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Quick Hits: Interviews and a whole bunch of other stuff

  • Lena Headey was interviewed by MTV News while at HBO’s Post Golden Globes party where she teased her character’s storyline and season two and talks about working with Peter Dinklage. Spoiler TV has a region-free version of the video.
  • Maisie Williams was interviewed by myFanbase about her work on season one of Game of Thrones and talks a bit about season two as well.
  • The Los Angeles Times caught up with George R. R. Martin while he was in town for the Golden Globes, resulting in two separate interviews, one interview can be found at the LA Times Books blog and the other at Hero Complex.
  • A couple of well-known writers/producers have professed their love of Thrones in recent interviews: Steven DeKnight, showrunner of Spartacus, and Rick McCallum, the executive producer of Star Wars.
  • HBO has provided us with a list of international retailers that will be offering the alternate DVD/Blu-Ray packaging.
  • Fans of the books and show may find a new smartphone app useful. It’s called Westeros Map and, as you might expect given the name, features an interactive map of the Seven Kingdoms. It’s available on iTunes, Android Market and Amazon Appstore.
  • Pearson Moore’s Game of Thrones Season One Essays is now available for free to Amazon Prime members. A good read, for those interested in deeper analyzation into some of the themes of the books and show.
  • The Croatian TV series site has published an interview with Embassy Films, the company that took care of the local side of filming in Dubrovnik. No spectacular revelations, some of the main points follow, offered courtesy of Hear Me Roar: everyone was happy on all sides, and the shoot proceeded smoothly. This was the biggest foreign production in Croatia in the past 20 years. They had 11-hour shooting days, on average. As things stand now, HBO is surely coming back to Croatia. For more, either learn Croatian or trust Google to translate it for you.
  • Incidentally, Croatia voted yes on joining the EU and should be able to enter the Union in about 18 months once the ratification process is completed. This should make it an even more attractive country to shoot in, since several procedures will be simplified when you operate within a common market for goods, services, and workforce. Iceland is negotiating and considering the accession to the EU as well.
  • UPDATE: Thanks to Noone for reminding us – there is a German article on creating the Dothraki language (Google translation); the show is soon to start its run on RTL 2 over there.
  • The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind these days is ‘when we can expect the next season two trailer?’ I don’t know for sure, but I would say this Sunday is a good bet, as it is the series premiere of David Milch’s new show Luck. We will, of course, let everyone know the second we get any official word!


  • I wonder why some official stills from S2 have not been released by now ?
    (except from the glimpse at EW)
    We got them plenty last year way before the show started.

    p.s. saw that article at – it seems that the production company is pretty unwilling to give some more interesting info. Obviously HBO disciplined them well ;)
    Good thing to hear they are pretty confident on HBO returning to Dubrovnik for S3.
    Me like!

  • What’s Lena talking about when she talks about dealing with loss for Cersei? I’m a book reader and it’s been a while since I read Clash of Kings, but (speculative spoilers follow) I don’t remember her misplaying her hand just yet. I’m actually concerned that the show will off Joffrey in S2, which would account for the character that dies early which we’ve been promised. I really don’t want that to happen, because it would seriously downgrade the Tyrells as players. But Lena seems to be talking about grief, at least to me

    Anyway, if someone wants to clear that up for me, or just has a theory, please let me know, you won’t be spoiling anything for me.

  • For now it looks like will only offer Targ. But they are not fully up to date yet, we’ll know closer to March.

  • Skipjack: What’s Lena talking about when she talks about dealing with loss for Cersei?

    Perhaps she means Cersei not having her favourite brother around, as he’s currently a captive?

  • Didn’t CVH tweet a picture of the soundboard that she used for recording her voice for a Jan 29 teaser?

  • Skipjack,

    I wondered the same thing honestly.

    After some thought I think she could be referrring to Jaime being held by the Starks. He is her “favorite” brother and all that seems to go with that in the Lannister family! XD

    So I think the “loss” she refers to is not a death, but her brother being held in captivity

    Not sure any of that needs spoiler tags since it all happened at the end of last season, but just in case…..

  • Losing her mind?

    She looks pretty batty to me in s1. I’m afraid of how much worse it can get.

  • rorschach-,

    I think I will be watching tomorrow night when HBO starts its rerun of Season 1 leading up to the Season 2 premiere.

    If they are going to air any new videos before the Luck premiere Sunday, I would guess this Thursday is the time. If not, I hope this Sunday!

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  • It’s to be expected that there are not as many promo stills or trailers for season 2 as there were for season 1.

    For season 1, they were hyping a new series and pushing it hard. Coming up on season 2, the series is a hit. Everyone’s talking about it. Entertainment reporters are chomping at the bit to get a quick interview with the stars.

    They’re getting enough free press that they really don’t need to invest as much into promoting the series as they did last year.

  • Apparently, while filming on the island of Lokrum the HBO film crew cleared out 7 boatloads of trash and stuff that the tourists left in the old, abandoned, Benedictine monastery and left the place in a far better condition then it was originally found.
    It would also seem that they were considering leaving a few pieces of the set to serve as a tourist attraction but decided to remove everything. I am happy to see they’re behaving respectfully towards our cultural heritage.
    You guys are awesome, many thanks and do come back this year!

