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Ramping up to the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are set to begin a few hours from now. This will be Thrones last shot at a major award for the first season (one could argue that the guild awards are major too, but those awards aren’t nearly as well-known amongst the general public as the Globes and Emmys). Peter Dinklage is nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category and the show is nominated for Best Drama Series.

This weekend kicks off what the industry calls “awards season” and Thrones cast and crew have been enjoying the festivities. On Friday, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, George R. R. Martin, Jason Momoa, and Emilia Clarke attended the AFI Awards Luncheon, where the American Film Institute honored the 10 best films and TV shows of 2011. Martin wrote about the event on his blog. The festivities then continued yesterday at the BAFTA Tea Party, which Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke attended. While neither will be at the Globes tonight, they should both be at HBO’s after party. More photos from the AFI Awards and BAFTA tea at our Tumblr.

Back to the Globes, in attendance will be Dinklage, Benioff, Weiss, and Martin, all hoping to hear their names called. Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter thinks it should win for best drama series and Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker likes Dinklage’s chances in the supporting actor race. Tune in to NBC tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST to see if they are right.

Winter Is Coming: You can use this thread to discuss the red carpet (hoping to catch a glimpse of GRRM myself!) and the show itself (which should be a riot with Gervais hosting again). We will create a new post if (no, when!) Dinklage and/or Thrones wins!

UPDATE: Peter Dinklage wins for Best Supporting Actor!!!


  • surfKraken:
    Go Thrones team!!

    Love to be going to the HBO after party, but my invite must have gotten lost in the post..:(
    Damn!!!….. Lena looks smokin` in those photos on tumblr.!

  • Dinklage might win again but it’s not going to win Best Drama. After watching the series many times over the long monologues and sexposition in the style of Deadwood I feel are really detrimental to the overall feel of the show. You can really pick out the scenes that only exist to give a background character some more depth. Other shows are better at more seamlessly integrating background information and whatnot.

    The Jory and Jaime one was probably the best disguised.

  • I hope GOT does well at the Golden Globes, but I think the nominees were bullshit this year. Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul were totally robbed!

  • How awesome would it be if GRRM went up there and accepted an award for GoT?

    It would be like “who is this sea captain fellow amongst all this plastic glitterati?”

  • Fingers crossed for at least 1 win!
    p.s. Why does Emilia wear so much white?! It would be nice to see her experiment with colour…

  • SG:
    I hope GOT does well at the Golden Globes, but I think the nominees were bullshit this year.Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul were totally robbed!
    I couldn’t agree more…breaking bad was robbed ! show on tv IMO …

  • Jordan Healey,
    If GoT can be as good as Deadwood, I would be one happy pappy. Yes, I’m one of those people that cursed HBO when they didn’t end the series. Hell, if it wasn’t for The Wire, I would be off HBO completely back then. Before True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and GoT, HBO was hoping that new shows like Big Love and John From Cincinnati would be their big hits but those shows didn’t live up, so it’s was dumb to cancel DW.

    Anyway, Peter Dinklage is the best hope to win. As for best drama, Homeland is the only show that’s stopping GoT from winning best series, imo.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    E! is also running coverage, I’ve been flipping over from the game during commercials, but haven’t seen any of our guys yet. Looks like GRRM is gonna be a happy Giants fan.

  • Did you all know that Ser Jorah Mormont is in Downton Abbey season two? I’m watching right now and I thought a certain character looked familiar. I then realized with a start it was Ian Glen (is that the actor’s name?)

    From what I’ve read on the forums I think some of the women here would say he cleans up quite well.

    Uh, and some of the guys, too.

  • SG,
    That’s the same reaction I had when none of the actors in The Wire were never nominated just once all those years ago at the Globes and Emmys. ARRRGGHHH!!!

  • I’m tumbling Golden Globe pics as soon as they turn up, so keep an eye on the WiCNet Tumblr if you enjoy red carpet photos! Benioff and Dinklage have already arrived with their wives, and there are photos available.

  • Wish I had cable. Few things are as enjoyable as watching Ricky Gervais tear Hollywood a new a-hole. So awkward, so painful, so funny.

