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GRRM recaps his amazing year

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Happy New Year to all our readers! George R. R. Martin recapped his amazing 2011 over at his Not A Blog. After talking Dance and recapping the accolades he and it has received, he moves on to Game of Thrones

And then there was the show. I’d been involved in television before, of course, but I’d been away for a long time, and I really had no idea how the HBO series would go. The trailers and panel at the TCA last January, the LA premiere party at HBO, the food trucks, the pedicabs, all the fabulous HBO promotion… and then the debut of the show last April, the ten week run, all the kudos it received from the entertainment press, and the TV viewers… it was an incredible ride. And the Emmys! Hot damn. Yes, we lost… (third time for me, since I’d lost twice for BEAUTY AND BEAST back when)… but Peter Dinklage won, and we were there, and the parties were amazing, and it IS an honor just be nominated, to be recognized by the industry itself as one of the five best dramas on television. And for all that, my thanks to all the good folks at HBO, to our fantastic and talented cast, and especially to Dan Weiss and David Benioff.

Oh, and for the folks who may have missed it, George also posted to his website an excerpt from the next book in the Ice & Fire saga, The Winds of Winter. (Thanks to the approximately 762 people who notified us of this.)

Winter Is Coming: Congrats to George on an amazing year! Here’s to a great 2012!


  • Loved this chapter, so it does not reveal much. The ravens are so cool and I love the Bran storyline. I gradually begin to feel sorry for Theon, this means his chapters are getting better and better. Does anyone know where this hole Bank of Bravos storyline is getting to?

  • Abendstern, my theory for some time now is that the Bank of Braavos will hire the Faceless Men to kill Cersei for not paying the crown’s debt. And they happen to have someone on hand who would very much like the assignment. Meanwhile it looks like they are going to loan more money to Stannis and back him for the throne. He needs the money obviously to hire some sellswords, possibly a company we’ve seen from Dany’s chapters. I think the Bank will be a part of bringing Daenerys back to Westeros in some fashion as well, as they are the only tie between Essos and the throne. Just a couple thoughts on future books.

  • Skipjack,

    I think that’s an interestin theory but I think that the Iron Bank won’t help Dany and her army back to Westeros because they have all the reasons to want her dragons dead. Tycho said to Jon himself that they hate dragons. I do agree about the Faceless Men plan to kill Cersei though.

  • I think Bran is going to save Theon, Stanis will take him to the weirwood and just before the sword will fall on Theon’s neck, GRRM will jump from underneath the desk and Bran will do a magic trick.

  • Congrats GRRM, after this busy and emotionally turbulent year, you deserve to put your feet up for a while and have a bit of a rest!….

    …lol :p

    I think Bran is going to save Theon, Stanis will take him to the weirwood and just before the sword will fall on Theon’s neck, GRRM will jump from underneath the desk and Bran will do a magic trick.

    I like, but imo it is Rickon who will save Theon – Davos will return with the boy and everyone will go, ‘Huh? We thought you were all dead’, Jeyne will be unmasked, and Stannis will be so confused about whether Theon is a traitor or not, and exactly how many Starks are still knocking around, that he will just let him go in frustration.

    I’ve had a whole load of sympathy for Theon this whole time- he was brainwashed by the Starks, emotionally manipulated by his father and sister and then completely fucked up by the Boltons. One of the best things about DwD for me was Theon gradually regaining his sanity, and I hope he continues down this redemptive path. But knowing GRRM things will probably just get even messier for him… :(

  • I think it is weird that Asha would ask that he be killed under a weirwood tree…why would an ironborn even say that?

  • Happy new year one and all. I’m now off to read the excerpt from the next book. Don’t worry, I won’t bother the spoiler police, I’m sure their marker pen will be working overtime!

  • Happy New Year to everyone!!
    Hoppefully it will be full of good surprises (a awesome season 2 and, please, developments on Winds of Winter)!
    Thanks, George and thank you for the updates!!

  • Skipjack,

    I can get on board with that theory. Perhaps Dany returns to Westeros as an incognito member of a sellsword army. Certainly, a way to get her entire army of Unsullied to the Seven Kingdoms without costing her a thing. Although I haven’t worked out the dragon part yet.

  • Elena Amici,

    Yes, Elena :) we WERE quick enough, though, saw it, read it … it’s just not site material since it has nothing to do with the tv series :)

  • Hear Me Roar,

    Don’t worry, I was kidding. I know it’s not related to the show. And even if i didn’t realize this, I’ve read your (and many, many posters’) post about it.
    BTW, I found out about the chapter here, so thanks everybody for sharing the news :)

    PS: I think I’m going to edit my comment above, just pretend you didn’t see it. I didn’t realize how drunk it sound until I actually saw it posted. (I still like the website anyway :D)

  • No no no, please don’t edit :) I wrote a reply so everyone reads it, I made it explicit. I like your post. Thanks, lots of love!

