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Broken ankles and scheduling conflicts lead to SDCC panel changes

Entertainment Weekly broke the news earlier today that Lena Headey has had to drop out of attending the San Diego Comic Con, due to scheduling conflicts. In her place, HBO has added Rose Leslie to panel.

Then the @GameofThrones Twitter revealed that due to a recently broken ankle, Kit Harington has also had to drop out. Thankfully, the injury will not affect production in any way, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Game of Thrones panel is scheduled for 2:45 PM PT this Friday and now will include Emilia Clarke, Alfie Allen, Richard Madden, Rose Leslie and Michelle Fairley.

Winter Is Coming: Too bad about Lena missing the show. She is always fun at these events. It will be nice to see Rose up there though. It’s just a shame she won’t be there with Kit. Get well soon, Kit!


  • Damn. Once Rose was announced I was looking forward to having her there with Kit, but that’s not happening.

    My first first on WiC!

  • A woman is always sorry to hear of injuries to our heroes…heal quickly and well Kit/Jon Snow!

  • Having suffered more than my fair share of injuries to knees/legs/ankles, etc. from sports, I hope he recovers fully and quickly.

  • Yikes, ankle injuries are no joke. Hope he feels better soon. As for the panel, I’m looking forward to hearing from some faces new to SDCC. It’ll be fun!

  • How could that not interfere with the production, unless all the Jon Snow stuff is already in the can (unlikely, since they just started shooting), or unless the Jon Snow stuff wont be shot for months down the road?

    Actually, now that I think about it maybe they’ll wait until fall to shoot in Iceland, like they did last year, so it will be more wintry.

    Is that the plan? How long does it take for a typical broken ankle to heal?

  • I was on cast and crutches for 6 weeks for a very severe ankle break where I needed surgery and pins and plates. Then I was in a walking cast for another couple months.

  • Oh no. Two more ankle injuries and HBO will pull the plug for sure.. Wait, no that’s only horses *phew*

  • Jon took a Wildling Arrow to the knee? Guess they took the realism a little too far in filming this year.

    “I used to be in the Night’s Watch, but then I took an arrow to the knee.”

  • Iceland shooting began much later than july in the last year, IIRC.

    The ankle injury will probably be better by then.

  • alexmac,

    He’s quite good! XD
    THe only one that I thought was way off was Littlefinger, but it was better than I could do either way! HE did get a little carried away with Jorah though! XD


    i sprained my ankle very badly (not broken, but on crutches for a while) just 4 weeks before a dance recital. yeah, i favored it a bit and didn’t take my bandage wrap off until performance night, but i spent extra time doing physical therapy to help the muscles regain enough strength to support me doing leaps and spins and stuff. i was told i was crazy for trying to do this, but it turned out okay.

    i’m sure the supporting staff of hbo is looking out for their actors, but i also feel like the GOT cast feels a certain connection and commitment to the material that they’ll do whatever it takes. i hope kit gets well soon, and ankle problems are terrible, but a guy that refuses to wash his hair for an entire filming season to be more in touch with his character is not going to let an ankle injury keep him off set unless he’s being physically restrained. worst case i can imagine is he’ll seem a little haggard and limpy at the beginning of next season, which could make sense considering how his season 2 storyline better.

    i hope you get better quickly, kit! it would be much better to have you healthy than working through an injury, but i feel like if anyone can do it, a GOT castmember will.

  • alexmac,

    Hah! I purposefully didn’t watch and only listened and I could tell who each person was right away. Very well done. KHALEESI!

  • Hope Kit gets well soon and damn I would also would have wanted to see him with Rose Leslie at CC, but rest and healing is rather the order of the day, especially now with the start of shooting. I wonder if he broke it during a scene that was being filmed? Or is this maybe too early to assume? John Bradley could also have gone in his place.That would have been great (:

  • Lena is always such a charming and fun interview. I suppose that makes her performance as Cersei all the better. So I’m sure her absence will be felt by a lot of folks. Fortunately Rose Leslie makes up for it. I’ve never actually seen an interview of her, or anything outside of her work on Downton and GoT. That is a hell of an assembled cast panel, too. I wonder what Alfie will say, if there is any news about what to expect next season…

    Shame about Kit’s injury. It’s good that it won’t affect production, because that’s a sign it should be a relatively quick heal. I wish him a speedy recovery, and look forward to his scenes beyond the Wall next year. His ASoS material is easily my favorite of the Jon arcs from any book.

