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HBO to air 16 minute behind-the-scenes feature on March 2nd

UPDATE 2/28: This feature has been pulled from HBO’s schedule and according to a rep from the cabler, will no longer be airing.

Well now we got ourselves a proper trailer (even if it was a bit short), so what else do we have to look forward to? How does a 16-minute-long look behind-the-scenes of season two of Game of Thrones sound? HBO is set to air “Game of Thrones: Echoes from the Past” on March 2nd at 8 PM EST, according to the schedule. The feature is described as “A behind-the-scenes companion piece to Season Two of the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones.'”

If one month is too long of a wait for you, then circle February 13th on your calendar, as that is when the third and final In Production video hits HBO On Demand. This 2 minute video will focus on the filming in Iceland. Both videos should be made available online shortly after they debut on air.

Winter Is Coming: I suspect that Echoes from the Past will be much like last season’s Inside Game of Thrones. Which means we should get our first looks at some full scenes from season two! I’m also really looking forward to the Iceland video. While I highly doubt we’ll see any of the new characters, the scenery alone should be impressive.


  • Omg I feel sooo special! I’d like to thank all the little people who helped make this happen.


  • But are these videos. People should have no illusions 2 minutes 2 minutes 1,30 minutes 2 minutes 1,45 minutes 1,45 minuts

    Total 10 minutes. At most there will be 3 or 4 minutes of new scenes

  • I think that sounds pretty great!

    I was the a little disappointed by the actual trailer – far too short, and far too many close-up shots of peoples faces without context. I already know Tyrion is coming back, I want shots of Brienne in action! The only saving grace was that Conleth Hill’s narration was quite superb.

  • julandro, the 16 min video won’t just be a mash-up of previously released videos. HBO doesn’t do that sort of thing. They may use a few shots we’ve already seen, maybe a few quotes from the actors/writers, but the majority of it will be all-new.

    EvilPicnic, I think it was Fury who guessed that they probably won’t show a good shot of Brienne in any of their promo vids simply because it would spoil the surprise reveal of her in the show. I tend to agree.

  • “There is greeed and murrrrder…”

    No wonder why Dinklage won the Emmy. He gets the best one-liners.

  • When I saw the first part of the headline, I was super excited, then, I saw the March 2nd part, and then I was sad, because its so fucking far away.

  • Cannot wait! First this, then the first season released a couple weeks later, then season 2 premieres 2 weeks after that! I am loving March more and more!

  • Even as a child I’ve never been so excited for Christmas like I am now for season 2 of GoT! This brightens my days, seriously. I would probably be depressed without it by now ;D

  • Any one else worried that this show is going to take a ratings hit when all the real magic starts coming out?

  • Oh, joy! Here we go… I’ve got a couple of ducks in the freezer waiting for the season 2 premiere feast :)..This will make a great appetizer..

  • Jon Connington,

    No not at all, that stuff will draw in more viewers than it will lose. People love genre stuff, if this show had no supernatural elements and was just some medieval drama barely anyone would be watching. Look at the box office hits, almost all of them are genre stuff even all of the big cable ratings hits now are genre TV shows Walking Dead, True Blood, American Horror Story. The supernatural elements may hurt it chances with award shows but not with ratings. If anything I think they should be hyping the supernatural elements in the previews so people who don’t know anything about the show don’t think it’s just some boring medieval drama. The only fantasy element that I can see potential putting off viewers in the future would be the dragons.

  • The 11 minute behind the scenes video last year was one of the ones I watched the most, I hope we get something equally as cool this year.

    On another note; speaking of the short but sweet trailer on Sunday night I saw on the GOT youtube channel that its up to over 3.5 million hits already which is almost twice as many as the last trailer a month ago, and it makes the video the most viewed on that channel to date. Why is this video getting so many hits? Also does this mean we can hope for some higher ratings this season? Lets hope so. I think the number of new readers of the books may help us out quite a bit.

  • Grinbomb: Why is this video getting so many hits? Also does this mean we can hope for some higher ratings this season? Lets hope so.

    Apparently it has gotten more hits than all trailers for season 1 combined, which sounds pretty insane. I know all the hardcore asoiaf-fans contribute a whole lot with our obsessive rewatching, but when it totally pwns last years trailerviews and teasers/trailers for Boardwalk empire’s season 2, it must mean the show has gained a pretty massive NEW following, so yes, I do dare hope for a significant rise in the ratings for season 2.

  • Well, since I have avoided the actual trailers, I might indulge myself and watch these behind the scenes parts at least. Television production is fascinating in general, let alone for one of my favorite books ever :)

  • OMG,I am a grown woman and this makes me 5yr old giddy!! So excited!
    As for the Iceland stuff….two words…Kit Harington! (giddy again)

  • sjwenings: I know all the hardcore asoiaf-fans contribute a whole lot with our obsessive rewatching

    it doesn’t matter how many time one watches a video on youtube. The only thing that matter is the IP

  • Elena Amici,

    It’s not based on IP. It’s based on the session and time.

    So for example you can open a different web browser and view the same video to notch the count up. Or you can clear all your web browser’s session variables and cookies and view the video again to notch it up. Or you can use browsers that don’t save variables.

    For normal people on normal browsers, if you watch a video one day, and then you watch it again (all the way way through), that does count as two, as it should. That’s totally two legit views so why not count it?

  • Grinbomb,

    The ratings will definitely be higher but the main reason that trailer is getting so many views is because it has been trending on the front page of youtube for a couple days so there are a lot of people clicking on it who probably don’t even know much about Game of Thrones just to see what it is.

  • I just read on the WiC Tumblr that the behind the scnes has been pulled with no explaination.

    Is this true?

    If so that sucks big time.

    Why HBO, why?!

  • So why is HBO Canada which is nothing more than a glorified Television screen that happens to vomit out HBO product receiving it first?

    Prediction: HBO Canada won’t air it either but it won’t change its schedule at all.

  • Matthias Hinkelmann:
    HBO to air 16 minute behind-the-scenes feature on March 2nd

    Where is the video?

    It has been pulled from the schedule and will no longer be airing. I noted this in the comments of a few of our more recent posts, and also posted it to our Twitter and Facebook pages. I probably should have updated this post with the news as soon as I found out. Didn’t think people would even remember this month-old post! Lesson learned.