• A personal Best fot the entries. Seemingly there is a fair amount of artistic
    talent , yearning to strike out. Keep it coming :D

  • I guess that line for girlfriend would work some years ago, these days it should be more like “there’s like tons of blood,violence and sex, you will love it!” :D:D Because that’s how most girls/women work today :D

  • Lolz. A woman has used the top line a few times, but substituted The Sopranos for the West Wing, though either works.

  • Ours is the Fury,

    She stopped watching when Ned killed Lady, broke her heart. I dumped her cause she wanted to do only two things, both begin with F and both appear in GOT. Think Brothel scenes and Bronn’s duel.

  • How to describe GoT was genius, kudos to Tanner.

    BTW during the FSU vs. USF game the Nole band played everyone’s favorite GoT theme.
    When college bands are playing the tune, you know it has become part of pop culture.

  • I resent the implication that all I care about is sex! I also thought the dragons were pretty nift-What? Oh, I AM in the “Nerdy friend” category and not the “Cool friend” one? Well that’s eye-opening.

    I vote in favour of replacing all meme’s with Tyrion.

  • Andrew,

    Bearing in mind how well you did in that quiz of mine I’d call you the nerdy friend. Though that’s purely from another nerd’s perspective.

  • DB,

    Let me guess, you’re offended that it portrays young men as sex-crazed perverts that care nothing for dramatic elements or storytelling?

  • I fell for the “it’s like The Sopranos in the Middle Ages” because I LOVED The Sopranos, that’s how I got into GoT at first (then the nerdy friends encouraged me to read the books, which I did). And now I even name my Champions League Fantasy Football team after the show :)

    The puppies argument would have worked when I was 3 years old (yep, I’m a woman).

  • Andrew,

    Actually I dislike the comic too. Lots of people do. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and this isn’t my post. Some of you may enjoy it and some of you may not. Let’s not attack people for not liking it, alright?

  • The rest of the comics are pretty good but the first one is really shitty. Just a bunch of unfunny generalizations, specially at the “girls like wolf puppies”. I’m a girl and the FIRST thing that got me hooked on the show was how surprised I was that for once a fantasy show that passes in a sort of medieval time actually talks about the politics aspects of it, and it’s not all about battles and everything (even if I loved the Blackwater episode, there’s nothing that IMO ruins a show more than having all action and no talking – GOT was different and that called my attention). And then I realized there was a lot of strong women in the show, and that settled it, I started watching. Now I’m hooked because of the story and everything else, this show is amazing and it has nothing to do with “cute wolf puppies”.

    By the way, it’s not only because I’m “offended” but I also didn’t find it funny at all – none of the descriptions. lol

  • I loved the comic. It’s not hilarious but it’s fun. Some friends (men and women) loved it too.
    I don’t know how someone could be offended with something like that. Only extremists and radical get angry with comics, IMAO.

  • I add my voice to those who dislike the first comic. Main reason being, I don’t find it funny at all, and its generalizations put more of a disappointed smirk than a smile on my face. I find these particular ones stale and not funny, but humour is very personal, so this is just my view. If it brought some sunshine to somebody else’s day, I’m happy for them.

  • I found the comic very mildly funny, the sort of thing that makes you smirk but not actually laugh. And I like puppies and everything, but I like hot guys a lot more. If we’re going to be shallow about it, you should try and lure me with Kit Harington’s abs instead of puppies, c’mon now!

    I got sucked into the series when someone who knows me very well told me a few months before A Feast for Crows came out – “you’d love these. read them.” Pretty simple!

  • I liked the comic, disregarding the cute puppies = girl generalization. It was obviously from a male POV and lots of chicks these days would probably be interested in a show with puppy wolves. Plus no boyfriend is going to alert their girl’s attention to hawt guys! But in reality when I enticed my stepmother into reading the series I used “Com’on, there’s lots of politics…” That’s what got her. To each their own *shrug*

  • Can we all just agree that not everyone’s parents are boring, not all men like the show for the sex and women care about more than cute puppies… and move on to something more hilarious? Like this:

    The Instrumentalist:
    Plus no boyfriend is going to alert their girl’s attention to hawt guys!

    My husband doesn’t do that, but he *does* pause the show and yell for me if I’m missing out on any boobies.

  • Uh, women watch GOT too. What the hell am *I* supposed to say to my cool friends (many of whom are female).

  • Oh so girls can’t like women getting mad sexed and dragons, you sexist, non-inclusive cartoon? But, Tyrion and the fuck yeah baby might have made up for it.