Awards Season 2

WiCnet Awards Season Two: Best Supporting Actor

We’re continuing our voting for this year’s WiCnet Awards with a tough category. Maybe the toughest one out of all of them. You must vote for the best supporting actor in season two. For the record, we defined the main and supporting actor categories thusly: main actors played characters who had their own storyline, supporting actors played the secondary characters in those storylines. Obviously this is going to be slightly different than how the Emmys classifies things, which is based more on screentime. So don’t cry foul if you think we overlooked someone like Alfie Allen here. He has his own storyline in season two and thus falls into the main actor category.

Without further ado, I present to you the nominees for WiCnet Awards Best Supporting Actor in Season Two… Good luck!

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  • Oh, Jacky boy. Gotta go with the King.

    Close second is Conleth Hill. Will never get the props he deserves.

  • I really really wanted to vote for Donald Sumpter, as I did last year. He was above and beyond what I expected from a TV Maester Luwin.

    But Jack Gleeson has been the proverbial tits as Joffrey. He absolutely killed it in every one of his scenes this season. He ended up being an easier choice than I expected him to be.

  • This turned out to be a very hard decision because i liked them all this season. I went for Conleth Hill this time though, i really liked how he delivered those lines from the book, especially the riddle.

  • If I could vote, I would vote for Jack Gleeson. BUT, for some reason, I can’t vote.

  • Very tough call — all excellent. But Jack Gleeson was SO uncannily effective, I can’t pass him up for anyone else.

  • ALL of them are great! How are we supposed to choose??? Iain Glenn probably got the least interesting material to work with this season, but that still leaves four *major* supporting characters! Argh…. I really, really don’t know…………. Ok, I expect most people will go for Jack Gleeson, so I take him out… Still three left, and no way to separate them! I’m gonna sleep on this one………..

  • It was partly that his final scene was one of the last shown in the most recent episode, but Donald Sumpter has been fantastic from start to finish, and he had a range of emotions, subtle ones, to embody in his portrayal of Maester Luwin.

    Everyone on the list would deserve an award.

  • Went with Donald Sumpter.. made an almost side role such a prominent one.. and all just with his voice and facial expressions.. you know, the heavy robe didnt really allow much other movement. hah!

  • tough choice but I had to go with Jack Gleeson. He made me hate Joffrey so much, it was just perfect.

  • Donald Sumpter again and by a landslide.

    I voted for him last year and I’m repeating my vote. What he did with the character was outstanding. He is flawless in all the scenes he’s ever been. He took a secondary/tertiary character that I didn’t care much for in the books and turned it into a character that I wanted to see in every Winterfell scene.

    The rest were perfect too. Liam’s portrayal of Davos was spot-on, Conleth Hill keeps stealing every scene he’s in and Ian Glen delivers lines as if he is singing.

  • Personally, best supporting actor comes down to Charles Dance, Jerome Flynn or Rory McCann for me. But out of these choices I suppose I have to pledge fealty to that little shit Joffrey.

  • The Young Wolf:
    If I could vote, I would vote for Jack Gleeson. BUT, for some reason, I can’t vote.

    What kind of error are you getting? What browser/OS are you using?

  • I went with Jack.

    His portrayal of King Asshole is pure perfection!

    All the others did an amazing job also, but I think Jack’s performance was unmatched.

  • How is anyone able to choose between these actors? One has done an even more stunning portrayal than the other!!!
    I’m going to sleep over this one as well, although it is likely I’ll be voting for someone who won’t be coming back next season. Mainly because I can wreck my head over the same chars next year…
    But then again… *sigh*
    I hate Nina Gold for her excellent casting abilities. It’s not fair of her to do this to us, is it? :p

  • Winter Is Coming: What kind of error are you getting? What browser/OS are you using?

    When I hover over the vote button, I can’t click it. Happened with last week’s pole too. Using Chrome on Windows 7.

  • How is anyone able to choose between these actors? One has done an even more stunning portrayal than the other!!!

