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HBO releases first in a series of season two “fan posters”

HBO has published, via the Game of Thrones Twitter and Facebook page, the first in a series of “fan posters.” This one features the Stark sigil splattered in blood on what could be direwolf fur accompanied with the phrase “The North Remembers.”

Winter Is Coming: Now that is hot. A simple design but evocative and effective. I’m interested to see the rest of these “fan posters.” And, of course, I still really want to see the official season two poster. It should be out any day now as the HBO tie-in edition of A Clash of Kings is set to release in exactly one week and that will likely feature the official poster as the cover. So HBO has to release the art soon or risk it leaking again.


  • Yeah, that’s pretty good (and I usually don’t like fan-made art very much). I like how it looks like fur, spattered with rusty red blood.

  • Sweet design. Is there going to be one for each house? I could just imagine, say, a krakken made of sea foam on a dark sea. Or a three-headed dragon burned into the sand. Or a stag drawn up in flower petals. Ooh, or maybe a Lion done with green fire!

    Someone please take these ideas! Now I want to see them done.

  • Looks cool. Sigils and flags should use blood as paint more often. Hehe.

    Confused what they mean by “fan posters” though? Are they fan-made? Or for fans? i dun get it.

  • Lex,

    I believe they are made for fans, not by fans. In other words, you won’t see these posters used in traditional media like on billboards or in print. They are strictly for fans to share online to help build buzz for S2. :)

  • Winter Is Coming,

    That makes sense. Looks very much like one of their official posters to be fan-made. (Not that fan-made posters can’t be great.)

    Very curious to see what they go for on the official S2 Poster.

  • I really like it but I can’t help but think that the bloody direwolf on fur is an arresting enough image without The North Remembers above it. Can’t wait to see the others


    Love those ideas – the stag drawn up in flower petals? HA! Yes.

  • Love it! I was thinking they’ll wait to use that line until after Red Wedding (so maybe season 4?) but hey, works great here as well. #re-readingACOK

  • This really ties everything together. It’s similar enough to S1 materials (the familiar direwolf sigil), evocative of what happened in S1 (clearly reminds us of Ned’s death), and exciting enough to build hype for S2 (the blood, thoughts of war, Robb’s campaign, etc.). Great job!

  • Loving this design! Now I’m just gonna wait here patiently for the others *cough fiery heart cough*. Ok, not so patiently.

  • Love the design, the fur provides awesome imagined texture.

    OT, this may have been posted by someone else, but I just found out that Random House Audio is putting out A Storm Of Swords and A Feast For Crows on Audio CD. I was looking for these last year, and they were unavailable. According to, they’ll be released on March 27th, 2012.

  • I shared this photo, and a friend commented “SEAN BEAN SEAN BEAN SEAN BEAN!” I asked if he’d finished watching Season 1 yet, and he said “No, I got up to the episode where buddy got stabbed in the eye.” I guess he’s looking forward to seeing Sean Bean in Season 2, LOL.

  • A bloodied direwolf(‘s head) for Starks. I think it’s good.
    Now we need a chained(or caged) lion(on a yellow fur) for Lannisters. And a bloodied stag’s head(or just antlers), with two smaller stags rampant on each side, facing each other, for Baratheons. :D

  • Jess:
    Love it!I was thinking they’ll wait to use that line until after Red Wedding (so maybe season 4?) but hey, works great here as well.#re-readingACOK

    As has been mentioned before, that line was first used in aSoS (by Robb). It predates The Red Wedding in the book as well.

  • ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION, “Game Of Thrones” Fans (especially Canadian ones), apparently HBO Canada, celebrating the release of “Season Two”, will be bringing to Canada, “Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition”, to run from March 9 to March 18, 2012. I don’t know if it will be available in several Canadian cities or just Toronto. Included are replicas of the Iron Throne (upon which visitors can sit their royal arses and have a picture taken), Melissandre’s dress (at least one of them), plus other props from Season One and Season Two, as well as pictures etc. Admission is free, so the free tickets can be reserved over the phone or in person. Below I included several links to the exhibit…enjoy! The even will be held at the Tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) Bell Lightbox, which is the current headquarters of the film festival. George RR Martin will be there on March 12 for a Q&A and a book signing…

    For more info just google the damn thing….oh and by the way the two George RR Martin attended events/workshop are already sold out…

  • loco73,

    Aw, man! I hope it comes to Vancouver.

