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Video from the S1 DVD launch party

Here we present a promo video from the season one box set launch party on Wednesday in London, combining season one trailers, cast interviews from the red carpet, and the mood at the party itself (see more of the entertainment programme here).

Hear Me Roar: Isaac, stop being such an adult, you have Bran to play :) And hello there, Gwendoline, nice to hear from you.


  • nice to hear gwendoline finally speak. i am sure she’ll have a slightly different accent in the show of course.

  • I commented on this in the other thread already, so just…first! Always easier on a Saturday morning ;)

    Edit: d*mn, I stand corrected :D

  • This is completely off-topic, but does anybody have any idea whether Ramin Djawadi has returned to score the second season? I’ve heard absolutely nothing about the score. I have no reason to believe that they’d simply recycle the Season One soundtrack as opposed to something new, but I’m surprised we’ve heard nothing about the score at all.

    Is it possible some of the music from the trailers could make it into the series? Or was that simply “Trailer Music.”

  • Michael Harper:
    This is completely off-topic, but does anybody have any idea whether Ramin Djawadi has returned to score the second season? I’ve heard absolutely nothing about the score. I have no reason to believe that they’d simply recycle the Season One soundtrack as opposed to something new, but I’m surprised we’ve heard nothing about the score at all.

    Is it possible some of the music from the trailers could make it into the series? Or was that simply “Trailer Music.”

    That is a great question.

  • Also off-topic, and apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I thought you might be interested in this article I found in Den of Geek – 46 things we learned from the GoT Blu Ray. Naturally, it’s full of spoilers for the Blu Ray, including one particular one concerning Ros. A quick Hurrah! is in order here, I think.

  • oh and btw, I’ve always wanted to ask this… you know that count down clock for season 2 that appears on the home page? Is there anyway I can download and place it as a widget on my desktop/Iphone?

  • It’s Winter’s own creation, not made as a widget. Unfortunately. He can tell you more.

  • Michael Harper,

    Yes, that is something i was wondering about aswell.
    Especially i liked the music that was played during the last third of the iceland-behind-the-sceenes video. I really hope we will get an epic tyrion/davos battle sequenz with that music

  • That woman with her legs over her head and running round on the spot… that was one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen. :S

  • Oh no….

    “Prostitute Ros was originally supposed to be included in one scene, but Benioff and Weiss are obviously fans: “she’s so much fun to watch that she’s become a relatively major character in season two”, the explained. Sexploitation obviously pays off!”

    Not that I don’t like Esme Bianco … I’m just not a big fan of the sexposition on this show. It’s kinda lame …

  • Jordan Healey,

    Obvious they are expanding her character, so she won’t be the sexpositiontool she was in season 1. If you saw the trailer you could see she was actually portraying some emotions.

  • Knurk,

    Exactly. I think Ros will gain some popularity this season. Though I don’t mind another sexposition scene or two with her. I “actually” thought the ones in season 1 were all allright.

  • First post ive made on WiC.net though i’ve been an avid follower or over a year.

    Just really wanted to say how much I appreciate the obvious enthusiam all of the cast have for the show and its world, I can definitely see GoT running until its series end, without doubt :)

    Alsoooooo :P I have the series 1 Blu Ray currently sat in my ps3 and it is worth every second of waiting, absolutely amazing picture quality and sound and the animated extras alone are worthy of some award!!! Just fantastic… it is known.

  • That Den of Geek article is hilarious. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of crunches they did before the shoot. They weren’t acting, just flexing their abs.” Lmao!

  • Have I mentioned lately how utterly fucking amazing this cast is? No? Michelle Fairley, alone, could teach imaginary dragons how to breathe true fire.

    And these kids…won’t be kids for long, obvs….but praise R’hllor & Nina Gold for finding them!


    Welcome! There is always room beneath House Gatewatch’s great walls!

    Jordan Healey,

    The current sexplanation is that she’ll be taking over Alayaya’s role, though no one’s sure how exactly how, since Ros currently has the wrong pimp.

    WHERE ON EARTH are my Saturday GoT Laughs?

    Here ya go, my sweet


  • It is great how the cast seems actually interested and amazed by the show. It’s painful sometimes watching interviews from other shows’ cast members and you can see them reaching for anything positive to say. The GOT cast is awesome.

  • world_1111,

    Broadwayworld isn’t a particularly reliable news source for anything other than Broadway info. They have old info and didn’t realize the special video was pulled from HBO’s schedule.

  • world_1111,

    It was scrapped, or at least indefinitely delayed, a few weeks ago. Hopefully it’ll air at some point, but nothing planned right now.

