Editorial Season 3 Speculation

Where will they split A Storm of Swords?

I had planned to make this discussion topic soon, and just yesterday io9 published an article listing 12 subplots from A Storm of Swords that will likely be cut from season three of Game of Thrones. That seemed like a great jumping off point for further discussion of how you think they will handle the storyline for this third season.

The biggest question, to me, is where they will split Storm? A recent interview with George R.R. Martin, revealed that season four will be part Storm with some A Dance of Dragons and A Feast for Crows mixed in. So we know that the book won’t be split in half. More like a two-thirds split. But there is a lot of wiggle room here; a lot of independent storylines that could be held back or moved forward, depending on how the writers want to play their cards. After the break, I will give my (very spoilery!) guesses as to where each major storyline will end this season and I invite you to give your own in the comments.

The Wall: Ygritte dying in Jon’s arms
Considering a big part of Jon’s storyline this season will be about how he falls for Ygritte, I think this tragic moment will make for a poignant ending for his arc. The skirmish at the Wall also lends a little action. There are still plenty of developments for season four, including Jon’s battle with Janos Slynt, and Slynt’s primary backer Alliser Thorne, over who will be the next Lord Commander. And, of course, the major battle between the wildlings and the Night’s Watch.

Essos: Dany steals the Unsullied
Yes, this happens pretty early on in the book, but it is such an epic scene (and very effects heavy), that I think they will rework her storyline and make it a season-ender.

Riverlands: The Red Wedding, Arya gets Needle back, UnCat
We know the Red Wedding will be in this season. My guess is it will be in episode nine. That leaves one episode to show some of the aftermath. Part of that will be the Hound and Arya meeting up with Polliver (but no Tickler), where they will kill him and his companions, and Arya will get Needle. Sandor will be injured and him and Arya will make for Saltpans. Meanwhile, Thoros and Beric will happen upon the corpse of Catelyn Stark and Beric will give her the kiss of life. We didn’t get to actually see this scene in the books, but it is the perfect conclusion to the storyline with the Brotherhood without Banners and as a capper to the Red Wedding. It will give viewers some hope that the Starks will have their revenge. Due to the shocking nature of it, plus the heavy supernatural element, I think this will be the final scene of season three.

The North: Bran and Rickon split up, Sam makes it to the Wall
I think following the encounter at Queenscrown, Osha will decide it is best if she and Rickon split from the rest of the group. Bran will continue north with the Reeds, while she spirits Rickon away to an undisclosed location. Their final scene will be them saying their goodbyes. Beyond the Wall, Sam and Gilly will have made it safely back to the Wall, with the help of Coldhands (who, in my new theory, will be played by Burn Gorman). He will tell them to find Bran and send him and his companions through the Wall to meet him.

King’s Landing: ??????
This one is tough. Not much happens in KL this season (Lena Headey said she only had 14 days of filming this year). I’m not sure where they will end this storyline, but I feel confident that it WON’T end with the Purple Wedding. That would just leave things too packed at the end. I suspect they will be inventing quite a bit of scenes for KL this year, so we may see the season end on something that isn’t in the books.

Harrenhal: Jaime rescues Brienne, they head for King’s Landing
We know they shot the bear pit scene, and I think that would make for a nice conclusion to the arc for these two characters. There will likely be a scene or two of them heading to King’s Landing together in the final episode.

Dragonstone: Sailing to the Wall
The Dragonstone storyline will be pretty insular this season and I don’t see any possible conclusion to it other than Stannis deciding to sail towards the Wall.

What do you think of my speculation? Am I on the money or way off? Debate and discuss!


  • I really like the ending for Jon and Bran/Rickon you mentioned for this season.
    But what will Dany do before the buying the Unsullied? Another Qarth storyline only now it will be set in Astapor or another slave city?
    I hope that they don’t have Arya getting Needle back by the end of the season cause her time with Sandor is a great part of Swords, so they could explore it a bit more in S4, but who knows..
    Since i believe the 10th episode will only show little scenes for each character like it did with S2, we would only get to see Arya waking up from the blow Sandor gave her with the axe and in KL i guess everyone would be really happy to learn about the RW, but if S&T wedding is happening in episode 8, and they only cover the RW in episode 10, we could see Sansa finding out about it in episode 10 as well.
    I can’t believe Lena only had 14 days of filming!

  • the all important Ros will be getting an expanded role, taking the place of Shae in KL, then slicing off Jamie’s hand instead of Vargo Hoat, and finally giving the kiss of life to Catelyn at the end of episode 10, and taking the place of Strong Belwas in Astapur/MeereenThat was sarcasm, in case you didn’t know.

  • In this post, we heard about a scene featuring 300 extras and women in updo hairstyles. Someone later tweeted that their had been cake.

    Since the other two main candidates for what they were filming were recently the subject of specific rumors, I suspect your King’s Landing speculation my be wrong.

  • Dany’s won’t end with getting the Unsullied. We saw an audition video for Mero that made clear she had already gotten the Unsullied. In the scene in the video, Daario and Mero were being introduced as new characters. So it looks like Dany’s plotline will move similarly to the books — she’ll take the Unsullied about halfway through this season, then take Yunkai at the end of the season.

  • I hope they wait until the end of season 4 to reveal Lady Stoneheart. I’m interested to see what they’ll have for Bran in Season 4. Not just because he’s my favorite character, but he only has one chapter after Summer’s encounter with Jon in Queenstown.

  • Re: Riverlands Ending and unCat

    I think showing her reviving the next episode of her death would cheapen it, so I hope they don’t go that route.

  • i cant decide if i love the serie or hate it… is so damn different from the book and not only about the 12 episodes that i can understand pretty well but they made some unnecessary changes in my view

  • Re: Dany taking the Unsullied, I think that will happen earlier in the season. Remember, they have cast Grey Worm and in the audition tapes for Daario and Mero it is mentioned that Dany already has 10,000 Unsullied. I see Dany’s arc ending with ‘Arsten’ saving her and finally being revealed to her as Barristan.

    Re: Lady Stoneheart, I hope that scene is saved until season 4. It will have much more impact if it doesn’t happen the very next episode after Catelyn is killed.

    Re: Coldhands, do we know that they have cast that character? I know some believe he is Benjen, but I never did. I always just assumed that he was a wight that Brynden Rivers(Three Eyed Crow) was controlling.

  • About the 12 things, I’m goona be very pissed if they do only one slaver city and no Ben Plumm. I’m still accepting that we probably won’t gonna see Belwas, and now there is that thing about BP. They are the 2 best characters from Dany’s storyline, besides an old man with a whit cloack :P

    And I hope Edric Storm is in, because, what the fuck they will happen in Dragonstone in 10 episodes if there isn’t the ES plot ?

    About Coldhands, for sure he will show up sometime in the series, but idk if he is going to make his appear in S3.

    About the rest, I think these things are not going to happen, but I like the Brave Companions, I hope they are in!