    I’m going to sleep over this one as well, although it is likely I’ll be voting for someone who won’t be coming back next season. Mainly because I can wreck my head over the same chars next year… But then again… *sigh* I hate Nina Gold for her excellent casting abilities. It’s not fair of her to do this to us, is it? :p

  • Would’ve loved to vote for Charles Dance or Tom Wlaschiha, (or even Esmé Bianco for a couple of reasons) but since they are not options I went with Lord Varys. Really, really tough choice though. Gleeson brings out my hatred for Joffrey and Cunningham fits what I envisioned Davos to be like…I just wish he would have more of a cockney/commoner British accent.

  • Went with Liam. He’s such a great actor, and really puts a lot of enthusiasm into his character when he only has about 5-6 scenes, give or take 1 or 2 more. And he has such compassion for the show as well.

  • As much as I love Conleth Hill, and Donlad Sumpter, and Liam Cunningham, and Iain Glen.. I had to go with my boy Jackie Gleeson. All hail King Joffrey! He really was at the height of his Joffrey-ness this season, and his performance was well-struck.

    But again, it was a tough choice, so it’s not as if I’d be disappointed if one of those other guys won.

  • Could you include the characters in the poll? I’m afraid I had to look up Donald Sumpter as I didn’t know he played Luwin…

    Impossible poll here, they are all far too fantastic.

  • Iain Glen is good, but he didn’t have such good material this year.

    Liam, Donald and Conleth all give me comfort and calm with their acting. Whenever they’re on screen I know I can just settle down in the sofa and be ready for some fantastically delivered lines.

    Jack has just been perfect.

    In the end though I’m going with my gut reaction, and as last year that reaction still is Conleth Hill as Varys. He’s slowly affected my views of the character and I’m now rooting quite much for Varys.

  • Unless Charles Dance was assumed to have his own story, he really should have been nominated instead of Ian Glen, who basically had nothing to work with this season.

    Tough call even without Glen, but really can’t go against Joffrey.

  • I hated Joffrey in the books BUT I absolutely loath him in the series. So, many thanks to Jack Gleeson for his splendid acting skills and making me hate his character just by looking at him :D

  • As much as I love Iain Glenn, he had little to do this season. The absence of Charles Dance is baffling. Or is there going to be a best actor or best villain category?

    Stephen Dillane deserves something as well. He knocked it out of the park with such little screen time.

  • The Spider wins this, even though the competition is amazing and deserving in their own right.

  • Only five! I presume these are the five Winter and friends think are best- for much as I love them, I don’t see Jaquen, Gendry, Yoren (Arya is surrounded by amazing men!) or many others as fitting the ‘lead’ definition (Tywin?).

    Those five are all superb though, and any one of them would absolutely deserve this.

    Last year I voted for Iain Glen and am tempted to again. He’s absolutely convincing even in situations I don’t like. In the books, I always found Jorah’s feelings for Dany a bit on the yuk side- not Littlefinger creepy, but somewhat pathetic and not good for either of them. So even with material I don’t like, Glen is superb. In the hands of a lesser actor that speech could have been truly cringe-inducingly awful, but he made it work.

    Having said that, Jorah has been terribly underused this year- making the huge Drogo and Viserys shaped holes in Dany’s scenes even worse! I thought he’d be given more to do, but sadly not.

    Similarly, Conleth Hill hasn’t featured as much as I think he should have. I know, not enough time, but he is Varys straight from my imagination and absolutely perfect.

    Of course, neither of the actors are to blame for that- and both are utterly wonderful.

    Davos has been great, but he’s not as much of a stand out for me (though his reaction at the birth scene was brilliant). Liam Cunningham is an excellent actor so I hope he has the chance to really impress (if Davos isn’t dead). Best yet to come I think.

    I am very, very tempted to vote for Donald Sumpter. Luwin was perfect in such a quiet way he’d be easy to miss. But every note was spot on, and even though I didn’t want to lose the power of his death scene, I found myself hoping he’d survive in the show, because I didn’t want to lose him. His smile when he saw the boys was utterly heartbreaking. I might well vote for him.

    But he has very tough competition from Jack Gleeson. Half of me wants Joffrey to die horribly- the other half reminds me that if he does, that means no more Gleeson on GoT. And that would be tragic. I don’t understand how he can be such an over the top villain in so much of what he says and does, yet still come across as a real person rather than a panto character. Very few characters are purely good or evil- Joffrey could give Beelzebub tips. He’s gone from horrible little piece of fetid camel dung to a power drunk, vindictive, twisted, not utterly insanse so there’s not even that excuse, horror who would give Cthulhu indigestion- without ever actually crossing the line to cartoon character. Arsehole.

