Rumors Season 2 Speculation

Rumor and speculation on season two episode titles

With season two of Game of Thrones now … *checks the countdown clock* … 73 days away, people are beginning to wonder about episode titles. All we know right now is that episode nine will be titled ‘Blackwater’. If it is anything like last year, the rest of the titles won’t be officially revealed until March or so. But we have heard a rumor of possible titles for the first two episodes of season two.

Episode 1 (#11) – ‘The North Remembers’
Episode 2 (#12) – ‘Nightlands’

Winter Is Coming: What do you think about the above titles? Do they look legit? And what are your guesses for the titles for the rest of the season?


  • Not sure what everyone else thinks, but using lines from later books as titles is awesome.

    “The North Remembers” gives me the same chills “Winter is Coming” did last season.

  • I don’t know about “Nightlands” but “The North Remembers” is a fuckin’ awesome title.

  • G_Lee:
    The North Remembers? Too soon… way too soon. There’s not much to remember yet, is there?

    I dunno, killing your liege lord is enough, I think…

  • Hmm, The North Remembers seems like they’re blowing their load a bit early, so to speak. I think it could be used much more effectively in future seasons, but it is a great title.

    Nightlands sounds like another lazy Episode 2 title.

    I’m just looking forward to how ‘A Clash of Kings’ will be used. I thought it would be a good title for Ep 9, given the ‘Clash’, but Elio from Westeros suggested the Renly/Stannis parley episode would be a better idea, which I like the sound of.

    I’d also like to see an episode make use of some sort of Melisendre related imagery. I can see ‘The Red Woman’ or ‘The Lord of Light’ being good episode titles. The other House words also have to show up at some point. I can see ‘We Do Not Sow’ and ‘Ours is the Fury’ having a place this season.

  • There should be one named A Clash of Kings (surely the ep containing the parley scene). And I still hope for one Hear Me Roar one this season :P

    EDIT: Beaten by JakePT :)

  • Episode 10: “Reek Returns; Ramsay’s Gambit.”

    What, you didn’t honestly think they would be stupid enough to cut Ramsay, do you? Oh no no; he’s just been waiting. He’ll be there.

    I know he will… I know it…

  • Let’s assume those two are legit. Here is my guess for season two:

    Ep. 1 – The North Remembers
    Ep. 2 – Nightlands
    Ep. 3 – Knights of Summer
    Ep. 4 – A Clash of Kings
    Ep. 5 – We Do Not Sow
    Ep. 6 – House of the Undying
    Ep. 7 – The Ghost of Harrenhal
    Ep. 8 – Lord of Winterfell
    Ep. 9 – Blackwater
    Ep. 10 – And Now My Watch Begins

    Some of the events that these titles refer to may be in another episode, I did my best to guess where it might fall.

  • Nightlands is the name for the Dothraki concept of afterlife, right? * admits AoIaF knowledge shortcomings *

  • G_Lee,

    I kind of agree, I think “Dragonstone”, “The Lord of Light” or something to do with Stannis and Mel would be more appropriate (but that is just going off of the books’ chronology). With more exploits of Robb Stark being featured then maybe “The North Remembers” is what they are focusing on instead of the books prologue. I prefer they save that till Frey pie but thats assuming we get that far.

  • Hear Me Roar:
    Nightlands is the name for the Dothraki concept of afterlife, right? * admits AoIaFknowledge shortcomings *

    Yes, I had forgotten about that, but you are correct. Do you think it’s possible Dany may get visions of Drogo in this ep?

  • I think it’s too soon for ‘The North Remembers’. Wouldn’t surprise me if the first episode was simply ‘Dragonstone’.

    I hope we get ‘Clash of Kings’ and ‘Ours is the Fury’ this time. Think ‘Hear Me Roar’ might work better in a future series though.

    Other lines that stand out to me are ‘The Knights of Summer’ ‘The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors’ (too long?) and ‘Weasel Soup’ :)

    ‘Light and Shadow’ would be good, taken from Quaithe’s line, but equally applicable to other characters and situations.

