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Video interviews galore: Anthony, Coster-Waldau and more

Here are a bunch more interviews, but all of these are of the moving picture variety.

Sky Atlantic interviews the cast of Thrones

TV Guide talks to Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at their cover shoot

Digital Spy talks with some of the cast at last month’s DVD launch party

Access Hollywood chats with Gethin Anthony

Details Magazine interviews Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

The Electric Playground interviews Michelle Fairley and George R. R. Martin.

Behind the scenes at the Rolling Stone photo shoot with Kit, Emilia, Lena and Alfie.


  • Omg peter is still so akward in interviews! WE LOVE YOU PETER! <3

    Rose Leslie is going to make an absolutely magnetic ygritte. I can’t stop looking at her.

    Liam you are so adorable.

    Perfect cast!!!!


  • I love how Emilia keeps calling the dragons “my babies.” The tone with which she says it is adorable.

  • Off topic, but I must ask:

    The Varys scene in one of the preview clips [ep12 clip 3] where he goes “the storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling” occurs in book 2 IMMEDIATELY after Tyrion sends Janos Slynt to the wall [as in in the same room] .

    Does that mean they cut the Janos Slynt scene from the show? That would suck because that was honestly my second favorite chapter to read in a clash of kings [after the Theon chapter when he first meets his sister, of course].

    :( :( :(

  • HERP-DERP, please add spoiler tags to your comments. I’m pretty sure every single spoilerish comment you have made, I have had to go in and add the tags for you. It is a commenting rule that we tag any spoilers from future books. Yes, sometimes people forget and I don’t mind covering for them when they do, but when it becomes a habit, that is a problem. So please, try to remember to add the spoilers yourself. Thanks!

  • Winter Is Coming,

    I apologize. I thought because I was talking about a preview clip I did not need to. And to be fair, I had used spoiler tags myself on major spoilers in the past [so “not every single comment!”].. but I guess I may have missed a few :)

  • HERP-DERP, ok yeah, I had asked people to spoiler tag their discussion of the preview clips as well, since not everyone wants to know what is coming. But it is a bit different than our usual policy, so I understand why you would be unaware of that particular request. I appreciate your cooperation!

  • Gethin is SO CUTE. I know his Renly is a lot different from the one in the books, but I really love both characters separately and differently and Gethin is just one of my favourite actors in this series. I am going to miss him SO MUCH, man :(( Episode 4 seems way, way, way too early to lose him, gah!!

  • The coolest thing about all these interviews, to me, is that Nik seems to really like Jaime. He is always defending him and trying to let people know there is a lot more to him then your normal, everyday hollywood drama series bad guy warrior type. I think that is really cool. It shows he most really enjoy becoming Jaime and has grown attached.

    Don’t worry Nik… If the series goes on long enough Jaime will evolve into a dark hero that everyone will care for, but may not forgive for previous deeds. So instead of everyone hating Jaime, a lot may really like Jaime instead. You won’t find yourself having to defend him so much. =)

  • Does anyone think that when Nik is talking about episode 7, that is when Jaime has his prison break or has this already been proving not to be the case?

    I can just imagine Nik having a lot of fun doing a long, violent, choreographed, blood drenched scene of him wielding a sword and hacking limbs off.

  • Just wanna say thanks to the fellow who reviews comments and adds spoiler tags. For reals, thank you :) I got spoiled on Ned Stark’s death from season 1 before the episode aired which, of course, really pissed the power of the scene away. Since then I read all the books so I couldn’t have the source material spoiled for me anywho – but I really wish there’d been someone around who gave a crap about it to spoiler tag the one I accidentally read so long ago ><

    p.s. to Arthur who commented at the same time as me – that’s absolutely what I’ve been thinking. It was just talked about in the book but there’s no way they can have that character do nothing all season, right? :)

  • Ed McDonell,

    I hope that is what Nik is talking about. It would be a good opportunity for the TV viewer to be made aware of just how epic of a warrior Jaime actually is. All the book readers already know this, would be a good way to show the TV viewer…

  • Should we take it as a hint that the Digital Spy people put a subtitle in under Oona showing her character name as “Jeyne Westerling” in that first bit with Rose Leslie at 00:32?

  • Alfie Allen may very well become the breakout star from this season. So many great actors, not enough ways to shower them with accolades.

  • NCW is too beautiful. And an excellent actor. I hope his wife knows what a babe she married!

  • I can’t help but find NCW (rightfully) defending Jaime and (jokingly) referencing Nosegate plain adorable. Puts me in a totally huggy mood. XD

  • The Kingslayer,

    epidode 7, Jaime’s “best scene of all times”…

    I’m not sure exactly which scene he is talking about. 3 possibilities:
    failed escape attempt ? (not shown in the books)
    – discussion with catelyn before escape with brienne ? (in the books but at the very end of ACOK)
    – or any new added scene ? (which would then be really awesome)

  • Love these interviews. Dig Nikolaj’s beenie, Charles Dance’s Fannel shirt and Kit’s shoes. He’s always wearing those shoes and that Rolling Stone photo shoot, I can’t wait ;))))