  • >Essos: Dany steals the Unsullied
    >Yes, this happens pretty early on in the book, but it is such an epic scene (and very >effects heavy), that I think they will rework her storyline and make it a season-ender.

    What about Daario & co? Surely they need to be introduced AFTER Dany gains Unsullied.

  • I think you are pretty much on the money with all of it.
    Though I have Dany’s story ending alittle bit later. I think The Yunkai army will be made into the Astapor army instead. When Dany arrive in Astapor the army will be intown and she will meet Prendahl and Daario. The army will leave town before, Dany take the Unsullied and frees the city. Jorah will plea for Dany to leave the town, before the Astapor army returns and crushes them. But Dany refuses to leave the slaves in the city to slaughter.The story line ends with the Slaves chanting Mother Mother as Dany moves through Astapor streets with her Unsullied, and out through the city gates to face the gathered Astapor army.
    But that’s very speculative I guess.

  • rear me roar,

    Well, the series doesn’t affect the books. You will always have the books. They will never change. GRRM doesn’t have the constraints that the TV show has. Not saying the show is perfect. There are several complaints I had in season 2. But overall I still love the show. I don’t mind alterations so long as they work. Many didn’t in season 2. The good thing is that most characters wind up pretty much in the same place as the books.

  • For KL, I would assume some new stuff. And it ending with the Tyrion-Sansa Wedding

    Since we have heard that the Eeyrie (Lysa and Robin) is being used, I would assume that gets tied in somehow to KL and probably Littlefinger.

    Don’t forget that Ros is probably going to be in the scheming now. The whole Margaery, Queen of Thorns and Sansa scheming to get Sansa married into the Tyrells.

    Tyrion and his problems with his father. Wanting Casterly Rock. Him becoming Master of Coin.

  • If I remember correctly Josef Atlin (Pyp) had only one day of shooting which would rule out the battle for Castle Black. My money is on Jon returning to the Wall.

  • The RW will be in Season 3 for sure? Aww, darn it. I so was hoping for something more sneakier to shock people with. I mean, by now everyone expects something big to happen at the end of the season, and I’m sure there’ll be hints to the RW during the season, too. In the books, it was so devastating because it happened out of nowhere. If people expect something big, it won’t be as much of a shock.

    What I was dearly hoping they would do would be to have the RW at the start of season 4. Episode 2 or 3 perhaps. Now that would be a big shocker that’d get people talking.

  • Anvil,

    Yeah, I’m not sure that would be such a great ending. I suppose they could foreshadow the battle for Castle Black as they did the ranging North of the Wall in the season 1 finale. But that would leave two or three battles at the Wall for season 4. I think Ygritte dying would be the perfect ending for Jon’s S3 story arc. Plus, it would trim another cast member and allow for extra money to cast other characters for S4.

  • I written this before, but this is what I WOULD DO, not what I think Dan & Dave will do:

    Characters not appearing: STANNIS & MEL, BRONN, THE HOUND, ROS
    DEATH: Assassin in Qarth; many Night’s Watch red shirts; one White Walker
    NUDITY: None.
    – OPEN WITH: Sam & Company escape the White Walkers attack on the Fist of the First Men, Sam stabs/kills White Walker with Dragonglass dagger;
    – Jon is taken to Mance Rayder, and tries to convince Mance that he’s a wilding;
    – Tyrion visits the Small Council. Cersei,Pycelle, & Littlefinger diss him, while Tywin smirks. Tywin says he’s planning to end the war vs. the Starks, Small Council leaves Tyrion alone with Tywin. Tryion wants Casterly Rock, dad says ‘no’.
    – Joffrey listens to Margaery (with Loras) about decorations for their wedding.
    – 5,000 Frey men leave the Stark camp. Robb decides to move his army to Riverrun.
    – Davos sits on a rock waiting to die, he sees a boat and waves, it is Salladhor Saan
    – Jaime & Brienne are approached by thieves on the Water, Brienne falls in, reluctant Jaime saves her
    – Arya, Hot Pie & Gendry plot a course for Riverrun
    – Bran and company are alive, walking through the woods. Bran tries to warg into Summer.
    – Dany and Jorah search the Qarth docks for a boat, Dany attacked, saved by White Beard; White Beard has a boat.
    – Tyrion visits Sansa (to see Shae), they talk about Sansa not marrying Joffrey, Tryion quips his about his first marriage.
    – Robb, Cat & Talissa hear from Roose Bolton that his son got to Winterfell, it was burnt, Theon captured, Bran and Rickon dead; Robb and Cat console each other.
    – ENDING: Theon awakens in back of a prison cart, surrounded by Dreadfort Troops

    DEATHS: Kyra
    NUDITY: Kyra, Jon, Ygritte
    – OPEN WITH: Theon meets fellow prisoners, realizes they are Winterfell citizens, Prison cart is stopped, Fake Ramsey Snow opens the cart, allows his pet Reek to take Kyra to rape/kill. Theon is horrified.
    – Cut to Bran’s wolf dream, he sees dead Kyra. Bran wakes up. He wants to rescue them, but doesn’t know who he can trust. Osha & Bran realize the only way to do that is get Jon’s help from Castle Black.
    – Mance’s Wilding army arrive at the Fist, Jon sees the destruction — he’s emo.
    – Littlefinger meets with Sansa, he’s arranged a lunch with Tyrells for her. Ros sees him.
    – Robb asks Cat for help bringing Lyssa Arryn & the Vale to their side, Cat doesn’t think it’s possible.
    – At Whorehouse, Ros flirts with Littlefinger; discovers that he likes Cat & Sansa.
    – Ser Loras brings Sansa (with handmaiden Shae) to lunch with Margaery and the Queen of Thorns
    – Tyrion meets with Bronn and Bronn’s new wife, Lady Lollys. Tyrion realizes Bronn is lost to him.
    – Salladhor drops Davos off at Dragonstone, Stannis & Mel have him thrown into jail;
    – Robb, Cat, Talissa arrive at Riverrun, Edmure & Blackfish greet Robb, Cat goes to her sick father
    – Awkward dinner #1: Margaery has dinner with Cersei, Joffrey & Tommen. Cersei sees a threat.
    – ENDING: Ygritte comforts a sad Jon aka they start “doing it”

