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Interview with Kristian Nairn at Comic Con

Our Daily Raven host Simone Boyce was on hand in San Diego, covering Comic Con for us. Kristian Nairn was also there, roaming the halls of the convention center, live-tweeting like crazy. Simone managed to catch up with the Belfast actor for a quick chat about the show and the books. HODOR!

Spoiler note: This video contains slight spoilers from the book series. Nothing specific, but Kristian does discuss his character’s future in general terms and talks about some different fan theories on Hodor’s back story.

Winter Is Coming: A nice little chat! Kristian is a fun guy. Thanks to Simone for getting the interview and to Kristian for taking time out of his busy day to answer our questions!


  • Cool. I was wondering what happened to Simone’s comic con coverage. I want some more please.

  • I have a feeling that all or nearly all of the “main” cast that haven’t read the books have at least researched enough to find out if and when their character dies. That is if they haven’t been told on purpose or by accident. The curiousity has to be too strong… Of course, even reading the books and or listening to those that have might not stay true — “it is known.” ;)

  • Lise Bollum: Speaking of interviews; Norwegian news are doing quite a few things on Kristofer Hivju these days and here’s the latest one I came across:

    It’s in Norwegian, and I haven’t checked how well Google Translate handles it, just so you know!

    Hivju getting the part of Tormund was actually on the front cover of one of the two biggest newspapers here in Norway today, lol!

    Heres a rough translation of the parts we care about:

    Hivju: “Getting this role was amazing! Its a character I’ll highly enjoy portraying, and that will open many new doors for me.”

    In the shows third season, Hivju is playing the role of the warrior Tormund Giantsbane who is described as “terrifying and strong with a large build and beard”.

    “Hey, thats me!” Hivju laughs and continues:

    “He is a very complex man with many facets to him. It’ll be very exiting to portray him.”

    Right now, Hivju is hard at work with researching the story and is reading through thousands of pages of GRRMs ASOIAF-books.

    Hivju was already a big fan of the show.

    “I was captivated through season one. It’s a made up universe, but it also takes place in
    the past (whut?) I’m simply a great admirer of the show, and think it’s one of the best
    things on TV. Right now I’m preparing for the part, and to do it justice. This is a great opportunity, and it’ll be fun!”

  • Been weeks since I’ve seen a Daily Raven
    Perhaps it’s time to do one, what with all the casting news we’ve received at comic con.
    Perhaps next year at comic con we van have live(ish) video coverage from Simone. Would definetly get up at three am to watch that.

  • the goat:
    Here’s a blog piece on the shooting of S3 from ni2012 (apparently Northern Ireland’s official tourism site). Including a pic of Nic & Gwen doing a scene on a bridge!

    The local BBC news broadcast the footage and interviews this evening. It was great to get a peek of Brienne and Jamie on their travels. The reporter also mentioned the extreme secrecy surrounding this seasons filming, which confirms our fears that the cast,crew and extras have been warned not to blab about anything. OR ELSE!! Everyone had warnings for the first two seasons ,but this time it seems more serious.

  • Two Feathers: The reporter also mentioned the extreme secrecy surrounding this seasons filming, which confirms our fears that the cast,crew and extras have been warned not to blab about anything. OR ELSE!! Everyone had warnings for the first two seasons ,but this time it seems more serious.

    This is a bit of a shame, as “illegal news” about GoT seeping out are always so exiting. Though theres obviously no keeping that lid completely shut, as we’ve seen this year as well as the two previous.

  • sjwenings: “illegal news” about GoT seeping out are always so exiting

    Seeping out “illegal news ” about GoT is also exciting ;) …. I would imagine.

  • I suspect he was elated to have a discussion at comic con with out someone demanding he says Hodor.

  • A woman truly enjoyed hearing KN speak with his own voice. Thanks for posting this, and for all those commenters adding more links with news and articles…awesome!

  • Saw some fun pictures of Hodor earlier today. Apparently he went to visit Blizzard Entertainment headquarters while he was in the area for Comic con, had him posing with the Warcraft statues and so on.

  • Emma Katana:
    Wow, Simone must be really effing tall.KN is 6’11″ (211cm).How tall are you, Simone?

    According to her Twitter she says she’s 6ft and Kristian looks like he’s slouching in that vid. If u google images of Simone there’s a pic of her w KN n he looks much taller in comparison. Still..the difference doesn’t appear to be almost a foot so either Simone wears killer heels or Kristian is actually a bit shorter than claimed

  • Emma Katana:

    If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say she was on a stool.If only to hold the mic within reach.He’s definitely enormous.Here’s him with Janina Gavankar (5’7):

    Is he 6’11?Maybe, maybe not.He’s definitely close to it.That’s why I’m going with Simone was standing on something… heels wouldn’t cut it.:)

    Yeah, that’s definitely a possibility. Celebrity heights always intrigue me because more often than not they add a few inches to their listing..having seen a few in rl I can say they’re usually quite a bit shorter than claimed. That pic you posted of him with Janine Gavankar kinda tells me the same about him..I’m 6’4 and someone who is about 5’7 usually comes to a bit below the bottom of my chin. Looking at that pic I’d have to guess he’s probably about 3 inches taller than me based on that concept (though she might be wearing no shoes or flats versus his probably regular shoes) so 6’8 ish seems more likely. Still a big dude tho!!
    RM being 5’11 doesn’t seem right either..Simone did indeed tower over him and that definitely wasn’t just a difference between 5’11 and her 6′.
    As I said..I always think these things are interesting..maybe that says my life is boring, I dunno ;-)

    KN seems like such a gentle giant in that interview though..just like Hodor! =D

  • Kristian cannot read the book because he gets confused by all the characters.

    He is Just Like Hodor! :D

  • Love Hodor, love Kristian. I hope the ‘crazy’ fans back off a little bit, poor guy is frazzled! :)

  • Hodor can only read things that say “Hodor”, or some variation thereof, like “Hodor”.