Season 2 Speculation

Scripting Season 2: Episode 3

Here is the latest installment in our ten-part scripting series, in which we do our best to predict how the writers will take A Clash of Kings and turn it into a 10-hour season of dramatic and exciting television. I’ve taken over the the duties of speculative scripting from Fire and Blood as he’s busy with The Daily Raven and various other projects (including trying to push for legislation to get indigo removed from the color spectrum).

As has been mentioned before, we know that the writers will be deviating from and expanding on the source material and so these speculative scripts reflect that. Some of these scenes are ones we know have been filmed and other changes are our best guesses as to how they may adapt this story.


JON 3 (second half)
BRAN 4 (first half)

Previous scripting posts can be found here: episode one, episode two. The full breakdown of the book is HERE.

PLEASE NOTE that none of these scripts are official. Episode three covers roughly 133 pages, from page 243-376 in the US paperback. The Arya 4 chapter, which was skipped in ep 2, is included here. Both Arya’s and Tyrion’s 5th chapter were pushed back to the next episode. Lastly, I jumped way ahead and pulled some elements from Bran’s 4th chapter.

As one would expect, spoilers abound. Click through at your own risk.

Introductions: Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton), Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman), Amory Lorch (Fintan McKeown)

Deaths: Yoren, various other Night’s Watch recruits

Sex: None!



CATELYN rides into view.  She takes in the camp of Renly Baratheon, all green tents and green flags. Storm’s End can be seen in the distance. She is taken to Renly’s tent.


RENLY BARATHEON greets Catelyn. He tells her she just missed the wedding but the celebration is still going on, there is a single-combat tournament today, the last fight of which is set to begin shortly, and a feast later that night. He has married Margaery Tyrell and she will be his queen. Catelyn asks about Stannis, “If Joffrey’s claim is illegitimate, he would be the next in line.” Renly says he would make an appalling king, and now that Renly has the might of Highgarden behind him, Stannis has no choice but to bend the knee. He also has an offer for Robb; if he swears fealty to Renly as king he will allow him to keep his lands and even his self-styled title as King in the North. Before Catelyn can respond, a horn sounds, signalling the last fight of the melee.


KING ROBB STARK sits with the prisoner ALTON LANNISTER before him. His lords are there as well, the GREATJON and RICKARD KARSTARK. Robb is dictating peace terms to Alton that he is to take to King’s Landing. The terms are harsh, all in the Starks favor. KARSTARK tells him as much after Alton leaves. Robb responds that he doesn’t intend to treat with murderers. Before Karstark can respond, ROOSE BOLTON arrives. “Lord Bolton, so nice of you to join us,” the Greatjon taunts. Roose ignores him. Robb greets Roose and then tells all his lords to assemble their commanders for a war council that night. “I am tired of sitting and waiting, I mean to fight.”


Sansa sits in her room, alone. Her eyes are red, she’s been crying. Her handmaiden brings her her lunch. “I wish to see the King,” she asks of her handmaiden. They just ignore her. “Why won’t he see me? Why does he keep me here, a prisoner? Doesn’t he love me? I want to go home. I won’t commit treason. I just want to go home.” They continue to ignore her and begin to leave. “I am the King’s betrothed, the future queen, I demand to see the King!” She flings her food against the door and falls to the floor sobbing. She stops, notices something on the floor. It is a note, it must have been under her plate. She reads it, “Come to the godswood tonight, if you want to go home.”


The various lords of the North are being entertained at a feast. Bran sits at the head with Rodrik and Luwin on either side of him. They discuss the various lords that are there and the politics of the North, they make mention of Roose Bolton’s bastard and the rumor of him amassing an army at the Dreadfort. Bran is only half-listening. Luwin mentions that he received a raven from Stannis, he has declared himself king and says that Joffrey is the result of an unlawful incestous relationship between Jaime and Cersei. At this mention, Bran starts… a quick cut to him falling from the tower… back to the feast. Luwin notices Bran’s sudden change in demeanor, “Are you okay, Bran? You look unwell.” Bran says he is fine, but Luwin orders Hodor to take Bran to his bedchamber.


