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New interviews with Kit Harington, Alfie Allen and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was interviewed by MSN while promoting his film Headhunters. In the spoiler-free interview, Nikolaj mentions a season 2 scene that is, in his words, the “most fun [he’s] ever had shooting a scene.” He also confirms that he has seen the first two episodes of the second season and was “blown away.”
  • In an interview with DIY, Alfie Allen discusses his character’s season 2 in vague terms (he’s careful not to reveal specific spoilers) and shares that George R.R. Martin encouraged Allen to make Theon his own creation. He discusses dehydrating himself deliberately in order to look good in his shirtless scene in the first episode. (Don’t try that at home, kids!)

  • Alfie Allen also has a new interview with Hey U Guys, in which he reveals his opinion that Theon Greyjoy is “an honourable Stark but he’s trying to prove to the Greyjoys that he’s one of them and he has these two moral paths…” There are mild spoilers in this interview so proceed with caution. Alfie answers the inevitable sex scene questions, and denies having any negative experiences with fans, saying that, “People have been really nice especially as my character is perhaps one of the least liked in the books. No dirty knickers though. Maybe next season…” Maybe!
  • Kit Harington has a new interview with Hey U Guys as well, sharing his thought on Jon Snow’s motivations, the difference between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, and Peter Dinklage.
  • And last but not least, Kit Harington has his own Access Hollywood Q&A Session! The article touches on wildlings and Jon’s desire to find his uncle Benjen Stark beyond the Wall. In my favorite portion, Kit shares what it was like being approached by Seth Green at Comic-Con this year:

“Yeah! And he was raving about the show to me, and it was so bizarre because I grew up watching ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Austin Powers,’ and obviously he’s in ‘Family Guy,’ and he’s done lots of my favorite things, so I [got] kind of a bit dumbstruck when I met him. And I had the guys from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,’ which is one of my favorite shows… I met them at a party out here… We had a bit of a ‘love in.’ It was like, ‘No! I love your show!’ ‘No! I love your show!”

Ours is the Fury: I love seeing the interviews pour in. While they can’t reveal too much about season 2 because of spoilers, the personal stories and details are charming. Except for Alfie dehydrating himself to look more cut. Really, don’t do that.


  • So, the first two episodes of season 2 are already all but wrapped up? Neat.

    24 more days!

  • I would not cite Davos as “one of those ultimate not black or white characters.” Has he done anything that wasn’t admirable throughout the whole series?

  • The DIY interview with Alfie is … not spoilerific per se, but may give off too much to the completely uninitiated.

  • I wonder what NCW is talking about. For as far as I remember the horrific things don’t occur until at a third in the novel.

  • A_S00,

    Yeah I would agree he’s about as “white” as they come, maybe he is reffering to the fact he used to be a smuggler?

  • Bad Dog,

    I think the idea is that the extra water in your body is lessened thereby making your muscles look more defined. At least that’s what I’ve always heard. And from what he’s saying, he’s not talking about crazy dehydration, just drinking a bit of alcohol to get that effect.

    Also, Game of Thrones-themed episode for Sunny? Mac as Ned, Dennis/Dee as Jaime/Cersei, Frank as Tywin, and Charlie as…Joffrey??

  • From the Kit interview, the most interesting and amusing stuff was about his name and not realizing his real name was Christopher until he was taking an exam! I wonder if he will get a solid answer about Benjen, either season 2, or whenColdhands is introduced. I wonder if they will use the same actor who portrayed Benjen to play Coldhands. Hm?

    As for the horrific things in season 1, let’s see: multiple beheadings (including a horse getting decapitated), a crown of gold, Lysa breastfeeding Robin *the horrors~!*, what they did to Ned. Yes, there were plenty of horrific moments in season 1.

  • Winterdark,
    I assumed he was talking about the Lannicest and Bran-throwing. The end of that chapter is almost universally the part where readers who picked up the book thinking it’d be typical medieval fantasy go “WHAT? Surely that’s just not done.”

