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A Storm of Interviews

Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast has finally released region-free versions of their in-depth interviews with seven cast members and show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. It’s especially nice to hear from Charles Dance, but beware of SPOILERS IN HIS VIDEO!

Be sure to stop by tonight, as Streamin’ Garage‘s live interview with Bryan Cogman will be embedded here starting at 8 PM PT/11 PM ET!

The Charles Dance interview contains SPOILERS from future book/seasons.

Our Maid of Tarth, Gwendoline Christie, discusses her preparation for the role of Brienne with Access Hollywood.

Richard Madden reveals whether Robb Stark ever visited Ros in this interview with The Insider. Beware of vague season 2 spoilers!

And finally, Westeros has a fantastic interview with Bryan Cogman, story editor for Game of Thrones and writer of last week’s episode, “What Is Dead May Never Die.” Cogman offers a great deal of insight into the episode, including this tidbit about Theon’s letter to Robb:

The “burning scene the letter” scene was interesting—it wasn’t in our outline. We were cutting from Yara (Asha, I know, I know…) saying “make your choice” to the baptism ritual. But there was something missing—and ultimately, it had to come back to Robb. In our version of the story, Theon is very close to him—he’s the brother he never had. And I wanted to take him right up to the point of betraying his own blood—so that’s where the warning to Robb scene came from.


  • Nice to hear hints of Tywin’s scenes with Arya from the other side of the duoafter Maisie’s mention of it a couple of weeks back. Curiouser and curiouser!is she going to leech him too? :O

  • Nikolaj’s interviews are always so damn entertaining. I guess episode seven is where shit gets real. Also love how Charles spoils Tywin’s death. I am so glad I have read the books, because I did honestly not see that big spoiler warning in the title.

  • What happens to Jamie in Episode 7? In his interview, he says it’s his favorite scene as an actor EVER! It has to be with Brienne, right? Are they fighting in the river? That’s MY favorite Jamie scene, but would they get that far ahead of Book 2? Plus, how can they do that scene when no Vargo Hoat or Bloody Mummers have been cast? They can’t cut off his hand yet, can they?

    Considering what they’ve done to Arya’s storyline, I’m sure there’s lots of ways around these various objections.

  • littlejanet,

    I would wager that episode 7 is Jaime’s failed escape attempt, as it would be difficult to stretch his entire ASOS storyline across seasons 3 and 4 if a significant portion were in this season.

  • Great interviews. Nikolaj has so much charisma, really beginning to like him as an actor now after watching New Amsterdam and Headhunters, looking forward to episode 7. Charles seemed really cool too. The scenes that he was talking about at the end should be an interesting deviation from the books. Wonder what they will do with Michael McElhatton this season because of that role.

    EDIT: Michael McElhattons IMDB page doesn’t say he is in GoT anymore. Did I miss something?

  • Irrelevant but word just came in that season finale is named (as everybody thought) Valar Morghulis

  • Pipe:

    EDIT: Michael McElhattons IMDB page doesn’t say he is in GoT anymore. Did I miss something?

    I think it just shows episodes that already have been aired- Michael IS cast as Roose Bolton. I love Tywin and how he is portrayed by Charles Dance, But I’d still love to see more of Roose Bolton. I think he’s a great, terrifying character.

  • Tomer Segal,

    Nice one, makes sense now. Was in a bit of a fanboy panic there for a second. Roose is such a great character with some of the best lines in the books and I have been a fan of Michael since Rats from the flats.

  • That Bryan Cogman interview at Westeros is awesome. It will help people understand the pressures of adaptation — both budgetary and how things flow.

    Sometimes you try something and it just doesn’t work on the page. Sometimes it even makes it on page and it doesn’t work even on the screen and it gets edited out. Sometimes it works on the screen in isolation but doesn’t work in the flow.

    And that doesn’t even count the issues with budget, time on set, location, etc.

    His discussion of the final scene is a great read for everyone, but especially book purists or people with issues with battles or scale.

  • Random thoughts:

    When Dany’s dragons get bigger, I offer myself as one of her rehearsal models free of charge. I’ll be Emilia’s baby dragon for free!

    Kit’s description of his mix with John Bradley is so spot on I found it humbling. We blog here and engage in amateurish pontifications. These guys are pros. They know exactly what they are doing.

    If NCW says Episode 7, I’m saying Episode 7!

    I liked Charles Dance before. I love him know. I could listen to him speak about anything for hours. What a fascinating man. I hope (and expect) that GoT is not the last we see of Charles Dance.

  • wondering when the curtain call for Yoren will be up…???

    btw, i hope those Lannister guards didnt f*** Yoren’s corpse after all…would be not cool

  • PhilV,

    Second that. If Rhakaro revieved a curtain call then surely Yoren should get one too!

    Also for those mentioning Roose I think there might be a glimpse of him walking alongside Robb in the teaser for next weeks episode. Not 100% but its either him or Karstark.

  • Mormegil:

    Jack Gleeson has said he will probably give up professional acting once he’s finished with GoT.