    DEATHS: None
    NUDITY: Whores at the Brothel
    – Mance explains to Jon that he’s not found the Horn of Winter; Jon & Ygritte join a band of Wildings sent to climb the Wall
    – The remaining Night’s Watch crew of Mormont, Grenn, Sam, and Edd reach Craster’s Keep. Sam reunites with Gilly
    – Ros tells Varys of Littlefinger’s love for Cat/Sansa. Varys plots.
    – Sansa has another meal with Margaery & Queen of Thorns, they suggest Sansa to marry Ser Loras.
    – On the boat, White Beard suggests Pentos, Jorah doesn’t trust him and suggests Astapor
    – Robb announces a bounty for the capture/return of Jaime Lannister.
    – Bran wakes from 3-eyed crow dream. Osha is afraid they’re being followed, so they hide. Bran wargs into Summer, direwolf approaches Jojen & Meera Reed, Jojen touches Summer, Bran wakes up.
    – Shae tells Tyrion that Tyrells plan to marry Sansa to Loras.
    – Awkward dinner #2: Stannis has dinner with wife, daughter& Melisandre. The idea of burning King’s blood is introduced. Leaches burn show 3 king deaths. Selyse suggests a bastard of Robert’s: Edric Stone.
    – Varys goes to Tywin, proposes Littlefinger marry Lyssa to get Eyrie back in the fold. Tywin likes it.
    – Robb plans war: He and Blackfish will lure Mountain’s forces out of Harrenhall, Roose Bolton will sneak in behind and take Harrenhall. Mountain will fall into trap.
    – Jorah meets with Dany, kisses her
    – Tyrion goes to Tywin, explains that the Tyrells plan to marry Sansa to Loras; Tywin smirks at another marriage proposal idea right after Varys came to him. Tyrion suggests marrying Cersei to Loras, Sansa to Tommen. Tywin thinks it’s a good idea.
    ENDING: – Arya, Hot Pie & Gendry stop at an inn, Hot Pie gets a job, a Northern soldier recognizes Arya, he says he’ll bring her to Catelyn.

    New Characters Introduced: re-introduction of BERIC DONDARRION, THOROS OF MYR,
    NUDITY: A few of Craster’s wives by evil Night’s Watch bastards
    – Dany and Jorah have awkard moments on boat, Dany orders White Beard to turn the boat toward Slaver’s Bay & Astapor
    – Varys tells Sansa that Littlefinger is to wed Lyssa Arryn. aka Don’t trust him.
    – Sansa tells Littlefinger that she doesn’t need rescue, she will marry Loras
    – Littlefinger tells Cersei to stop Sansa/Loras marriage (he wants Sansa).
    – Theon thinks he has a way to escape, asks for help from Reek
    – Cersei goes to Tywin, who already knows about Sansa/Loras wedding. Tywin tells her Tyrion’s plan to wed her to Loras; Cersei goes nuts.
    – Arya and company are brought to the Brotherhood led by Beric Dondarrion
    – Robb learns that Roose has taken Harrenhall, but Edmure has let the Mountain escape.
    – Jojen & Meera officially join Bran & Company. Jojen tells a tale that Bran must go beyond the Wall, Bran accepts, sends Osha away with Rickon.
    – Jaime annoys Brienne, dares her to fight him. She says ‘no’ but tension building.
    – Tyrion is called to meet with Tywin & Cersei: The ideal solution has been found: Tyrion will marry Sansa / Littlefinger will marry Lyssa / Loras will join the Kingsguard
    – Cat proposes that Edmure marry a Frey to make up for his screw up of the plan. Everyone agrees
    – Theon kills Ramsey Bolton, escapes with Reek away into the woods.
    – ENDING: Craster & Mormont killed by Night’s Watch, Grenn, Edd flee, Sam & Gilly break away.

    Characters not appearing: BRAN & COMPANY, JOFFREY,
    DEATHS: Jaime’s Hand, Hoster Tully, an Unsullied
    NUDITY: an Unsullied soldier
    – Theon and Reek hide in the woods, Reek claims that he knows the way to Theon’s sister Yara.
    – In Astapor, Kraznys offers Dany an army for a dragon;
    – Jon sends Ghost away, then he, Ygritte and Wildings go over the Wall;
    – Hoster Tully dies, the next morning, there’s a funeral.
    – Varys gloats over Littlefinger’s forced marriage to Lyssa. Littlefinger has last laugh.
    – Gilly fears that she’s about to give birth. She & Sam hide in abandoned Wilding village.
    – Stannis forces Davos & Mel to an uneasy truce to retrieve Edric Stone.
    – Tyrion meets with Shae, explains that he’s going to marry Sansa. Shae is pissed.
    – Arya sees the Hound has been captured by the Brotherhood. They plan to kill him.
    – Shireen sees Davos crying over Mathos, helps him learn to read.
    – As Littlefinger leaves for Eyrie, he gives Sansa a going away present to wear on Joffrey’s wedding day. Claims that will be the day he will free her.
    – ENDING: Jaime & Brienne are attacked by Vargo Hoat’s band of creeps looking for reward $, Jaime loses a Hand.

    Characters not appearing: THEON & REEK, STANNIS, SAM & GILLY
    NUDITY: Robb, Talissa, Jon, Ygritte
    – Robb spends a night with Talissa before leaving her as he journeys to the Twins
    – Tywin meets with Cersei, tells her that he’s still plans to marry her off: now to Oberyn Martell the Red Viper, Cersai is pissed.
    – South of the Wall, Ygritte tells Jon, they could run away and be man and wife.
    – Jaime and Brienne are dropped off at Harrenhall, Roose treats Jaime kindly, not Brienne. Vargo Hoat and thugs want their reward: Roose tells them that their reward is Harrenhall.
    – Bran learns the tale of the Knight of the Laughing Tree
    – Robb, Edmure and Cat leave for the Twins. Blackfish & Talissa wave goodbye
    – The Hound battles Beric for his life, he wins and leaves, Beric is brought back to life.
    – Davos and Melisandre plot their ship course for the Vale. Mel explains why no more Shadow Babies.
    – Tyrion marries Sansa with everyone watching.
    – ENDING: Dany takes Meereen

    New Characters Introduced: DAARIO NAHARIS and the STORMCROWS
    Characters not appearing: STANNIS, THEON, CERCEI
    DEATHS: Vargo Hoat, various Stormcrows, a few Wildings
    NUDITY: Tyrion
    – Tywin demands that Tyrion consummate his marriage to Sansa. Joffrey taunts him with new Valyrian steel sword; Tyrion threatens Joffrey.
    – Roose leaves Harrenhall for the Twins, he gives Harrenhall & Brienne to Vargo Hoat, releases Jaime.
    – A bunch of sellsword including Daario approach Dany from Yunkai, demanding she return the slaves.
    – Gilly gives birth
    – Gendry joins Brotherhood, knighted by Beric. Arya escapes the Brotherhood
    – Bran and company hide in ruins as Wilding Army arrives, wargs into Hodor to shut him up.
    – Davos & Melisandre break into the Eyrie, escape with Edric Stone.
    – Robb and Cat receive word that Sansa has married Tyrion, Cat begs Robb to bend the knee. Robb wants Jon to be his heir.
    – Daario kills other sell swords for Dany, says he will help her take Yunkai.
    – Arya is caught by The Hound.
    – Jaime returns to Harrenhall and saves Brienne; kills Vargo Hoat
    – ENDING: Summer helps Jon escapes Wildings,he rides for Castle Black

