Awards Season 2

Game of Thrones wins six Emmy awards!

Tonight the Academy held the Creative Arts Emmys, which gave awards out in various technical categories. Game of Thrones walked away with six statues! This already tops their haul last year of two total wins, and the main ceremony is still to come, where Thrones is up for outstanding drama series and outstanding supporting actor in a drama series.

Tonight’s wins came in the following categories: outstanding makeup (non-prosthetic), outstanding costumes, outstanding art direction, outstanding visual effects, outstanding sound editing and outstanding sound mixing. This was easily the most awards won by one program.

An edited two-hour version of the Creative Arts ceremony will air on Sept. 22 at 8 PM ET on Reelz Channel. The main ceremony airs on Sept. 23 at 7 PM ET on ABC.

Winter Is Coming: Wow. Six Emmys! That is hugely impressive. Congrats to all the hardworking crew who were recognized tonight. You all deserve it. Time to clear off some shelf space at the Paint Hall!


  • Congrats to the entire crew of Game of Thrones, a very well deserved collection of awards. Now, off to the other Emmy’s!

  • What a haul! This series accomplishes so much on so many levels, but here’s to show its success hinges on the sum of many creative decisions. :]

  • I wonder if they will have P-Dinks or anyone else from the cast present an award next Sunday. That would be awesome! I would even settle for a red carpet interview.

    Im guessing certain members of the cast wont be able to make it due to filming of season 3. Does anyone know who/what/where they are filming next week? Or have any actors confirmed they are attending the ceremony?

  • Hell yeah! Well-deserved wins, and I’d imagine we can expect one more when Dinklage brings home the award for the second time (I don’t think there’s much of a shot at the series win… This year, anyway…). Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito were excellent in the fourth season of Breaking Bad, but Peter definitely is the (deserved) front-runner in the Supporting Actor category.

  • Congratulations to the Game of Thrones creative team! A woman is so happy for you all! Go P-Dinks for a repeat on the Best Supporting!

  • Well deserved Emmys they are indeed.

    Congratulations to the crew for the acknowledgement of your wonderful efforts :)

  • Congratulations to the entire production crew and cast, the Emmy’s (all six of them) are richly deserved.

    Nina, you deserve a nod for best casting, but I guess your peers understand that since each season has a tremendous revolving door of roles, they are awaiting the climax before awarding yours, much like SAG and Oscar did for LOTR. But I hope this isn’t the case.

  • Great stuff! s2 looked and sounded wonderful to be sure! A project such as this is so unique and complex, and so deserving of this recognition when they actually manage to get it right.

    I still don’t dare hope for a best drama-win – thats really for next year… But PD might have a shot – he WAS even better this year. That said, Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito are sooo good too. I think I’d bet on GE taking it home, but can’t not root for Peter.

  • Fantastic!!! Last year I thought they should have received a few more of these technical ones, so it’s good to see that with the growing recognition of the series the top-class production team was rewarded this time around! (except for Nina who got snubbed again)

    Now lets cross all our fingers for a second one for Dinklage and, especially, the Big One that is outstanding drama series!

  • Joshua Taylor:

    Mmmm I see what you did there…

    Ser Joshua , ” Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple ? ”

    Game of Thrones is ….” cream of the crop, tip of the top . “

  • Strong recognition from peers for the many creative works of Game of Thrones, is an
    honour indeed and well deserved. There is room for more accolades and rewards
    ( and I am not being biased ) in the acting categories. Even if the trophy count
    end here, the remaining seasons will astound them all. Get ready for a sweep in
    season three and four. I hope they had a smashing time in Season Two.

    ” In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun . You find the fun…then
    it’s done “

  • As good as the first season’s production values were, the second season’s were even better. So very well deserved wins!

    Homeland won best casting. They sure got a few gems right, but the sheer volume of great casting for GoT should give an award.

  • Rygar:

    ” You know you can sing it backwards which is dociousaliexplisticfragicalirupus , but
    that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think ? “

  • It’s offical: Nina Gold and the casting team in general is the most overlooked member/team of Game of Throne’s success (although fans know better). Biggest and best cast on TV bar none and she keeps getting passed up, it’s a shame.

  • Indubitably.

    WildSeed: ” You know you can sing it backwards which is dociousaliexplisticfragicalirupus , but
    that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think ? ”


    LOS ANGELES — The fantasy series “Game of Thrones” was the big winner Saturday at the creative arts Emmy Awards.

    The HBO saga received a leading six trophies at the ceremony that recognizes technical and other achievements. Best special visual effects and best costumes for a series were among the trophies claimed by “Game of Thrones.”

  • Well deserved wins!