  • mags giantsbabe,
    According to Josef Altin (Pyp), he’ll be back on set in September, so I think Jon’s group hasn’t started. More time for Kit to recover :) Looking at the people going to Comic Con and people saying they’re in Belfast, it seems that Bran and Arya are the first groups to shoot.

  • alexmac,

    That is really impressive! For the latter half I was just listening, and immediatly – like within half a second – recognized every character. Jon made me crack up a bit.

  • alexmac,

    Lol, went a little overboard Irish on Petyr. If he took it down just a touch it would’ve been perfect though!! Really spot on! I love Varys <3

  • Mooncoffee

    It’s better like that, although he’s also doing a film in Greenland after the GOT shoot, so hopefully it won’t put too much strain on him or mess up his filming schedule.

  • My Baby broke his ankle!!!, what I wouldn´t do to bear his pain for him. I will be praying avidly for your poor ankle

  • If Iceland is subbing for North of the Wall again it makes sense not to shoot until autumn time at the earliest, otherwise there’d be a real lack of continuity from the snowy conditions of last season.

    Otherwise the wilding furs, etc. make for great camouflage for any cast he might have to wear. Could also shoot scenes on horseback, use body doubles, etc.

  • Too bad for Lena, she’s amazing in those events, it’ll be hard for Rose Leslie to fill in her shoes and be as open and engaging as Lena would.
    Best wishes for Kit’s recovery, i hope he’ll be fully recovered when he starts shooting (Iceland shouldn’t be among the first locations).

  • alexmac,

    thought they were all great except for the ned start. but being a yorkshireman myself i suppose i would find fault in it. if jorah has hopes of pulling dany he shouldnt mention his genital warts!!

  • And if Josef Altin (Pyp) is also back, it means Jon’s story is also being pushed forward a little, which makes me excited, because there is the slight possibility then that the first big fight scene for aSoS will be in S3 :D

  • Poor Kit :( Hope he recovers quickly. Does that mean Rose will be on top?
    Oops, I´ll just drag me and my filthy thoughts back to the gutter…

  • That sucks…Kit and Lena will be missed. Hope Kit’s ankle heals quickly.
    Wonder why they haven’t asked Maisie or Sophie to be on the panel?

  • They should write an ankle injury into Jon’s storyline. I broke my ankle one year, and had to have surgery, plates, pins, etc. It was actually the leg and the ankle. I didn’t walk for two months, then crutches for three months, then a plastic ankle brace for almost a year, and I couldn’t walk without a limp for several years. I guess it’s really going to depend on what ‘kind’ of broken ankle he has. But I don’t believe that spin that it’s not going to affect production. Unless it’s a very minor injury, it’s going to affect him quite a bit! Especially in the cold! When I am out in the cold, I feel the metal in my leg, and it hurts. This was in 2001 (the injury) and it still hurts when I walk a lot, or run, or overdo it.

  • Ouch! Broken ankle sounds painful. Hopefully Kit recovers soon. Too bad Kit and Lena won’t be at the Comic Con panel.

  • purplejilly,

    Sounds like you broke your ankle pretty thoroughly!

    For a minor fracture, he might only be in plaster for 6 weeks or so, plenty of time if he’s filming in the autumn. A friend of mine is currently dealing with this, he says his good leg hurts more because he has to keep all his weight on it.

    Get well soon Kit!

  • Perhaps Kit hurt himself when he went looking for Ghost after Ghost didn’t show up to help him in his fight with the halfhand ;)

  • purplejilly:
    They should write an ankle injury into Jon’s storyline.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Jon snow does in fact injure his leg, when he finally escapes the Wildlings and they try to shoot him full of arrows, then when he’s in command of repelling the Wildlings against their attack on the Wall, he is limping the whole time. So that would work well, but that might not be until the end of Season 3. So they’ll have to make the injury earlier. Maybe when he’s climbing the wall.

