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Quick Hits: Catching up …

So as we churn into the Best Ten Weeks of the Year, we here at Winter Is Coming are still beholden to you, the fans who pay top dollar to come visit our site every day! And that means we cannot slack, not with the latest Game of Thrones news, not with anything.

We have interviews for your eyes, video shoots for voyeur-ing, and salient discussions to satisfy your most primal urges. And all of them happened within the week! Ish!

First, from last week, Lena Headey made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show:

Part 2:

Sadly, Lena’s peeps declined for her to be interviewed by us a second time. I was hoping for a yearly thing (kinda like my annual Dinklage fist-bump), but Lena had family in town and I imagine she was pressed for time.

We love her anyway. Here’s a Headey bonus: a short video log of Lena, along with Kit Harington, Alfie Allen, and Emilia Clarke on that Rolling Stone photo shoot!

(Is it me or would Alfie make a good “Young Mick Jagger?” Someone needs to do a ‘Stones movie.)

Transitioning from that, here is an interview with Kit Harington by Jace Lacob of The Daily Beast.

Peter Dinklage
talks to the L.A. Times about the building pressures associated with a successful show, and the cons of an increased budget.

New cast member Gemma Whelan discusses her role as Yara Greyjoy with Access Hollywood.

Last (but certainly not least) SFX has this interview with Gwendoline Christie in which the site’s role in securing her eventual casting is discussed. And just in case you were wondering, Paul Gude was the “enthusiastic fan” who emailed Christie’s agent after her name surfaced. The article includes three new photos of Brienne, including this great close-up.

Update: Here’s a fun new interview with Joe Dempsie, via TV Guide. This quote about Benioff and Weiss pranking Alfie Allen is priceless:

It’s very hard to avoid spoilers. Everyone’s read them. But one time, David Benioff and Dan Weiss sent a script out to everyone and they sent a different one to Alfie Allen. They put a new scene in it in which Theon is murdered in a particularly grisly way. They waited to see what Alfie thought of him being killed off so soon when he thought he’d be doing it for [a longer period of time]. So for about a day, Alfie thought his character was being killed off, but it was only in his script did they put that scene. I think they should have made him film it first and then told him the truth.


  • The only reason I even became aware of the whole ASOIAF universe is because of her.

    I didn’t know what GoT was except I knew she was going to be in it and I’ve been a fan of her since Gossip, so I put it on my watch list and next thing I know it I’m reading the books, visiting, Tower of the, et. al.

    Now I’m a GoT junkie looking for next fix. DAMN YOU GRRM write that next book!

  • Oh Gwen, the long sob after the short hair cut. I’ve been there.. It’s rough.. But I recovered by investing in lots of really fun, fancy earrings, since I had no hair, you could really see the earrings..

    I remember when Paul started shilling for her, right away! I thought she was too pretty.. But that closeup of her face makes a near-perfect Brienne, for me..

    And yes, Alfie would make a great young Mick Jagger!

  • Quite impressed with Gwendoline Christie’s determination to fit the role so well. Can’t wait to see her this Sunday.

  • Peter Dinklage hit the nail on the head in this article

    The only thing that is keeping this series back from being epic is the scale. Instead of seeing a fleet of pirate ships we see one, Instead of seeing a battle we see Rob riding back to his mom.

    Why can’t they just use computer graphics on these scenes? The Borgias show did it by showing tons of guys assaulting a town.

    I’m very impressed with what HBO has done this is just something they can do to make it better.

  • Good stuff! Lena is a great Cersei. I dislike Cersei, I see her as an ignorant power hungry b!tch that just wants her kids to be in a position of power. If I ever got a chance to talk to lena, I would thank her for her wonderful job as portraying Cersei. There are a few characters I hate in the books… Ramsey Snow, the Bastard of the Dreadfort. This guy is sick in the head. He makes Cersei look like a Silent Sister. he is pure sadistically evil that brings misery to others for his own pleasure. Wait till the TV viewer gets a lod of him! Hah!