The Night’s Watch is packing up. JON SNOW looks exhausted. It is clear he has gotten little sleep after what he witnessed the night before. He sees COMMANDER MORMONT, readying his horse to ride. He tells the Old Bear what he saw the night before. When he finishes his story, Mormont just turns away from Jon and continues saddling his horse. “You knew about this?” Jon asks him accusingly. “Aye,” Mormont responds. “All the rangers know, though few will talk of it.” Jon is incredulous. Mormont explains to him that Craster is his own man, and it is in the Night’s Watch’s best interests that he remain alive and a friend to the Watch. “We cannot set the world to rights, Jon. That is not our purpose. The Night’s Watch has other wars to fight.” Mormont tells Jon the information that Craster has given him, Mance is gathering the wildlings in the Frostfangs, and the Old Bear means to ride out and find them.


TYRION is breaking his fast with GRAND MAESTER PYCELLE. They talk of the on-going famine and unrest in the city. Tyrion then asks Pycelle to draft a message to send via raven to Prince Doran Martell of Dorne. He offers Myrcella to his son in marriage, if he will back Joffrey as the true king. Tyrion stresses that this message is for Prince Doran eyes and ears only. “I can trust you to keep this between us?” Tyrion asks Pycelle. “A good maester never reveals the contents of the messages he sends,” Pycelle replies.


YOREN and his band come upon an abandoned holdfast. “It’s getting late, we’ll camp here for the night.” They climb into the holdfast and begin setting up camp. HOT PIE and LOMMY get into a fight over who will sleep closer to the fireplace. ARYA notices GENDRY’s bull helm for the first time. She asks him where he got it. “I made it, with my own two hands.” The King’s Hand himself came to look at it, he brags. “The King’s hand? As in, Ned Stark?” Gendry nods. Arya tries to hold back tears. Gendry asks if she is ok. Arya just brushes him off and leaves the holdfast.


Catelyn takes her seat on the dais to watch the fight. MARGAERY TYRELL is there, seated next to her new husband. Catelyn congratulates her. Margaery is sweetness personified. Out on the field, the fight is about to begin. Renly tells Catelyn that the fight will be between his wife’s brother, LORAS TYRELL and a tall knight that Renly calls “the Beauty. “Why do they call him the Beauty?” Catelyn asks. “You will see soon enough,” Renly teases. The fight begins. Loras is quick, but the other knight is too strong and eventually gains the upper hand. The crowd cheers. Kneeling before Renly, the tall knight removes his helm and reveals… a woman. Catelyn is shocked. “You have fought well, BRIENNE OF TARTH.” Renly says. “Thank you, Your Grace.” she replies, “If it please Your Grace, I would be honored to join your Kingsguard.” Renly grants her her request. Brienne blushes..


Tyrion arrives at the office of the Hand. His squire, PODRICK PAYNE, stands outside the door. “Well, what is it Pod?” Pod stares nervously at the ground. Eventually he stammers out that Littlefinger is in his office, wishing to speak with him. Tyrion and Littlefinger talk a bit about the situation in King’s Landing and also Renly’s play for the throne. Littlefinger mentions he has heard that Renly has married Margaery Tyrell and has Highgarden on his side. Tyrion says he has heard the same. “King’s Landing cannot hope to withstand an attack from three would-be kings.” He makes a proposal to Littlefinger, he will name him Lord of Harrenhal if he agrees to treat with Renly and the Tyrells on behalf of the crown.


The Night’s Watch is riding out of Craster’s Keep. Jon sits a top his horse watching the line of men begin to march northward, before riding to the back of the line to find Sam. SAMWELL is loading his cart, ready to march. GILLY stands nervously beside him, a black cloak draped over her shoulder. Jon asks Sam what Gilly is doing there. Sam says he told her she could come with the Night’s Watch, to escape Craster. Jon pulls Sam aside, “She can’t come with us, Sam. Mormont won’t have it. We’re traveling deeper and deeper into wildling territory.” Sam looks dejected, but agrees to break the news to Gilly. Jon rides off. Sam tells Gilly she has to stay, but promises that when the Night’s Watch returns, he will take her back with them to Castle Black.


Bran lies in bed. A crow lands on the sill of his open window. “Go away,” Bran says. The crow turns to look at him. CAW! We can see it has three eyes. The crow flies towards Bran and starts pecking his face. Bran screams and flails about, trying to get the bird off of him. OSHA runs into the room. Bran lies in bed, screaming, but there is no crow and the window is closed. Osha is able to calm Bran and he tells her of his dream. “The three-eyed crow,” Osha says, a mixture of awe and fear on her face. She tells Bran that the three-eyed crow comes from beyond the Wall and that, it is said, the crow can give people the power of greensight, the ability to predict the future. Osha asks Bran when the crow first came to him. “He came to me after I fell. He said I had to fly or die, and I woke up, only I was broken and I couldn’t fly after all,” Bran says. “You can if you want to,” Osha replies.