  • Happy New Year and GRRM. 2011 was an amazing year for fans of ASOIAF. We got the promotion for the show, the teasers and games released by HBO as we fans waited patiently for the premier, the show itself, which we can all agree was amazing, the new book, 2nd season renewal, the award nominations and ceremonies, and now we get to do it all over again in support of the 2nd season.

    Since it is fresh on my mind, here’s what I love about the new chapter:

    It was a fabulous idea to hold this chapter for the next book. Besides the cliffhanger of Jon’s death, we were led to believe Stannis was also killed. This chapter leads me to believe Stannis has faked his own death and forged the pink letter. The raven stuff and Iron Bank info is fascinating. Also, I love how Theon is slowly returning to his cocky self. Finally, I squealed when Bran spoke to Theon through the ravens. I’m hoping we get some more character chapters throughout the year. First and foremost, I hope to get some kind of answer about Jon’s fate. After that, I would love to check in with Sansa and Sam.

  • Dreamlife,

    We still don’t know whether Stanis is alive, it may be that the new chapter happens before Jon gets the letter, and it is said in the chapter that Ramsy is coming.


    Even if Davos will bring back Rickon, Stanis is still a merciless bastard and will kill him as a turncoat. only something big will save Theon now IMO. supernatural something.

  • Totally OT – apologies! Here in Canada there’s currently an ad campaign for the Heart & Stoke association. Their punchline is “Make Death Wait”. Every time I see the ad I want them to change it to, “What do we say to Death? Not today!”

  • Well, if Bran is trying to contact Theon via Raven, even now, what is his Theony purpose? In DWD, he spoke to Theon because he couldn’t really control who he saw or spoke to and was generally reaching out. But this ravenny business seems purposeful, like… is he tryin’ ta help the dude? does he pity Theon?

  • I know Stannis wouldn’t have foreseen Jon being attacked by his men, but perhaps the whole letter was a forgery as a means of luring Jon (and consequentially a force of crows) to Winterfell and aiding him in his siege of Winterfell. He probably still thinks he needs Jon Stark as the Lord of Winterfell, too.

  • Hear Me Roar: Elena Amici,
    Yes, Elena :) we WERE quick enough, though, saw it, read it … it’s just not site material since it has nothing to do with the tv series :)

    Me too, I thought ‘why don’t they have a post about this up right away?’ and emailed too, and it wasn’t until a day or so later that I realized it was probably because it wasn’t show related. Sometimes we forget this blog is just for the show. it all sort of intertwines..

  • purplejilly,

    Of course … it’s understandable. We discuss it in the comments, and we tweet about it too. When a big event like publishing ADWD happens, we even write about the books – we just like to spin the discussion towards the subtopic of screen adaptation :)

  • Should probably add something before the link saying spoiler to those of us still reading, I accidentally clicked on the link.. I thought Theon was dead… GUESS NOT.

  • winds of winter f-ing amazing. this gets me all pumped up for season 2 AND the new book.
    congratz to WIC-net and there amazing accomplishments.
    congratz to GRRM to his greatest accomplishment (hope he keeps up a good pace for the next installement)

  • Teco:
    Should probably add something before the link saying spoiler to those of us still reading, I accidentally clicked on the link.. I thought Theon was dead… GUESS NOT.

    just asking, why did you think Theon was dead? Did you read Dance? It’s made pretty clear that (DANCE SPOILER) he’s not dead. Ramsay is the only person who could have killed him, if you believe he wrote the pink letter… but the letter says “I want my Reek back” & there’s no reason for Ramsay to write such a thing to Jon (who doesn’t even know WHO Reek is supposed to be) if Theon is dead

  • Teco,

    Please spoiler any spoilers in the comments! There may be people reading who haven’t read any of the books.


    Perhaps she wants to make sure he gets a quick death? She knows he’s likely to be killed and looking at the state he’s in might think it a kindness. At least that way he won’t burn. She’s also trying to get in Stannis’ good books and demonstrating she knows a bit of politics- if he goes with her suggestion he keeps the northmen, who he’s relying on at the moment, happy and has a good excuse for not burning Theon to give to the R’hllor followers. If she’s useful she won’t burn either.

  • The show is totally amazing and deserves much recognition! I can’t wait for season 2 and we need a counter to countdown the days! At least now I can say its coming this year, not next! 4 months till greatness. I can’t wait for the Epic cinematography that everyone is talking about! My daughter and I have been fans since the late 90’s and she has grown up reading the series with me. She’s now 21 and we can’t wait for the second season opener party at our house!

