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TVEquals interviews Kristian Nairn

This was originally supposed to be a Worldcon interview done for The Daily Raven, but Simone and I had conflicting schedules, and could not meet. To the rescue come my good friends (and current employers) Americ and Sandrine from TVEquals.com, camera in hand and ready and willing to shoot the interview!

Fire And Blood: Glad they were able to pick up the ball we dropped. TVEquals is good people. Always feel free to visit their site for the latest articles, reviews, and casting news. (And I love that Americ gave us a shoutout, of course!)

And more news: FaBulous me—the redoubtable Tobias J. “Axechucker” McGuffin—will be covering Game of Thrones for TVEquals this season, so you can look forward to yet another additional link to total awesomeness every Sunday night as I review each episode.


  • Damn! I thought he was one of those actors who stays in character all the time and would just answer every question with “HODOR!!” :0P

  • i agree, would have been much more entertaining if all his replies were ‘Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor….

  • LOL that jedi passing behind him at 2:00 /o/ hahahahaha
    and another WiC.net mention! kudos!
    hello, FaB! trying to steal the spotlight? haha

    and bring the Sunday reviews on, man! 3 days!

  • Total sweetheart! I’m really looking forward to Kristian’s gentle giant portrayal of Hodor. Dang, he’s a big guy! Especially, when Bran takes over. Can’t wait to see Kristian’s interpretation.

    ..background Jedi needs more Yoda training.. lol

  • That was fun and he really seems like a nice guy. Great accent.I wanted him to say that his dream would to be have Hodor on the Iron Throne.

  • I’ve been reading here for about two years now and I had to make this my first comment.

    I love Mr. Nairn. He’s absolutely charming and seems to be a huge fan of what he’s a part of now. Also his admiration of Hodor’s character in this interview is so lovely I nearly shed a tear just now. Consider me a fan.

  • I really like how he talks about Hodor. He´s perhaps the only innocent in the entire Westeros. They will kill me and throw me in a ditch? that´s what he said? I hope they don´t!

  • Really great to see such a likeable, dedicated guy as Kristian enjoying a bit of well-earned publicity. Although I suspect Bran’s and therefore Hodor’s storyline will be cut pretty short this season, I’d find it logical that they get a fair amount of screen time in the (hopefully) upcoming ones. Or so I hope.

  • andrea,

    That comment cracked me up, too. George RR is a mass murder of fan favorite characters with that pen of his. He better not kill, Hodor! He’s in my top 5 favorite characters in the books! Kill Cersei if you must kill someone off!

  • I love the guy that jumps in the background to take not one but TWO pictures while he’s being filmed.
    “cool.. Giant man from tv” #flash#

  • Ben:
    I love the guy that jumps in the background to take not one but TWO pictures while he’s being filmed.
    “cool.. Giant man from tv” #flash#

    Total dork too. I know him.

  • Throughout the reading of ASOIAF ( books 1-3 ) I kept saying ” Hodor! Hodor ! for
    any given emotion ( i.e.. excited, shocked, sad ). So glad he has his own voice,
    what a gracious actor.

  • You know that WinterIsComing have become mainstream when you see in a geek convention full of Jedis, Posion Ivy, The Pinguin and co., some fan chooses to fancy dress as FaB!