VARYS has joined Tyrion. He has heard of his proposal to Littlefinger. And what if the queen were to hear of this? “Then I would know who not to trust”, Tyrion says. They talk of power. Varys tells his riddle. “I know how this game is played.”


Robb and his various lords are around a table, discussing battle plans. Some of his men want to march to Harrenhal and face off against Tywin’s host, others wish to track down Gregor Clegane who is terrorizing the Riverlands. Robb says he will do neither. “I wish to grab the lion by the throat. We ride west. I mean to take Casterly Rock.”


Sansa tiptoes quietly through the castle. She arrives at the Red Keep godswood. There waiting for her is the knight-turned-fool, DONTOS HOLLARD. He says he is there to rescue her. Sansa is disappointed until Dontos brings up the story of Florian and Jonquil, where a knight who is also a fool wins the hand of a fair maiden. He says he will be her Florian. Sansa decides to trust him and he tells her he will get her out of the city when the time is right. On the way back to her room, Sansa is discovered by the HOUND. He is clearly drunk. He escorts her back to her room and tells her the story of the Cleganes. He then asks her to sing a song for him. She offers to sing a song about Florian and Jonquil. “A fool and his cunt? Spare me. But one day, I will get a song from you,” the Hound says. “I will sing it for you gladly,” Sansa replies. “A pretty little thing, you are, but a bad liar. A dog can smell a lie, you know. They’re all liars here, and everyone better than you.”


Arya is practicing her needlework in the dark. She hears something in the woods. A wolf, huge and grey, peers at her through the trees. “Nymeria?” Before she can get a better glimpse, the wolf runs off into the woods. That’s when Arya hears men and horses, she catches a glimpse of their banner through the trees, the Lannister lion. She runs back to the keep…


She bursts in and announces, “Lannister men are coming!” Yoren looks concerned. He orders his recruits to bar the doors, then heads to the top of the abandoned holdfast. Arya follows him. There they see the Lannister soldiers marching towards them. SER AMORY LORCH rides at the head of his men. He calls up to Yoren and orders him to open the doors. Yoren refuses, saying they are men of the Night’s Watch and are not a part of the war. Lorch orders them to open their gates anyway or be branded traitors to the crown. Yoren thinks for a minute, “Don’t think I will.” “So be it,” Lorch says, then turning to his men casually orders, “Storm the walls and kill them all.” A spear comes flying up and takes one of the other Night’s Watch men in the throat. Men begin scaling the walls and Arya, Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and the rest start fighting back. “Winterfell!” Arya screams, as Hot Pie yells, “Hot Pie!”

At some point in the fighting, Yoren gets mortally wounded. Arya kneels beside him. “Get out, it’s done, we’ve lost.” The Lannister men have set fire to the holdfast. Yoren points her to a tunnel that leads out of the holdfast. Arya heads for the tunnel, the flames shooting up around her. Gendry, Hot Pie, and Lommy follow. As they are heading into the tunnel, Jaqen calls to Arya from his wagon nearby. “Boy! Sweet boy!” Jaqen and Rorge and Biter are still locked up in their cage. The smoke is thick and the fire is hot. The rest of the boys are safe in the tunnel, only Arya remains. Jaqen coughs and sputters while Rorge rages against the cage, trying to free himself before the fire overtakes them. Arya looks around and spots an axe. With the fire raging around them, she grabs the axe, tosses it into the wagon and jumps into the tunnel. As she is scrambling away from the fire, the smoke, and the burning holdfast, she hears the splinting of wood and then a crash, as smoke and soot come pouring up the tunnel to her.


Winter Is Coming: I struggled with this one for a while. I hope to get the rest of these out on a more regular basis as the actual episodes are fast approaching. It is hard though, trying to fit the changes we know about in seamlessly with stuff from the book. Like doing a puzzle when you have only half the pieces.

