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First look at Nonso Anozie as Xaro Xhoan Daxos

Blackfilm has published a short interview with Game of Thrones cast member Nonso Anozie and included is our first good look at Anozie in costume as Xaro Xhoan Daxos.

Winter Is Coming: Looking good! Once again, the costuming department has outdone itself.


  • he looks great. he was in the trailer a while ago wasnt he? after the part with daenerys theres a bunch of people with some unsullied and what looked like him at the back very briefly. at least i think so

  • He looks amazing!!! Love that costume with all the little beetles on the right hand side. April 1st cannot come soon enough..
    Long time lurker 1st time poster btw :) I only have about 200 pages left of ADWD and that makes me a sad panda haha.

  • Xaro has appeared distantly in some footage, but nothing closeup and in costume like this. What a great shot! Really looking forward to seeing his version of Xaro.

  • eleusis:

    It was probably difficult to make a large facial piercing like that look legit, I’d imagine.

    I’ve seen very realistic clip-on jewelry. I’m sure they could have done it. I guess the big jewel around his neck is meant to replace it, but I think a nose ring would have looked a lot more striking and memorable. Oh well, no biggie.

  • There is no jewel in his nose, all is lost, the season will fail and the show will be canceled!!!1!11!!

    He looks great, but I have to say that I kind of miss the the borderline panic that seemed to happen to a few people every time HBO would release a picture or something to that effect leading up to the first season.

  • The Lannister preview post keeps screwing my browser up; all sorts of errors. You’d best check that embed linking out.

  • I’ll probably get bashed for saying this but… Seven hells, what is he wearing?
    I don’t particularly care about the design of the clothes of a secondary character, but this looks so… cheap. And a bit tasteless. I don’t like it. =/

  • Nice. I like how the pattern is like a blend of animal print and floral print.

    A nose ring would have been cool though.

  • I want a beetle pin! Notice the beetle that is embroidered in the fabric and then appears to climb out? Love it!

  • Some very interesting comments in his interview about how much more action-packed the Qarth storyline will be than the books (he describes Qarth in the books as “boring”, and I don’t necessarily disagree).

  • Yes, I often find Golden Scarabs of ginormous size carefully positioned on exquisitely detailed patterned fabric to look cheap and boring. Wearing of expensive jewels hanging from golden chains, I mean, the man looks like a beggar.

    Tasteless? Of course. Cheap? no.

  • JamesL:
    Here’s an interview with Aiden GIllien(Littlefinger) where he talks a little about Game of Thrones
    I was surprised to find out that he is one of the few cast members who has read all 5 books.

    Quote from the interview: “I’m actually trying to get out of playing villains now –maybe signing up for six seasons as Littlefinger goes against that, but I don’t see him as a villain, more a brilliant strategist and survivor in a cut-throat world.”

  • I really like the way HBO makes the dresses and features every character. And I am glad they’ll put some more action in Qarth, because it would be very dificult to keep it as it is in the books (in my opinion).

  • Sounds like they’re really beefing up the Qarth storyline. While I’m not exactly gung-ho about big departures from the books, I think this’ll really help out Dany’s story in the television medium. A whole season of a character people thought was extremely exciting mostly sitting around and getting little done probably wouldn’t have done it for a lot of viewers, alas.

    Here’s an interview with Aiden GIllien(Littlefinger) where he talks a little about Game of Thrones

    This was a really good interview in general. Should def put this up on the front page, Winter.

  • Nonso looks great! Hard to imagine him crying all the time as Xharo is prone to crying in the books. If he does though, it will add shock value.

  • While it seems a bit churlish to carp about the absence of a single character’s nose jewellery, it does seem a bit strange/disappointing that they would want to tone down any of the more exotic visual characteristics of some of the characters as described in the books.

    We got no violet Targaryen eyes, and I seem to remember reading we’re being deprived of exposed Qartheen breasts and Jaqen H’ghar’s piebald hair. Does this mean further down the line we get no crazy Ghiscari haircuts? TV’s a visual medium – why turn down this amazing opportunity to put some of GRRM’s more exotic and visually arresting images on the screen? It’s not as if they’ve exactly scrimped on the costume department in any other respect, so I just think it’s a bit of a shame

  • Lex,

    I didn’t really read Xaro’s nose jewel as a -ring-, though, but rather more of a big gauge thing. But I agree a nose ring would have been a nice touch regardless.

  • Since I can’t even remember Xaro having a Nosering I’m not too bothered about Nosegate ;-)

    As to the changes to the storyline while I don’t really have a problem with Dany getting involved in Qarths own Game of Thrones (as Nonso puts it) I hope she doesn’t get too involved and it’s mainly the Qartheen factions scheming amongst themselves for power and Dragons.

  • He looks flawless. Can’t be bothered about the nose-ring, would have found it incredibly annoying myself if I had to act all day with one of those stuck in my nose. It would also look very tribal, and that doesn’t fit the character I think.

  • Krishnan Guru-Murthy,

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that when George R.R. Martin wrote the series, he was taking the opportunity to write expansive and outlandish things that he couldn’t get away with in TV writing. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself suggested some of this toning down of the material, if only not to alienate the significant portion of non-Fantasy nerds who watch the show. There’s only so much you can get away with, and it’s not just a matter of budget. (Though I still can’t believe they wasted an opportunity to get a huge quotient of their mandatory nudity out of the way so that wouldn’t have to rely on sexposition so much… though I guess a nude scene on a closed set isn’t as tough on an actress as walking around letting it all hang out, or even just half.)

    Personally, I had a much more outlandish take on what Qartheen garb looked like; something of more antiquity, like Ancient Egypt or Persia or even Greece. The colors and the patterns here may be far different, but Xaro’s clothes still have a more European cut to them. But in the end, I don’t care that much about how he looks; Dany’s pretty much just killing time in Qarth until her story really kicks off in season 3, even if they do give her more to do, so any problems I might have with the visuals here will be over with by season’s end.