  • So whose ankle do we have to brake to get Jack Gleeson on a panel…or at least an interview??? In all seriousness hope Kit is well and a hooray for Rose Leslie, at least we’ll get someone from beyond the wall:)

  • I was skimming the article and saw that “a broken ankle has led Kit Harrington to drop out” or something similar, and thought they were recasting him. Minor crisis averted.

  • It’s good to hear that Rose Leslie will be there! It’s just a shame that it’ll be without Kit. Poor guy, I hope he will get better soon. But ah, if they made Sophie Turner attend the panel instead of him, I think wouldn’t be that much upset [:

  • As much as I love Rose what’s the point of having her at the panel when Kit’s not going to be there ? it would have been fun to see Rose tease Kit :-(

  • Klavonivs:
    So whose ankle do we have to brake to get Jack Gleeson on a panel…or at least an interview???

    It would ruin the mystique of King Joffrey :-)

  • mags giantsbabe: And if Josef Altin (Pyp) is also back, it means Jon’s story is also being pushed forward a little, which makes me excited, because there is the slight possibility then that the first big fight scene for aSoS will be in S3 :D

    Wouldn’t Pyp be in the now-independent Sam storyline, not Jon’s? Anyway, I assume they’re not going to Iceland until the end of the year (last year it was December-ish), and unless they’re moving a LOT of Jon story in season 3, most/all of his stuff will be there.

    Besides, it’s always possible that he didn’t JUST break his ankle. He could have broken it a while ago but still hoped to go to San Diego, and just waited as long as he could to make/announce the decision. So no telling exactly when he’ll be healed.

  • That’s really sad news about Kit’s ankle. I hope he makes a speedy recovery!


    Nope, I think Pyp would be part of Jon’s storyline. He’s at Castle Black when Jon gets back since he didn’t go on the ranging. Sam arrives at Castle Black sometime after Jon.

  • Lisa,

    Good point, but I still have a very hard time believing they’ll get that far, so maybe he’s there for something else.

  • Kalasin

    True, although I’m also thinking in terms of where they will be splitting the story and if we’ll only be getting to see the first of some epic battles in S4 (which I assume will be more or less based on part 2 of aSoS. Kit mentioned that he was looking forward to getting back to CC so I can’t imagine how bummed he must be feeling right now. The article mentions he wasn’t injured on set, so it was either training or something completely unrelated.

    Why is Rose Leslie being seen as filling Lena Heady’s shoes? Come on, she’s part of the cast, not there to fill a ‘personality quota’. It annoys me to think that actors who appear at such conventions need to be funny and charming to be entertaining. It’s very enjoyable to watch them if they are, I was cracking up at Lena Heady and Jason Mamoa last year, but not all actors are like this. Richard Madden is shy and Kit is not a guy of many words, for instance. So I hope people won’t be dissappointed this year if the actors aren’t saying things that are deemed as “funny” or “entertaining”.


    Kit Harrington’s ankle has been cast!!!
    Jon Snow: “OUCH!!! I think I broke my ankle”!
    Ygritte: “You know nothing Jon Snow! It’s sprained, not broken and at least it ain’t yo’ bone”!
    On a serious note: Hope Kit gets well soon. Am sure the panel will be fun though many great actors will be sorely missed, especially the Lannisters.

  • Ducky,

    Nik is in California filming a movie with Tom Cruise right now. Hopefully he can come down to San Diego. Maybe he will make a *surprise* appearance at Comic Con or maybe they will add him to the lineup later. :::crossing fingers:::

  • tysnow:
    Is there going to be a live webcast of the GoT panel on Friday?

    Was going to ask the exact same thing. Anyone know?

  • Hmm, quite an auspicious beginning to Season 3, I hope Kit Harrington is allright and recovers well…but these things happen. Loosing Clive Mantle from the cast is another bit of bad news we could have done without…seeing that the premiere for Season 3 seems at this point so far away! Well, hell, in the meantime I’ll just have to console myself by counting down the days ’till the premiere of “The Hobbit”.

    I’ve heard some complaints recently that this year’s GoT pannel is a bit dissapointing…HBO’s presence at COMICON should be bolstered and pack more of a punch, hey if fans put forth the time and effort to show up and prove their support and love for the show, then HBO should do the same. Lest they they think that support for the show is somehow automatically guaranteed and they start taking their fans for granted…if they ever do that, they’ll be in for a rude awakennig.