  • mummer,

    But he’s talking about episode 1 of season 2! And as far as I can remember nothing really horrible happens in the beginning of ACoC. It’s only when they arrive at Storm’s End that the really dreadful stuff starts.

  • a mate of mine didn’t know his real name until he was 12 too. Everyone called him Nick but his actual name is James. I hope they aren’t messing with my main man Davos. Because Davos is the King and he should be nothing but awesomeness. There isn’t any black in Davos, maybe a little grey but no black.

  • A_S00,

    He’s always stood by his king. Some might say that his king wasn’t worth standing by. All in perspectives.

  • OK guys

    My on-screen guide on my HBO channel ( here in Canada, west coast ) says there’s a season 2 preview from 8;45 to 9;10 tonight. I can’t believe we would get anything first..and it also wouldn’t be the first time the on-screen guide was wrong..anybody more easterly seen anything yet ?

  • Winterdark,
    Whoops, sure enough. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention. Hmmmmm. I’d guess it’s either what Hi-Fi said, or else maybe they’ll be showing some of what Gregor has been getting up to in the riverlands (which does happen near the beginning of the book, just offstage).

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Nikolai is probably talking about the jailbreak attempt, but then again, I’m mostly wrong about these kinds of things. I mean, what other scenes does he have? There’s no Vargo Hoat this year, right? In any case, I bet that scene will be pure carnage, to really give viewers a taste of why the Kingslayer is considered one of the biggest ass-kickers around.

  • Obsidian:
    OK guys

    My on-screen guide on my HBO channel ( here in Canada, west coast ) says there’s a season 2 preview from 8;45 to 9;10 tonight. I can’t believe we would get anything first..and it also wouldn’t be the first time the on-screen guide was wrong..anybody more easterly seen anything yet ?

    I have HBO Canada as well, the eastern feed, and had the same thing listed in my schedule, but the GoT feature didn’t air. I’m pretty sure it was just an error. Sorry to disappoint, I was hoping to see it too.

  • What evidence do you have that Coldhands is Benjen Stark? I saw no hint or evidence of that.

    I thought Coldhands was more of an ancient type undead creature that for some reason never turned into a white walker and maintained his free will.

    I am not trying to argue with you, it could have been a detail I have missed. Please explain what evidence or suggestions you have read in the books that point to Coldhands being Bejen Stark.

  • Bad Dog:
    How would dehydration make you look good? Colour me confused…
    Also, first :D

    With the lack of water in your cells, your cells get smaller and thus making you look more “tight” or cut or ripped or however you call it. I don’t think it’s a very good way to achieve that though lol

  • Since I am from Norway I have to mention the film Headhunters one extra time. Nikolaj does a great job in it. His character has some similarities to Jamie IMO. For more Nikolaj movies I would recommend “Nightwatch”. A great serial killer movie. You even see his penis in it, but you didn’t get that from me.

  • Dreamlife,

    I think it’s safe to assume that, even if the Coldhands-is-Benjen theory turns out to be true and the show-runners already know this from GRRM, they wouldn’t cast Joseph Mawle again for the part (not yet, anyway), that would be a huge spoiler and pretty much ruin the mystery of the character.

  • Peter Dinklage is playing Captain Gutt, and a Gigantopithecus- a instict species of ape in next ice age movie-continental drift–indeed the GIANT OF LANNISTER. ;)

  • Arthur,

    I don’t have the books in front of me, but I believe it was indicateed that Coldhands was once a member of the Night’s Watch based on the way he was dressed in black, they never found Benjen’s body, and he seems to know a lot about the Night’s Watch and feels some kind of kindness towards Sam –a brother— and Bran. Of course, the fact that he doesn’t seem to recognize Bran or vice versa makes this theory shaky. Also, the deep knowledge of the magic that binds the Wall also makes it seem he might be a much older character.