    It could be very difficult indeed to win in the major categories during the Primetime Emmy Awards, so it’s nice that Thrones got 6 from the Creative Arts Emmys.

  • spannycat,

    Boardwalk Empire won three CAAs last night, according to the official Emmys twitter feed. They won for Cinematography Single Camera Series , for Special Visual Effects in Supporting Role and they shared the Emmy for Art Direction Single Camera Series with GoT.

  • That’s great, I’m really happy that the crew is getting the recognition that they deserve. And as some of you have mentioned, I’m sure the casting team will get their due. They are one of the best aspects of this production. Though I will say that one of my biggest concerns with the effects is how Dany’s dragons are going to look as they get bigger. And they haven’t even named the dragons on the show yet, have they?

  • Big congrats to GOT team! They must be so excited and proud. They’ve really done a beautiful job bringing the series to life.

  • This is awesome news! (They got robbed in the technical Emmy’s last year. I couldn’t believe Boardwalk Empire beat them for visual effects)…

    BUT… did Nina Gold get robbed again? I demand an Emmy for CASTING!

  • Lex,

    Boardwalk Empire won because almost the entire boardwalk is CGI. But you wouldn’t know that because it’s so seamlessly done. They film in some backlot in Brooklyn.

  • That’s fantastic news.

    I don’t hold much hope for the main Emmy’s but this great news none the less.

  • Congrats to the crew! We know how talented these people are. Nice to see it acknowledged by the industry.

    I have no doubt that Nina Gold will win a Emmy for GOT before too long. And I still hold out hope for a Best Drama Series win in the coming years.

  • The Sopranos won 21 Emmys from my count (though 18 were Acting/Writing/Directing/Show of the Year).

    Which means that Game of Thrones, at 8 so far with Season 2 not quite done in terms of Emmys, is well on its way.

    (Yes, yes, I realize no one counts costumes as important as the best show or whatever, but it won’t keep HBO from touting Game of Thrones as an 8-time Emmy Winner next Spring!).

  • Awesome. I’m glad GoT picked up so many before the main event, since it’s odds of winning any of those is… poor.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and I love Dinklage, but either Breaking Bad or Mad Men (probably Mad Men as usual) is going to get Best Drama, and as much as Dinklage gets a boost from last year’s win, this time he has both Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito in the mix. That’s significantly tougher competition than last year, and I think that Emmy voters are going to be more likely to go with one of them.

  • Congratulations, GoT Creative Arts Teams! You lot deserve every last one of those awards and then some. It is known.

    So, last night a friend says to me “I don’t get why Game of Thrones is even nominated – it’s just glossy trash like Spartacus.” I gasped, made an exhausted *ugh* sound and shook my head sadly, before saying with a shrug and a smile “It’s a free country.” What would you guys have replied? (btw, I did watch the first Season of Spartacus, found it entertainingly camp, but a little too “rich” for my taste, if you know what I mean)

  • GoT also won four Portal Awards for best television series, two acting awards for Maise Williams (Best Supporting Actress & Best Young Actor), and another acting award for Lena Heady (Best Actress). So I guess another congratulations is in order.

  • Hirondelle,

    My response would be “would i watch or be interested in something if it was trashy? Of course not.”

    I don’t understand why people cannot accept the fact that someone may see something in a tv series/book/movie that they do not.

    I would tell him his Spartacus example is ridiculous.

  • Hirondelle,

    I’m late to the Spartacus party but plowing through the second season and I got to say there’s a reason I still keep watching it. But it’s on an understandable second tier to Game of Thrones for sure. I just watched the episode our (former?) Mountain is in. I do hope he comes back for next season’s fight with the Red Viper. He will be the king of epic endings to fights then. By the way, (down the road casting) Oenomaus for Moqorro.

  • Bah, Creative Emmys are like the special Olympics: everyone is happy that they exist and that these people are awarded for their effort, but at the end of the day they are a niche award and mean jack to the average person.

    GOT needs to A) win both it’s 2 categories and B) get nominated for MORE next year. Esp ACTING, WRITING & DIRECTING awards. *That* is where the bragging rights are.

  • I am shocked at the lack of Congrats posts here, considering the number of regulars. I guess many GoT fans like other shows more, but still since they are fans of the series, shouldn’t they be congratulating the winners.

  • I’m hoping for another Aaron Paul Emmy (he is the heart and soul of his show IMO) and don’t really expect the show to win the other things it’s up for (next year’s another story) so I agree with tysnow. This could be the pinnacle for our show for the year. Let’s give them their due praise :)

  • tysnow,

    That’s a leap of logic. Maybe some people don’t see the point in congratulating Emmy winners in the comments section of a fansite that they’re unlikely to be visiting. To each their own, dude.

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