  • Well… I think it’s the first costume that I don’t like. He looks like some gangsta :P Maybe when I see whole figure I’ll change my mind, but now… Nah.

  • I really don’t see what’s so modern about his beard. It’s a normal close-cropped beard, similar to what we’ve seen on plenty of other people on GoT.

    I love the costume, it’s a very nice brocade, it looks like, and a rich showy prince would be wearing ostentatious jewelry.

  • I’m the furthest thing from a GOT hater, but that costume looks awful, like some kind of plastic Halloween costume. Sorry.

  • Well, I think he looks cool, anyway…

    I’m also still totally on board with the fact that they made XXD a PoC. Hopefully he doesn’t come off as too villain-like, though, or we have some more heroic PoCs to balance him out later on.

    (I’m not generally That Politically Correct Person, but I give a big thumbs up towards these kinds of portrayals. They could have easily used a white guy and decided not to.)

  • Conny Andersson: It says somewhere that he’s extremely pale too

    Yeah, cuz that’s such an integral part of his character, or the plot in general.

    Tyrion’s supposed to be horribly ugly! (no, what’s important is that he’s a dwarf)
    Dany & Viserys are supposed to have violet eyes! (Targ hair more important)
    Lysa’s supposed to be fat! (neurotic, paranoid, batshit crazy more important)
    Blah, blah, blah

    …so as long as he starts crying at inappropriate times, its fine.

  • Conny Andersson:
    “Xaro was a languid, elegant man with a bald head and a great beak of a nose crusted with rubies, opals, and flakes of jade.”

    It says somewhere that he’s extremely pale too

    He is in the books, along with all the other “milk men” of Qarth.

    In this version Qarth is more diverse. Not really a big deal. I always thought it was kind of weird that there were these white people sitting in this exotic city thousands of miles east of all the other white people in the story.

  • Anozie will be brilliant as Xaro Xhoan Daxos, but I think he will be an entirely different version. He certainly is different than how I imagined him…

  • Great costume, it looks like someone spent a lot of time and effort (and money!) on it. The colours aren’t as bright as I imagined Xaro’s clothes, but if this is his more smart and subtle outfit (I’m sure Xaro would have a massive wardrobe) it’s still showy enough. I like the high collar, it’s both showy and a bit of sun protection, though I imagine a rich, ostentatious trading city in a very hot place would also have some very showy, but practical hats. I hope they do!

    Anozie doesn’t look as I imagined Xaro, but it’s not important for this character (unlike, say, blond Lannisters). In costume he looks imposing, but not frightening, which I think fits well.

  • Steven Swanson,

    But that was the somewhat eerie thing about them – their extremely pale skin, in a region where most are bronze or similar. While I did not exactly like the Qartheen characters, I liked how they had this creepy and decadent flair about them. Decadent the series may still manage, but that strange creepiness is going to absent, I’m afraid.
    I don’t want to judge before I have seen the actor in the series, but until now I don’t like this casting at all. From the description in the book, Rodrigo Santoro in 300 comes a lot closer to Xaro in styling than this “downgraded version” here. Anozie looks like a wealthy businessman alright, but I sorely miss the “pale pierced oddly unreal-seeming creep” part fo the character.

  • While this is only half-related to how they changed the Qartheen from milk-men to black people (my ideal would be African or Berber features in powdery make-up like some North African tribes use ceremonially), to me, Xaro doesn’t look “medieval” or “fantasy” in the slightest – he could be just a modern man put into some weird designer clothes. Maybe it’s just that photo, but that’s how I feel and I’m not a hater normally.

  • Most Qartheens aren’t black in the show: in the trailer they look mediterranean. But I do agree, that Nonso doesn’t look very medieval in that picture.

  • i think he looks great! and as for nosegate, well maybe they didn’t want the first black character in the tv show to have a bone going through his nose.

  • Virtus:
    Most Qartheens aren’t black in the show: in the trailer they look mediterranean. But I do agree, that Nonso doesn’t look very medieval in that picture.

    The show seems to be shying away from having this city= this ethnicity in Essos. They made the Dothraki multicultural. I tend to think this is a function of filming in places where there aren’t mobs of non-white people to serve as extras in crowds and such. I always imagined Quartheen as East Asian-looking people and Quarth as roughly China. It being more sophisticated and wealthier than Westeros or the east side of Essos, but very far away and thus not that involved in their affairs.

  • Yeah, I don’t like it. It’s not going to ruin the show or anything but this outfit looks very smooth and even kind of modern (ableit fancy). I imagined XXD to have more ethnic, middle eastern looking garb, I don’t know just… busier?

  • I think the costume is all about being as flamboyant as possible without scaring off the mainstream viewers. (Remember that this show just happens to satisfy us. It’s not about the hardcore fan.) I don’t expect the snarky bloggers to go for breasts being exposed at all times, or shaped/piebald hair.

    As for it/he not being “medieval” enough — Essos isn’t based on medieval European culture. It’s more a conglomerate of Georgie pullin’ things out of his head and bits of the Mediterranean/Middle East/Asia at various times. If I saw this outfit in Westeros, I might feel differently. (Some of Littlefinger’s get-ups kind-of strike me as out-of-place, but that’s his weird-ass character, I guess.)

  • U know, I just really can’t wait to see what the Dire Wolves will look like. I heard somewhere they are going to be the size of small ponies. I just hope they look bada$$! Hopefully something like the wolf looked like in that 2011 ‘Red Riding Hood’ movie with Amanda Seyfried. If they look anything even close to those wolves I will be breathless watching scenes with Ghost padding around beyond the wall…..