• Making us believe that Jon and Bran actually spoke after the fall… Bastards.

    But both are still quite awesome :D

  • dimensionallyt,

    I thought about it, but doesn’t really spoil anything, and it works pretty much only if you know what it’s about. We already know Arya hates the queen and Joff and the executioner. What do others think?

  • I don’t think it’s a spoiler at all. It’s just names. It’s like if I said to someone who never read the books “Mag the Mighty. Rattleshirt. Ygritte.” They have no idea what I mean but it sure doesn’t ruin anything.

  • I would like for someone to explain to me why I was banned from my old John name account for bad behavior . I don’t ever remember insulting anyone or doing something wrong I just said something negative about the show and i’m being banned for no reason …nice freedom of speech here .

  • SillyMammo,

    Something I noticed in that review (and in another one as well) of the DVD is that the reviewer thinks Robert had only just become King.

    I remember a few viewers thought that back at the start of the series (people thought Robert became King after Jon Arryn died) but I would have thought it would have been clear once more episodes had been seen.

    Seems a bit odd that someone who has seen the whole series (as I’m guessing the Reviewers have) would still be under the impression that Robert had only just gained the crown before coming to see Ned.

  • I wouldn’t consider it a spoiler. Arya wants to kill just about everyone and for good reason. It would be a spoiler if the viewer knew the reason. I have a list of GOT character names that I want tortured.. doesn’t mean it will happen. :)

  • Did anyone watch the Ellen Paige video which pops up in the video player as a suggested next view after watching Bran’s visiting hours? Kind of creepy how much she does look like Isaac Hempstead-Wright (the video is also some creepy monologue talking about sex, you’ve been warned)

  • Valar Morghulis!



    Wow, to say that is a glowing technical review would be an understatement. HBO never seems to disappoint with their transfers, and now it seems they have upped the bar. Now I really can’t wait for the blu-ray set to arrive.

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    I wish i could see the first one.All i see is a big blank space.

    I rehosted the image so you should be able to view it now. Btw, if anyone knows the source for this image, please post it here. I spent about 10 minutes searching on Tumblr and elsewhere for who to credit the image too, but couldn’t find the source. Thanks!

  • I love the Arya poster, too.

    BTW, I agree with Hear Me Roar’s assessment of the poster’s spoiler level. It doesn’t reveal any plot twists that a VIEWER is going to recognize in advance and begrudge at the time they makes sense, so I would consider it safe to post. Since trailers have already had Arya talking about “anyone can be killed”, it doesn’t tell you anything new (unless you know what it’s talking about, in which case it STILL doesn’t tell you anything NEW).

  • My first thought when I saw the Arya poster was “Holy spoilers batman!” But I think i mights just be oversentisive because I have spent so much time on markreads.net and markwatches.net lately. All that people who has watched the show knows is that Arya is travelling north with the nightwatch recruits. While the poster does not spoil actual events, it hints at Aryas larger storyarc, and plants the idea in the wievers head that she might become an assasin with a hitlist.
    Lets examine the possible respons of a casual wiever who has A: seen the kill bill poster and B: not seen the kill bill poster.
    A. Arya gets on her knees and says the first name. Wiever is like. Oh now the killbill poster makes sense. She will probaly become an assasin. Pst! Saw that one coming! already know the rest of the names on the list. I am bored. Wonder what I should wear tomorow…
    B. OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG Arya has a list of people she wan´t to kill !!1!1!!!. That is such a cool concept. I would never have thouight of that that on my own in a thousand years. Brain swimming with endorfins. Hmmm wonder if she could become an assasin. Good thing I have all the way until Bravos to speculate on that on my own…..

  • Peter Jørgensen,

    The second she starts listing names you know where it is headed anyway. As someone who is actually just read this part of the book, I can honestly say it doesn’t feel spoilerish at all.