    There are are a few other characters that make Cersei look like a “Ned Stark”. I also HATE the entire trailer trash Frey family. (At least everyone who had knowledge and took part in the RW).

    Gwen is awesome! I love the fact she really is doing her best to bring Brienne alive. As a fan, I really appreciate that and it makes me happy and this Sunday when I see her on screen it will be really fun.

  • but that was a poor/awkward interview even by late night talk show standards. i love Jimmy and I love Lena, but they didn’t have great chemistry. on the other hand, I just finished watching/listening to the blu-ray commentary to Season 1, Epsode 2 with Lena, Nikolai and Mark Ady, and found Lena to be an utter delight.

  • The interview with Gwen was fantastic! She’s really going all out to connect with the character and to bring it to the screen in the best possible way. Very impressive.

  • Arthur,

    that’s one of the things I found charming.

    anyway, about GWENDOLINE, wow! and might I add omg omg omg omg. I can’t wait to see her come to life on Sunday. Also looking forward to ogling her buff bod in that bath scene with Jamie, but that’s probably not until mid to late season 3


    Yeah… Watching Gwen and Nik devolpe their characters relationship is going to be awesome to view in season 3. Brienne’s stubborn honor really opens up Jaime’s eyes and has such a profound affect on him that it really changes his whole attitude about what’s important in life.

    Can’t wait for the “Oath Keeper” scene also..,

  • Abyss:
    I add a region free video interview with Maisie Williams done by Throncast to the mix. It has spoilers for season two!
    I would say that they are minior, but spoilers are still spoilers…

    Thank you, thank you for linking that. That has to the best interview of Maisie I’ve seen and exactly what I’ve looked for over the last few months. She’s just fantastic. Can’t wait to see more of her part in the coming weeks.

    I feel sorry for Lena if people really aren’t able to separate the character from the actress. Hate the character, love the person. :)

  • I had an unexpected treat today, I was watching Great Expectations on PBS (excellent adaption) and both Harry Lloyd and Robert Addy were in the show. Furthermore, Gillian Anderson who some here on WiC originally wanted as Catelyn played Ms. Haversham (unusual casting, but well done on her part). You can watch the full mini series on PBS online, but only for another week or so.

  • Abyss,

    Thanks, that was really interesting. I just realized as a book reader it’s possible to spoil myself still. I definitely wasn’t expecting that change to the books and now I’m actually anticipating seeing how they do it. Mentally I’m already beginning to separate the TV show from the books and I wonder if David and Dan are deliberately challenging that easy assumption of what we are going to see.

    Not to mention that putting Arya and Tywin together could make for great TV. Charles Dance vs. Maisie Williams, battle of the heavyweights. The Brawl in Harrenhal.

  • Thanks for the Maisie interview. She IS brilliant. And a really cool, mature person. That was awesome.

  • I love Lena. She cracks me up. She was amainzg in the commentary on episode 2. She is really the anti-Cersei in so many ways.

  • Can you imagine ripping the book out of Lena’s hand so she couldn’t sign it, and saying “No, I don’t like you!”? I wonder how true that story is, and I wonder if she meant they don’t like her character, or they don’t like her as a casting choice for Cersei?

  • Lena should take it as a compliment when people call her bitch and tell her they don’t like her… Just means her portrayal as Cersei is done extremely well. It’s a testament to her nailing the book character Cersei with her acting demener.

    It’s just sad people can’t be more intelligent and say something like “I love to hate your character, thank you for bringing Cersei to life”.

  • 2 things

  • Arthur,

    Well, I’m thinking back to last year, when many people were voicing their serious discontent with her as a casting choice (e.g. she wasn’t hot enough, didn’t understand her character, hadn’t read the books, etc.).

    Seems like people have warmed up to her now, though. I also think her performance has improved significantly.

