Awards Season 2

WiCnet Awards Season Two Winners Announced LIVE

After weeks of voting, it is time to finally announce the winners of the WiCnet Awards for season two of Game of Thrones! We will be announcing the winners one by one and we invite you all to provide your instant reactions. The live chat has ended, but you can replay it below.


  • Ryan John:
    Will we be reviewing the choices beforehand? I’m sure I need a refresher.

    Yes, we will announce the list of nominees prior to announcing the winner. Just like they do for other award shows.

  • Hm…I can imagine people might have liked to see this announcement appear a couple of days before the event…

  • My predictions (mostly based on comments):

    Best actor – Alfie Allen (although I’m rooting for Dillane)
    Best actress – Lena Headey (she really honestly deserves it this season
    Best scene – forgot which ones were nominated, but I think Yoren’s death’s gonna win
    Best one liner – same as above, but I believe Bronn’s clever remark on Joff will nail it
    Best line – Varys on fishes … hope so
    Best death scene – don’t even care about the comments; ser Rodrik HAS to win
    Best comedic scene – same as above, but Two and a hald and a half man
    Best action scene – Blackwater, hands down
    Best dramatic scene – Theon taking WF … forgot about the other nominations, tbh
    Best CGI scene – wildfire (although I would go with dragonfire instead)
    Best supporting actress – Rose Leslie (who really saved Jon’s story arc debacle)
    Best supporting actor – I think it’s gonna be close, but Conleth Hill

    Now I’m off to bed … Can’t wait for the announcements and to see how wrong I was. :D

  • Omg there are too many things to watch today…. NFL, MLB playoffs, now this!!? I need 3 pairs of eyes

  • Alfie Allen, really? I mean, he was fine, but compared to Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance, there’s just no comparison. The rest of the choices were solid.

  • YaaaaaY Wic Awards! And my beloved won his category! A woman could not be more pleased! Time to feed the shadow cats!

  • Still cannot understand how an entire episode was given as best action sequence. That’s not fair!

  • It’s not an entire episode, it’s more like 15-20 minutes. The rest are dialogue scenes before and during. Which is a long time, but it is what it is.

  • Thanks Winter- really need that hit of fandom as we have another long 6 months to go to S3…you guys rock!

  • Zack:
    The only one I really felt strongly about was one of the only times my vote won!

    Hooray Alfie :)

    Yea! He did receive a fair % ‘age of votes here, glad he won.

  • Mrs. H’ghar:
    YaaaaaY Wic Awards! And my beloved won his category! A woman could not be more pleased! Time to feed the shadow cats!

    Congrats Mrs. H! Your hubby deserved it!