    Characters not appearing: DRAGONSTONE CREW,
    NUDITY: Whores in the Brothel
    – Jorah is jealous of Daario, Dany ignores him.
    – The Hound tells Arya that he intends to ransom her back to her Mother & Brother at the Twins
    – Jon reaches Castle Black, warns of the pending attack, discovers Grenn, Ed & Pyp.
    – Reek leads Theon to a castle, Theon realizes this is Dreadfort, Reek is actually Ramsey Snow — he’s screwed.
    – Tyrion welcomes Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper to King’s Landing.
    – Robb, Edmure & Cat reach the Twins, Walder Frey is a sour bastard.
    – Margaery & Queen of Thorns model wedding outfits in front of Cersei
    – Jaime cleans up at Harrenhall, tells Brienne that he wants to look good for Cersei; Brienne is puzzled since he’ll miss his son’s wedding. Jaime is remorseful.
    – With Littlefinger gone, Ros controls brothel now, she and Varys share a toast
    – Tyrion asks Joffrey about dagger that assassin had to attack Bran.
    – ENDING: Sam, Gilly & Baby are attacked by White Walkers, but they are saved by Coldhands.

    DEATHS: Robb, Cat, and many good Northerners
    NUDITY: None
    – Davos and Mel drop Edric Stone off in Dragonstone; Davos learns what Stannis plans to do with him.
    – At Pyke, Asha shows her father Balon Greyjoy a piece of Theon’s flayed skin for ransom.
    – Bran has a wolf-dream of seeing the Wall.
    – Jon has a wolf-dream of Sam & Gilly with Coldhands
    – Arya has a wolf-dream of wolves by a river
    – Robb has a wolf-dream of musicians arriving
    – Sansa ‘sleeps’ with her eyes open as Tyrion sneaks off
    – Tyrion is turned away by Shae.
    – The Hound and Arya reach the Twins.
    – ENDING: Red Wedding.

    DEATHS: Joffrey, Ygritte, all Wildings south of the Wall, Balon Greyjoy
    NUDITY: Dany & Daario
    – In front of everyone, Tyrion is told of Red Wedding, Joffrey demands Robb’s head to give to Sansa, Tyrion cold cocks him
    – Arya curses the Hound, wants to go back to Twins. The Hound shuts her up.
    – Davos gives Edric to Salladhor, and they escape, but Davos is caught by Davos & Mel
    – Bran, Hodor and the Reeds reach the Wall.
    – Balon Greyjoy is thrown off a bridge in Pyke
    – Dany spurns Jorah; she sleeps with Daario
    – Wildings attack Castle Black, Jon and company win, but Ygritte is killed
    – Purple Wedding;
    – Sansa joins Littlefinger on his boat
    – ENDING: Cat is found by direwolf. Opens her eyes.

  • I agree with most of your “split” theories, but I’m unsure about the Jon and Ygritte split. I feel like they’re going to want to let her stick around as long as they can, because their relationship will probably end up being pretty popular.

    My theory is that they’ll stretch the first part of Jon’s storyline and end it with Jon returning to Castle Black after leaving the Wildlings.

    Oh, and add me to the camp that doesn’t want them to show Uncat this season. Other than that, your splits sound good to me!

  • if season 3 ends with arya getting into saltpants what they will be doing with her in season 4? i dont want that the future seasons will have no arya :(

  • No Stoneheart in season 3! Book readers don’t find out about that until the end of SOS so why should the TV viewers only have to wait an episode or 2 to learn about that. Having that reveal so soon lessens the shock value of the initial event. That was a bit of a problem that lead to the downfall of the show Heroes. Too many people were “killed off” only to be brought back immediately or shortly there after. And it resulted in other characters deaths not being taken seriously.

  • These are all solid suggestions…the only ones I’m waffling on is whether or not they’ll keep Ygritte around for a bit longer and I get the feeling that they won’t split Rickon and Bran quite yet – it sidelines Natalia Tena if they do. I’m really, really hopeful that they’ll end the season with Stoneheart’s revival, as you suggest. Undead Catelyn Stark rising up from the muddy riverside would be a fantastic and horrifying -if slightly hopeful after the carnage of the RW– parallel to Dany’s supernatural “rebirth” and rise out of the ashes at the end of Season 1.

  • Waited for this discussion to begin and now quite dumbfounded as to how all these
    events will be incorporated…

    It’s conceivable that the divergent stories will be introduced in short vignettes, then
    a focus of Stannis, Jaime & Brienne, King’s Landing and the Riverlands, Arya.
    I won’t pretend to name scenes by episodes. There will be transitions to have
    the viewers perceive these as simultaneous events, but really skipping back and
    forth with a focus only on significant events.

    I agree as much to the start with NightWatch scenes and North scenario with
    the Stark brothers ( & Osha, Hodor, Summer, Shaggy Dog ). The boys ‘ story
    is easily streamlined here, as was shortened in ASOS. The Wall scenario
    quite repulsive to me , with Thorne as lord Commander, but it’s highly plausible.
    The dynamic there is not likely to be left out until later episodes. Maybe Jon
    will later wrestle control from Thorne, but Jon’s story needs a continuation
    ( even if it’s uneven ). The events at the Fist of the First Men has to occur in
    brief mention ( w/ Mormont and/or Sam ) , but not included in the beginning
    episodes. Sam & Gilly needs to meet up at Craster’s keep and head South to the

    Danerys and the Unsullied will make a dramatic change of location and storyline,
    albeit streamlined and continued later. The same for Stannis and his retinue.

    The Riverlands and subsequent events , has to become a major area of focus,
    even it becomes so in later episodes. The events, as you say, are so shocking
    and prepares the audiences to seethe for the start of season four.

    Can you tell I’m new at this ?

  • All this talk of not having major events at the end of the season because that’s what the audience has come to expect is just silly. That’s how climaxes tend to work, guys.

    Totally down with Stoneheart showing up as the very final scene (dragons, ice demons, and zombies, oh my!). I mentioned this in another post, but her resurrection is something that they are going to have to actually show. It’s too supernatural of a scene to just casually mention later, and since they don’t do flashbacks it will have to happen relatively soon after the Red Wedding. The emotional impact of her death is not going to be lost; this isn’t like Bran and Rickon where we are relieved that they are actually alive, this is a brutal extension of her death, with her last moments of madness and fury frozen in zombie form. Dunno about you, but the way I see it, Cat is gone, and what she has become is worse than death. It makes me double-sad.

  • SerCountryFriedSteak,

    Impressive, and amazing you got this post up before I’d even finished mine.
    This is so much to digest, and definitely thorough at theorizing the inclusion
    of all ( called upon ) cast members and scene inclusion. Mine is purely a
    novice attempt with many notable exclusions.

