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Guest editorial: Art inspires art

Photo by Keri Kilgo

FaBio here, back from an extended hiatus that saw me slaving away in a darkened room, tied to the whims of shadowy creatures, each lacking in morality in some distinct way.

(No, I wasn’t locked in HmR’s basement again. Come on. This is just the teaser for a more self-serving plug I may deign to give you all some day soon.)

Today I come to introduce you all to that all-too rare occurrence here at Winter Is Coming: the guest writer! Meet Daesirae the Dagger!

I met D for the first time in San Diego over a year ago, at a mini-moot following Game of Thrones‘ first Comic Con appearance. And no, “Dagger” is not her actual surname; she writes under a pseudonym to protect her identity against the vengeful, rage-filled families of those deserving souls she has been forced to slay over the years. (She may / may not also be a TV insider, having worked for various production companies over the years. Which of them I cannot say!)

Daesirae approached me with an idea for an article, and frankly—I love it! So much on this site is given to the day-to-day details of production, rumor, and adaptation minutiae, we sometimes forget the effects and influences Game of Thrones has on the outside world. I could go on about it… but why do that myself? Ladies and germs… Daesirae:

Art Inspires Art
Like everyone on this site, I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. I read the latest book, A Dance With Dragons, in two days. A few years ago, when HBO announced the Game of Thrones series, I nearly peed myself with excitement. I’ve met/stalked George R.R. Martin on numerous occasions and each time I’m always awestruck. The most recent time at the Hard Rock Cafe lobby during Comic Con, when all I could do was point at George and hit my friend, my speaking ability monetarily forgotten. Luckily, she maintained her senses and asked for a photo.

Every person in my office is assigned a Game of Thrones character, which we proudly display over our desks (and yes, my coworkers are the coolest people in Los Angeles). I was delegated Arya, though I’d prefer Dany.

Basically, I consume Game of Thrones like Santa consumes cookies. So, the other day, when my boyfriend showed me an article about Game of Thrones sigils converted to corporate logos, I immediately stopped all action to look. We were at Disneyland, and usually nothing distracts me from Disneyland. But even my affair with the Mouse comes second to all things Game of Thrones. As far as GOT fan art goes, this was not the most impressive. You can decide for yourself.

But it did get me thinking. Ever since the premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the internet has been flooded with GOT-inspired fan art. It ranges from drawings, to tee shirts, jewelry, rap songs, and parodies. To put it in perspective: Martin created a popular book series, which inspired Benioff and Weiss to create a television series, which, in turn, provoked viewers to create their own adaptations of Game of Thrones. It’s an indestructible spider wed of creativity, with new threads stretching out from the center every day.

On the website Etsy, a retailer of handmade and vintage items, 79 pages pop up under the search “Game of Thrones.” Fans are so inspired by the series they created 79 pages of art. Now I know what you’re thinking, A ‘Moon of My Life’ bracelet isn’t art?! I beg to differ. Art’s the application of creative skill and imagination. And what’s more imaginative than a button that reads ‘Adopt a Direwolf?’ Plus, it’s really cute.

Of course, the first place one goes for his or her GOT fix is the HBO store. As FaB said, just because it’s got the “official” stamp on it doesn’t make it any less art; someone had to think it up, design it, and create it. I proudly wear my Targaryen tee, which I purchased from the site. And everyone deserves a life-size replica Iron Throne. Who doesn’t have $30K just lying around? Art by Marc Simonetti

Maybe the most renowned GOT artwork comes from the “A Song of Fire and Ice” calendars. Each year, a different artist re-imagines 12 scenes from the book series. The demand for the artwork has increased since the premiere of television show. If you attended Comic Con the past two years, you remember the long line to purchase autographed copies of these calendars.

But if you’re anything like me (and I bet you are) you prefer to wear your GOT pride on your T-shirt. There’s some awesome original artwork online that you can’t find in stores, like this Calvin & Hobbes/Game of Thrones mash up.

Of course, there is art purely for entertainment, not merchandise. You Tube is saturated with short videos and parodies. My top choice right now is a (SPOILERY!) rap song by Dominik Omega and The Arcitype. It remixes the Game of Thrones theme song and uses images from the show.

Another favorite of mine is One and a Half Man, a parody of Bronn and Tyrion’s relationship as if they starred in a sitcom.

Just for fun, and because I love Daenerys Targaryen and Disney, here is a mash up that features Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent dragon, and Figment dragon as Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion:

I don’t need to look far to discover artists inspired by the show. For the season two premiere, my friends decorated their apartment in a Game of Thrones theme complete with wildfire, hanging wall sigils, dragon’s egg, and Visery’s skull melted in gold. FaB covered the party in this article.

My point is, when I stop to think how one show influenced so many individuals to add so much beautiful art in our world, My. Mind. Is. Blown. This is just a small sample of all the wonderful Game of Thrones stuff out there. Hopefully, the series will continue for several years and spark more fan art. If you have any fan art faves, I’d love to see them!

In the meantime, I will continue to scour the realm for more great GOT fan art, even if my boyfriend and I are at Disney World. Oh, and can someone convince my boss that I am more Daenerys Targaryen and less Arya Stark? I want to be Mother of Dragons in our office. Thank you!

Fire And Blood: Thank you, Daesirae! Dominik Omega + The Arcitype is freaking brilliant.

(Secret identities aside, y’all can follow Daesirae the Dagger at @desire_yay on Twitter!)

My own offering takes the form of this video of artist (and GoT fanatic) Grant Gould showing us his step-by-step process in the creation of a Khal Drogo picture! (The music is “Gerontion [Orpheus Remix]” by Luc Poublon.)

So! Let’s see more examples from you people!