    I also want my hardcovers signed by GRRM (he signed my paperbacks 6 years ago, but skipped Vancouver on the latest book tour).

  • Love the poster, really really good teaser to what may happen in S2!!! I suppose no one knows when the next posters will be released… HBO is doing a terrific job, the trailers and the posters (that are simple but also teasing) are just amazing!! :)

  • Hey Winter, do you know if HBO is setting out Season 2 props like they did last year with Season 1? I haven’t been down to the shop to check it out, and I haven’t heard anything, but I figured maybe you had.

  • Lina:
    Hey Winter, do you know if HBO is setting out Season 2 props like they did last year with Season 1?I haven’t been down to the shop to check it out, and I haven’t heard anything, but I figured maybe you had.

    I haven’t heard anything yet either. I’m sure once something goes up, I will hear about it though and I will be sure to let everyone know. :)

  • Pretty cool poster. Between these fan posters, all of the cast/crew interviews, and the two latest trailers, HBO is doing a commendable job marketing the second season. Now I’m just waiting for that 16 minute making-of to be released on the 2nd of March. Should placate me until the Blu-Ray drops.

  • Love the poster, simple and very effective.

    Winter Is Coming:
    Pastor_of_Muppets, unfortunately that won’t be airing now. It disappeared from the schedule a week or so ago and I confirmed with HBO recently that it won’t be returning.

    Oh i’m glad they won’t be releasing it because there’s no way i’m not going to watch it but at the same time i really want to surprised when the season starts and not know how everything looks.

  • Lex,

    Get a vid capture on his reaction at the end of Baelor, if you can. It might be a little mean, but come on, I know I’m not the only book reader, who enjoyed the reactions for those who haven’t read the series when that episode ended.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Thanks, good to know. Honestly, I’m not too disappointed about it, considering the barrage of information we’ve been getting these last two weeks, but I did greatly enjoy the 20 (or so) minute preview for the first season we got last year… Oh well, almost less than a month to the premiere! Huzzah!

  • Michael Harper: So, we’re not getting the 16 minute behind the scenes video now? Or, have I read that wrong?

    It seems to me you’ve read it right , but what do I know ? other than I’m bitterly disappointed and HBO should’nt tease the fans like this !!! our British compadres sometimes say ” I’m not a happy bunny right now ” …

  • I love this poster. The image says everything, but the the phrase is too good to not use. I like the ideas people are throwing out about the other houses. I can’t wait to see more posters.

    Honestly, I’m OK with them not airing that behind the scenes feature. I was looking forward to it, but it’s not the end of the world. Now if they decided to change the premier date, oooh boy, I’d be pissed.

  • Perhaos when HBO say they’re not airing it, that it just won’t be showing up on TV. But, may appear online.

  • Any way to get this into a twitter background?? I tried to but it says there is too much data, it needs to be shrunk under 800kb

  • Jess:
    Love it!I was thinking they’ll wait to use that line until after Red Wedding (so maybe season 4?) but hey, works great here as well.#re-readingACOK

    It’s way too awesome to wait till season 4, but my first thought was Red Wedding too.

  • Completely OT, but got an e-mail from to say my GOT blu-ray has been dispatched!!! Will be waiting on tenterhooks for the postman!

  • rad,

    Just checked my emails mate and my game of thrones on bluray was dispatched this morning as well from I have pre-orderd dvd’s before from play and recieved them before the official release date. Will be looking forward to the postman coming each day!!

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Hear, hear! The king in the North! I have read the whole series, but still, winter is coming!

  • Thanks, FAN! we’re tracking it. Best series (10 eps or fewer), best actor (Bean), actress (Headey), supporting actor (Kit Harington).

    Also, bastard! I’m still waiting :D

  • I like how the fur effect on the poster looks- the fur goes in different directions, like it’s on a living animal. That could have been stencilled on Grey Wind! :)