    Too hard to choose!

  • I went with Jack Gleeson.

    Whose performance besides Peter Dinklage’s was the most talked about?

    Maybe Lena Headey’s.

  • Joshua Taylor,
    Judging by the main post, I assume that both Charles Dance and Stephen Dillane will be included in the best actor category, so might as well prepare your vote, cause that’s gonna be one hell of a tough decision to make.

  • I don’t know if I can vote in this one. All are deserving. I think the one I’d -not- vote for is Iain Glen, despite his awesomeness. I just felt like he wasn’t the presence that he was in the first season.

    I think I’m torn most between Varys and Luwin.

    Liam’s Davos is marvelous, and he’s likely to get my vote in one of the seasons to come. And Joffrey is portrayed as hatefully as I could have dreamed. But I loathe him too much to vote for him.

    Fuck it. I abstain.

  • Where’s CHarles Dance, Rory McCan and Jerome Flynn? They were amazing this season! Three posts in one day, feeling spoiled.
    Three great men a king (Jack) a priest (kinda Donald) and a rich man (who knows what his salary is, Conleth). Between them stands an everyday blogger (Aegon). Who gets voted for?
    Voting is a curious thing, its a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a castrated eunuch can cast a very large shadow!
    Conleth all the way! He portrays Varys in such a way that he is both creepy and extrememly likeable! Cannot wait for the stabbing of Kevan Lannister. Think Conleth is gonna play the shit out of that role!

  • Sigh… this is truly torture! I vote for ALL of them, but wait… I can’t… (double sigh!)
    Ok – It’s Donald Sumpter. All are amazing actors of course and any one of them that wins the poll I will be happy with. For me, Sumpter brought a rather dull book character to life in ways that are beyond what the others have done. I mean, Varys, Joff, Jorah, Davos are all interesting characters in the books as well as the Tv series. Maester Luwin is supposed to be quite the boring old man. But Donald Sumpter turned lead to gold and had some of the most moving scenes in the series. He delivered so perfectly I had tears in my eyes. And I am a 43 year old man. Maester Luwin’s death, while I expected it (book reader) was still agonizingly painful to watch.

  • I want to vote for Liam as I just love Davos as a character…. but, Jack as Joff is brilliant. His sneery, pompous face is the perfect Joff. Eeeeee, it’s a toughie! x

  • Aegon the Conqueror,

    Huh say what, I haven’t read that part. Spoilers please for those to whom it is not known,
    This is one hard poll to vote in be coming back in the morning to cast a hopeful vote

  • Tough, tough choice. In the end, had to vote for the Joff, he’d give me a red smile if I didn’t.

    Srsly tho, Iain Glen? Over Dance, McCann, or Wlaschiha?

    Also, I know it seems obvious, but I assume this means Alfie will be in the Best Actor Poll?

  • Where is Rory McCan? He should be here! I mean that scene where the burnt man runs at him…the scene where he asks for wine…so many great scenes such a great actor! He really should have been here.


    Your tearfilled farewell is the reason why I think Season 2 is better than Season 1. Season 1 had one scene where I was teary eyed-Ned’s beheading.
    Season 2 had several scenes that had me sniffing in a manly way loudly complaining about something in my eye when asked what was wrong. And I’ve read the books so I knew it was coming. Still hit me like a freight train.

  • if you would do all polls at once instead of stretching this over weeks, i would bother to vote.

  • Sarah,

    I am so deeply sorry, the pc deleted my comment and had to retype it, must’ve have forgotten to hit the spoiler button.
    My most sincere apologies!
    Winteriscoming please censor that one!!!!!!1

  • WiC, I hate you… for making me choose. :)

    These polls are SOOOOOOO hard.

    I’m still undecided… but it’s between Varys/Luwin/Davos.

    EDIT: I voted for Varys, because he was almost better than Season 1 if that’s possible. I love Luwin, but I think I may have voted for him last year? And I’m expecting Davos will have more/better material to work with next season.