  • I wonder if Stannis had Theon write the letter (the idea that Stannis wanted it written doesn’t seem impossible to me, but there’s no way he would know to write about ‘Ramsey’s Reek’ unless Theon told him or wrote it himself). It seems reasonable that Stannis would know Theon knew Bolton better and ask him to do it.
    That said, I’m not sure what purpose Stannis would have for faking it, so I still kind of think it is from Ramsey and that it was lies on his part.

    I’ll probably read this later and realize how unintelligible it is, but as I’m half asleep it shall be left for now.

  • Agree that this site should focus on the show primarily.

    That said, I don’t check the other ASoIaf sites enough to catch goodies like this Theon chapter. I’m really glad someone here (WIC) posted about it because I was frothing as I read it. A good fix!

  • HandmaidenofDany,

    There is no sea around (as if Stannis would give him that kind of burial/execution anyway), and it’s better than being burned. If you reread ADWD there is a part where she is horrified at the idea of being burned alive.

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Hell to the yeah! Thanks for the link to the new book! I’ve read it like 4 times now! Happy New Year, WIC.

  • This is just my opinion, but i thought that Ramsay knows about Stannis’ sword and such from the Dreadfort’s measter, who has been informing the boltons of their actions. Also I think Asha wants Theon to be given to the old gods as she seemed horrified about the sacrifices to R’hllor. I hope Theon doesn’t die, because i really enjoyed him coming back to being Theon instead of Reek.

    Also if this is a bit garbled, i’m sorry but it’s my first time posting…

  • Since there seems to be some confusion over the chronology of the WoW sample chapter, GRRM said in his LJ post that linked to it that it does indeed take place before some of the events at the very end of DwD, therefore it can be assumed it’s before Ramsay defeats Stannis and sends his letter to Jon. Whether Stannis really was killed is still unclear, and at first I thought it could mean Theon escapes Stannis because Ramsay is still looking for his “Reek,” but it could also mean Stannis executes and gets rid of Theon before Ramsay shows up.

  • Just to say that the results from “’s best of 2011” were announced and Game of Thrones won Best New Series and Best Drama Series! :D
    It is a shame that Maisie Williams (so cloose) didn’t win Favorite Kid Character, Alexis Castle isn’t even a kid -.-“. And Sean Bean should have won best dramatic actor!

  • Lisa: David and Dan have been nominated for the Producers Guild Award!

    Cool! I’m sure they’re very exited to hear of this.

  • Just so everyone’s clear about the new chapter (which I loved btw), GRRM explicitly stated in his blog post that it occurs chronologically before some of the final chapters in ADWD. So, without spoiling anything, I think its pretty clear he means it occurs before the last Jon chapter.

    In other news, he also just added a great post about the various NFL fans of Westeros.
    I’m a Mormont.

  • Over at Ausiello has spoilers for upcoming shows and one was for Game of Thrones. Someone asked
    Question: What’s going on with Game of Thrones? Any big surprises coming in Season 2? —Melinda
    Ausiello: There is what I would call a doozy of a surprise in the premiere, but the less said about that the better.
    What does that mean?!! Is it a surprise only for nonreaders or for those of us who have read the books? I can’t think of anything that surprising that happens in the beginning of Clash of Kings so I wonder if it’s something they added. And does the fact that he knows this mean he screened the premiere episode or just knows people who work for HBO who tell him this stuff?

  • Indeed an amazing year for George and, as a result, for us fans.

    As usual I’m tempted to read the chapter from the coming book but as of yet I’ve never read any of the chapters before the book is released (including when the sample was in the previous book) and I don’t think I’m going to start now. There’s plenty of wait for the books (especially the last one) and by reading some of it beforehand the climax of the wait will be slightly lower. Exercising your willpower is never wrong either. :)

  • James,

    We’re still about 3&1/2 months out, so I’m not sure the first episode is even finished yet. At any rate, I haven’t seen anything about anyone screening it yet, so he’s probably just speaking as a book reader. Who knows though, maybe he has a friend that worked on the show.

  • I’m a little over half way through book 4, where everyone assumes Theon is dead, there is no body blah blah… #$#%@$%@$@$

  • Iggy,

    “Sorcery, sexuality and socialism make for a nasty threesome”
    This is very very funny!

    “with this offensive science fiction action series”
    Well, you know, it´s fantasy, but ok, there are so many things to explain to this gentleman that I don´t know where to begin … this mistake is the least funny, after all.

    I can´t believe this. It´s hilarious. Thank you.

  • SJGIM:

    There is no sea around (as if Stannis would give him that kind of burial/execution anyway), and it’s better than being burned. If you reread ADWD there is a part where she is horrified at the idea of being burned alive.

    and I think she doesn’t think Theon deserves a proper ironman burial.