  • “The North Remembers” sure sounds badass, but it seems more appropiate for something far in the future, like the eventual northern revenge for the Red Wedding I’m sure we’ll get eventually.

    And yes “The Nightlands” are the Dothraki afterlife…

  • Instead of “The Ghost of Harrenhal” the title of the episode could be “Valor Margolis“. However, something tells me they used it in season 1. Maybe the Final Episode could be called “Fist of the First Men“. The episode entitle “We do not Sow” could be changed to “The Prodigal Son”. Kind of a stretch I’ll admit, but just some suggestions.

  • Episode 7 should definitely be called “Weasel soup”. The first episode could be called “The Comet” unless they cut the whole comet thing (there wasn’t any sign of it in last years finale).

  • Andrew,

    Valar Morghulis was not used in S1. It will someday make a wonderful episode title, but if they’re already using ‘The North Remembers,’ I hope they leave Valar Morghulis for S3 or 4.

    Winter Is Coming,

    Love ‘Knights of Summer’ and ‘Ghost of Harrenhal’, (former seems an absolute lock), and of course the house words are always likely contenders (CoK also a lock). Titles, titles…

    I’d also be fine with ‘House of the Undying,’ but would put greater odds on something like ‘The Price of Dragons.’

  • The North Remembers is an awesome title that would be WAY too early here.

    It wouldn’t hold nearly the same impact.

  • Good titles both. I’ll take a crack at some titles. No specific order and maybe not specific to this season.

    The messenger. For the episode where everyone talks about the comet.

    Weasel soup. This title I will bet $$ on.

    Our is the fury. For the episode of the parley.

    The night is dark and filled with terrors. Mellisandre’s intro.

    Mother of dragons. Or Dragon queen.

    The iron men.

    Hands of Gold. Tyrion focus episode.

    Sword in the Night. Gotta have a nights watch title.

    The Krakens daughter. Intro of Asha character.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Sounds right though I have to guess what some of those titles imply because it’s been so long since I read the books. It woulda been lot cooler if they titiled the episodes in this way:

    1. The North Remembers, In Which We Are Reminded About How Winter Is Around The Corner and the Story Resumes

    2. Nightlands, In Which Jon Snow Goes Visiting and Gets Into a Tight Place

    3. Knights of Summer, In Which Robb and Jeyne Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle

    4. A Clash of Kings, In Which We Are Introduced to Ser Onion and His Good Friends King Lobster and the Red Witch

    5. We Do Not Sow, In Which Theon Meets a Heffalump Who Turns Out to be His Sweet Sister

    6. House of the Undying, In Which Dany has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents

    7. The Ghost of Harrenhal, In Which Jaime and Catelyn Come to the Forest and the Maid of Tarth has a Bath

    8. Lord of Winterfell, In Which Jon Snow Leads an Expotition to the North Pole

    9. Blackwater, In Which Tyrion is Entirely Surrounded by Water

    10. And Now My Watch Begins, In Which Jon Snow Gives Egret a Party and We Say Goodbye

  • Also wouldn’t be surprised if we get “Hand of the King,” as a title.

    Hard to say when we don’t know what will occur when, as well as last year.

  • “Cold Winds Are Rising,” though surely not a fan favorite, is another candidate. Could see that as Ep 7 or 8, (possibly even 10), depending on when and how they focus on the North.

  • we all love “the north remembers” as a title but it’s way too many seasons too soon to be effective

  • the goat,

    Any episode where there’s a new Hand of the King should be titled “Hand of the King”.

    Hand of the King I, Hand of the King II, Hand of the King VIII…

    As for “the North remembers”, I don’t mind them starting to seed that in early, all the better for the big payoff.

  • K26dp,

    Clever, almost, but my point was that this was a singularly effective, and efficient, “wartime” Hand, despite the obstacles he had to overcome. Also, he is one of the central characters of the book, so I presume (and dearly hope) he will be portrayed as such this season. Therefore, I would expect an episode titled “Hand of the King” to be the one and only of its kind, as is Tyrion Lannister.