    Whatever the pace or inclusions, this makes for an exciting season to watch.
    It may either become brilliant or a clusterfuck, with so much to introduce and
    end with. As a viewer, I will be pondering the events until the next one begins
    ( in shocking and awesome tones ).

  • Why are people blacking out spoilers? This entire post was one big spoiler not really meant for those who haven’t read the books.

  • I hope after a paper thin Dany storyline in S2, they don’t repeat that crap again. If her arc finishes with the acquisition of the robot army, there will be nearly nothing for her all season long. That aint gonna be good for the show. There is just too much action to concentrate it all at the end with all storylines. Spread the awesomeness out a bit.
    A few of the episodes gearing up to blackwater last year felt REAL slow, and that shouldnt be the case with any episode this season. There is just so much MEAT, they cant slow everything down. Some storyline has gotta fly.

  • WiC

    How do you see Theon, Yara and Ramsay getting incorporated into the story?

    Personally think Ramsay is going to be the vehicle to keep the Ironborn involved and to add something to Bran.

    Yara will try to get Theon back. Ramsay blames the sack of Winterfell on the Iron Born, she denies it. Theon will be tortured. Give up the information that Bran and Rickon still live…

    Which then adds to the Bran timeline. Maybe a chase scene as Ramsay attempts to “rescue” them (keeping the Bolton’s betrayal a secret). But Jojen’s green dreams give some doubt to Ramsay actually being there to “rescue” them and Bran decides not to reveal himself/stay hidden and let Ramsay pass.

    The Iron Born will only be in the first handful of episodes. To remind us they exist. Maybe a scene later when hear about Balon’s death and Yara goes back to the Iron Islands.

    After the RW, we can get a reveal about how evil Ramsay is. That he sacked Winterfell and he wants to kill Bran and Rickon. Probably while torturing Theon.

    I agree that Bran’s line will end where you are speculating.

  • NewJeffCT:
    the all important Ros will be getting an expanded role, taking the place of Shae in KL, then slicing off Jamie’s hand instead of Vargo Hoat, and finally giving the kiss of life to Catelyn at the end of episode 10, and taking the place of Strong Belwas in Astapur/MeereenThat was sarcasm, in case you didn’t know.

    Please don’t given them any ideas

  • I think the last Jon scene will be him arriving at the Wall to warn them about the wildlings (and Pyp greeting him as we know Altin only was on set for one day).

    Ygritte is one of those characters they’re going to keep around and probably kill off mid/late season 4.

  • I don’t think the one day of filming for Pyp (Altin) excludes a Wildling attack on Castle Black, how many shots does he need to be in?

  • WiC, a woman agrees with most of your assessment of the next season. However, Davos has to be returned to Dragonstone, be jailed, be released, be made Hand, and learn to read so that Stannis can get the message about the dire straits at the Wall to set the stage for his next move (meaning S4 will probably be when he arrives at the Wall). Most of his scenes will probably be on Dragonstone as he falls deeper into Mel’s sphere of influence and finds out who his true friends are amongst his posse. Stannis burning a certain traitor amongst his knights would be an end to that arc, with preperations made for a trip north. Also, Arya taking her leave of Westeros on a ship would be a cool ending for her arch in S3, having her gaze off the boat and seeing the land get smaller and smaller as the ship moves away to Braavos – that would be a great last scene for her and leave the mystery of her future for all to consider. Saving UnCat for the beginning of S4 makes sense, but having that happen at the end of S3 would work too. Saving the PW till S4 also makes sense, but a woman would not be surprised to see that in S3 at the end either. Let’s face it, there’s a lot that could happen in S3, and much could be separated out so that some important things are saved for S4. Still, I am looking forward to seeing what new scenes will be created for S3. Some minor characters being cut would leave more screen time for things that we only find out about third-hand in the books, and would bring more emotional depth to some of the characters we love and love-to-hate. Besides more battles, it would be great to get some new screen time for Bran and his posse to explore how their characters deal with their saga, and we know that the introduction to the Reeds will be newly written. These new scenes will be most interesting as so much is already known to those who have read the books.

  • Man, I can’t believe we will start the season with Hoster Tully already dead. His funeral scene with Edmure is one of my favorite scenes ever from the books, and says so much about Edmure.

  • Yes, I agree that Jon’s storyline will most likely end with him arriving back at the Wall. Pyp’s one day of filming makes me think it’s impossible we’ll see the whole battle and Ygritte die. Pyp would be around for a lot longer than one day of shooting in that case, I think.

  • SerCountryFriedSteak,

    Wow you have a lot of time on your hands! Haha

    I love the idea of the episode wear Dany burns the slavers being called “Dracarys”.
    That is the perfect name for that episode and the show creators will have missed a trick if they don’t use it.

    “Plots and Schemes” however… ermmm no haha.

  • I would definitely write a bigger spoiler warning! I read the books, so I don’t really care but I read about Ygritte before I even saw the warning (bad habit of skimming larger texts^^). I know that it’s kind of obvious that there will be spoilers if the article is about how to split the 3. book, but a lot of people are just too curious not to read the first few lines….

  • What about how the season will begin?

    I’m thinking surely the battle at the fist of the first men…
    Tywin taking control at King’s Landing, maybe a Tywin/ Tyrion/ Cersei scene…
    Jon Snow meeting the wildings.
    Arya Gendry and Hot pie heading off on their new adventure.

  • SerCountryFriedSteak:
    I written this before, but this is what I WOULD DO, not what I think Dan & Dave will do:

    – ENDING: Cat is found by direwolf. Opens her eyes.

    Your outline is very detailed, and it may happen in something close to this manner. Well done summary! A woman does not agree with all, but close enough as makes no matter.

  • They should split right when Ros kills Joffery, claims the Iron Throne, and spreads her fire crotch across the Seven Kingdoms bringing unity and happiness to all of those fortunate enough to bask in all of that Heavenly Glor-ree.


  • Agree with most all of what you speculated, especially the final scene of the season. However, I feel they will include Joff’s death. The folks in KL will talk up Dorne all season, but no Dornish will be shown. EP 10 ends LF whisking Sansa away, Joff’s wedding and death, then Cersei screaming that Tyrion killed him, then cut to final scene of zombie cat Awesome

  • Watson,

    Nobody has challenged you yet. I’m more inclined to believe this is true, and out of Lena’s 14 days of filming, that was her most accomplished scene yet.

  • Jacarb,

    Yeah I agree with all this. From a logistical standpoint, then Michelle Fairley doesn’t disappear for a whole season, just like they are keeping Alfie Allen around for this season.

    And also it just makes for a totally badass final scene, just like Dany’s in season one.

  • I’m thinking everyone is more or less right about Jon’s ending, even the seeming contradictions. I think it will end with Jon getting to the wall, but also with Ygritte dying. I can see them condensing events a little to have these two things happen more or less simultaneously, with the raiders following Jon more closely. Jon warns Noye of 120 raiders coming from the south when he gets to the wall–I doubt there will be this many in the show, and the battle can be a bit more impromptu. And then I bet we get homage to the flaming stairs in the big battle in season 4.