  • Jack Gleeson – his twisted little mouth, cold blue eyes, nasal voice, dismissive attitude – even the way he walks – perfect mannerisms for a very bad King. Great to see him get hit in the face with a “cow pie” or a “horse apple” – whichever it was.

  • Tough category, much as I like Iain Glen, I don’t feel he had a great deal to work with this year so it’s out of the other 4. Much as Luwin’s arc makes me lean towards Sumpter, Gleeson was absolutely perfect in every scene- I hate him with a passion which is testament to the tremendous job Jack is doing as Joffrey, so he gets my vote!

  • tough choice!!! i think that:
    Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth – A
    Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin – A+
    Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont – A-
    Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon – A++
    Conleth Hill as Varys – A+

    GoT cast is THE best cast i ever saw… i love them all, but jack gleeson is soooo goood… i would kill him now :))))

  • First person that popped into my head was Joffrey, so I went for him. He definitely had a memorable performance in season 2.

  • Really tough call. I went with Jack Gleeson because it’s always easy to do the good guy, and he’s definitely the only character we’re sure he’s an antagonist. He’s done a great job with his role, and although he watches Joaquin Phoenix to get his influence, he has surpassed him.

  • A woman does not agree that Joffrey doesn’t have his own story (doesn’t he run the kingdom?), and is upset that Jaqen is not on the list as he was a very important supporter of Ms. Arya this season. A woman objects, and therefore is boycotting this vote (pouting)………maybe. ; – /

    PS…When do we find out who won the last category?

  • Hassan Madkour:
    Really tough call. I went with Jack Gleeson because it’s always easy to do the good guy, and he’s definitely the only character we’re sure he’s an antagonist. He’s done a great job with his role, and although he watches Joaquin Phoenix to get his influence, he has surpassed him.

    Please you did not just say that…….that’s worthy of a facepalm.

  • Matt Vukovic:

    GoT cast is THE best cast i ever saw… i love them all, but jack gleeson is soooo goood… i would kill him now :))))

    I have to agree with this, wholeheartedly. It’s just an amazing ensemble. It’s an outrage that they didn’t win the Emmy for casting last year.

  • Cunningham gets my vote. I liked the chemistry he and Dillane brought to the characters even if they didn’t have enough screen time.

    Jack would be next though.

    Then Sumpter. His scenes with Allen and Hempstead Wright made me wanna cry D:!!

  • Is Alfie Allen considered a supporting or a lead actor in this show? Because my vote goes to Alfie Allen hands down for either. But, I suppose if I had to choose amongst the amazing talent within the list given, I’m torn between Jack Gleeson and Donald Sumpter!

  • Gared Hall,
    The post says that actors with their own storyline are considered as main actors by So at least for this award, Alfie is gonna be with the big fish.

    Was going to vote for Liam, but then I remembered the ‘wedding’ issue of Vary and had to go for Conleth Hill.

  • Until a WiC adds Jaqen, The Hound, Yoren, Pod, Hodor, Bronn, Loras, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Samwell Tarly, a woman will abstain from voting. Yes, they were all awesome in their supporting roles, and their fans should have a chance to show some love! Unless there’s to be another category for secondary characters that will include these actors?

  • Joffrey and Luwin came close. Davos is great, but we haven’t seen enough of him yet.

    Tough call withstanding, I have to give this one to Conleth Hill’s portrayal of Varys. He nails book Varys and expounds upon him. Now on re-reads, I see his Varys in my mind’s eye.

    ETA: Jaqen and Tywin should’ve been on here. Though I can see calling Tywin a main character.

  • Conleth Hill! Such an underrated actor.

    They’re all great, but I had to go with the Spider.

  • Mrs. H’ghar:
    Until a WiC adds Jaqen, The Hound, Yoren, Pod, Hodor, Bronn, Loras, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Samwell Tarly, a woman will abstain from voting. Yes, they were all awesome in their supporting roles, and their fans should have a chance to show some love! Unless there’s to be another category for secondary characters that will include these actors?

    We are going to have a “best scene stealer” category that will include some of those actors/characters.

  • Jack is #1.

    This was a tough vote, but when Jack gets that crazy wild eyed look about him.. he totally sells insane perfectly. He really impressed me in his Cersei slap scene, the sceptre scene and the Blackwater episode.

