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HBO and Miso bring Game of Thrones to the second screen

Just announced by Mashable is a partnership with HBO and Miso, where fans can use Miso’s SideShow app (available for iOS devices) to get a second screen experience while watching episodes of Game of Thrones. The Miso SideShow is a way to bring extra content to fans as they watch an episode of their favorite show. This extra content consists of trivia or interesting factoids, polls, memorable quotes, or links to more information. And not only can fans download and use these SideShows, they can make them themselves! In fact, HBO is holding a little contest for the best fan-made SideShows.

Recognizing that Game of Thrones has a fanatical following, the network is asking fans to create their own SideShow content for each episode of the first season of the show.

Fans can vote on what SideShows they like best and the top three entries for each episode will win Game of Thrones swag and other goodies. When Game of Thrones season 2 premieres on Apr. 1, 2012, HBO and Miso will announce the winning SideShow for each episode. Those winners will get additional prizes, social mentions and have the honor of having their SideShow dubbed the “official” pick in the Miso iOS app.

To help get you guys started, HBO asked me and to make two SideShows. I’ve made one for episode one while Elio and Linda created one for episode two. Check them out and then try making your own for later eps.

Winter Is Coming: I had fun making the SideShow. Hope you guys like it. It’s a pretty cool app. A nice thing to use on episode rewatches, as it gives you a little extra info and it’s a fun way to interact with fellow fans.


  • Downloaded the ap and have to say it’s a nice idea getting additional info as you view. Can’t see’s ep2 slides though are they up yet?

    It also says you can link with FB and Twitter but can’t see how (I went and created a Miso account). Other than that though, neat idea. Kind of like DVD extras but in your hand ;) I know Sky TV have just bought into something similar and plan to have a multi-screen interactive service by the summer.

    Looks like viewing habits are changing.

  • Cool! I like the idea. It’s like some combination of tumblr and popup video… :) Maybe I’ll even try to make one for my favorite episode… (#6!)

  • Jackie MacPherson: Downloaded the ap and have to say it’s a nice idea getting additional info as you view. Can’t see’s ep2 slides though are they up yet?

    I’m not sure. I got mine in earlier this week, maybe they just haven’t finished theirs yet? I can’t actually check for myself since I don’t have an iPhone or iPod.

  • So… can I only watch the slideshows when I download the app or how does this work?? (tried clicking on the link but no idea how/where to watch the slideshow)

  • Hi everyone! You can find the SideShow when you go to the first and second episode of season one when you go into the Game of Thrones show on the Miso app.

  • Found the side show for ep 1, not 2.

    In the first ep, there is a picture of Joffrey, but its captioned Geoffrey.

  • Funny, ’cause I was re-watching a couple of GoT eps last night while having sushi and miso soup. :/

    I’ve never heard of this app before. I immediately thought of the soup and went, WTF?

  • It seems distracting to have another unit to watch while you’re trying to immerse yourself in the show. It might be something for the people having trouble following it though, or for second views.

    Not that I will have the chance to make up my own opinion from experience since I won’t be buying any Apple products anytime soon.

  • Ok, we clearly need something to talk about for a while, and I have a topic I’d like to discuss about Sansa in Season 2 (no, something different).

    We’ve already had a lot of discussion about her scene where Joffrey has her stripped and how HBO was going to portray that, but what wasn’t mentioned was her moonblood scene. Personally, I would have thought that would be harder to show than the scene with Joffrey, since it wouldn’t be enough to just show her from behind. I really don’t want them to cut that scene, as in my opinion it is one of her most intense scenes in the entire series, but I think HBO might have some problems with it. What do you guys thing?

  • sunspear,

    According to an extra on set that day (I posted a link to him about a week ago on here) they did film that scene with Sophie Turner. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be enough just to film her from behind with a body double or just have her shirt ripped. If it’s true what the extra says and she was being exposed on set that day even if they don’t show the nudity on TV HBO could catch a lot of heat for filming a scene like that. I wouldn’t think HBO would film a scene like that with her but then again last season they had a young boy sucking on a boob so who knows.

  • Just downloaded the app. It’s pretty cool if you like a show and want to get into properly but for us hardcore GoT fans who’ve been following WiC from the very start there’s not much news. Would’ve been awesome to have the same thing for Lost back then.

  • More people have Android OS phones than iOS. Make you for the more popular one next time as well, and you will have approx 80% of the market covered.