Awards Season 2

WiCnet Awards Season Two: Best Action Scene

Voting on the next category in the WiCnet Awards for season two is now open. This time we are asking you to vote for the best action scene of season two. Peruse the nominees after the break, cast your vote and debate in the comments below!

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  • has to be Blackwater, though the other scenes were all good as well, especially Brienne & the Stark Men & Yoren

  • Sorry but for me it is Yoren, because in that scene I acctually felt something, whereas with Blackwater, I wasn’t too bothered!

  • Putting Blackwater in there is just unfair :P Aside from that, though, my next choice would have been Yorens fight or the riot.

  • Perhaps this would have been a more even poll if we were to refer to a single action sequence from Blackwater. It’s a bit too generic to count the whole episode as a single action sequence, however the task of delimiting such scenes within the episode would have been extremely difficult.

  • I figure Blackwater will win, but voted for Brienne killing the Stark men. Perhaps I like my slaugh … er, action, a little more intimate, but watching Brienne dispatch three rogue soldiers with skill and brains and, indeed, vengeance, was worth a fist pumping “hell, yea!” from this powder-puff girl.

    And, oh, the sweet, sweet moment of realization on Jamie’s arterial blood splattered face was priceless.

  • I kind of wanted to not vote for Blackwater, on the grounds that it is an action episode and not an action scene, but then I did anyway.

  • Ok this year’s polls are really weird. Blackwater is gonna win by a landslide unless every one opts against voting for it. Aside for Blackwater my vote would go for Brienne kills Stark men, had to rewind it like three times just to see exactly what she was doing. Jaime’s face was priceless!

  • I voted for the Riot. Actually quite tough because the Yoren scene rips me apart emotionally, and Brienne’s display of skill was wonderfully empowering and fantastic. Like a few others, I feel that including Blackwater as a whole is a bit unfair. If a specific sequence was mentioned, I would’ve considered it. Because of course it was a feat of choreography, acting, CGI, etc.

  • Man, a hard choice…. I went with Blackwater, of course. But Yoren’s fight with the Lannister men is a close second. It may be a minute long, but it’s so damn good.

  • Blackwater by far. I was saying “woah!” for hours afterwards.

    But 2nd place goes to Yoren, definitely – his final speech with Arya was so touching (tender in his way!) and to go out defending Arya & Gendry was the definition of sacrifice.

  • Ya, doesn’t seem quite fair to have a couple 3 minute action scenes and then The Blackwater which is basically half an episode of straight action.

    I went with Yoren though!

  • Putting Blackwater in is not just unfair for it being epic and awesome, but unfair because everyone’s mind goes to the explosion. Which is a whole different category. The other options seem to suggest the point of this poll is to compare fight choreography.

    The Hound cutting apart a dummy like the demo videos at is absolutely nothing compared to TAKE TOO LONG TO LOAD!

  • Blackwater was an entire hour of intensity, but nothing was as good as “Get up, there are men out there who want to f*ck your corpses.” The Hound even reused that line in Blackwater, for shame. Yoren!

  • It’s so unfair wherever is Blackwater Blackwater will win… I protest against putting Blackwater to voting contest. We should vote for second best things in the show. Everything without Blackwater…

  • I like an exploding ship of wildfire, the Hound carving people completely in half, and Stannis kicking ass and taking names as much as the next fellow, but I felt Brienne’s sequences (Renly’s tent & the Stark men on the road) were very, very affecting… so I threw a vote to The Beauty just because Blackwater is sure to triumph.

  • A woman is confused. If by “action” you mean “hand to hand or sword/knife/spear to whatever combat by individuals,” I might vote for Yoren’s scene where he takes out a half-dozen soldiers on his way to his eternal rest while trying to let Arya and Gendry have time to get away. Brienne’s scenes were also awesome, but Yoren took out more guys and that was a suicide mission, so that edged out Brienne’s scenes (which were awesome, hard to pick between those 3).

    The riot scene was closer to the Blackwater Battle with a lot of people slashing and hacking away, but the Hound had the only individual fight scene when rescuing Sansa, and that was great too. Putting Battle of Blackwater against individual scenes doesn’t seem fair, since within that episode there were at least a dozen individual scenes that might qualify (just off the top of my head: the Hound and Lancel defending the beach, Stannis goes up the ladder and chops a guy’s head in half, Tyrion comes out of the gate and chops a guy’s leg off, Podrick Payne saves Tyrion with a well-timed spear), but when you look at them that way it’s easy to see that Yoren’s, both of Brienne’s, and the Hound and his can of whoop-ass in the riot were the scenes with actual fight choreography that would have required an actor to practice their moves diligently to achieve the proper effect. The Blackwater fight scenes were mostly quick-cut one or 2 moves, not individually challenging as much as the others and some enhanced by computer.