  • Oh come ON, Winter, you couldn’t make this any harder. I went with Conleth, but Jack is close. They are all close. Not fair

  • Ahh god… why?

    I dunno, I just can’t decide between Conleth and Jack. Pretty sure Jack is gonna win, deservedly of course. I think I’ll just go with him, both actors perfectly embody their characters. I wish I could vote for both of them haha, Conleth needs more recognition!

  • Wow, that is a tough list from which to choose only one. I really love the work that Conleth Hill and Jack Gleeson are doing overall and Liam Cunningham and Iain Glen are stellar too. But I had to vote for Donald Sumpter because the others will have more chances and Maester Luwin is now gone. It’s the only way I could break the tie. (although, if based on sheer acting awesomeness alone, I’d have to go with Conleth Hill).

  • Seriously no confirmed castings since Shireen? We need to start infiltrating D&Ds home base and finding shit out! Who’s down?

  • Went with Gleeson – I hate TV Joffrey about a million times more than I ever hated book Joffrey and the visual cues really help.

    That being said, the show’s hardly lacking in talented acting.

  • Tough choice as they were all awesome. Went with my raging man crush hormones and picked Jorah for being the hottest.

  • I’m conflicted. Such a tough choice deciding best performance. Gleeson has simply
    personified the character Joffrey but the script was bit …off somehow, same for
    Hill and Dinklage bromance. Mr Sumpter and Glen were given more effectual
    material IMHO (If this were S 1 the Gleeson wins it hands down with Dinklage
    moved up to Best Actor Nomination). As Mrs H’ghar mentioned , Jacqen and Arya
    should have made the list. Of course the list could be longer with making it too
    difficult to decide among such a stellar cast. I salute all of them and perhaps will
    honor their work by giving the vote a little more thought. It’s the script and scenes
    my thoughts are weighed down for not the actor/ actress really. Some characters I
    thought I’d loathe because of the books I ended empathizing with ( “poor Cersei”,
    “everyone’s gentleman ser Bronn”, dimwit Cate, dumbstruck Jon) or disappointed
    in their actions. Still a ” A ” level cast though, and I’m anxious to see more.

  • Turn cloak:
    Seriously no confirmed castings since Shireen? We need to start infiltrating D&Ds home base and finding shit out! Who’s down?

    A woman is down. What’s the plan?

  • Went with Jack Gleeson, with Conleth Hill a close second.

    Disappointed with the choices, though: what about the actors portraying Jaqen, Tywin, Bronn, the Hound, Pyat Pree, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Renly, Stannis, Loras, Samwell, …

    Perhaps the problem is the polling applet as such. I’d prefer one with checkboxes rather than a radio button. If n > 0 boxes are checked, the processing script would add 1/n to the aggregate score of each corresponding actor. This would make voting easier for those readers who can’t – or don’t want to – whittle their preference down to a single name.

  • Kharn9,

    Ah, very good then! Lookign forward to voting for Alfie, because he nailed it. As for the supporting actors, eventually went with Donald Sumpter. He nailed Luwin and brought a little extra to his character – and it only made Luwin that much better.

  • Since I had to pick just one, I had to go with Conleth – his Varys is perfection! Such an important supporting character, too, because he has his eyes and ears everywhere.

  • I’m voting for “Game of Thrones cast, season 2.” For every poll. I pretty much refuse to vote. This season was simply excellent. It’s almost unfair to choose.

  • Went with Liam Cunningham for his delivery of one line: “They want to play music with us? Let’s play — drums!” (Did I get that right? Anyhow, close enough.)

    But all of the actors were amazing in their supporting roles. Tough choice.

  • All hail King Joff!! Seriously, Gleeson did some amazing work this season, probably most impressive was his moment when he was trying to get out of the battle without looking like a complete tool. There was this one second of self recognition of how horrible he is, and then an immediate decision to still GTFO which was pitch perfect. Conleth Hill was incredible every step of the way as well, a very close second to me that I wouldn’t mind seeing taking the win.

  • Turn cloak,

    I’m with you on that! Call the banners!!!

    D&D need to start releasing who they cast and soon! This Sarah Bolger thing needs to be confirmed or denied. Don’t let my hopes be up so long for only disappointment!