That being said, most of this stuff is straight from the books. One change I decided to make was with Tyrion’s storyline of the proposals. I decided to drop the three proposals and just have two, and the second one is quite different. The thing is, we know that Littlefinger ends up in Renly’s camp and from what I’ve heard it happens before Renly’s death. I needed to come up with a way to get him down there and working it into Tyrion’s scheming seemed to make the most sense. He will still be able to pin Pycelle as Cersei’s informant, when Cersei finds out about the Dornish proposal.

The other change has to do with Bran’s storyline. It plays out quite differently without the Reeds present. And with none of the various northern lords having been cast, I used Luwin and Rodrik to get across the info that they provide in the novel. Lastly, I gave Osha the role of explaining about the three-eyed crow and starting Bran down his mystical path.

Give me your thoughts on this episode. Did I make the right changes and cuts? Or would you have done something different? And how much are you looking forward to Hot Pie giving his “Hot Pie!” battle cry?


  • Did you do this for Season 1? I’d love to see a comparison between your scripts and what we actually got. :D

    (And I’m willing to bet you’re spot on with Osha’s role)

  • I think you have done well considering there being no reeds cast. Is cat putting the knife to little fingers throat in the next episode? Have you had Jon hand out the dragon glass too?

  • Constance:
    Did you do this for Season 1? I’d love to see a comparison between your scripts and what we actually got. :D

    (And I’m willing to bet you’re spot on with Osha’s role)

    Yes, all our Scripting posts can be found under the Scripting tag. As you can imagine, we were spot on with some stuff… and way off with other stuff. :D

    I think you have done well considering there being no reeds cast. Is cat putting the knife to little fingers throat in the next episode? Have you had Jon hand out the dragon glass too?

    Thanks! Yeah, I’m figuring that the Cat and Littlefinger stand-off will happen in ep 4. I’m thinking Jon finding the dragonglass will probably be in either ep 4 or 5.

  • While this was interesting for the first season, I don’t get how it’s meant to work now. We don’t even know what the plot of this season is going to be, let alone the pacing. It seems almost certain that massive additions have been made to the plot at highgarden and with robb, and probably some with stannis as well, while it seems likely that a lot of theon’s plot has been moved to a later season. Don’t see how you can even guess at what’s in what episode when we don’t know what things are going to happen in total.

  • Wastrel, I have to admit you’re right. I am trying to figure out what to keep and what to drop and what to add and what to expand based on the tidbits of info we’ve received in previews and photos and set reports. It is proving to be difficult.

    But I’ve already started it and I feel like I should finish.

  • LONG POST, sorry

    The photos have proven that my season breakdown was wrong, but here it is for history:

    EPISODE 1: THE COMET: Open on Dragonstone, Cressin teaches Stannis’ daughter about Westeros’ recent history (aka audience recap). – Cressin called to Stannis, plots to poison Mel, fails, dies. — Arya & co. on road, she fights Hot Pie — Bran hosts feast at Winterfell — Jon & co. in abandoned Wildling village — Robb says goodbye to Theon, sends peace offer to King’s Landing — Joffrey name day>Tyrion arrival — Dany & co. have no choice but to enter the Red Waste — Catelyn leaves Robb to meet Renly at Storm’s End — Burning of the Seven — Arya & co. beat back Lannister attack.

    EPISODE 2: “YOU ARE SOMEBODY” – NO CATELYN, NO BRAN: Arya & co. are off-road, she realizes that Gendry “is somebody” — Robb meets with Jaime, Jaime talks about wildfire — Tyrion visits Shae, sees Robert’s bastard & whore mother get killed by Gold Cloaks — Stannis tells Davos that he wants Storm’s End — Night’s Watch arrives at Craster’s Keep — Dany & co. find dead city — Theon arrives home on Pyke — Sansa meets with Dontos — Robb takes main army west, orders Roose to take small force, tempt Tywin’s army out of Harrenhall — Tyrion kicks Slynt to the Wall — Balon tells Theon that he wants to attack the North — Yoren killed, Arya frees Jaqen, escapes

    EPISODE 3: BRIENNE THE BEAUTY — NO ROBB OR JAIME: Catelyn arrives at Storm’s End, meets Renly, Margery, sees Brienne kick Loras’ butt — Tyrion mets Pyromacer to learn of Wildfire — Theon ‘meets’ his sister — Jon & Sam meet Gilly — Arya & co. are caught by the Mountain’s forces — 3 visitors from Qarth come to Dany — Bran concludes the feast by meeting the Reeds — Greyjoys plot war — Tyrion makes Dorne a peace offer, rejects Robb’s peace offer — Stannis’ ships arrive at Storm’s End