    Well, that’s one way to get out of being typecast. It would be really hard for people not to think of evil shit Joffrey every time they saw him. He sounds like a really interesting guy, and as somebody with a similar (and similarly useless) degree, I see where he’s coming from and hope he succeeds.

  • lol Charles Dance is a spoiling machine

    i heard of the book deviation he was talking about at the end previously, not sure what to think about it though if its well done I suppose I can accept the change, i’m not a complete purist :P

  • That Thronecast interview with GRRM basically says what all purists have been complaining about. Shae and LF sucks even George says so! Well, he says it diplomatically of course :P

  • Charles Dance portrays Tywin Lannister in such an enigmatic fashion that I
    considered very much that he read the books. Well, it’s about time that he should.
    Tywin Lannister’s character is that of a very intelligent and shrewd man, just
    the kind that demands respect and orchestrates strong leadership. Of being fair and
    balanced he is not, yet would welcome a worthy challenger—-to the death! He would
    of course be rolling over in his grave with knowing what his dysfunctional family has
    been up to. I can never forgive his involvement with the Red Wedding or sleeping
    with Shae.

  • Mormegil,

    Jack Gleeson! Thanks for the link! What a great kid. He sounds marvelously sane. All the best to him (after Olenna kills Joffrey)!

  • Bryan Cogman interview prvides an excellent perspective on the process of adaptation – hats off to him too so being so approachable and expansive on the topics he is allowed to discuss, its really nice that he can be a bit of a conduit between the fan community at large and the production team.

    loved the little interview with Gleeson as well. sounds like a very intelligent and grounded lad.

  • It’s hard not to get a tiny bit emotional, watching some of these interviews (particularly Maisie and Emilia)! I remember when we had the first casting clues, and the first time we saw photos of them. I remember us predicting that they’d become break out stars. It’s surreal seeing it happening right before our eyes. I feel strangely proud of them (especially Maisie). :)

  • Drfunk,

    LF doesn’t suck in the series . Next time learn not to talk in the name of everyone else ok ? Just because a character is somewaht different from the books doesn’t make the bad only book nerds like you think so .

  • Robert Morris,

    Wasn’t the tag on this interview to contain some spoilery ? I did not mean to ruin
    it for a new fan. Although I referenced only Charles Dance’s interview, my added
    comments only mentioned in general ( without specifics ) of his dysfunctional

  • I’m assuming Jaime in Ep 7 is referring to the fight with Brienne at the end of which they get caught by the Mummers – this being ASOS stuff brought forwards. Jaime’s little appointment with Fat Zollo needn’t happen as close to their capture as it does in the book – could be done any time in Ep 8 or Ep 10.

  • Mormegil,

    Hey, I would. I still feel like most of the A-list Harry Potter kids should have just sat on their money for the rest of their lives (unless they weren’t as well-paid as I imagined).

  • (Then again, I seem to recall stories about how people generally harassed Hermione’s actress at Harvard or Brown or wherever she went, so maybe not…)

  • Charles Dance is amazing, he’s got one of those articulate voices that could make reading a phone book interesting. I would love to hear Lord Dance read the whole series of ASOIAF.

  • Alfie Allen’s interview makes me appreciate him as an actor so much more because he sounds and moves so differently from Theon, almost like a different person, which I know is the point of acting but it was still awesome to see and the only actor on the show that’s made that impression so far. But I’m majorly partial to gingers.

  • So many good interviews!

    1. Nikolaj: I’m amazed at how similar he looks to Kit Harrington! Is it just me? Anyway, his interviews are always fun because he completely gets Jaime. Great things are in store for Jaime. I’m very curious about episode 7.

    2. Liam Cunningham: My guess is that he auditioned for Eddard Stark in season 1, but maybe I’m biased because I think Davos is very similar to Ned. I can’t imagine him playing anyone else…except, maybe, a younger Ser Barristan.

    3. Emilia: this is the most revealing interview I’ve seen with her. I love how attached she is to her dragons. Definitely not enough Dany in eps 1-3.

    4. Alfie: Wow. He does sound different. He has almost a baritone voice at times. It’s good to know he’s not cocky like Theon, but he really does understand and manages to humanize the character. Definitely curious about episode 10 scene^^

    5. Charles Dance: woah. Definitely looking forward to the scene he alluded to.

    I wish we could get video interviews with Gwen, Richard Madden, Sophie Turner, and Isaac Hempstead Wright.

  • I want to see Stannis. Dillane has rocked the part so far. Episode four will be epic… “I’ll give you this one night to reconsider…”

  • Just noticed the Liam Cunningham video! Why is he SO awesome? Damn, I need more Davos scenes ASAP.

  • “this lord of light…rubbish” God I love Liam Cunningham!
    Actually, when he mentioned he was in talks for season one, my first thought was Jorah. Happy it turned out this way though.

  • Steven Swanson,

    I am Israeli and to read that Jack Gleeson is considering majoring in ancient Hebrew got me ROFLing so hard! Joffrey will be the next Jewish prophet haha!!!
    Anyways, great interviews, such intelligent actors with such a wonderful sense of humor. Loved them all! Tonight will finally see the first 2 or 3 episodes. Been hanging in there so I could watch them together with my friend who first gave me the books. The wait is finally over!!!