  • Enteril,
    Ren Snow,

    Sure, it was coined later in the books, but, as Pink Dragon already mentioned, are you really saying the North shouldn’t remember Ned? If so, you sound more like Highgarden daisies to me. And I pity you.

    “Why pity?”

    “Because it will not last,” Catelyn answered, sadly. “Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.”

    The North Always Remembers!

  • North Remembers is waaay too soon. We only just got that theme in book 5 .

    It all depends on what they include in episode 1 (or include at all I guess) but “The Red Comet” or something like that would probably be more appropriate for Ep 1. – Maybe even “Lightbringer” or “The Red Sword of Heroes” if they include that much in Ep 1.

    Nightlands would indeed be a reference for Dothraki afterlife – they even mention it in Season 1 (Jorah to Dany Re: Dragon Eggs on the pyre) but I’m not a huge fan of that. If they’re making a reference to Vaes Toloro (Spelling?) aka the City of Bones, they could really just go with “The City of Bones” (where Dany rests for a few weeks and sends out scouts).

    Love “Knights of Summer” and and “The Ghost of Harrenhal” and “Weasel Soup” as titles. Other decent ones include (no particular order)

    “The Fist of the first men”, “Craster’s Keep”, “The Rainbow Guard”, “The Haunted Forrest”, “The Frostfangs”, “The Lord of Bones” (ep. 10?), “Blood in the Gutters” (the mob scene), “The Crag”, “The Blackfish” (PLEASE!!!), “Shit for Honor” (if they move some Jaime stuff forward), “The Maid of Tarth”, “The Arms of the Kraken”, “The Ironborn”, “The Winged Wolf” – There’s a whole bunch more but I think that’s more than enough for now

  • Definitely “Valar Morghulis” for the Arya/Jaqen ep.

    I like “Palace of Dust” for the House of the Undying ep.

    Prefer “Ours is the Fury” for the parley episode, but it’s hard to imagine them not using “A Clash of Kings” at some point.

    Agreed that “The North Remembers” is badass.

    How about “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” for a certain late night boat trip? I’m wondering if they are going to use that boat trip to kill Renly, and skip Courtney Penrose. They better not cut it out entirely. Might be my favorite scene in book II.

    I wasn’t particularly bowled over by the episode titles in Season 1, so who knows how much time and effort they’ll put into naming these things.

  • Heh, the things the North has to remember ain’t nothing yet!

    Didn’t someone mention somewhere there was an episode titled The Rose of Winter? That’d be awsome, and a teaser that they’ll finally have some Lyanna flashbacks because I so want to see her, or all characters. Or they could be trolling readers and that episode will focus on Sansa :p

    Oh, and I want an episode with Peach somewhere in the title, and a Clash of Queens please.

  • XenkanMonk: Didn’t someone mention somewhere there was an episode titled The Rose of Winter?

    That was fake.

    Nights King,

    Honestly, if one more person says its too soon for the North to Remember…

    “Frostfangs,” “Fist of the First Men,” and “Arms of the Kraken” are all good ideas though.

  • I think 2.01 – The Bleeding Star sounds badass. I really like ‘The Nightlands’ too, but most of the titles from season one were applicable (to a degree) to all the scenarios taking place in the episode. I think an episode may well be called ‘The Five Kings’ or ‘The War of the Five Kings’, maybe episode 10 could be called ‘The Rose of Winter’/Winterfell’.

  • In all seriousness, I think that “The North Remembers” is a little too soon for Game Of Thrones right now. I would like to see some of the house mottos put into the series. Obviously “Winter is Coming” is the most glaring. But the Baratheons motto “Our is the Fury” should be used at SOME point in the second season, seeing as how this season will probably be the most Baratheon-centric season. We will be give four new characters under House Baratheon, Stannis, Davos, Melsiandre, and Brienne. So why not use the Baratheon’s motto as an episode title?

  • I think using the book titles (i.e. Clash of Kings) as episode titles is a great idea. Never thought of that before.

  • the goat: Honestly, if one more person says its too soon for the North to Remember

    It seems the common people have forgotten our dear Lord Eddard………..shame on them!

