Filming Making Game of Thrones Production Season 3

MGOT: Overheard on Set: Prisons, Mud and Caves

There’s a new update at Making Game of Thrones, with tidbits overheard by Cat Taylor on set. There are no photos this time but there are some mysterious references for the fans to puzzle over.

“All I’m saying is, if you had to choose between a basement prison and a Sky-cell, I’d go cell. I mean, it least it would have a view.

“What is the deal with this mud? It’s had a year to dry out and it’s still a bloody sinkhole.”

“Dude – you are in Belfast, there is no such thing as a year of drying out.”

 “Can I borrow your torch?”

“Why do you need a torch, we are inside and there’s a huge lightening rig like 30 feet above  us.”

“Not in the cave set there isn’t. There might be something in there.”

“No more Batman movies for you.”

Ours is the Fury: There are at least two scenes involving caves that I can recall from A Storm of Swords. One of the sets mentioned before as being extremely muddy and wet was Magheramorne Quarry, used for Castle Black scenes and some Blackwater scenes, but with the rain in Belfast, lots of sets could have become very muddy.