  • Someone said it’s on HBO Canada’s schedule for later this month, but that may be old too. We’ll see. I think the reason is the box set coming out this weekend. Well, Monday.

  • Jordan Healey,

    I agree. I understand the strategy putting it into the first season to try to get people new to the series to stop by and check it out (note that I said understand and not agree with) but I really hope they at least keep the sex scenes in relation to the book, there is simply no time or reason to add additional ones

  • Hear Me Roar,

    No worries, ser, I just had that lyin around, and wanted to ease
    HERP-DERP,’s pain. Not even sure why I’m up this early on a Saturday.

    Oh, right, I’m failing to get Comic-con passes. Fuck their wannabe Ticketbastard. I never believed there could be a worse ticketing system, but here we are. Whatever, I’ll get one during the late sale once we know what day the GoT panel is, anyway…you shitbag mutherfuckers. Shit is even worse than Coachella was, and I’m sure there’s tons of tix up on ebay already.

    Thank R’hllor the BR is gonna be here Tues (The blue is calling!) & RH & the show are comin soon, or I’d be really pissed

  • this whole sexposition thing is just so silly. yes the lesbian anal finger bang didnt help move the plot, so what? neither did most of the graphic violence either.. but no ones throwing bad puns… i mean buzz words about that around.

    personally the violence and rape doesnt bother me because i know the difference between a television show and reality. and a couple of tits here and there (plus 1 fake hodor cock) arent a big deal either. but not everyone is comfortable with the human body or is able to tell the difference between whats real and whats not, i guess.

  • Something has changed but I don’t know what. I used to be able to see videos on this site,but lately all I get is audio and some still pictures if lucky. Today nothing. I’ve been going to the original venues to see videos but I don’t know where to see this one. I did look at the entertainment with the girl with the snake and all, but not the one with the cast.

  • Everyone looks so good! Emilia’s sea foam green colored dress really brings out her eyes. Such a smart, pretty woman. Isaac looks so much older than how he looked in season 1. Season 1 he was this cute wittle kid; now he’s a handsome, not so little teenager. Sophie and Maisie look great and it was good to hear from Sophie; we don’t often get interview clips featuring her. Jaime and Michelle are always spot on when describing their characters and how they fit into the bigger story. And great to finally hear Gwendoline speak. I would love to see her stand side by side with Jaime. She looks quite pretty here and so completely different from the “uglied” pictures we’ve seen of her in character. This was a great clip~!

  • Wow Emilia Clarke is stunning…the cast, they are all soo lovely, nice to see them relaxed and all “cleaned-up”…LOL!!!! I’m glad Esme Bianco will be back, I know I might be in the minority here but I liked her character, though not in the books she fits nicely with the series and the story!

  • Hahahahahehehehe,

    Cool story, bro: got tired of yelling at my computer about Comic-con, shifted attention to new Bluray (like many, purchased mainly for next week’s S1 release). I only have 2 BR movies at this point, Dark Knight and Begins (I know, I know, I’ll get Godfather & Delicatessen & Chinatown & Lebowski, etc soon enough). So I’m watchin the DK bts stuff about Batman jumping off the IFC in Hong Kong when lo and behold it turns out the guy that did the jump was none other than our very own Buster Reeves! Such a fucking Super-BAMF.

    Found the sequence on youtube (with bonus subtitles!)
    fucking insane

  • Johan Sporre:
    New trailer exclusive to Entertainment weekly:

    Seven bloody hells! Did you send this to Winter? It should be a new post, just for the new Cersei & Tyrion quotes, nevermind the F+TM track, which is also perfect. From the irony can be pretty ironic dept: there’s a good chance I’ll be watching her (& likely this song) whilst the east coast bottom supporters are feasting their eyes on Ep 4 :):):):):):)

  • Knurk,

    Yeah I realize that’s what they are doing as it makes the most logical sense. What worries me is that the Exec Prod’s have stated a few times that despite what anyone else may think, they like their sexposition scenes and plan to have more of them this season.

    The ‘sex scenes’ in the book are sooo much better than anything they will ever write. They actually have some meaning rather than okay, we need some more nipples and an information dump about X topic.

  • Someone above mentioned the score, and I just remembered about this.
    I keep the New Age music channel on my TV, sometimes, when I’m working at home. The other day, I thought I heard the GoT theme, so I looked at the info for the song–it was Koi by Kitaro.

    It wasn’t the same song, of course, but it sounded SO much like it! But, when I went to play the sample on Amazon, it sounded quite different to me from what I heard on the TV.