  • Stannis: The Bleeding Star sounds badass

    Is that a bit like The Toe-Stubbin Star/The Confounded Star/The Gods Be Damned Star/The Bloomin Star ? Dun remember no bleedin star mate but I like it fair enough. Ep’sode s02e04 oughta be like The New Whope like you know, Star Warts.. in refrance to teh new girl to replace Ros. Like s02e05 oughta be The Imp’s Shae Strikes Cack and s02e06 The Re-turn of Middlefinger’s Screw, some refrance to the current economical crisis, mate. My name is Bloomin Epic and I approve of this message.

  • Episode 1: The Red Comet
    Episode 2: Lord Of Light
    Episode 3: Bronze and Iron
    Episode 4: The Knights of Summer
    Episode 5: A Clash of Kings
    Episode 6: The Ghost of Harrenhal
    Episode 7: Turncloaks and Leeches
    Episode 8: The Undying
    Episode 9: Blackwater
    Episode 10: Valor Morghulis

  • I also really like “The Knights of Summer” for a title.

    Probably wishful thinking – but A Tournament of Gnats would also be fun.

  • My take, if you will allow:

    1. The Purple Helmed Knight Stands / 2. Six and ahalf Virgins and a cask of Arbor / 3. Lord Super & Band of Merries/ 4. Up The Wrong Vase/Rainbow Armies Attack! / 5. Les Prouts du Zombie Are Risin’ / 6. The Sexy Streaker of Harrenhall / 7. Hard Swords & Soft Doughnuts / 8. Honey Bear & Patchouli Bri Have a Go / 9. Battle of Blackwater pending Pixomondo post production (or: Brownbrook Squirmish ft maiden mud wrestling) 10. Can’t Buy Me Love–Or Can You Ser?

  • Considering the aftermath of the Red Wedding, there’s not much of the North left to remember… This would be an applicable time to use that title. And then, when you think the North is finally about to turn shit around … bam, the lords of the North are slaughtered in betrayal and we get a terrifying end to Season 3. Episode 4.01 would probably be titled something like “Seriously, What The Fc!k?”

    (Give or take a season, of course, for all you accuracy-nerds)

  • Episode 1: The Red Comet
    Episode 2: We Do Not Sow
    Episode 3: King Bread
    Episode 4: The Knights of Summer
    Episode 5: Valor Morghulis
    Episode 6: A Clash of Kings
    Episode 7: Weasel Soup
    Episode 8: Prince of Winterfell
    Episode 9: Blackwater
    Episode 10: The Undying

  • Ep. 1 – The North Remembers
    Ep. 2 – Nightlands
    Ep. 3 – Maid of Tarth
    Ep. 4 – A drink sweet sister?
    Ep. 5 – What is dead may never die
    Ep. 6 – Dracarys
    Ep. 7 – Weasel Soup
    Ep. 8 – Turncloak
    Ep. 9 – Blackwater
    Ep. 10 – Valar Morghulis

  • I have to agree: North Remembers = Good, Nightlands = Meh…

    Here’s a few ideas:

    -The Kraken’s Daughter
    -The Iron Price
    -A Chain of Events
    -The Hand and the Whore
    -Weasel Soup
    -Kissed By Fire
    -Mother of Dragons
    -A Warlock’s House
    -Shade of the Evening
    -The Young Wolf
    -A Brother’s Gift
    -Shadows in the Night

    They’re all pretty generic, I suppose, but at least they’re book-related, unlike “Nightlands”. But whatever…

  • I really like the title “Brotherly love” for the episode that has two of my favorite scenes in aCoK Renly and Stannis parley. Who doesn´t love Renlys peach. And Tyrion making a toast to brotherly love and handing Cersei a cup of poisoned wine. Cersei think he is refering to Renly and Stannis, but the cup really represent his own love for his sweet sister. I think it would be a perfect wtf cliffhanger to have the episode end with cersei lifting the glass to her lips. Is Cersei dead or not? And it will be a hilarious release of tension, in the start of the next episode, when Tyrion sits on the Iron Throne, and a messenger comes and announces that Cersei is indosposed on the privy

    I also really like the more eerie episodetitles like “Palace of dust” or “The undying” for the episode where Dany enters the house of the undying
    I think the first season has been very good at sticking to the plot, but has lacked time to explore some of the magic, foreshadowing, prophesy and eerie atmosphere that is also a integral part of aSoIaF. But hopefully the second season will have time to focus a little more on these aspects with things like Jaqen H´ghar, Mel and the shadowbabies, Bran and his wolf dreams and the house of the undying. As well as more dragon/direwolf action.