    Bran has wolf dream, Reeds explain Green Dreams — Arya & company are brought to Harrenhall — Tyrion & Cercei have a laugh of Stannis going after Renly — Robb defeats Lannisters at Oxcross — Tyrion hears from Thorn, sends him back to the Wall — Night’s Watch leaves Craster’s — Dany arrives in Qarth — Jaqen arrives at Harrenhall, tells Arya of her 3-life deal — Tyrion orders a chain — Renly meets the Shadow, Catelyn & Brienne run

    EPISODE 5: THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS : Running Brienne pledges loyalty to Cat — Theon plunders coast, plans next move — Joffrey is mad about Oxcross, takes it out on Sansa — Night’s Watch at Fist, Ghost finds Dragonglass — Jaime attempts escape, fails — Bran hears Reeds’ drowning Green Dream — Dany visits council, gets nothing — Robb’s army takes the Crag, his arm is hurt bad — Arya uses her first “kill” — Davos paddles Mel to Storm’s End cave, birthing

    EPISODE 6: WE DO NOT SOW — NO STANNIS & COMPANY: Tyrion gets Cersei to accept sending Myrcella to Dorne — Injured Robb meets Jeyne — Cat & Brienne arrive back at Robb’s main camp — Dany gets “go west to go east” prophecy — Tyrion punishes the Maester — Halfhand takes Jon on a spy mission — Arya uses her second “kill” — Myrcella put on boat, Lannister get mobbed, Sansa saved by the Hound — Winterfell is conquered

    EPISODE 7: WEASEL SOUP — NO DANY : Roose & company are brought into Harrenhall, Tywin leaves — Littlefinger is sent to Highgarden — Theon tries to rule peacefully, fails — Jeyne & Robb bond — Davos tells Stannis that he needs to win a war without Mel’s help — Cat tells Jaime she knows his reason for pushing Bran — Jon & co. climb up the mountain — Tyrion learns the city blames him for everything, thinks it would be better with Joff, overheard — Bran & Reeds escape — Arya & Jaqen free Roose, aka North takes Harrenhall

    EPISODE 8: THE HOUSE OF THE UNDYING — NO ROBB: Theon & co. look for Bran & Rickon — Arya realizes that things aren’t better at Harrenhall — Stannis and Davos plan their seige on King’s Landing — Jon & company kill a group of Wildling spies, minus the girl Jon won’t kill, frees — Cersei told Tyrion thinks it’d be better with Tommen as King, plots Tyrion’s death — Dany enters the House of the Undying — after being scared by shadow, Cat frees Jaime, wants daughters back — Bran & Rickon’s bodies are brought back to Winterfell

    EPISODE 9: BLACKWATER — NO JAIME, BRIENNE: When word of Bran/Rickon’s death reaches Robb, Jeyne comforts him — Theon’s sister shows up to tell him ‘it’s over’ — Jon wolfdreams the size of Wildling army — Cat in prison for releasing Jaime — Blackwater

    EPISODE 10: I’M NOT DEATH, EITHER: Tyrion awakes to learn the truth of the Blackwater — Davos is rescued by Saan — Jaime fights with Brienne — Jon kills Halfhand, joins Wildlings — Dany meets Whitebeard — Robb returns to camp with bride, frees Cat — Cersei gives Joffrey’s hand to Margery — Arya & crew escape Harrenhall — Theon goes to hunt Reek, Bran & co escape — White Walkers surround the Fist

  • Wastrel,

    I actually think this is more interesting, speculating about these changes and how they are envisioned by Winter. Last year I didn’t want to read these posts because it was a while since I read GoT and wanted to be surprised by the show, but now it’s fun to see wether the changes will be as predicted here.

  • SerCountryFriedSteak – that’s awesome! I’d be thrilled with a season like that. Man – I just can’t wait!

  • okay, completely OT, because I don’t even have time to read the post.. I just wanna say that I saw that ‘war is coming’ poster and it looks awesome :D

  • Hmm… The first Sansa scene is a bit out of character. She wouldn’t ask or care if Joffery still loves her at this point – she absolutely loathes him now. SHe thinks his lips are wormy and revolting, etc etc.

    Also no Dany!?!? UNTHINKABLE!!!! (Hehe I know she cant’ be in every episode… I think I have her plotted out to be in every one but Blackwater though).