    So, does the Battle of Blackwater truly belong in competition with fight scenes when the explosion or the hordes of soldier screaming and slashing are what people mostly relate to when discussing Blackwater? If by “Action” you mean “longest period of time in an episode where you’re on the edge of your seat because there’s so much whoop-ass going on in all directions with every possible weapon including explosions” then Blackwater wins. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Seems to be apples and oranges IMO. What to do? OK, I’m being picky when it’s all in fun, but these were all scenes/episodes that required the use of the rewind to see “what the what” had just happened. Pondering before voting again!

    PS – When will the awards be announced? Is there a webcast?

  • Yoren – because Blackwater will win, but no less because he takes an arrow and immediately dismisses crossbows as less than adequate.

  • Toast:
    Blackwater was an entire hour of intensity, but nothing was as good as“Get up, there are men out there who want to f*ck your corpses.”The Hound even reused that line in Blackwater, for shame.Yoren!

    This makes a woman think that “There are men out there who want to f*ck your corpses” might be the Westeros equivalent to “Shake a tail-feather”????

    PS…and the Beauty will have further episodes to shine in S3, alas, poor Yoren…

  • I think all polls will end up with Blackwater in it from what I’ve seen thusfar. Not entirely fair if you ask me though…

    And when I say all, that includes the actor/actress polls, since the decision will be based on Blackwater as well :p

    Team Yoren!!!

  • Ya know, I was slightly disapppointed that Yoren’s sacrifice or the scene when he “comforts” Arya prior to his last stand was not listed as one of the best dramatic scenes in S2. So I am picking Yoren this time as he was so perfect in all his scenes and really took a minor character at 110% full throttle and blew the fucking roof off.

    Wake up ya sons o’ whores! Vote for Yoren!

  • Went with Yoren. His last stand was touching. Blackwater’s action was more extravagant, but also shallow. For me the highlight of Blackwater was Cersei.

  • Loved Blackwater and when Brienne carved up the Stark men, however if the King’s Landing riot includes when Sandor saves Sansa that’s my vote.

  • i´m not a big fan of accion scenes but kinda liked Brienne with the Stark men. So feminist of her. Ouch!

  • Maybe Blackwater should have been divided up into several different action scenes (Ex: Stannis’ Landing + Breach of the Wall, Tyrion’s Speech + Sortie, etc.)? :-/ Anyway, I voted for the obvious winner: Blackwater ;-)

    Regarding an earlier comment by “Andrea”:

    “…Brienne with the Stark men. So feminist of her.”

    Not sure what you mean by this :-/ It was “feminist” of her to kill those men? Wise perhaps, but feminist? What? Anyway, nevermind.

    Cheers folks

  • I really wanted to vote for Brienne or Yoren, but I had to go with Blackwater, of course.

    I’m starting to think Blackwater will sweep this year’s WiC Awards. I don’t know why, just call it a hunch.

  • I’ve always hated internet polls . . . Take too long to load!!!


  • Like, all of Blackwater? The episode in itself was amazing, but all the other action scenes were so brilliant and they won’t even get the chance to win! :( I went for Brienne killing the Stark men, because it was so unexpected.

    Two quick deaths… a really cringe-worthy scene. The dude’s head getting crushed by the falling rock gets second!

  • Voted for Blackwater, for the intensity, for Bronn’s arrow, for the wildfire guy with his devious, crazy-face expression, for Tyrion chopping a man’s leg off, for “come with me and take this city,” Davos screaming for his son to get down, for the Hound’s “Any man who dies without blood on his sword, I rape his f*cking corpse!”

    Other stuff during the year I liked:

    –Bronn saving the Hound’s ass during the Blackwater battle, and then doing a whirl and twist and gutting 2 guys in short order. How much does Bronn kick ass?

    –Yoren. Agreed. He went out swinging.

    –Brienne and the Stark men. “Two quick deaths.”

  • As far as actual sword fighting goes I thought that Brienne taking down the Stark men was the best choreography in a fight scene, if we’re talking about overall theatrics it would definitely go to Blackwater.

  • I could not remember a really special action scene in Blackwater, I do not count the explosion, that was in the cgi categorie before.

    I voted for the riot, because it was an action filled scene, with Sansa and Sandor acting really great. I don’t think action=fighting, running, fright, near rape counts as action too.

    Yoren was great, too.

  • Since to me the Blackwater sequence was rather underwhelming compared to the book (just think chain, Three Whores, and the Hound freaked out by actual walls of fire – the show made him look like a total wuss in comparison!), I will give my support to YOREN.

