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New Theon character profile video

HBO waited until this week to release this one, presumably so as not to spoil Yara’s trolling of Theon in the most recent episode. There is still some new footage to be found in here, as well as interviews with Alfie Allen, Patrick Malahide and Gemma Whelan.

Winter Is Coming: Like I said in my recap, I’m really loving the Greyjoys. Can’t wait to see more of them in future eps.


  • What is dead may never die.

    I love TV!Balon. You can tell Patrick is passionate about the role.

  • I love the way the show is handling the Greyjoys. They are spot on in explaining why Theon acts the way he does and will. Excellent job!!!

  • AND HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? is probably one of my favorite lines from this season so far.

  • I hate the Greyjoys, but I LOVE the way they’re being portrayed on screen. Just like with Davos, the show is giving them some humanity, has givin me a new perspective on the characters and is helping me to understand them a bit better. Can’t wait to see more.

    And I agree with DavosFTW, I’m waiting for a Davos character spot.

  • Some Greyjoy talk from the first season:

    Tyrion: Come to see me off, Greyjoy? Kind of you. Your master doesn’t seem to like Lannisters.
    Theon: He’s not my master.
    Tyrion: No, of course not. What happened here? Where is Lady Stark? Why didn’t she receive me?
    Theon: She wasn’t feeling well.
    Tyrion: She’s not in Winterfell, is she? Where did she go?
    Theon: My Lady’s whereabouts–
    Tyrion: My Lady? Your loyalty to your captors is touching. Tell me, how do you think Balon Greyjoy would feel if he could see his only surviving son has turned lackey? I still remember seeing my father’s fleet burn in Lannisport. I believe your uncles were responsible?
    Theon: Must have been a pretty sight.
    Tyrion: Nothing prettier than watching sailors burn alive. Yes, a great victory for your people. Shame how it all turned out.
    Theon: We were outnumbered 10 to 1–
    Tyrion: A stupid rebellion then. I suppose your father realized that when your brothers died in battle. Now here you are, your enemy’s squire.
    Theon: Careful, Imp.
    Tyrion: I’ve offended you. Forgive me, it’s been a rough morning. Anyway, don’t despair. I’m a constant disappointment to my own father and I’ve learned to live with it.

    Jory: We’ve met before, you know.
    Jaime: Have we? Strange, I’ve forgotten.
    Jory: The siege of Pyke. We fought side by side one afternoon.
    Jaime: Ah. That’s where you got your scar?
    Jory: Aye.
    Jaime: Oh.
    Jory: One of the Greyjoys nearly took my eye.
    Jaime: Vicious sons of whores.
    Jory: They like their bloodshed.
    Jaime: They stopped liking it at the end. That was a proper battle. Do you remember Thoros of Myr charging through the breach?
    Jory: With his burning sword? I’ll remember that till the day I die.
    Jaime: I saw the youngest of the Greyjoy lads at Winterfell. It was like seeing a shark on a mountaintop.
    Jory: Theon? He’s a good lad.
    Jaime: I doubt it.

    Bran: The Iron Islands. Sigil: A Kraken. Words: We do not sow.
    Luwin: Lords?
    Bran: The Greyjoys.
    Theon: Famed for their skills at archery, navigation and lovemaking.
    Luwin: And failed rebellions.

    Theon: I’m a Greyjoy. We’ve been lords of the Iron Islands for 300 years. There’s not a family in Westeros that can look down on us, not even the Lannisters.
    Ros: And what about the Starks?
    Theon: I’ve been Lord Stark’s ward since I was eight years old.
    Ros: A ward? That’s a nice word for it. Your father rebelled against King Robert and if he does it again–
    Theon: My father fought for the freedom of his people.

