Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Goonies

This video has been making rounds the past couple of days and has been recommended to us on several occasions. I still have to educate myself on The Goonies, but for those who know it this should be good fun.

Something completely silly and something really rather fun (IMO) after the jump.

More long comic strips like that coming up in the following weeks:


  • You “still have to educate yourself on The Goonies”. …I just died a little inside. While you’re at it, educate yourself on “E.T.” and “Star Wars” as well. I’ve heard they’re pretty decent.

  • I HATE the goonies, I only saw it recently & it gave me a headache with all the screeching children…. So, this does not amuse me. But I still love you. x

  • HA! I LOVE The Goonies and remember that scene vividly! It’s true that the kids screech a lot, but it really is a classic. And while reading GoT for the first time (around Christmas 2010), I was actually reminded of the confessional from The Goonies while reading Tyrion’s ditto at The Eyrie :-)

    And the cuts in that clip are really rather well done, what with all the eye movements and what not! I approve!

  • Quix,

    Oh, come on. You can’t compare those. Or The Princess Bride. Did you consider The Goonies may never have been such a big hit abroad?

    Anyway, hope you liked the clip ;)

  • Loved the boonies as a kid, must’ve watched it at least once a month. Went back to watch it a couple years ago, and yeah, full of screaming children.
    That said, it’s still pretty awesome. Great piece of imagination fodder for a young boy. And me and my friends still quote it occasionally.

    “BABE… RUTH?”

    Always brings a smile

  • Nah, the Goonies were aired back when in Europe, I remember watching them as a kid…
    I guess the Goonies are something like the Harry Potter or The Famous Five series, you enjoyed them very, very much when you were younger, the characters were around your age, you could identify more easily with them etc. It doesn’t mean that they are a bad read now, it’s just that the inevitable maturation process has taken place. I imagine that at the tender age of 10, Ana Karenjina would probably serve as a fire tinder for me XD

  • The main reason this is funny is because I finally convinced my mother to watch the series (last night) and when this scene was playing she was like, “Haha, he sounds like the kid from the Goonies!” It makes me wonder if she saw this somehow; unlikely as it seems. She is a fan now regardless.

  • Chunk! lol That confession scene was awesome. I’m a sucker for the Goonies phrase.. Goonies Never Say Die!

    The Ned face after Catelyn says “What’s up dog?” really made me LOL.

    Power Ranger Jon is all kinds of no.. just.. no. :/

  • Never seen the goonies! Its an 80’s classic! Its a fun film! You need to see stand by me if your gonna educate yourself on good movies! That is an essential classic! Great video,well done.

  • I’ve never even heard of the Goonies before! Probably because the movie was out before I was born ;)
    Really had to laugh out loud about the Jon Snow – Power Ranger one, hilarious!

  • BTW, the Goonies are completely from my time. Apparently they weren’t showing it (much) where I was growing up. Go figure. I’ll catch up.

  • I was born in ’88, the Goonies are from ’85 so by the time I was old enough to care about movies I had stuff like Jurassic Park to watch :D
    No need for Goonies in my childhood ;)

  • Damryn of Dorne:
    jesus how canyou not have heard of the Goonies… FML im old :(

    I share your pain my dear…. I start talking about The Moomins & Animals of Farthing Wood, Sister Sister, California Dreams, even Saved by the Bell, & my young friends have no idea what I’m talking about…..

  • I always confuse the Goonies with the Ghoulies 85 and the Gremlins 84. I loved Gremlins, which is also a Christmas Movie! I never was able to get through the Goonies all the way through, much to the dismay of colleagues who say it’s ‘so great’. It’s difficult to watch post-Home Alone, and post-Stand By Me.

    I get the Goonies GoT mashup, but isn’t it from last summer? Slim pickings apparently these days.

  • Just looking at the HBO schedule and noticed there’s a programme called

    Game of Thrones: Echos from the Past airing in March (11th)

    It’s described as a behind the scenes companion piece to Season 2 but the title is intriguing.

    Is it just a look back at Season 1 or what?

    It’s also strangely classed as a comedy.

  • Hi guys

    I know it’s the wrong news, but probably no one would notice this request several dozens news back…

    Gotta big favor to ask!

    Check out 00:43 – What does Simon say about Renly there? I can’t hearr all of it – It goes like “But the ???? essentially expresses the characters” and the following sentence is also a mistery to me. Could someone quickly help me out with this one? :)

  • I was born in 1979 and yes, the Goonies were a hit in Europe (Spain at least). I watched it like 4 times at the cinema and like 20 more when it came out on VHS, and so did my friends and all the kids of my age. I will always remember it as one of the greatest movies ever, and one of my dearest childhood memories.

    I watched it again last year and of course it sucked, but that happens doesn’t it?

  • Dan,

    Doesn’t make all that much sense, there seem to be words missing.

    “But the style of it essentially expresses the characters, he’s quite flamboyant, very tailored look to and that came through Michelles wonderful initial designs”.

  • The optimistically named “GoT Laughs” are normally awful but that last strip was pretty good.

  • The “what’s up, dog?” joke was really good. Well done, well done.

    Kit Harrington in the Power Rangers suit: cute and hilarious at the same time.

    And The Goonies scene—I love how well it fits with the GoT scene.^^

  • The Goonies is something you have to see as a kid to appreciate, I think…I never did, and for one reason or another I’ve seen it five or six times in my twenties. Doesn’t do anything for me. But, if I had never seen The Princess Bride as a kid, I probably wouldn’t get it now either…as it is, I grew up with it, so I still love it.