  • I agree with most cut off points but on the King’s Landing arc…

    I’m torn.

    I think I want the PW to be in season 4 so that it’s not cramped but the fact that the wedding was set up in season 2 episode 10 and that it will be talked about all season long with preparations and that Sansa will probably get her hairnet, I can’t see the KL arc not having it’s ending. The PW is the perfect ending.

    So much happens in KL after it in the book, very little before. Even with added scenes, it would be a shame for the entire season to lead to nothing. It would be the perfect ending to the season seeing Joffrey die.

    Also no Lady stoneheart until at least episode 5 next year please!!!

    New making of entry: http://www.makinggameofthrones.com/production-diary/2012/10/12/somebody-call-stannis-a-tow-truck.html

  • My money is on Jon coming back to the wall. Due to reasons many mentioned above. That implies some things in other storyarcs (if they stay close to the books in matter of timeline): Summer saves Jon – that means Bran & co. were already in the Queenscrown,so the question is when and where they split with Rickon and Osha.
    Also I think they are going with cliffhanger with Davos and Stannis and the letter Davos red.
    KL – Brienne and Jaime arrive in while the preparations for PW are in progress.
    Dany – they would end it with the siege of Mereen by Dany s forces. I predict the Dracarys scene in the middle of the season.
    I am most curious about the ending in Riverrun and The Twins – not so sure about RW being in the finale; maybe they would go with the birth of Lady Stoneheart.

  • There are a few I can see ending in two places so I’m not sure…

    I think Jon’s escape and return back to the wall will be his final scenes of the season. I think it makes sense to have Jon’s entire season arc be about his time with the Wildlings and then to have it end with his escape.
    I would not mind Dany stopping at Astapor honestly…. I think that gives D&D time to stretch out her slow crawl to Meereen. Maybe Astapor in Season 3, Yunkai in Season 4? Maybe that would cut into the boring Meereenese plot in later seasons…. My gut says they will end the season at Yunkai however.

    Obviously Jaime rushing back to save Brienne before setting off for King’s Landing will end that arc.

    I think Bran’s last scene will be at the Queenscrown like most. and the RW will end Robb and Cat’s arcs, but I’m not sure UnCat wil lapear at the end of this season. I think if D&D decided to push the PW back to Season 4 that means they want the RW to have impact and then to let it breath a little. I think revealing Lady Stoneheart lessens that impact. I think she will be pushed back to Season 4 too.
    King’s Langing is a tough one to call… I think the two more obvious points to stop are Sansa’s wedding to Tyrion which is atoo early, and Joffrey’s wedding which is too late…. My guess is that the season arc will end with the Tyrells plotting in some new scenes.

  • Julia Mathias,

    Maybe Cat’s plot will start with her getting word of her father’s death, and she shows up at Riverun for the funeral. And then we’ll be introduced to Edmure through that very funeral scene

  • Didn’t we get some news saying an event with 300 extras with hairdos was being filmed a while ago? That wasn’t the Tyrion and Sansa wedding (that was filmed later) and neither the Red Wedding (that’s being filmed now). So I wonder if we’re getting the Purple Wedding at the end of this season indeed…

    Also, am I misremembering the books or didn’t the Lannisters attack Dragonstone and Stannis ran with his family? I think this will be how they close the Dragonstone storyline: with their escape.

  • Oh snap!

    Do you think they could have Orell replacing Styr as the raid leader? If Orell led the raid, Jon could still kill him and get some talons to the face. And since this is pretty much the season for warging (Orell, Jojen’s explanations, Bran/Summer saving Jon, Arya/Nymeria finding Cat), it would make sense to show what happens when someone dies while warging. And Mackenzie Crook is very much a single-season kinda guest star.

    So many of these plot details are going to boil down to cleanly finishing with a character so that they don’t have to contract the actor for just a part of another season.

  • Hi-Fi,

    Yeah, that’s what I posted about rather more vaguely above. There was also cake involved. I don’t see any way for this to be anything other than Joffrey’s Wedding.

  • darquemode,

    Including points from ADWD seems ill conceived, but it could work in respect
    to Cate’s end and the introduction of lady Stoneheart. I wonder if Nymeria
    would be included. I really miss all the Direwolves so far. No one has
    mentioned Ramsay Bolton thus far.
    . How do you feel about the possibility
    of Thorne becoming LC at the Wall ?

  • Don’t really agree with a lot of these:

    Stannis can’t leave for the wall until Joffrey dies period. That would screw up the entire timeline.

    Jon I wanted to end where you wanted, but now I don’t think they’ll have time with all the other plots they have to cram in.

    Danearys has to at least make it to Yunkai, or she won’t have enough to do all season. I see her arc ending with her seeing the first crucified child.

    And please no uncat until late season 4.
    The rest sound OK.

  • Hi-Fi:
    Didn’t we get some news saying an event with 300 extras with hairdos was being filmed a while ago? That wasn’t the Tyrion and Sansa wedding (that was filmed later) and neither the Red Wedding (that’s being filmed now). So I wonder if we’re getting the Purple Wedding at the end of this season indeed…

    Do you have a link? I didn’t hear about that :(
    But it does increasingly sound like the BW,RW and PW will all be in this season. Ep 8,9 & 10 respectively.

    As you said we know they filmed the BW a short while ago, the RW is being filmed this and next week, and although I have yet to see it, apparently a large gathering of well dressed people were needed for a scene with “Cake” filming in belfast (I presume) some time ago.

    Plus the fact that GRRM himself apparently said at the Emmy’s to “look forward to weddings on Season 3!” adds fuel to the fire. Of course “Weddings” only needs two to be correct, but wouldn’t he say “look forward to a couple of weddings” or something along those lines? The fact that he’s hyping them also leads me to believe that some big events happen at these weddings and besides being a shock and having an embarrassing moment for Tyrion nothing much happens at the BW.

    Just some thoughts…and hopes kinda :)

  • Mrs. H’ghar,

    I agree with your ( re: Winter’s assessment ) comments. There is so much included
    or questioned, yet so much left out, even in streamlined ! Your inclusions here
    has me wondering how the over ambitious story will present itself in a single
    season. This is really a discussion for seasons three and four.

  • Y’all are crazy if you think Michelle Fairley is going to wait around an entire season to be employed again/HBO is going to pay a contracted actress without using her. Besides, the tv audience will still be reeling from the deaths of Rob AND Cat. They’ll need the emotional compensation of seeing at least one of them returned to life-it lessens the blow, calms down a few of the people who’ll be all “damn this show, I’m never watching it again!” after the Red Wedding happens. Major deaths of beloved characters can certainly sour a person into not returning for another season of viewing.

    And I’m with Mrs. H’gar on the Arya ending for Season 3. I bet she’ll be off to Braavos, with Season 4 seeing an expansion of her training there.