  • i voted for Iain coz he remembers me of Lex Barker (Old Shatterhand), good old boy :-))))

  • Have to support Davos, not to mention the performance by Liam Cunningham was especially brilliant. Not to take away from any of the others here. Too difficult.

  • It took all of a half second to decide. Jack Gleeson. Hands down.

    Not to detract from the others… he’s just that damned good.

  • Voted for Jack Gleeson. I had to do it. I think I take him for granted sometimes because I just think he’s actually Joffrey in real life too, because no one could possibly act that psycho. He truly is amazing in that role. My second choice would’ve been Conleth Hill, followed by Cunningham. Glen simply was not featured enough this year for this. He was damn good in season 1 though, so I am not knocking his abilities. I agree with everyone else that says the cast is great, everyone should win, etc.

    My big problem is no Pyatt Pree. That actor nailed it. NAILED IT.

  • Udi,

    Agreed, Udi. Maester Luwin never came across as a minor character, but rather seemed to grow in importance each time he was on screen. As a non-reader, I fully expected his role to expand, so to see all that knowledge, wisdom and compassion (not to mention his intimate connection to the family) so abruptly and casually taken was gut wrenching. What a waste! That I am still grieving for him as if he was a real person speaks volumes.

  • Just wanted to amend my response to say that I will vote Iain as Best Exiled Pirate-Shirted Creeper Knight of Essos each and every season. No competition, really.

  • With these polls, it gets harder the longer you think about it, just go with your first thought, it is mostly right.
    For that I voted for Jack, too.
    But I love the others, too, of course.
    I think it is a good thing that Jaqen and Gendry were missing, I would have had trouble to vote on the actors skills instead of to vote for the characters I love so much.
    Is there a poll about hottest guy or girl on the show, or hottest scene (guy, girl)?

  • Tar Kidho,

    Ok, one night later…still incredibly tough but finally I went with Conleth. Don’t ask me why, I try not to think about it too much anymore lest I feel guilty towards the others!

  • This was tough ..sorta . Jack Gleeson just grabs you ( eek! …not literally )..but I’ve loved the subtlety of Hill and Sumpter over 2 seasons , and Cunningham is perhaps my favourite newbie of the nominees. Ian Glenn didn’t have much in the way of material this year.

    So Jack it is.. kudos for making us believe you’re so-o-o-o sick and evil !

  • Gabriel David Ross,

    Matthos: They’re welcoming the new king.

    Davos: I’ve never known bells to mean surrender. They want to play music with us, let’s play. Drums.

    Matthos: DRUMS!!

  • Based on general acting skills, I really cannot choose. So I just went with the most enjoyable one – Jack it is.

  • For your consideration,

    Rory McCann

    “Any of these flaming fucking arrows come near me, I’ll strangle you with your own guts.”

  • Biscotti:
    our bastard, frankie mcginty?

    He appears to be the right age, icy blue eyes, a woman thinks this could work well. Haven’t seen him in action but he appears to have been in quite a few different types of works so we’ll see. Really, this comment and others like it would be better on the casting related posts, more people would see it.

  • You know, in general I’m not a huge Varys fan, but Conleth Hill was reallllly good this season. I went that way. Thanks Nina for making this choice impossible.

  • Daaamn! I even tried to vote twice for Sumpter (not to try foul play, but because I wasn’t sure if I had to be logged in – I’ve been away too long!). He made me cry in the last ep, and that’s no mean feat.

    Second in my mind, Conleth Hill. I was pretty indifferent to Varys in the books but he made the character interesting, infusing it with an empathy that you can never be sure is not part of his deviousness.

    Third is a tie between Liam Cunningham and Iain Glen, with a slight edge for my fave bear (Glen). I found they both suffered from too little screentime and sometimes awkward writing (“KHAAALEEESIII!” when maybe a whisper would have been less cheesy. Hey, Khaleesi rhymes with cheesy! No offence, just noticed).

    Jack Gleeson should have been at the top. He is so good in his role that he makes me despise Joffrey too much, even more than in the books. Kudos for that!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention Tom Wlaschiha, who in his brief scenes gave me some really strong emotions.

  • Aegon the Conqueror,

    Tyrion and Shae for instance… damn – Dinklage choking had me choking as well. Season two has definitely managed to put liquid “things” in our eyes which hindered vision.