    Theon: You’re a very lucky girl. Do you know that? Where I come from, we don’t show mercy to criminals. Where I come from, if someone like you attacked a little Lord? At low tide we’d lay you on your back on the beach, your hands and feet chained to four stakes. The sea would come in closer and closer. You’d see death creeping towards you a few inches at a time.
    Osha: Where is it you come from?
    Theon: The Iron Islands.
    Osha: They far away?
    Theon: You’ve never heard of the Iron Islands?
    Osha: Trust me, you’ve never heard where I’m from neither.
    Theon: ‘Trust me, My Lord’. You’re not living in the wilderness anymore. In civilized lands, you refer to your betters by their proper titles.
    Osha: And what’s that?
    Theon: Lord.
    Osha: Why?
    Theon: Why? What do you mean, why? My father is Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands.
    Osha: What’s that got to do with you? If your father’s Lord, how can you be Lord too?
    Theon: I will be Lord after my father–
    Osha: So you’re not Lord now?
    Theon: No, you– You having a go at me? Is that it?
    Osha: I just don’t understand how you Southerners do things
    Theon: I’m not a Southerner.
    Osha: You’re from south of the Wall. That makes you a Southerner to me.
    Theon: You’re an impudent little wench, aren’t you?
    Osha: Couldn’t say, My Lord. Don’t know what ‘impunent’ means.
    Theon: Impudent. It means rude, disrespectful. Do you want to lose that chain?
    Luwin: Theon Greyjoy! The lady is our guest.
    Theon: I thought she was our prisoner.
    Luwin: Are the two mutually exclusive in your experience?

  • Paco:
    I will defend my love for Theon till the day I die.

    what is dead may never die *chest thump*

    agreed: what is dead may never die *chest thump*

  • Theon is one of my favorite characters in CoK. Something about him was so despicable, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for him and root for him. Glad to see Alfie Allen protraying him so well.. will be VERY interesting to see his take on the character as the series progresses..

  • Can’t wait to see the noob reaction to Theon’s character arc. Oh, to be young. What I would give to hear this story for the first time again. So many nasty surprises in store…

  • The Iron Island scenes gave me goose bumps. I cringed through most of them in the books and tried to get them over with as fast as possible. But after watching only one scene with Balon Greyjoy on the TV screen, I am newly hooked and fascinated. He’s the perfect actor for that part. He played it wonderfully. The wavy draping sea blue robes, the crazed hair, and his interrogation of the son he lost, to say this Balon had some menace about him would be a gross understatement. As for Theon, I’m really sinking my teeth into the fullness of his oncoming dilemma now as well. This wasn’t something I grasped in the books. But the subtexts raging below the surface of that bone chilling reunion scene between father and warded son, the atmosphere with that haggard feel of the room around them and the nasty kraken atop the fireplace, and that bizarre turn of tables Yara pulled on her long lost brother sharpening my focus all the more – I’m in awe of this scene. I read all 5 books after the completion of the first season, admittedly perhaps a bit to fast, and in all honesty, I await every new episode with a much greater anticipation nowadays. And yes, I’m shocked that the Ironborn screentime was so damn good already. Can’t wait for next Sunday Night!

  • I really don’t like the Greyjoys, interesting & well written characters: however I dislike them all intensely, but they are being portrayed excellently.

  • OK, obviously I’m forgetting something really big here. When did the Greyjoys take Gragonstone???
    EDIT: Ah , never mind. I see that they were just the same sets or something.

  • I have to say, I like the TV versions of Balon and Asha/Yara far more, and the TV version of Theon a bit less (due to him, the character, not the actor), than I do the book versions. Patrick Malahide is by any measure an extremely classy actor, and Alfie Allen and Gemma Whelan are excellent too.

  • Rutep,

    Nice recap of the Greyjoys references. I thought HBO did a good job of really hitting home how Theon felt and was treated in the 1st season. Really set it up nicely for season 2.

  • SillyMammo:

    Nice recap of the Greyjoys references.I thought HBO did a good job of really hitting home how Theon felt and was treated in the 1st season.Really set it up nicely for season 2.

    Yeah, thanks Rutep. Your fingers must be sore from all that typing!

  • Its so good to see in these comments that I’m not the only Theon sympathizer, I love his character! He’s been one of my favorites throughout the books but the show has done a wonderful job with his story, and all of the Greyjoy world, better than I could have ever imagined. The sisters changed name really throws me off though.

  • Beth W.:
    Has there been any discussion of the reason why they changed Asha’s name to Yara?

    KG answered your question more literally, but if you’re looking for the supposed reason it was to avoid confusing her with Osha.

  • Jesus, it feels like they interviewed Balon Greyjoy instead of some earthperson named Patrick Malahide.

  • I think they could have made Theon a lot more distinguished in season 1 by giving him a kraken on his surcoat (like in the books) or something like that. Just to show the audience that he is no Stark.