The North Remembers: April 2009

We are enjoying the second season this April, and a year ago the series as a whole premiered. Busy months. But how about April three years ago? Let’s take a look into the fabled past of WiC.net.

  • First, we received some inside info on the shooting locations for the pilot. We had heard of the Northern Ireland part before, but Scotland and Morocco were completely new. The rumours, as we know, proved correct.
  • Northern Ireland, and the use of the Paint Hall in Belfast, was officially confirmed in April, and GRRM weighed in with some thoughts and details as well, as we started speculating on the budget.
  • One thing we simply LOVE to do here at WinterIsComing.net is speculating about casting. It all started with this very post.
  • After that, it was all about waiting. We speculated that a decision about greenlighting the series could not come before January or February the year after, and we were not far off.
  • Oh, and a certain current WiC.net contributor proposed a debate topic that made it to a post in those slow days, gaining a tiny bit of a profile there for the first time.

Not much else happened that month. Quite a contrast to the present moment, isn’t it?


  • I’ve gone from complaining about waiting years for books to complaining about waiting days for episodes. I’ll take it.

  • It’s funny looking at the casting predictions.

    I would have guessed at Rosamund Pike for Cersei and would have been dead wrong.

  • Matt
    Posted April 21, 2009 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Also, is thinking HBO would cast Sean Bean as Ned really that unrealistic? He is unquestionably the main character in AGOT, thus Bean’s would be a big enough name to advertise as a star and try to grab extra viewers. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! Since he also won’t last past season 1, his salary (which would be high)wouldn’t tax the show that long. Even if it isn’t Bean, Eddard’s character is the perfect opportunity to cast a big, fairly well known name. A star could earn good money and also know that he wouldn’t become embroiled in a decade long sho

    Whoa, that’s just eerie.

  • The only thing fabled about wics distant past were the trolls. And the idea that anything was possible, even excellent adaptation. At least the trolls havent left.

  • Thank you Winter (and your amazing crew)! Thank you for giving new and old fans such a great website. Although I have only been coming here for about a year, I love your site and commend you and your team on the great job. Thanks again for sharing it, all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • My very first post is in there. Seems like a lifetime ago. I have met some amazing people and had some fantastic experiences through posting on here. Good Times.

  • Haha, I predicted that someone from Skins is going to be in it. There are 2 skins actors so far :) yay for my 6th sense.