  • 2.01 Dragonstone
    2.02 The Nightlands
    2.03 The Five Kings
    2.04 The Fury and The Kraken
    2.05 Ghosts, Shadows and Drowned Men
    2.06 Cold Winds
    2.07 A Clash of Kings
    2.08 The Undying
    2.09 Blackwater
    2.10 Valor Morghulis

  • 1. Episode names must be “Red Comet”, because all people in starts will say that red comet that are in sky is symbol for they victory.

  • I am totally unimpressed with those two titles. What is there for the North to Remember right now? Neds dead, yes, but the campaign is going strong so something like the King in the North would sound better… imho. Nightlands is just obscure and unless Dany has dreams of death, I don’t see the point. Episode titles for the Essos side do come better from latter plot points in Qarth, i.e. the “Palace of Dust”. Great Title!

    For the start, The Bleeding Star sounds awesome, but there needs to be a comet in the script for it to work ;-)

    “The Peach” is awesome, as is “Knights of Summer”. “Clash of Kings” should be a title of one episode. “Pay the Iron Price” for a later one in connection to the Ironborn. “Let me be your Florian” would probably be too sweet and too connected to Sansa alone.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter that much, right?

  • 1. She was a hoo’er, to be shoo’er
    2. Dany’s Male Advisors Save Her From Making a Huge Mistake. Again.
    3. Theon Knocks Up Slave Girl But It’s Expected
    4. Cersei: Born Insane and Hot.
    5. Red Keep Gangrape! (and Chivalry).
    6. Whores are Wind
    7. Tyrion Gives His Mailorder Bride a Little Bonus
    8. Queen Catelyn’s Orders Largely Ignored by Everyone.
    9. Ros Completely Booked for Month of Blackwater.
    10. Faghagzilla of Tarth’s Embarassing Moments Put To Song/Aftermaths
    11. Craster Bangs His Defenseless Crybaby Girls Again (Outtakes)
    12. Meanwhile, Human Trafficking Chez Littlefinger (Featurette)

  • 1. Chase the Dragon
    In which Dany chases one of her Dragons in a Benny Hill style chase around Qarth

    2.Soldier of the Line
    The Life and Death of Bob Bobson a lowly soldier in the army of Stannis Baratheon.

    3. Don’t Wake the Lion
    In which Tyrion tries to have an afternoon nap but keeps getting interrupted.

    4. Into the Valley of the Moonking
    In which Dany meets Xaro Xhoan Daxos whose hobby is exposing his bottom to passing strangers.

    5. Kingdoms of Madness
    Chaos errupts throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

    6. Vicious Companions
    Introducing The Goat.

    7. “Les Morts Dansant”
    In which Jon Snow encounters some breakdancing Wights.

    8. So Cold the Night
    In which Jon snow catches a cold.

    9. Lords of Chaos
    Chaos continues to break out in the Seven Kingdoms

    10. Dragons are Real

  • Epic Can’t Lose,

    Everything you said was funny except the use of the F word. That’s the equivalent of a racial slur nowadays. Someone got their post deleted already for using that word.

  • I love the show, the only thing i wish they would do is spend more time dealing with he link between the wolves and the children.

  • What about “The blue knight” for the Brienne-introducing? And I dont think Valar Morgulis should be used yest. They would more likely use it in the end of book 3 (season 4) or in book 4.
    “Weasel soup” is awesome.

  • I am totally down with The North Remembers! its super bad ass!! but i am not sold on Nightlands…it sounds really stupid, not suitable for the awesomeness that this episode is expected to posess. in simpler terms, it sucks