  • Interested to see how this goes. Dinklage has a good shot, but GoT is a real black horse here. Though really, if either GoT or Boardwalk won I would be a very happy man.

  • OhDanyBoy, yeah, was rooting for Amy Poehler, but at least HBO got the win.

    They had a real good shot of David Benioff and Amanda Peet earlier too!

  • Freakin’ Homeland, coming in late and taking all Thrones‘ accolades as best freshman show and now stealing their Golden Globe win.

  • Well, GoT only gets better from here on out. If we get a third and fourth season, we’re pretty much guaranteed all the awards ever. So I’m not too distraught by the losses this year.

  • I just watched the entire Homeland season a couple weeks ago. It’s a good show and one that I look forward to continue watching. For my personal taste it’s not as good as GoT though. Outside of the bunker scene in the finale it was a rather ordinary, yet decent show. I still wish Brody would have detonated the bomb in the bunker I tend to enjoy programs that are quite different and unique. Homeland is quite similar to several things that have been done. Still, as I said, it’s a good show and I would have been wishing for a win for it if GoT wasn’t nominated.

  • I cannot kick about Homeland. Not one of the nominated shows was undeserving.

    Masie next year, Dinklage the next.

    eta: Hey, Kat McPhee was just a presenter. Everybody catch at least the first episode of _Smash_ in February, it could be something special. And kudos to her agent for getting her that high-profile exposure.

  • Ugh. The announcer halting pronounced it as “TIE-ron LON-ister”.

    Look I know we’ve had spirited debates about how to pronounce the names, but isn’t “Tyrion Lannister” kind of obvious? Maybe “Tie-rion”, maybe, but he ignored the “i” entirely. And wouldn’t most assume “Lannister” has a long-A?


    Hopefully they’ll start paying attention to this stuff the more awards this show racks up over the next seven years.

  • Congrats to Dinklage!

    Now all he needs is a goat, so he’ll have something to do with all the chopped off manhoods of those he’s defeated.

  • Watching Homeland at the moment and I’m not surprised really.

    Golden Globes seems to be a fairly mainstream sort of award ceremony and Homeland is the most normal show that I watch and it’s pretty good for what it is, and there haven’t been many scenes at all that are pointless. Not surprised it won. Claire Danes is fantastic in it as well, funnily enough.

    I like Game of Thrones more but the first season was a bit spotty. Hoping for a nice improvement on the writing/flow of episodes in the second season.

  • Winter Is Coming:
    Freakin’ Homeland, coming in late and taking all Thrones‘ accolades as best freshman show and now stealing their Golden Globe win.

    If you or anyone else haven’t seen it, go watch Homeland, it’s really good. Shame GoT didn’t win, but still I’m happy for either GoT and Homeland to win best drama. Showtime especially needs this show, seeing as The Borgias is okay at best and Dexter jumped the shark. That’s right Dexter fans, you know it’s true.

  • Oh Peter, you are so akward in these kinds of things. Well basically anything where hes’ talking to strangers… just makes me squirm! :) Oh well great actors aren’t necessarily the most natural and extroverted. Wierdly often the opposite.

    Still nice he thanked GRRM and good of him to mention that poor fellow actor.

  • Lex:
    Wish I had cable. Few things are as enjoyable as watching Ricky Gervais tear Hollywood a new a-hole. So awkward, so painful, so funny.

    it looks like nothing to extreme happened. I’m kinda disappointed, actually. I mean, I knew I couldn’t have hoped for more Gay!TomCruise and DeadWalking!Playboy guy jokes again, but stil…

    I’m happy Michelle Williams won, I really like her, but I think The Hour should have won something. I know it’s british, but c’mon, Hollywood. It’s great. As much as I liked Downton Abbey, the Hour was better. Also, Idris Elba won. *____*

    Dave: Showtime especially needs this show

    showtime has the ability to screw up every show after a good beginning. Weeds. Dexter. I’m kinda scared they’re gonna ruin Shameless. And Homeland is on my list