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Game of Thrones now available on blinkbox in UK

HBO UK and digital media service blinkbox have announced a deal that brings HBO shows to blinkbox. That includes the most recent season of Game of Thrones, giving UK residents access to season two well ahead of its DVD/Blu-ray release. The show is available for purchase on an episode-by-episode basis or the whole season can be bought at once. The full press release is after the break.

And, as an added bonus to our readers, blinkbox has provided us with 10 free movie vouchers to give away. Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered. The contest is open to UK residents only. On Aug. 24 at 8 PM UTC, we will choose 10 winners at random and contact them via email. So keep an eye on your inboxes to see if you’ve won!

HBO brings Game of Thrones SM season 2, Boardwalk Empire SM season 2 and more to blinkbox

August 13th 2012: HBO Home Entertainment UK has today announced plans to make its innovative portfolio of TV shows available to watch instantly through a new agreement with digital movie service blinkbox.
For the first time, consumers in the UK can buy the second seasons of Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning epic Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire via blinkbox a digital movie service and ahead of their DVD and Blu ray release. Fans of HBO’s landmark programming will be able to own individual episodes or entire seasons, and all without subscription.

Already known as the place to watch the latest releases without subscription, from 13th August blinkbox will offer a broad range of premium HBO series including all four seasons of smash hit supernatural drama True Blood SM as well as the critically acclaimed blockbuster mini-series Band of Brothers SM and The Pacific SM.

Colin Smith, Director, International Digital Distribution for HBO said: “We are delighted to partner with blinkbox and to offer a wide variety of award-winning premium content to fans in the UK with a number of titles available on an EST basis for the very first time. I’m particularly excited that Game of Thrones Season 2 will be available to own for all those fans out there that haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet.”

“HBO delivers innovative, critically acclaimed programming and it is part of our ongoing strategy to make this content available to viewers in a variety of formats so they can immerse themselves in their favourite shows whenever, wherever. Fans will now be able to own their favourite series in digital format.” blinkbox CEO Michael Comish added: “This partnership with HBO is huge news for blinkbox and our customers. Anyone wanting to watch the second seasons of Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire will have to wait to watch them on DVD – we’ve got them right now on blinkbox.”

“This just adds to all that makes blinkbox great: the latest movie releases available without subscription, and now acclaimed TV series before they are available anywhere else in the UK.”

Fans of HBO’s first-class content will be able to purchase the latest hit shows (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire), landmark mini-series events (The Pacific, Band of Brothers), familiar favourites (Sex and the City SM, The Wire SM, The Sopranos SM) or previously undiscovered gems (Big Love SM, Bored to Death SM).

As with all blinkbox titles, these HBO shows can be viewed on PC, Mac, SMART devices (TV, Blu-Ray players, Set Top boxes), iPad, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So now there’s always something good to watch, anywhere, anytime from HBO via blinkbox.


  • So, is Blinkbox like a british, pay-as-you-go form of Netflix? I hope a deal gets worked out for some sort of North American service some time soon.

    Oh, whoops, is this post only to be commented on by UK residents? My bad, feel free to delete this as I’m from Canada, if that is indeed the case.

  • An interesting and welcome development, but I wonder if it will affect DVD/BluRay sales if non HBO/Sky subscribers can watch the episodes before box sets are released?

    Also, will S3 be available, and if so, how soon after airing?

  • Ha, finally a good reason to give blinkbox a go, there is a limited amounts of movies for free on there that almost make it worth getting an account there, but apart from that I could never get myself to sign up there.

  • Really good selection of TV and film on blinkbox. Wish it was subscription/all you can eat format though (a la Netflix) and not individual purchases like iTunes but I guess thats why the choice is so good.

  • Was considering getting Netflix, but this looks amazing! No GOT or HBO goodness on Netflix… add my name to the hat please :)

  • Blinkbox is a pretty cool service, my wife and I watch loads of films through it on the xbox. I am really happy I can tell friends who dont have sky how they can watch GOT now. Hope it works out well for blinkbox and HBO.

  • Sweet, I’ve never bothered signing upto blinkbox. I’ve seen it all over xbox live and that but this is a tempting reason to give it a go for the HBO content. Lets hope I win that voucher (:

  • I hear from my friends how great this service is but never really thought about getting it , Gods willing I win this voucher :D

  • This is very exciting, there’s been so many announcements recently about casting and know i can watch season 2 again!! Amazeballs!!!

  • Lame I use Netflix UK.

    There’s too many of these services poping up which means different studios are going to make exclusive deals with each of them.

  • Like many other commenters, I’m only just hearing about Blinkbox, but will definitely be checking it out for HBO goodness!

  • Wow, this makes so much sense. I wish HBO did that here in the states. I think they would make quite a bit of money selling episodes on iTunes. I know I’d rather buy them like that instead of having to get that subscription for 2 or 3 months. You’d probably rope in some of the folks who watch it illegally that way as well.

  • This is great news for those of us who can’t justify paying for satellite tv to watch the show as it lets us watch episodes without having to resort to crappy or dodgy downloads. Looking forward to seeing what Blinkbox has in store for the future.

    P.S. Movie voucher? Oh, go on then ;-)

  • Dumb question: prior to this was the DVD/Bluray the only way that UK residents were able to watch GoT?

    They don’t televise it over there at all?

  • John W,

    Only shown on Sky Atlantic, Hopefully the first season will come round to basic TV in the next year or so. really proud of all the UK and Irish talent that has gone into the show and would like it to have a lot more recognition1

  • Can citizens of the Commonwealth apply?! Of course not, the colonies don’t count!!! Damn Brits! Just kidding!

  • I would like to see Ian McShane and Brian Cox cast for GoT. I was thinking maybe McShane as Euron Greyjoy and Cox as maybe Doran Martell. Does anyone else have opinions about this?

  • This is great! Game of Thrones towards world domination!

    It seems that digital distribution via the internet is gaining more and more ground. Good to see HBO taking advantage of that development. And even better to have an easy way to get Game of Thrones news – thank you winteriscoming!

    I will take part in the contest.

  • Will definitly look into getting blink box, at the moment we ( me and the wife) subscribe to love film, but no game of thrones on there.

  • Got back from France to see this, very good news! Blinkbox looks promising. Options to legally download/watch online are always welcome. They’ve got some other shows I like too.

  • Al Swearengen,

    Those two characters were just off the top of my head. I am going to do some more character research to see if I find anyone better for the actors. By the way “Swedgin” is one of my all time favorite TV or movie character (aside from Thrones of course).

  • This is great. I’ve see Blinkbox and it’s pretty good. Some vouchers would be most welcome xx

  • Really glad that this deal has happened. Just finished S1 on blu ray and was desperately looking for a legal was of getting S2 without turning to piracy and then i read this post :D

    Hope this takes off so Blinkbox can do a deal to get S3 not long after airtime, a voucher would be great :P but tbh im going to buy an episode to try it out, and if its good can see myself getting all my HBO this way.

    I like this no subscription model! Also found out any dvds you buy from tesco on and you get clubcard points for unlock on blinkbox! Im all behind this now :D

  • Can i be entered for a voucher please?:)

    I would pay for my game of thrones fix, but it seems Blinkbox dont acept gold dragons :S

  • Just for anyone who cares Netflix UK is going to show series 4 of Breaking Bad on Sept 1st, that’s a month before the dvd is released here.