  • 3eyes,

    I recently finished reading ‘The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo’ and then decided to watch the movie (disappointing after the book). As it happens, this was a day after I saw Maester Luwin die… and who was the first actor to pop on screen in ‘The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo’?
    You guessed it: Donald Sumpter! It was funny and sad at the same time – as if he had been ressurected somehow. Mind you, his role in that film is very minor but as expected, he performs perfectly. Also saw ‘The Iron Lady’ just two weeks ago and that film has Iain Glenn, Harry Loyd and Susan Brown (Septa Mordane) playing roles (hope I didn’t miss anyone). Well, Nina Gold did the casting for that film. In Nina Gold we trust.

  • We couldn’t of had a more perfect Maester Luwin. A character I loved in the books and one of the True Stark heros. Love him.

  • One look at that list makes me realise how lucky we are with this show (and how good Nina Gold is at her job). Most TV shows have one obvious choice for best supporting actor, maybe one outsider, and the rest there to make up the numbers. With GoT we are able to nominate five worthy winners, and in fact could have easily nominated ten.

    That said, I managed to whittle it down to a very hard choice between Conleth Hill and Jack Gleeson. Both have made their characters come alive as human beings and are absolutely riveting when on screen. In the end I went for Jack Gleeson as I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves and hope that it he wins a few awards he may decide to carry on acting after he leaves Uni.

  • I went with Conleth Hill he is really amazing. But Jack and Donald were great too and i will soon be regretting not voting for Donald as it was his last chance.

  • At first I couldn’t decide between Donald Sumpter, whose heartbreaking performance in the last few episodes, was really something entirely else and Liam Cunningham, who definately managed to establish Davos as a great character (arguably even better than the book version) … in a very limited screentime that he had. After a short consideration, however, I decided to go with Conleth Hill … simply because of his awesome interactions with Tyrion (which were even better, imo, than those with LF last year).

  • How is a girl supposed to choose between those actors.

    They were all extraordinarily brilliant and brought their characters to life with an emotional intensity I had not expected. Plus, their characters (apart from maybe Joffrey, lol) are some of my favourites in the books, so I have really no chance deciding between them.
    I will think about it for a couple of days, but I don’t think there is any way I could decide. Damn, I thought last week was hard – this, however …

  • Donald Sumpter. His Luwin always impressed me and he moved me the most of all the nominees this season.

  • How to break a gir’s head! Make her choose between some excellent actors.
    Torn between Conleth, Donald and Jack as each brings a very unique quality to a role that could’ve easily fallen flat in the hands of a lesser talented person.

    But in the end, I am forced to go with Conleth Hill. One of the most underrated actors!

    Also, I blame Nina Gold and her unnatural casting abilities for giving me a headache! This choice was ridiculously hard!!!!
    (Although secretly, I would’ve happily voted our favourite Faceless Man. But maybe he’ll show up on the ‘most jaw-droppingly hot male’ award list. A woman can hope!)

  • Conleth Hill – he gives Varys a gravitas that’s not in the books so you are more afraid of him and yet more sympathetic too.

    Also the writers love this character. He gets good lines.

  • Conleth Hill brings Varys to life for me, he gets my vote! :) I actually enjoy Varys on the show more than I do in the books-a testament to Hill’s fabulous portrayal!

  • Gleeson or Hill was a tough one, but in the end, I just can’t say to no to Conleth’s performance. He’s one of the “glue” actors on the show for me. He interacts with so many other characters and is always wonderfully Varys.

  • Maester Luwin. Noone above or beside. The rest are a close 2nd, but imho, the acting was the best. It’s not either as we can vote for the character next season ;-) When I think of S02 with the book in mind, the character was made a lot more visible and the last scene is one of the top scenes in all of S02.

  • Everyone did an amazing job, but I had to vote for Maester Luwin. My last tribute to him :)

  • For me it is Conleth Hill, closely followed by Sumpter and Gleeson (who should have won Season 1, don´t know if he did). Loved Davos, too, and Jorah, who was kickass good in S1, but IMO didn´t get many scenes where he could shine this season.

    But I´d like to thank another actor who always delivers superbly even thouh his part is small (though not eaten by goats yet): Julian Glover as Pycelle.
    I still get bellyaching fits from laughing when I hear him say: “It was the Spiiidehr!”