  • As Governor Marley once said, “when there’s only one candidate there’s only only choice”.


  • Greatjon of Slumber,

    Yes, yes. Great action scenes all of them. But like other posters I agree it isn’t in right order that a whole episode (which happens to be the BEST episode imo) is a category in itself vs. single scenes in other episodes. So not voting this time.

  • Blackwater, of course :)

    Unrelated to this (I just have to share my feelings about this!), I started reading the books, and I’m on the third one right now. I just read (spoilers for the third book ahead!) the wedding scene. I knew that Robb will die because I accidentally read it on the internet, and I was prepared for the so called Red Wedding, but still… I’m full of emotions right now even though I kinda knew what was going to happen. Seems like I wasn’t prepared enough. I didn’t know the Freys would be involved so I’m full of anger right now. Grrrh! Sorry, just thought I should share that. Martin is brutally amazing.

  • Katie:
    I kind of wanted to not vote for Blackwater, on the grounds that it is an action episode and not an action scene, but then I did anyway.

    Yep. This.

  • Which action scene from Blackwater? Stannis on the walls? The Hound (and Lancel!) go into action? Bronn saves the Hound? Tyrion leads an attack? Pod saves Tyrion? Loras rides in?

    All of the above are good scenes and worthy of inclusion, putting them all together makes it hard to compare to the others.

    My vote goes to Yoren, because the fighting was brilliant and it was well acted and emotionally affecting too. Tempted by Brienne’s scenes, both very well fought but I can’t choose between them, and neither have the emotional impact of Yoren’s death.

  • Can’t believe Theon’s execution of Ser Rodrik wasn’t mentioned, or the overarching takeover of Winterfell. Even though Blackwater was flashy and well-produced, emotively I would say Ser Rodrik’s death moved me the most, and thematically it was the most important. The Battle of Blackwater was just pulp really, though of a very well-directed, well-produced variety.

  • Greatjon of Slumber,

    Greatjon, you almost changed my mind with the litany of greatness of the Blackwater episode. But I can’t vote for Blackwater for “best action scene” because it is an amalgamation of scenes to make a single incredible episode. My vote goes to Brienne taking down the Stark men. The choreography was perfect, the execution flawless, great editing — everything required to create a stunning action sequence. The smugness draining from the Kingslayer’s face and Brienne as Justice personified perfects the scene. It gets my vote, even though the choreography and emotional effect of the Yoren scene gets it a close second.

  • I loved Blackwater, but I didn’t vote for it because I felt it was too vague. Brienne all the way, baby. The scene with the Stark men was freaking fantastic. Gwendoline Christie *is* Brienne, and you could certainly see that reflected on Jaime’s face!

  • After pondering further, a woman has voted for Yoren’s scene. He will not have another chance, and it was an amazing scene for so many reasons. Brienne would be my 2nd choice, taking on the 3 Stark men was so badass that even Jaime had to respect her after that. Have to agree with so many fellow commenters that Blackwater was a great episode, but is not really an “action scene” itself though made up of many action scenes (all great, but not as great as Yoren or Brienne IMO) so cannot vote for it this time. Blackwater will get many accolades, it is known.

  • blackwater shouldnt be in this category, its hard to compare it to anything else. so i ignored blackwater and gave my vote to Yoren! I loved that scene

  • Yoren got my vote. His talk with Arya really adds a dimension to her “prayer” and his sacrifice is the stuff the Nightswatch is – or at least should be – made of.

    Brienne killing those Stark men? Badass empowerment, for sure. But it seemed a little too callously violent to be in character ( book reader here).

    It’s been said ad nauseam, but to explain my choice I’ll say it again: Blackwater? Not a scene, but an episode.

  • Unfortunately I have to go with the obvious…the Blackwater Battle, even though that is an entire episode versus scenes that lasted a few seconds. It would perhaps have been better to pick one or two scenes from that battle, like Tyrion leading his men ( and killing one or two of Stannis’s men), or Stannis’s assault (he was such a badass in the episode), or the Hound literally cutting people in half, or Bronn etc.

    It is a bit unfair to pit an entire awesome episode against brilliant but short scenes. I liked the one with Yoren, but he got killed and as nice as his story to Arya was and as brave as he was, the fact that he was taken from us, and another good one bit the dust the hand of the Lannisters pisses me off to no end. Brienne’s scenes were the best, especially the one where she takes out the Stark men, Renly’s men it was almost a reflex, her defending herself, but the Stark men was way better, especially after they made fun of her and the women they killed. Jamie’s expression WAS priceless, because he was suprissed for the first time and the realization that he misjudged her.

    So Blackwater because there was just soo much going on with a BIG BUT a the end as I’ve mentioned…