  • Lex,

    Yeah but we hear that about most of the actresses that have been casted for hot characters from the books. Recent examples being Yara and Mel. Everyone has their own opinion on what a “hot” female looks like.

    The only universal dislike by the overwhelming majority of the book fans has been the use of Ros and how she takes up to much airtime in questionably unneeded raunchy scenes.

    I personally didn’t like Mel’s casting at all, hoping she grows on me, but I would never just walk up to Carice and call her a bitch.

    I think all the people casted to play the roles of the characters in the books have been excepted by the book fans, or will be eventually. I think in Lena’s case people sometimes don’t differentiate the actress from the character… It’s kind of weird really because in a case where an actor is portraying a hateful character, a good gadge on the success of that portrayal can be made by seeing how much the common viewer ends up hating that actor in general. That being said, looks like Lena is doing a great job! =]

  • Really? Someone said that to Lena’s face, just because she plays a not so likeable character in the show? Geez, I’m starting to see why Jack Gleeson isn’t keen to go to conventions and do interviews. I mean if people don’t like Cersei, what chance Joffrey has.

  • I like our Mel, always have based on the actor’s track record. She’s such a capable actress. It’s just a matter of time before she turns hearts, even with the crutch of doing Stannis on screen.

    And Lena is turning my heart now. Her season 2 Cersei is more rounded. And she’s a very charming person outside character, isn’t she?

  • Dave,

    Hah! Good point… If I were Jack I’d be scared to go to any convention because people might try to slap me! Jack does an awesome job at playing a totally asshole type character.

  • That is a non-book spoiler in the Maisie Williams interview, by the way. Not that I mind, just a heads up to others. It’s actually a very interesting little bit of information.

  • The Maisie Williams interview was great, but now I’m confused. The Tywin Twist has to be Arya interacting with Tywin at Harrenhal, but in what way? Does Arry become Tywin’s server instead of serving Roose Bolton? If so, why did they cast Roose Bolton for this season? It’s driving me to distraction trying to figure out what they’ve changed. Ah, well. I suppose I’ll know in 7 or 8 weeks.

  • I am very much looking forward to seeing Gwendoline in the next episode. Brienne is one of my favourite characters from the book (along with Jamie, Oberyn and Samwell).

    Found this on Youtube which really shows here presence and contains a good interview as well.

  • fuck.. i watched the maisie interview.. and got the tywin-arya meeting ruined for me… I mean… she is my favorite actor on GoT and all.. BUT WHY WOULD SHE EVEN SAY THAT ON TV WITHOUT SAYING “SPOILER ALERT”!?!?!?


    So you complain about a spoiler by repeating said spoiler where people who might not have watched the interview can read about it.

    Man you really need to learn how to use the spoiler tags!

  • Langkard: The Tywin Twist has to be Arya interacting with Tywin at Harrenhal, but in what way? Does Arry become Tywin’s server instead of serving Roose Bolton? If so, why did they cast Roose Bolton for this season? It’s driving me to distraction trying to figure out what they’ve changed. Ah, well. I suppose I’ll know in 7 or 8 weeks.

    Well, we don’t really know if Tywin is going to be replacing Roose. Remember that Harrenhal is under Lannister control (Gregor’s) for several chapters before Roose takes it over. They could just have Tywin be present, not simply talked about by the Lannister men.

    If they did replace Roose with Tywin, it’s an obvious streamlining decision. The books needed Arya to be present to hear about troop movements, etc, lacking a PoV actually involved in the war. Since in the show we can have scenes without a PoV character, this purpose of her narrative is lost. Instead they can concentrate on what’s important for Arya – the whole Jaquen plot/weasel soup etc.

    I think another reason they did this is it gives Tywin-Dance more screentime. He’s barely in aCoK and made such an impression last season that it would be a shame for him to not appear until after the battle of blackwater as in the book.

  • Lena is so vibrant and hilarious!

