Tower of the Hand announces new book

Our friends at Tower of the Hand have announced a new book project, a collection of essays entitled Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows. Tower of the Hand has long been one of my go-to Game of Thrones and Ice and Fire sites. Their chapter summaries are a great resource. And their analysis on the series is always insightful and interesting, so I’m excited to read their book. Details on the book, including the authors, price and release date can be found in the press release, after the break.

Announcing Tower of the Hand: The Book

For the past seven years, has prided itself on being a premiere source of A Song of Ice and Fire analysis, information, and speculation. There has been nearly a metric ton of essays, forum posts, and encyclopedia entries logged at the site to date, all designed to give the hardest of the core fan the most rewarding experience possible while reading George R.R. Martin’s seminal novels.

And now the editors are taking all those years of mastery and applying them to an ebook.

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows takes five of the site’s most prolific authors – including its two founders – and draws out their best, most in-depth work yet. Unlike other Ice and Fire compendiums, the focus of these essays is on the narrative, character, and thematic elements of the story itself, as opposed to the literary aspects surrounding the books.

What role has prophecy played in the narrative thus far, and what might they really tell us about the future? Did Martin truly kill off one of his most beloved protagonists, and, if not, how can we tell for sure? Who exactly is the Young Griffin, and what is the aim of the conspiracy surrounding him? And just what is the overall structure of this epic, convoluted story, anyway, and what might it tell us of the upcoming final stretch?

Even better, the TOTH editors are joined by some of their good friends, who just so happen to be leading voices in the Game of Thrones community. Amin Javadi and Mimi Hoshut, co-hosts of the Podcast of Ice and Fire, tackle the role of infidelity in Westerosi society and the narrative clues and parallels of the Dunk and Egg novellas, while noted fantasy editor and author Douglas Cohen power ranks, NFL style, the top contenders in the game of thrones.

A Flight of Sorrows releases on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at the price of $5.99. It will be available exclusively at and is edited by Marc N. Kleinhenz, a freelance journalist who has written for 19 sites, including IGN, Comic Related, and Other books he has written or edited include It Is Known: An Analysis of Thrones, Vol. I , another travelogue to Martin’s novels and television series, and the upcoming Green Switch Palace: A Year in the Life of Nintendo Fandom.


  • It is a great site that’s for certain. I have been there several times while reading the books. It helps tremendously in sorting out the who’s whos.

  • My second favorite ASoIaF site :)

    I’ll probably end up getting this book, it sounds interesting especially for me, as I loved the series but until the past couple weeks have yet to find the time for a re-read. So this will be a great help in crystallizing a lot of the things I’ve pondered.

  • You know what? I need to write a book, too … Ok, I’ve got it:

    The US Auto Industry and

    Then I’d fill it up with some sketchy parallels and large words, incorrectly used, then spice it up with a personal crusade topic that has nothing to do with either topic, but I’d say it relates to how everyone hates Catelyn to get the fanboys behind me.

    MONEY IN THE BANK. The gravy train is pulling in, my friends.

  • Sarcasm aside, that would actually be a fun thing to do. Have a photoshop contest for cheesiest “inspired by” book covers.

  • Aegon the Conqueror,

    Was this reply really necessary ? I’m just saying that place is worse than even westeros because there barely is any moderation and the worst kind of trolls comment there, and it’s not only me who thinks that . But if you think that place is wonderful, whatever , i couldn’t care less honestly .

  • Though a woman does not read that site regularly, the book sounds interesting. If it’s available as an ebook, a purchase would be considered. On my 3rd read-through now, seems like it may be a good companion read.

  • Meh. I suppose there will be a “Philosophy of”Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire book out eventually? Hopefully written by actual academics?

  • Will this be a free book? I’m a bit sick of other people making money from other peoples work.

    And I think a book of this sort is kind of redundant, people can make up their own idea on a story, characters etc..who are these guys to tell me..

  • I will probably get this, if only to support Tower of the Hand (which is, as WiC already said, one of the best ASOIAF resources on the web). Also, for the contribution by Amin and Mimi from the podcast of ice and fire.

  • I know this is OT but does anybody know if HBO plans to release a teaser to season 3 before the premiere of BE on september 16 ? I think last year and the year before that they did the same so why not this year ?

  • Claudiu Gherganu,

    The trolls can be worse here as there is mostly anonymous posting, aside from the mods who can see our IPs.
    This site, as of yet, is best for my asoiaf news, but there are no forums, so we go to westeros for that.
    Yes there can be some trolls on westeros, but most of the time they are written with humorous irony because its gets tedious talking about the same topics and theories a hundred times over.
    Until this site gets some actual forums with some good theories (real and crackpot) I will continue to use westeros. Trolls are nothing, just don’t feed them. Unless their post is funny.

    tldr; This site best for asoiaf news and anonymous posting, westeros better for forums.

  • Claudiu Gherganu,
    I don’t know exactly but I do feel that we will probably see a teaser-teaser in the next month or so. And there will also be one more casting announcement to confirm Vargo and inform us which roles already cast actors will be playing.

    I believe that season 2 will be out in February. Boardwalk Empire season 2 was released last week, prior to season 3 starting this month. Last year season 1 didn’t come out until AFTER season 2 had aired!

  • Claudiu Gherganu,

    PS: I wish to put behind the bad blood we have created on the site. When one posts from an iPhone they tend to not get the real emphasis of their opinions especially on a complex issue of the use of nudity and sex in the series in one vague declaratory statement can make one come off sounding like a pretentious ass or an uncompromising puritan. I am neither of those things…well I can be a bit pretentious…I am a Film Studies major after all! We film studies peeps are very opinionated and sometimes we go overboard in how things should be done. We also don’t have a great spine for criticism. So if you found my post idiotic then that’s your right, but just take us types with a grain of salt. All we want is to improve what is there :-) even if it doesn’t have to be lol.

    And I just rewatched season 2 this weekend and have acquired a greater admiration for what was done and for the series itself. I think my favorite episode of 2 is now The Prince of Winterfell.

    I will be posting a review sometime soon.


  • The argument about “the work of others” is about as valid as to chide Shakespeare for ripping off his stories of the lives of historical persons. Yeah, there was a basis he grounded his work on, but the work was his still. No one would have thought that he “made money out of other people’s work”.

  • dubq,

    If there were douches on the internet back in the day perhaps Shakespeare might have not had the stomach to continue writing for ungrateful snarks.

  • Aegon the Conqueror,
    Ours is the Fury,

    Is that why there is no link from the main page? If there is I cannot find it :(. This is the first I am hearing of your forums.