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The North Remembers: May 2009

  • May 2009 was the month when the story of the amazing casting on Game of Thrones began. First, David and Dan teased that a little good news was coming, and then it was revealed that Peter Dinklage had been cast as Tyrion, which was arguably the most crucial move in bringing GoT to life. Tom McCarthy was anounced as pilot director at the same time. We also got to hear what GRRM and D&D had to say about the exciting development.
  • We got to hear from Rimshot – a Belfast native, as we called him – for the first time that month as well, who shared with us his experience as an extra, and introduced us to the Paint Hall and provided some first-hand info on how big productions utilize that studio space.
  • Casting did not stop with Dinklage, of course, there was a flurry of reports, and some silly confusion as well (I believe the post still holds the record of having the longest title). Even D&D had to intercede. The roles of Dany, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Jon, Joffrey, and Bran were in the process of being cast. To think how far we have come since then!
  • Phil updated WiC.net in May, six months into its existence (one commenter, dholds, wrote: “Yes, the site is fantastic, Winter. Great job. Still hoping you’ll be able to bag some interviews with the cast and crew at some point.” Mission accomplished several times over, but we are not stopping. The banners were raised officially as we as a fandom declared our mission to create as much buzz for the show as possible (which included making a Facebook page). See previous sentence.

Hear Me Roar: Where were you when you heard the news about Peter Dinklage being cast? What do you remember most from that period? Share in the comments.


  • I actually discovered this website right before the show started airing, so I missed all of this. It’s nice to learn some more about it’s history.

  • I was still just lurking at Westeros.org at this point. I think I started reading here about the time that we found out Tamzin Merchant had been cast for the role of Daenerys in the pilot.

  • I found out about Dinklage casting on this site.
    And I was among those who contacted WiC via mail about Holly Marie Combs lol

    But the thing I associted the most with May 2009 was the beginning of the big, long wait..

  • I think the first post I ever saw on here was the one with the Dinkage casting announcement, or it could have been a rumour one. As to where I was…. sitting at home on my computer haha, but it was nonetheless a happy day. Tyrions casting could not have been better.

  • bela: I remember when everyone HATED Nikolaj Coster Waldau for the role of Jaime Lannister.

    Never happened.

    A few people complaining about his nose, that was about it.

  • I’m kinda glad I missed out on all the angst. I didn’t come to WIC till late Season1 and I was a timid lurker.

  • For all of you interested in latest casting video.
    Posted one in the casting season 3 in ful swing – thread.
    And hurry up – they could put video down.

  • bela:
    I remember when everyone HATED Nikolaj Coster Waldau for the role of Jaime Lannister.

    I wasn’t here to be aware of that, but a friend of mine hasn’t taken to him so well. He is a good deal older than you’d expect (and the first photo of Jaime Lannister ever released looks like a much younger man than the NCW we know), but he’s grown on me for sure.

    I shudder when I think of this, but I think the show dodged two bullets and then caught two more between its teeth when both Daenerys and Catelyn were recast. I can’t see myself agreeing with either actor initially slated for those roles. Emilia Clarke and Michelle Fairley, despite any misgivings one may have regarding their characters this season, are perfect, perfect fits.

  • I didn’t even know what a song of ice and fire wad back then..but that all changed when I heard Sean bean was cast, the dude is awesome! Boromir and sharpe!

  • I think I found this place when it was referenced on GRRM’s Not A Blog. I remember reading all the froggie casting clues but I could never figure any of em’ out so I would just shoot over here and find out. My son was born in 2009 too so in a way this site kinda reminds me of that period in my life…Good times and a great website. You rock WIC.net!

  • The Rabbit:

    But the thing I associted the most with May 2009 was the beginning of the big, long wait..

    Yes! I remember the Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean castings like they were yesterday. It’s so hard to believe it’s 3 years later, and we’re watching Season 2!

  • It’s pretty hilarious to read (in the D&D intercede post) how people are clamouring for Lena Headey as Catelyn! How different GoT would’ve been had that happened!

  • i too missed all of this. I found WIC after season one and after i read clash of kings, i was looking for casting news into season 2.

  • I am not sure when exactly I started checking this site, but I certainly do remember that silliness about Holy Marie-Combs and the first news from Rimshot (someone who was actually there to see it all happening!). As time went by I slowly got more and more enthousiastic about the show and this site. The whole house gatewatch thing (always support the bottom!) was probably the highpoint. With the mass influx of viewers there are moments that I don’t like the controversies. It will probably be just “us” again during the slow months though.

  • I found this site right around the same time that Peter Dinklage was cast. Been lurking about ever since. Remember “eyebrowgate” and “chairgate”? I still want that chair BTW.
    In 2007 I found out about GRRM’s ASoI&F from a kid who worked in a Waldenbook in Tucson. He told me HBO had optioned the books then, but it was a looooong time to actually happen. The excitement building for Blackwater reminds me how we felt waiting for GOT.


  • Good times. Can’t believe its been 3 years since then. It all started for me when I was having a chat with a make-up lady on another film set back in late 2008. I asked her what was coming up and she said ‘well there’s this big epic historical show coming soon which HBO are possibly doing here’. She also advised me to learn how to ride a horse as they will be needing ‘hundreds of horseriders’. A few months later I remembered this and googled HBO & NI and up popped ‘Game of Thrones’ which led me here! What a ride it has been. Can’t wait to get stuck into S3.