    I could watch that Rolling Stones video all day. Seeing Kit and Emilia together makes the world a better place lol :-) but seriously can we make this happen <3 Fire & Ice <3

  • I just have to say that I love the entire cast they’ve put together! I’m hoping too that Lena’s comment about a fan not wanting her autograph is a testament to her portrayal of Cersei. Having read the books prior I had some different faces in my mind (Stannis and Mel looked differently than I had imagined), but I am in no way complaining. Everyone’s mind is different obviously, and so far I have had no complaints with the casting for the show. I just really hope when it comes time they don’t chop off Peter Dinklage’s nose off and maybe just give him a nasty scar. He’s pretty much the leading role in this season and a lot of the next and I’m not sure non book readers will like seeing a noseless person on the screen every sunday. It may creep out new viewers from watching.

  • Klavonivs: I just have to say that I love the entire cast they’ve put together! I’m hoping too that Lena’s comment about a fan not wanting her autograph is a testament to her portrayal of Cersei. Having read the books prior I had some different faces in my mind (Stannis and Mel looked differently than I had imagined), but I am in no way complaining. Everyone’s mind is different obviously, and so far I have had no complaints with the casting for the show. I just really hope when it comes time they don’t chop off Peter Dinklage’s nose off and maybe just give him a nasty scar. He’s pretty much the leading role in this season and a lot of the next and I’m not sure non book readers will like seeing a noseless person on the screen every sunday. It may creep out new viewers from watching.

    LOL ! Rorge’s nose looked remarkably intact in Episode 2, so think the safe money is on Tyrion keeping his nose ;-) I think noseless people–like purple eyes and gleaming white armor–are one of those things that sound good on the page but probably look ridiculous, hideous and/or distracting on screen.


    You are absolutely correct on that one, glad they didn’t do that to Rorge or I probably would’ve been fixated on a gaping hole instead of the scene itself. :^)
    (see, even my “smiley face” has a nose)

  • Nagga’s Kin,

    Hmmm, very interesting. If this a common occurance in April then I can see why D&D made an April 1st air date. But it’s funny that I’ve never heard of anything that April is fireball season. Something like this topic has never come up in conversation amongst friends, then again I don’t have any friends that are astrologists or astronomers :)

  • tysnow,
    I have to go watch that! Also I rented the Iron Lady, to see Harry Lloyd for a few brief minutes in the beginning as the young Denis Thatcher, and had an unexpected surprise of also getting a few moments of Ser Jorah Mormont, who plays young maggie’s dad in the movie! Other than those two in the beginning though, it’s not a well done movie, I am sad to say.


    Noselessness either requires CGI or a LOT of prosthetics, which in turn can impede acting. So I’m guessing the same.

  • I think Lena should take people walking up to her and calling her names as a compliment, because that means she is doing such a good job, she is inspiring these deep emotions, and people are having trouble separating her from her character.. Allthough I would probably keep a security guard by me, too..
    So funny, I didn’t realize Lena was british until I saw that interview. For some reason I thought she was American.. silly jilly

  • tysnow,

    Gillian Anderson has to be on GoT. Despite playing Havesham, she is way to young for the Queen of Thorns (Siann Phillips all the way :-) who is listed on the HBO site…there’s hope she will be in season 3. As for GA I think she would be great as the Green Grace or as that prophet lady in Volantis or as Joanna Lannister/Queen Rhaella in a flashback (if they ever make them), Lady Hornwood or as Lady Dustin if she appears more in WOW. I can even see her as a recast of Queen Selyse.

    Oh and watching a clip from the Avengers the other day (wow by the way) Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Harry Lloyd could be brothers! Hiddleston for Rhaegar? Greatest cameo ever.

  • Alfie Allen would make a perfect Mick Jagger. And that kid from Boardwalk Empire would make a pretty decent Brian Jones. But who to play Keef? That is the question.

