, not having reached this point in the books before I saw the episode, the events of this episode blew me away. It’s what inspired me to finish the book that week, before the finale. But more importantly, it’s what told what a fantastic and unexpected series ASoIaF is. I knew that if GRRM could kill off his (at the time assumed) main character, then anything is possible and no one is off limits. I like stories like that, because it’s more true to life. Plus, it’s boring watching/reading a series where you know the main character(s) will always make it out alive.

    4. Peter Dinklage winning that Emmy I usually only watch awards shows for the spectacle and to root for my favorite shows (I laughed when Modern Family practically swept the Comedy category), and this year’s Emmys were no exception. After hearing all the hype, I knew Peter’s win was a foregone conclusion, but actually seeing it happen made me excited that he and Thrones were receiving some (well deserved) recognition. I was disappointed that the other categories didn’t go to Thrones, but it looks like this show will have plenty of opportunities in the future.

    3. Catching up in the book series I read all four books in the first half of the year, after hearing about the show, and I was delighted that my timing couldn’t have been better. I enjoyed reading the fifth book real-time, with everyone else. I was caught up with a fanbase that was (apparently) years in the making. It was everyone reading it for the first time, going into the unknown together. I am glad that I wasn’t part of that agonizing wait between AFFC and ADwD (no offense to everyone who was), but now I guess it will be a few years until the next book is complete. We’re all now in the same boat.

    2. Marathoning Game of Thrones in a day with my friends Me and two of my friends who I hadn’t seen since graduation 6 months earlier (one a fan, the other just getting into Thrones) hooked up my laptop to my TV, made about 10 bags of popcorn, and marathoned all 10 episodes in a single day. I am someone who loves watching people’s reactions (in theaters I tend to watch the audience’s faces more than the movie itself). So for me, watching my friend take in this amazing story for the first time was one of the highlights of my GoT year.

    1. Getting into GoT and discovering WiC.net Last year I learned about GoT and the SoIaF series by reading an article in Entertainment Weekly. This past year alone, I’ve read all the books (including ADwD), gotten into the series, and seen each episode of the show countless times. When I get into something, I usually IMMERSE myself in it. Also in first is discovering WiC.net. Like I said in my #2, I love reactions. I love reading the reviews, I love reading the speculations and rumors. And I love being with people who are as like-minded and passionate about something as I am. Thank you WiC.net for helping introduce me to GoT!

  • My tops was seeing the first episode. Although by then we had seen several trailers, seeing the actual show was like a religious moment. The high production values, the actors (including the kids) and the wolves!!!

    The second was that my wife, who hates fantasy and sci-fi shows and heck, anything that is not a reality show – sticking through the whole season. I think it was the fact that several of the characters were children in a harsh world, she couldn’t NOT keep watching to see what would happen. Ned was her favorite character (what a great Dad he made!) and she was genuinely upset at his death. There were a few slow moments where she nodded off, but for her to even sit on the couch with me for the whole season was a major accomplishment.

  • Lemme see… in no particular order:
    1. Getting those reward clips for the Maester’s Path.
    2. Watching the first ever ep and thinking my heart was going to explode it was beating so fast.
    3. Sitting back and enjoying hearing of new fans reactions to shocking moments.
    4. Realising what an amazingly talented cast and crew we have.
    5. When HBO released those promo pics of certain characters astride the Iron Throne.
    Donno if this counts cause it’s not about the tv series, but finally getting my hands on ADWD. There are prob loads more but if I were to type them all I’d be here all night. :)

  • The show sucked until episode 7. Then episode 8 was good. Then it went downhill again right away. So: 1. Watching episode 8.

    2. Getting a contact marijuana high from watching a Dinklage interview about whatever high actors talk about.

    3. Rose Leslie gets the part (and not those quaint bitches on WiC’s favorite list)

    4. Finally admitting I will not be able to read Dance with Dragons because it’s totally boring.

    5. Changing my name to Oscar Wao and killing myself because I’m a fat virgin geek. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

  • I read AGOT last year either in jan or march by a good friend of mine insistance. I knew the series was coming to HBO. This friend of mine was already on ACOK when I started on AGOT and I was instatly addicted and pissed at this friend of mine that got me addicted. Of course he was so pleased to have someone to share the books with. These books are truely like crack on paper! So to say none the less come april I was super stoked about the series! I can’t remember what movie I was seeing at the time but in front of the movie and the theatre they showed a behind the scenes featurette and I was so thrilled with that. So by the time the show premiered I was ready for it. My best male friend watched it with me and I had to explain things along the way but he got sucked into the series which was a surprise to me because he is a born again christian and I just knew he would flip when the incest stuff started. Of course he didn’t like it but I had to explain it in a way that he could understand. How do you explain brother and sister as lovers? (After reading flowers in the attic nothing surprises me anymore). But he loves the show…he is all about the direwolves! LOL!
    It took me to book 2 to pick a a character that I was totally in love with and for me it was Jon Snow/Kit Harington. I also adore Arya/Maisie.
    Wow,this was much longer than I intented. But this show and books have been the most amazing thing for me this year! I can’t wait for more!

  • I also just wanted to add: a HUGE thanks to WIC and all its team of people. Since discovering the books and series,I come here religiously everyday,several times. What you all are doing for us fans is awesome and I for one appreciate your hard work!

    Of course all the other stuff has been awesome too. SDCC, Peter winning his Emmy,all the amazing hype!

  • Epic knows nothing,

    Also, your a Troll. Only a troll would constantly trash a tv series and a book series to which this site is honoring and throw in a joke about suicide. Not funny.

    At least you like Community.

