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A pair of rare interviews: Gleeson and Glen

By now we’ve heard from Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington so many times that we can probably answer the questions better than they can. It is refreshing to hear from some different cast members, so I think these pair of interviews are worth highlighting, one with Jack Gleeson and one with Iain Glen.

Entertainment Weekly had a chance to catch up with Jack Gleeson on the set of Thrones and talk to him about playing one of the most hated characters on TV.

“With his coronation, his malicious deeds amplify tenfold,” Gleeson promises. “He thinks everyone should say yes to him ’cause he has the right to be where he is, so he doesn’t take no for an answer. There are scenes where I just do malicious things for no reason.”

While Westeros.org had the opportunity to interview Iain Glen during the recent Thrones press junket in London.

Q: Did you have any big scenes with the CGI dragons this series?

“There are. They feature, they’re ever-present. So they don’t overpower the story, the writers have been very choice about when they’re featured. Sometimes you’ll see them being put in their cage at the top of a scene so that you can continue on clean of them. Because it takes a lot of work to set up the CGI within the scenes and stuff. Again, the series is very good at whether it’s the wolves or the dragons, they do them very, very well.”

Winter Is Coming: Good to hear from these two! Both are giving great performances, and yet both are a bit unheralded by the majority of the media.


  • I have the (admittedly uninformed) impression that actors who excel at portraying villiany are lovely people to know and work with, and conversely, those that play protagonists are more often self-centered and difficult.

    In the vein of unsung actors that I’d love to see interviewed:

    Conleth Hill

    On the subject of “FIRSTed!!!!111!1!”:

    I realize that it can seem purposeless (to some) to declare first, but I do it anyway, and here’s why:

    I want you all to know that I have been obsessively hitting refresh for hours beyond count. I want bragging rights, not for being first, but for refreshing most often, and being therefore Wiknet’s freshest vavasour.

  • Where is Ghost? I sooo want to get a peek of him. Since there is only 5 days left I guess they are saving Ghost’s first appearce for the actual show. I can’t wait to see his red eyes glowing…

  • Lars,

    Awesome! I can’t wait! Ghost is so cool, he is my favorite fantasy element in the series. I can’t wait to see him prowl around.

  • Did this whole website get an upgrade?

    Everything suddenly looks better since I refreshed the site…

  • Loved that the interviewer slipped in a question about Downton Abbey in on Iain Glen.

    Gleeson should be worried that he’s doing such a excellent job playing the a$$hole that he’s going to be typecast from now on. :0)

  • Great actors, and it’s a treat to get to hear from them. Wish the Jack Gleeson interview was longer, though… He’s one of the actors I look forward to see in season 2 the most.

  • Jack Gleeson’s Joffrey is one of the most uncannily creepy performances I’ve seen on TV in a long time. He definitely deserves more accolades.

  • JRQ:
    Jack Gleeson’s Joffrey is one of the most uncannily creepy performances I’ve seen on TV in a long time.He definitely deserves more accolades.

    I agree completely. IMO, there’s no better performance on the show, and only one or two as good (Maisie and…can’t think of anyone else as good…)

  • Elaine,

    You’re only talking about the young actors, right? Because I don’t think it’s fair to discard Mark Addy or Michelle Fairley.

  • Reverse Nielsen,

    Or Sean Bean, or Peter Dinklage, or Charles Dance or… the list goes on and on…
    Fact is, pretty much the entire cast of thrones is amazing. Hell, I couldn’t stand Roz but have to admit even she was excellently portrayed by the actress! But yeah, Jack Gleeson and Iain Glen definitely deserve more attention for their great work.

  • “And a few episodes later, we find out what the young king might be like in the bedroom.”
    I knew they were going to add some stupid Joffrey sex scene.

  • JamesL,

    I think we’ve had a glimpse of this already; he brutalizes Ros for some reason. Probably because she laughed at his size.

  • Arthur: Where is Ghost?

    I came home the other night and my neighbor had a pair of new dogs in her backyard. It turns out they’re her boyfriend, Dave’s, and they’re huskies. One is pure white. I immediately fell in love with this dog — a puppy — about a year old. Quiet. Doesn’t make a peep. I asked Dave what their names were. The white one is a male. His name is Winter. Winter know’s he’s special. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the whole GoT thing with Dave, but I plan to. I wonder if Dave’s a fan. I also plan to take a picture of Winter and link to it here for all to admire.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t know. I thought Ghost was at my neighbor’s house. But, as it turns out, it was only Winter, the silent Siberian Husky. Nonetheless, I feel a bit safer knowing Winter is on the Night’s Watch next door.

  • Hey Mike Chair,

    That is awesome! I have a Giant Alaskan Malamute. His name is Vidar (named after the norse god of nature, silence and justice). He is still young, not even two yet. He reminds me so much of a Direwolf and his personality matches the House Stark sigil. I guess that is why how the CGI Direwolves end up looking means so much to me personally.

    He is almost 2yrs old now and about 140lbs.

    Here is the latest video I posted on youtube of him if you are interested. He looks more like how you’d might imagine Shaggydog…


  • Arthur,

    He’s HUGE! I watched some of your other videos. He’s beautiful. I also think that giving a Giant Alaskan Malamute a whole rotisserie chicken for his first birthday is pure genius.

  • Knurk,

    Yeah, it is a territorial display and marking.

    They claw the ground leaving a mark near the spot they just marked with their urine.

    They also have scent glands under their paw pads that is left behind.

    It is kind of the same as when a bear claws a tree… Another dog can come by, smell who was there and see how big and powerful of a marking was left.

  • Lord Willum,

    Thanks for posting this. I just love Liam Cunningham and think he’s going to make an excellent Davos. I get such a kick out of how he refers to Melisandre as that awful woman. I think he, Stephen Dillane and Carice Van Houten are going to emerge as fan favorites.

    Michelle Peeples @ZedShowgirl

  • Jonho:
    I fucking love Jack, he’s phenomenal. Doesn’t get praised enough tbh.

    He is a very, very good actor…even if he is playing a bratty boy-king. Jack Gleeson plays the role of Joffrey so well you want to hate HIM…until you get to hear from him and see he is such a wonderful person.