  • I think the Tywin-Arya matchup makes sense, especially if she serves Roose Bolten in the same capacity; it sort of gives her a mouse’s-eye view of the high commanders at Harrenhal, and if Roose finds out that Arya served Tywin, he might very well want her nearby so he could pick her brain and find out what she knows about the Lannister plans. Also, this might be an opportunity to humanize Tywin a little bit. Perhaps we’ll see the reason why Arya doesn’t necessarily think to have Jaqen H’Ghar kill Tywin as one of her three choices, especially if she sees a side of Tywin that makes him seem less of a mean bastard. Not that I want them to make Tywin that much more likable, but I’ve always felt there’s been a bit more going on with his character than we ever saw in the books.

  • I’m definitely concerned about Tyrion losing his nose, and hope that Rorge having his nose indicates that Tyrion will keep his. Ugly battle scars are one thing, but no nose or a horrific stump would be too distracting, and make him too much of a nightmarish freak. I suspect the season will end with Tyrion’s face covered in bandages, so we may not know for sure until next season.

  • 1st) Lena Headey is great!
    2nd) Her boy is called Wiley (not sure about spelling)?! Sounds a bit like Wylla, no? Jon’s mother? Coincidence ofc but still funny. That there are people stupid enough to call her a f…ing B..tch is beyond me but at least it makes for good comedy. Lena is way too intelligent to let that actually bother her. She laughs it off and even takes it as a compliment, and with good reason.

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  • SerJammy,

    I agree. He has many layers. He loved his Joanna that’s for sure. Something happened between her and Aerys, I just know it. Hence Tywin’s resentment and eventual abandonment of Aerys and his hatred of Tyrion who I believe is his only heir. Jaime and Cersei are the bastard children of the Mad King. Or so I believe. :-)

  • userj:


    I agree. I’m just thinking in circles trying to figure out how they re-wrote it to make things work. (Note: Do not read underneath the blacked out bits here if you don’t want to see major book/story spoilers) I think what we may see is Arry ending up serving Tywin before Bolton takes over and then she also serves Bolton. Many of the things which happen between the death of Yoren and Arry ending up at Harrenhal can be consolidated to happen at Harrenhal. The Mountain, the Tickler, etc. can all happen while Arry is working as a server at Tywin’s table. Lommy can die at Harrenhal even. Then the transition to Bolton also allows us to see just how incredibly creepy that character is, which sets up his defection and also his even creepier bastard. I think it works. Just took me a bit to realize how simply it all fitted together. I was worried that Bolton would be introduced somewhere other than Harrenhal, which would remove far too much of his background that is needed to explain later happenings in the Bolton sphere.


    I’m afraid that if my prediction above is true, then Tywin will come across as even worse than in the books, if all the evil stuff of the Tickler and the Mountain happens at Harrenhal while Tywin is actually there. I agree he isn’t one-sided, but if re-written as I believe he might be, he isn’t going to get a break.

  • It’s very possible During the consolidation of Arya’s storyline after Yoren’s death that The Mountain and co are relieved from Harrenhal by Tywin and told to go raid the riverlands (been a while since I read it but didn’t something like that happen anyways). IF that is how it plays out then the hostages at Harrenhal would be relieved to be under Tywin’s command as opposed to the Mountains. It wouldn’t really make Tywin a likable character, but could easily explain why Arya doesn’t give his name. Regardless Tywin will leave Harrenhal before weasel soup and Roose’s release. Unless they show a Roose/Tywin interation about the future of the kingdom.

  • oh ya almost forgot excellent interviews all around! I feel sorry for Lena in terms of people who can’t separate the character from actor, but in those instances of fans reacting poorly to her I say she gives them their due reward and goes Cersei on them!

  • Kit Harington and Alfie Allen are soo cool, but oh my god, Lena and Emilia….yummy! I love Lena’s naugthy librarian look, who knew large square glasses can be sexy!