  • My 3:
    1/ Qorin Halfhand´s casting (Simon Armstrong, My Lord)
    2/ The fact that this show made ​​me want to read ASOIAF books, and the last book (ADWD) made me want only the series. (for now, unless “AWoW” turns out to be really good).
    3/ I don´t know one single spanish speaking person (kms around me) who knows about the series or the books so I´m glad that I found this site.

    I don´t have 4 or 5 I think … maybe Jaqen´s casting. But surely I forgot something.

  • 1) Watching the first two episodes in London, at the BAFTA, on my birthday, with Sean Bean, Harry Lloyd, Mark Addy, Alfie Allen and Joseph Mawle in the same room I was.

    2) Portugal being mentioned in “A Dance with Dragons” dedications

  • my top 5 GOT moments would be 5, back in january i had never heard of ASOIAF or GOT, but there was a new channel starting in the uk that was previewing hbo shows like boardwalk empire, but it was GOT that got me excited. 4, finding out one of my favorite actors( sean bean) would be staring in this new fantasy show. 3, having watched the first few episodes getting totally hooked on the series, it is very easy to camp up or make a mess of doing a fantasy series but GOT was gritty and believable, at the end of the first episode watcing jamie throw a kid out of a window really set up the series 2, going out and buying all the books and reading them back to back, i even took a feast for crows away on holiday with the wife and 10 friends staying in a villa in lanzarotte, could not put it down. 1, been able to share watching GOT with friends who normally would not go anywhere near a sci-fi/fantasy series. my Mobile phone went mental at the end of baelor.

  • I think Peter Dinklage has become one of my favorite actors with his performance is “The Imp”, but number one in my book is also the very first episode. Now working for DISH I saw all of the excitement about the show as well as all of the promotions, that was just enough to peak my interest in the show. I wasn’t too excited because I never heard of the books, but after 5 minutes I was HOOKED. In fact, I’m going to start re-watching season one soon just to make sure I’m not confused about anything once the new season starts, I’ll use the DISH Online feature for this. DISH Online is amazing, I haven’t even had to buy the series on DVD anymore since I can watch it for free on this service.

  • #5. Jason Mamoa’s Khal Drogo, perfectness and one of the best speeches ever!
    #4. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, especially when he slaps Joffrey – I was screaming HIT HIM AGAIN, and he did!
    #3. Baelor, wow.
    #2. The extra clip from the Maester’s Path that shows Jon telling Arya “stick em with the pointy end”.
    #1. Getting married in June to the opening theme music of Game of Thrones.

  • My best moment was watching the premiere episode with my brother who (from prison, got into the books having never been a book-guy much less fantasy-guy) STRONGLY suggested the book series to me in a letter. “A Game of Thrones” hooked me in and I actually left my workplace during store hours to get the 3rd book from the nearest B&N after shortly finishing “A Clash of Kings”. It was I who kept my brother updated on the latest Game of Thrones HBO series news in constant letters (and detailed how the writers strike derailed pre-production). So when the moment finally came, he was out and we got Directv specifically for Game of Thrones, sitting there experiencing the premiere together and watching the opening credits for the first time, it was one of my most cherished memories not only ASoIaF related but of my life. I’ll never forget it!

  • [email protected] Stark says:


    Yes, I’m a Michigan girl, go Lions. My fav moment besides Peter winning that award, was seeing Theon Greyjoy’s package! Schwiiing!

  • 5. The GRRM book-signing / follow-up moot in Pasadena, where I was taken in and welcomed by Blackfyre, and the rest of the stellar Brotherhood Without Banners. Sitting around a shadow-shrouded hearth fire whilst GRRM tells campfire tales ranks up there with anything else. Surreal.

    4. San Diego Comic Con. From the first roar that greeted GRRM, D&D, and the cast, to meeting all the brand new GoT fans to the mini-moot that followed that night, Comic Con was a great (if extremely busy) experience.

    3. The 8 days that encompassed episodes 9 and 10. Not only were “Baelor” and “Fire And Blood” the two best episodes in season 1, but the flurry of internet activity that followed Ned’s execution (“They killed my nigga Ned!”) and all the kudos the show got from that point on. Tack onto that seeing those freaking dragons for the first time (come on, you all remember your emotions when you saw that final scene)… in my mind it solidified the show’s greatness. I mean, I have zero to do with this show’s production, but as credits rolled on episode 10 I remember feeling like, Wow, we really did it…

    2. TITANCON! My first time in Belfast was nothing short of (a very wet) heaven. Multiple panels aside, just hanging with Sophie, Maisie, Kritian, Miltos, Art, Callum… not to mention meeting HmR (Marko), Jackie, Rabbit, Sam, “photographer #2” Myra, Johan, Qthulhu, Mountain Goat, Two Feathers, Rimshot, Dennai, “Get Joe on the Show” Joe, “Lord” Jo, Pod, Peadar, and many more … that was really hard to beat. There were like 2 Americans in total. I was surrounded by accents! (Because I don’t have an accent.)

    1. The winter TCA’s in Pasadena. From the night-prior 15-minute Game of Thrones sneak peek (bloody heaven), to breakfast with GRRM, to meeting Winter (Phil) for the first time, to meeting and interviewing David, Dan, and Peter Dinklage (fistbump #1)… this has to rank on top for me. Total swag; Winter-Is-Coming were treated like kings. Bonus that I also met Lodai of the BwB, Mo Ryan, Jace Lacob (Televisionary)… Come on now. What’s better?

    Honorable mentions have to be interviewing Lena in the Late Late Show green room, interviewing John Bradley in London’s Soho, and the first 24 hours of voluntary public seclusion reading A Dance with Dragons.