  • FYI, hulu is doing its Best of TV bracket. Vote for Game of Thrones!!! It’s 1M times better than Once Upon a Time, but you never know. “Once…” could beat them since it’s got a lot of fans. Link is below:

  • Dreamlife:
    FYI, hulu is doing its Best of TV bracket.Vote for Game of Thrones!!!It’s 1M times better than Once Upon a Time, but you never know.“Once…” could beat them since it’s got a lot of fans.Link is below:

    Done! Also voted for 30rock, P&R, Always Sunny, and Boardwalk.

    Grr… it really gets my goat that Downton Abbey is winning its bracket by so much (vs. Boardwalk). The second season was just terrible.

  • I assumed that the “horrific” scene NCW was talking about in Ep. 1 was the one with Sansa that we see bits of in the trailers, but the other suggestions are good too.

  • Hexonx: Vote for GoT in Hulu’s Best of Show. Right now it only has a 55% – 45% lead over Once Upon A Time:

    I voted last night and checked again this morning, it’s now 58% – 42% in favor of GoT!

  • Dreamlife,

    Yeah I remember him wearing black and stuff. I just never imagined it was Benjen Stark. Coldhands seems to be a creature that has been around a longtime and is helping the children of the forest/3 eyed crow. Maybe it is Benjen though I guess we will have to wait and see!

  • userj:

    I may be going out on a limb here, and I didn’t think they would start mixing things up already…but I believe that could mean the swordfight with Brienne. Because it was kick-ass, and I imagine loads of fun to film. Just a wild guess.

  • My guess on the horriffic event is the birth of the shadow baby and the subsequent death of Renly.

  • Steven Swanson:

    There’s no way that happens in the first episode. I think Hi-Fi nailed it above.

    As far as I can reckon from the interview, he wasn’t speaking about the first episode anymore. I could be wrong.

  • Right, dunno what you guys think about this, but I think the interview with Kit may (I say may because I know I could be entirely wrong, it’s just interesting) have given a wee spoiler of the next book… This is entire conjecture, and I don’t really believe it myself, but interesting nonetheless:

    Jon gets stabbed at the end of book 5, Kit is only signed on for 6 season. It’s widely assumed that book 3 will be split into two seasons, therefore 6 seasons would be 5 books. Does this mean Jon doesn’t return (in human form) from book 6 onwards?!?!?!?!?!?! Seems to hint to me that me might not make it alive throughout the entire series.

  • Yet another interview from Kit, this one from DIY:

    This is the most candid interview he’s done, I think. Some interesting insights into Jon Snow as a character, my favorite being this one:

    What have you learned about Jon?
    Something I learned about him recently, I was trying to work him out and I was thinking, “actually is he quite stupid?” Because I made a few decisions about him and it led to this person who in the books he makes a lot of mistakes, he acts first and doesn’t think about things and so I realised recently he’s a very instinctual person. He’s a good person, he’ll do the right things for people but he won’t think ahead of time.

  • Grant Dick,

    I’m pretty sure 6 seasons is a standard length of time proposed on these kind of contracts. Like, they get signed for 6 seasons with an option to extend, that sort of thing.

  • Grant Dick,

    I don’t think it’s a spoiler. I believe everybody signed on for multiple seasons. Didn’t Alfie Allen mentioned that he signed on for six as well. When actors sign onto a tv-show they usually have contracts for multiple seasons. Look at the cast of Gossip Girl they all signed for six seasons. Grey’s Anatomy’s cast as well. It serves as an guerantee for the producers that the actors don’t leave after one succefull season.
    Expect contract negotiations with all principal cast after season 5, if they make it that far… I doubt that Dan, David and Kit know anything more than us at the moment.

  • Carice van Houten also mentioned being signed up for six seasons, so it’s probably the standard.

  • Dreamlife,

    There’s also the fact that in ADWD the CotF say that Coldhands died a “long time ago”, whereas Benjen has been missing only for a few years.

  • Ah, ok well I didn’t realise that that was industry standard! Oh well, was fun to let the mind wander.