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NI press reports from the set of Thrones

Yesterday, a batch of Northern Ireland press were given access to the set of Game of Thrones. The scene being filmed was a Brienne and Jaime scene shot at Shane’s Castle. Here are some interesting snippets from their reports:


“We’ve been able to find an incredible variety of locations,” Frank Doelger, one of the executive producers of the series, told UTV.

“The weather is definitely a challenge, but I have to let you know that we’ve been rained out in Malta, we’ve been rained out in Croatia, we’ve been snowed out in Iceland.

“So all the other areas that we’ve gone to have been challenging as well.”

NI 2012 Blog

Executive Producer, Frank Doelger explained that during filming on Season 3, the crew would spend 140 days shooting in Northern Ireland with the production also taking in locations in Iceland, Morocco, and Croatia purely because authentic snow-capped mountains and deserts are not features of our landscape and the crew need to capture all the worlds in which the characters live. Frank discussed that 80% of the filming would take place in the Belfast based studios however confirmed that filming will be taking in locations across all 6 counties in Northern Ireland.

BBC News Northern Ireland (with video)

The Northern Ireland scenery has a starring role in the production.

Naomi Liston from Edinburgh is a locations manager and even after scouting for exteriors for three series says they have only just scratched the surface of possibilities. “One of our methods is to get lost for a day, go down country roads and suddenly find fantastic vistas or a tumble-down old mill we can use.”

News Letter

I watched five takes of the short scene – to appear in the second episode of the new series – between Knight Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister.

Without giving too much away, the scene is part of Brienne’s mission to escort Jaime back to his family at King’s Landing for Lady Catelyn Stark. She believes the Lannister family – who include the mother of the young King Joffrey – hold her two daughters captive and hopes to get them back in exchange for Jaime.

Brienne is far from your standard knight – firstly, she is a woman – but she has emerged as one of the most interesting characters since being introduced in series two.

The production team film for around 12 hours each day, which amounts to around roughly four minutes of footage.

Update: IFTN has published a long and detailed set report with some new info. Most interesting is the section where they reveal some future filming locations.

IFTN can also exclusively reveal season three will move production to Redhall Estate next week, a privately-owned country house located in Carrickfergus in Antrim. Production will then move to the Quoile Pondage Nature Reserve in Downpatrick which is situated on either side of the River Quoile. The set designers are currently building a jetty for these scenes, which has been described as “quite tricky and hard-going”, as a boat of light will be used for the scenes.

Winter Is Coming: Observant readers may note that the BBC report says that there will be a fourth series. While I think we can all agree that a fourth season is very likely, the BBC doesn’t know anything more than we do. It’s not confirmed until we hear it directly from HBO and that won’t happen until after season three begins airing.