    Dany will be spending most of her arch in Astapor, then heading o Mereen for Season 4. Yunkai will probably be dropped/fused into one of the other cities.

  • WildSeed,

    Honestly, I have no idea what will be going on beyond the wall or at the Wall or who will show up! XD

    To comsolidate roles some different Watchmen could go out with the Old Bear and either die or make it back to Castle Black later… They could create new Night’s Watchmen instead too….. Will they have the same conspirators or will that play out differently than in the books? Will Thorne be at Eastwatch or is he at Castle Black or even with Mormont beyond the Wall? I really have no clue.

    With Orell assumingly having a larger role since he will be played by Crook, I’m not sure what will be going on in Mance’s camp either. Could Orell have elements of Styr like some think? Maybe he will be a combination of Varamyr and Orell or some new skinchanger that will be Jon’s insight into what it means to be a warg. A way to get in some of the eposition missed from the earlier books….

  • Lots of good discussion here. Gonna try to address a few different points:

    -Maybe I missed something, but why can’t the wedding filmed earlier with all the extras and cake be Sansa and Tyrion’s wedding?
    -I am coming around on moving “Dracarys!” up towards the middle of the season. There is precedence for a major, VFX-heavy event happening mid-season (e.g. the golden crown, shadowbaby) so this could be season 3’s mid-season major event.
    -I still think ending the season with Ygritte dying is the perfect end to Jon’s S3 arc. I will be disappointed if it cuts off just as Jon gets to Castle Black.
    -I forgot about Theon in my post, but it’s real hard to speculate where his storyline will end since the whole thing is going to be made up.

  • The death of Ygritte would loose so much impact if not done in the same season they build reasonship, and people are following the emotions build week after week.

  • WildSeed,

    How could Thorne be LC? You’ll have to explain that for me. Tyrion already sent Janos Slynt to the Wall in season 2. In order to become LC you have to be elected. If Thorne were elected then there would be no need for the vote that eventually lead to Jon being elected LC. Is Jon to supposed to rebel and lead an uprising against an already elected Thorne? You are overthinking things.

  • Conti,

    Red wedding happened out of nowhere?
    1 danys vision in HOTU
    2 Cat constantly telling robb how dangerous Walter is
    3. Frey soldiers going mad and deserting robb when hearing of is marriage to jeyne

  • I think Sansa & Tyrion’s wedding was the one they had with the cake and the extras. I believe the PW won’t happen till season 4, so that only leaves the RW for another option for them to have those elements, but somehow i think we would see more women with fancy hair-styles in S&T wedding than in the RW. I still hope they will have the S&T wedding around episode 5 intead of 8 though.

  • I think there’ll be a few invented plotlines and scenes this season so we don’t have certain characters sitting around doing nothing. Critics and non-bookers won’t like that. This could be great or bad, depending on your individual viewpoints; we’ve had awesome new scenes (mostly) and lackluster ones (only a few), so I’ll just wait and see before making any judgement.

    EDIT: Oh, am I on a troll list or something? It says my comment is awaiting moderation. If I am, I’m truly sorry if I ever started anything!

  • Lin Beifunk: EDIT: Oh, am I on a troll list or something? It says my comment is awaiting moderation. If I am, I’m truly sorry if I ever started anything!

    No, no. For whatever reason your comment just got caught in the automatic filter. It has been approved now. Sorry about that!

  • Tyrion Pimpslap:

    How could Thorne be LC? You’ll have to explain that for me. Tyrion already sent Janos Slynt to the Wall in season 2.In order to become LC you have to be elected. If Thorne were elected then there would be no need for the vote that eventually lead to Jon being elected LC.Is Jon to supposed to rebel and lead an uprising against an already elected Thorne? You are overthinking things.

    I would advise you to Read the Topic, which we are all here responding to.

  • I love some of the theories. I’m still quite convinced that they can do the PW and still have a lot of ASOS to cover, even in King’s Landing (Lots of Ros stuff to write!)

    I’m not as convinced that we need to see Cat’s resurrection as Lady Stoneheart as the Season Finale, although I do see the possibility of Nymeria pulling Cat out of the water, just to keep it on people’s minds (as in, “what the fuck was that about?”)

  • WildSeed: I would advise you to Read the Topic, which we are all here responding to.

    I think you misread my post. I was saying that next season would include Jon’s battle with Janos Slynt as both Jon and Janos run for Lord Commander. Alliser Thorne is a huge part of that as he backs Slynt and already has a rivalry with Jon, so I wrote that he would battle “with Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne to be named Lord Commander”.

    I probably should have made it more clear by writing something like, “Jon would battle with Janos Slynt, and Slynt’s primary backer Alliser Thorne, to be named Lord Commander.” I will fix that.

  • WiC, what the fuck is up with allowing sercountrydick’s post with all the spoilers and plot lines from the book, and unblocked at that.
    Either he is a troll, or disgruntled book fan.

  • tysnow,

    Ummm…. honestly if you are reading the comments in a speculation post… then you are asking to be spoiled. Most of the post here have spoiler info that is not marked as spoiler… Even from WiC

    His post was neither trolling or sounded disgruntled to me… he posted how he would do this season. That takes a level of fandom.

  • tysnow:
    WiC, what the fuck is up with allowing sercountrydick’s post with all the spoilers and plot lines from the book, and unblocked at that.
    Either he is a troll, or disgruntled book fan.

    Woah, woah, woah. This sort of comment is completely out of bounds. Consider this a warning, the next comment of yours that so viciously attacks another poster will get you banned.

    To answer your question, I’m not being picky about people covering their spoilers in this topic since the subject matter of the post is all spoilers.

  • tysnow,

    While most of us are being considerate and trying to put in spoiler tags regardless, this post itself is spoilerific. I doubt anyone who hasn’t read the books is going to be reading the comments, because the comments apply to the post in its entirely.

  • WiC, I think the only area where I feel doesn’t sit well with me is Bran’s final scene. You mentioned that Bran and Rickon will separate at Queenscrown and that seems logical however, in less I interpreted that wrong you speculate that scene may be the last of Bran in season 3? I find that it would make for a better ending with Bran if he and the Reeds meet Sam and he gets them through the Wall to Coldhands and after a brief meet and greet they wrap up Bran. Reason why I say this too is because I would think that the writers would want to re enforce the fact that there is still “hope” for the Stark’s after the RW to go along with Cats resurrection and possibly Arya getting Needle back.

  • I noticed a few people not wanting to see UnCat so early, but I would love it. I get the thought process on thinking it would lessen the reveal we got from reading the books, but I don’t really care if non-book readers get that experience. I’m not going to be shocked by anything unless they show me some scenes that weren’t in the books, or at least weren’t shown in the books. So I would be totally cool with the season ending that way.

