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This Sunday is “Game of Thrones Day”

HBO has declared this Sunday, the day of the season two premiere, to be “Game of Thrones Day.” They have a number of different ways to get fans fired up for the premiere airing that night, which the below poster illustrates.

The main thrust of the promotion will be the livetweeting and livechatting of the Season One marathon on HBO2. HBO has lined up actors Kristian Nairn and Finn Jones, writer Bryan Cogman and even the fan sites, to each tweet or chat a different episode that day. I will be livetweeting the season one finale, “Fire and Blood”, which will be on at 7:30 PM ET. You can follow the live tweets either on Twitter or HBO Connect.

To make things even more fun, I will be doing my livetweeting from Professor Thom’s in NYC, where they are having a Season Two premiere party. After the livetweeting, I’ll get to watch the Season Two premiere surrounded by fellow Thrones fans. It doesn’t get much better than that! Come out and join us!

Winter Is Coming: And if you can make it there before 8:30 you can watch me livetweet… live! How meta is that?


  • Professor Thom’s is doing that again this year? God, that is so tempting. If only I didn’t have to drag myself to work the next day.

  • There has been a mighty lack of new posters this year. We’ve had three “fan” posters and the Crown posters – but, any characters posters have just recycled images from Season 1. I’m not really bothered – just a little surprised.

  • Hey all,

    Actually, I’ll be LIVE-CHATTING, not live-tweeting, answering questions from viewers/fans.

    Hope you’ll all check it out.


  • B Cogman, even better! I can commit to answering questions on Twitter during my livetweeting, although I don’t have any cool inside info like Bryan does!

  • winter is coming, make sure all your friends at the the season 2 premier party leave their tv’s on and tuned in to hbo at their houses so the show gets the best ratings possible!!!

  • I agree with that, my roommate told me that certain people are picked to have a special box in their house but as far as how they figure out the rest Im clueless!

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  • Too bad HBO chose @gameofthrones as their twitter handle. Because of that #gameofthrones which is the most logical hashtag everybody uses can never become a trending topic on its own since twitter doesn’t allow for an user-name to become a trending topic.

  • I would love to go to the Professor Thom’s party unfortunately I have an early day at work the next morning.

    I’m looking forward to all the live tweeting. Come on Sunday! I will, however, be making a meal inspired by Game of Thrones. Not sure what it will be yet.

  • Wow, as incredible as it seems, the big day is almost upon us! Very excited for the new season…and looking at the countdown clock with increasing anticipation! It has been fun coming to the site in all the months in-between seasons, reading all the topics, enjoying all the interviews, trailers and everything Winter makes available for all of us fans.

    But now that Season Two is almost upon us, it is time to go under and away for awhile and just simply enjoy “Game Of Thrones” as is. In that I will take a page from Mr. Jay-Z himself and fade to black…

    Thank you Winter and everybody else for your good work! See ya when Season Two is over…

  • All sorts of fun and games ! It all sounds great .

    At my far away location we’ll be busy all dat preparing the pre-show feast.

    Roast ducks , Roast veg (with lots of neeps ,carrots , onions ,shallots ,etc) spicy sausage ,sweet + savoury chicken wings , mixed greens salad , Brown Rice pilaf with nuts + fruit.
    fearsomely strong cider ..and just to be different, Peach cobbler (Hi, Renly !)

  • Michelle Peeples,

    Random, but are you one of the boars gore swords listeners? I saw your name earlier, and I just now remembered where I knew it from. They mention you on the podcast quite a bit, lol.

    Sorry, off topic comment. Carry on!

  • I’m gonna be on pins and needles all night,I have to work unlike most you peoples!
    The one thing I am looking forward to the most is all the awesomely hilarious tweets,Winter…please tell me you will be posting this again this year! Those made me so happy!
    Happy GoT day to everyone in advance!

  • Hilda:
    I’m gonna be on pins and needles all night,I have to work unlike most you peoples!
    The one thing I am looking forward to the most is all the awesomely hilarious tweets,Winter…please tell me you will be posting this again this year! Those made me so happy!
    Happy GoT day to everyone in advance!

    i reckon FaB did it last year and he should totally hit it up again this year. very humorous read!

  • Michelle Peeples,

    Lol I am. I’m looking forward to their reaction to the new season. Everything that they think they know about the world is going to get all fucked up, it’s going to be hilarious.

  • For me (and all other GoT / GRRM fans in Germany), GoT Day is today, since amazon shipped both the season 1 blu-ray set and aGoT – the graphic novel vol. 1

  • I thought I read, here or somewhere else, that HBO was producing a 25 minute wrap-up of season 1 that would air before the premiere of S.2? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  • And is anyone else surprised that none of the stars were on the late night talk shows this week??? I was looking forward to seeing Peter Dinklage or Emilia Clarke on Jimmy Fallon or Conan. Maybe as the season continues. Also, Peter Dinklage has to host SNL this year!!!

  • Ivan Popić,

    Is that really true that #gameofthrones can never trend?? HBO should change the official twitter handle for the Game of Thrones twitter account then. I was going to comment that it was stupid of HBO to advertise #GotDAY as the hashtag for twitter users to use when twitting about the premiere because that will decrease it’s chances of trending worldwide when some people are using #gameofthrones and others #GotDAY. MadMen was trending worldwide for a little bit during it’s premiere last week so I’m sure that GameofThrones would have too and probably for a lot longer. It’s shame it probably won’t now because its such a great and free way to promote the show, people see all these gameofthrones tweets and it trending worldwide and think wow this show is popular and lots of people are watching maybe I should check it out.

  • For those in the NYC area, right now they’re giving the 22 minute “You Win Or You Die” feature on WPIX channel 11!

  • PatD,

    Yes, obviously we’ve all seen the feature already.. I just found it interesting that such a big television broadcasting station dedicated an entire half hour solely to this HBO show. It’s is a great way to lure in more fans. Sorry if my excitement is lost on you.