  • Such a tough one – I was most torn between Gleeson and Hill. I went with Hill, but Jack Gleeson really is fantastic.

  • I went with Conleth Hill. He is absolutely Varys with every breath he takes. Did they cut Mr. Hill’s balls? This has to be method!

    For all of you who voted for Jack. I understand, he was magnificent. I believe that he will receive many nominations this awards season…

    I really want to see this mother fucker die already. And if he nails it the way I hope Then he will have my vote next year.

  • Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth is probably my favorite character on the show right now. Cunningham also played a certain knight of the round table (Sir Gawain?) in the classic King Arthur/Arthurian film “First Knight” back in 1995 which was one of my favorites (again) growing up.

    I was really impressed to see the actor on Game of Thrones in the first place (I mean impressed by the show/the D & D directors, etc., that they had selected him.)

    But, to be fair, the actors for Varys, Sir Jorah Mormont, Maester Luwin, and King Joff were all (and still are!) amazing, maybe even better than some of the main actors — but that’s up for debate.


  • Ugh, this was difficult; it was down to Sumpter and Hill for me. But I finally had to go with Hill and I can tell you the exact moment in Season 2 that clinched it for me: Pressing that index finger against the door and staring down at Tyrion.

  • blackbird7309:
    Everyone did an amazing job, but I had to vote for Maester Luwin. My last tribute to him :)

    Though a woman was boycotting for lack of a Jaqen option, your comment swayed me to join in a last tribute to Maester Luwin/Donald Sumpter. Here here!

  • Aegon the Conqueror,

    No it is absolutely fine, and your quite nice about it too which is refreshing. Luwin you have my vote or vary’s. shame I can’t vote twice for the two of them.

  • Every nominee certainly did an excellent job this season.. But I think Davos had to go through more character development than the rest, and he did so flawlessly. For this reason, Liam grabbed my vote. He was great as commander in the Blackwater battle. His story only gets better and better from here on..

  • All nominees have done superb acting it was a difficult choice. I voted for Jack Gleeson for his portrayal of a character I absolutely hate. I would have slapped you myself if I could. Your performance of Joffrey went the extra mile.

  • Wow this one is… hard.

    I went with Conleth Hill as Varys.. though I now regret it and should have put Donald Sumpter as Luwin. I’m afraid I let my bias for my character get in the way of my objective look at who did the best job acting. Really though, they’re all just so, so good this season. Theres not a loser up there and you could make a case for every one of them. I think Iain Glen had a stronger performance last season, but I think thats more to do with that he had better material to work with, while the others all had stronger material to work with relative to last season.

  • excuse me! Liam is an excellent actor but the best supporting actor (not to say probably the best of the series) is Jack Gleeson! Seriously he deserves an award just because he agreed to play Joffrey in the first place! Give him credit!

  • This was a tough one. Jack Gleeson is amazing season, after season, I did not think it was possible for me to dislike Joffrey any more than I alredy did, but this season Gleeson sunk Joff to even lower levels of depravity and cruelty, especially the scene where he “dispatches” his “gift” from Uncle Tyrion, by forcing Ros to become an impromptu torturer…I despise Joff, and that is a direct compliment to Gleeson’s talent!

    Liam Cunningham I already know from several other movies and TV shows, please do yourself a favour and watch Cunningham alongside Brendan Gleeson in a great little movie “The Guard”! Cunningham also put in a helluva performance on that new action oriennted Cinemax original series “Strike Back”! Of course he showed his chops alongside Neil Marshall in “Centurion” alongside Michael Fassbender and Dominic “McNulty” West!

    Still after all these wonderful actors (including those I left off of the list), I decided to go with Conleth Hill…his performance is soo rich in detail, so complex and acomplished, that sometimes it takes a few viewings to catch all the awesomness he manages to inject in each of his scenes! He takeas Varys, a really oily and shifty character of questionable origins and morals, and makes him so interesting and attractive to listen to and watch. Varys, no matter what is intentions, who seems to have a good head on this shoulders and who still tries to look at the whole picture, the wellbeing and safety of the whole realm, not just short-term but long-term also. I think that he and Tyrion together can be quite extraordinary!

    So kudos to Mr. Hill on his amazing performance!