    BTW with regards to the EU, there are no more requirements for Croatia to fulfil, all the negotiating chapters have been closed. Those 18 months are there so that the member countries of the EU can ratify in their parliaments/hold referendums on whether they accept Croatia as a member-state. We’ve done our part :)

  • Isn’t that Westeros map app unlicensed? The guy is charging money for the iPhone version. I don’t doubt somebody’s lawyers are going to have a talk with him.

  • Sorry to go off topic. I notice the site now blocks out spoilers for iPhones as opposed the making then bold (or maybe my phone just figured out how to work!) but now I can’t work out how to read the spoilers. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

  • The Masie Williams interview pretty much confirms that Hot Pie and Lommy will be fleshed out characters. Perhaps this is known already, but I was a bit concerned.

  • Does anyone have link (YouTube or other) to the Lena Headey MTV interview that is viewable for non-US viewers ?

  • Hear Me Roar,

    Yep, you are right. Iceland is in the mix too. I just hope that Kit had a blast up there even though they had to film in a pretty cold weather. But snarks only come out when it’s cold. It is known:)

  • surfKraken,
    SurfKraken and GiantofStark:

    I always just copy the spoiler barred text and paste it on my notepad. It’s a roundabout way of reading it, but it does let you see it. I’ve used that method to read spoiler barred text on other sites, so I was able to adapt to the ones here without much trouble.

    There may be a better way, but this should get you by until someone suggests something better.

  • SeraRavi:
    SurfKraken and GiantofStark:

    There may be a better way, but this should get you by until someone suggests something better.

    I don’t read the board on a phone, but can’t people just hit the quote button, then read the text in the reply box?

  • As Peter Dinklage recently mentioned surprise deaths ( might be just Renly though), and D + D talked about a non book death earlier ( I initially thought it would be one of Dany´s maids or something equally minor) I have the strong feeling right now they are going to kill Joff or Myrcella in season 2. As a fan of the books I could live with shortening the whole Dorne Storyline (like it in the books, but I understand there has to be some cutting somewhere in the series) and killing Myrcella might help it, but killing Joffrey early – please don´t!

  • alfred e. fry

    Whaaaaa…. How can you even think they’d kill off Joffrey? He’s a major figure of hate for both book and non-book fans, and when his death does come it’s a focal point for catharsis – it’s a big thing. D&D won’t hasten it just because they want to do some trimming. I hope. Getting rid of Myrcella is more feasible, but then again they’ve already given Cersei an extra dead child so far… the theme could get repetitive. There’s only so much humanising you can do…

    In the longer term, I agree about Dorne. I like it and all, but it never seems more than an adjunct to more important events. Even Quentyn didn’t really go anywhere. The salient parts can be condensed, and a lot of the long-winded, colourful parts can probably be glossed over completely.

    My prediction for S2? Slightly more violence, slightly less sex.

  • alfred e. fry,

    Really, I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening. Certainly not Joffrey; killing him a whole season (book) early tremendously screws up all of the other plotlines. Benioff has expressed interest in doing the Red Wedding; that doesn’t happen if Joff is killed this season. Myrcella dying early is also unlikely; they’re pretty much getting rid of her anyway by sending her to Dorne, seems excessive to kill her off. Actually, if they did off Joffrey this early, I would probably stop watching, but I think there’s about a .01% chance of that happening. I’m sure it’s a minor character, one of the handmaids, some random wall ranger; the biggest one I could see them killing early is Craster.

  • Arrogant Bastard:
    alfred e. fry,

    Really, I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening. Certainly not Joffrey; killing him a whole season (book) early tremendously screws up all of the other plotlines. Benioff has expressed interest in doing the Red Wedding; that doesn’t happen if Joff is killed this season..

    Unless the Red Wedding also happens this season.

  • Arrogant Bastard,

    On second thought I have to agree with you. The losses Lena Headley refers to may not be actual deaths. The surprise death comment by Dinklage got me going, but for the reasons you and others mentioned it can´t be Joffrey. Also, I think it was confirmed he will be around for the Battle (Antler Men).

  • Watching the Ep 1 replay, no new trailers or anything beforehand. Maybe afterwards, but I doubt it.

    “Our way is the old way.”

  • Yeah Spoiler tags work on my mobile now. Good job Winter!
    The German article pretty much says how much the handling of languages has improved on TV. GoT is used as a good example. GoT is gonna air in autumn on free TV on a crap channel. What a pity! It has already aired on Pay TV

  • I’m amused that the majority of the messages since I posted are walls of black haha. The notepad will certainly work if I’m really keen to read the full post, I suspect I’ll just look at the site from my pc in future. Better to have the spoilers too hard to read rather than too easy for everyone who doesn’t want to see them :)

  • Can’t view the spoilers on my iPod Touch. Others have decloaked when you tap but these don’t. Would rather have them bold than black.

  • FicusFan:
    Can’t view the spoilers on my iPod Touch.Others have decloaked when you tap but these don’t. Would rather have them bold than black.

    I half agree so I can use the site from my phone but having had things spoiled from the bold type it’s better to be safe than sorry. Personally I read the books as quickly as possible so I could read the forums and not worry about spoilers (and now the spoilers are gooooone lol).