    Plus, I read that book in two days. I had to wait just a couple hours before getting that reveal. They’ll all be waiting a week for it. I think people will be crushed enough by the RW, you probably need something positive to happen after that or risk driving people away.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Yes, apparently I did misread. As in the books there is the power struggle between
    Jon, Thorne and Slynt. I misread your comment to include the GoT script to be
    revised with Thorne as a likely successor. I had a big problem with that, but
    not entirely dismissible for the series. I did rush through, but reviewed the
    statement 2x, reading Thorne as successor. Too much caffeine in my tea I guess.
    Please forgive the error.

  • Dan,

    It’s waaaay more likely to be at the end of Season 4 – they simply aren’t going to shortchange the RW by doing it so soon, and we’ll have JUST seen it with Beric.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap:

    How could Thorne be LC? You’ll have to explain that for me. Tyrion already sent Janos Slynt to the Wall in season 2.In order to become LC you have to be elected. If Thorne were elected then there would be no need for the vote that eventually lead to Jon being elected LC.Is Jon to supposed to rebel and lead an uprising against an already elected Thorne? You are overthinking things.

    Ummm….It is I, apparently, that needed to review Winter is Coming’s Topic. I
    apologize for the error. Misreading as I did, I did not over think, but mixed up
    Thorne’s role. I had issue with the premise too, as it stood as a revised event
    from the books.

  • Rygar:
    Can I be King of the Troll list?

    Not for now ser, nominations are delayed until further notice. Stay tuned, there may
    be a lottery in upcoming months. Worthy competitors will likely compete at that time.

  • I think you’re spot on Winter and agree with all your theories. I don’t mean to sound like a dick or a Tyrion hater but I am really hoping D&D pivot a little on character screentime and story arc and give characters like Dany, Jon, Bran and Robb more screen time.

    I imagine we will get a heavy dose of the Robb with Talisia romance before the RW. I also am guessing we will see some love and snuggles from Greywind to Robb to cement that loving relationship to the viewers even more. I look forward to it and it’ll intensify the RW. What happened to Greywind to me, was even more of a moving experience then Robb.

    Last season was so heavily focused on King’s Landing and the broader war story. This season, season 4 I think D&D are going to make things much more personal. I just hope they give Dany’s, Jon’s and Bran’s story a fair amount of screentime. They do so much in book 3, unlike in book 2.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    I believe between focusing on the Tyrells descending on KL and S&T wedding, there will be plenty for Kings Landimg. Cersei just may not be in the forefront this year…

  • With season 3 taking more than half of A Storm of Swords, and season 4 having the rest along with A Feast for Crows and a Dance with Dragons, this might mean season 5 will be the last season of the TV series if R.R doesn’t finish the book in time.

    I’m not saying that he should rush, but just that it would be a shame if the adaptation ended abruptly.

  • Lexyvil,

    You got to remember book 4 and 5 are both huge books. They can easily make 3 seasons with them. Also GRRM can give them direction and stated book 6 will be out 2014. And it’ll be another gigantic 1,500 page book. I think D&D will be plenty busy 4+ years from now with just what is out there already.

    Didn’t HBO already get the rights from GRRM to make a mini series about those 2 kings guards that predates the start of GoT anyway? So they do have a backup plan if GRRM takes to long…

    It will be a prequel series like the series Spartacus did when their star was battling cancer.

  • Winter – nice job, I agree with your assessment overall.

    Why are people hiding spoilers? Winter didn’t? (BTW, does anybody know of a way to read spoilers from an iPad?)

    I think the missing piece in the Riverlands plot drama is Nymeria. After RW, I expect a scene similar to when Ned killed Lady. Nymeria pulls a familiar body out of the river, then Arya wakes up. I’d rather save Arya’s scene at the Inn at the Crossroads for S4.

    I’m thinking about character arcs – who’s up and who’s down. I think Arya, Sansa and Tyrion end way down in unhappiness after RW. Bran and Samwell doing the criss-cross is poignant and hopeful, as is John arriving at Castle Black and Jamie rescuing Brienne. Davos and Dany end solidly up.

    Incidentally, Davos is one of my favorite characters, and his material in the first half of aSoS is some of my favorite. I sure hope there is some echo of the Edric Storm drama in S3.

  • bon,

    Any former ROME cast member would be a great addition to GoT. They all made ROME one if my favorite series of alltime.

    I also recently rewatched that early 80’s TV series called ‘Shogun’ what a great series for its time!

  • Hey, this topic is pretty much for people who already read the book(s)…so can we do away with the ……………………I think it’s safe from newbies here ;P
    with that being said ………………………… ……………………………….

  • Arthur:

    I also recently rewatched that early 80′s TV series called ‘Shogun’ what a great series for its time!

    I like “Shogun” too… In late 90’s when I first watched it being a boy I liked it very, very much… Especialy when you live in Central Europe Far East is such a exotic place…

  • Seriusly though I would like is to see Sansa’s wedding intertwined with scenes of the RW (both happening at the same time), just to dig the knife a little deeper into the viewer’s mind that shit’s really hitting the fan from here on in!!! I know it didn’t happen that way in the book but, well….they’ve been editing it here and there…..

  • bon,

    I’m just waiting for a major cable network to pick up the rights of Shogun and do the remake.

    Maybe HBO will sometime. A 20 part miniseries… Would be epic if a network like HBO did it…

    Oh yeah and the star of Shogun, Richard Chamberlain, looks just like Jorah Mormont! Could be twins!

  • Arthur:

    I’m just waiting for a major cable network to pick up the rights of Shogun and do the remake.

    Maybe HBO will sometime. A 20 part miniseries… Would be epic if a network like HBO did it…

    Maybe share this idea with someone that has some influence in HBO… That remake would be something good, but sometimes remakes are worse than the originals, but you probably know that…

  • I’ve been re-reading A Storm of Swords again and three characters really stand out as having great story arcs. Those three are Jaime(my favorite POV in the book),Jon, and Daenerys. The Red Wedding is the singular event I am most looking forward to, but I believe the season will be Nicolaj’s time to shine. In the same way Alfie Allen had his time to shine in season two, NCW will have that in season three. If he doesn’t win the WIC award for best actor next year I will be surprised.

  • If HBO does another epic series they should do Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome specifically the first three books. It was because I loved that series that someone recommended me to read ASOIAF. I would love to see the rivalry of Marius and Sulla, the the breakdown of the Republic and the rise and fall of Caesar brought to life. Rome was close but not as good as McCullough’s vision.

  • Morgan King,

    It’s possible that is what they will do, but I would be surprised. I don’t think they will leave her out for an entire season. Plus, I think there is almost no chance they don’t show her getting brought back to life. If they wait to bring her back until the end of season 4 then we wouldn’t be able to see that.

    Regardless of what they do, I don’t think it takes anything away from the RW by bringing her back in the final episode. It didn’t take anything away from me when I read it a few hours later. In fact, the reason that book is so brilliant to me is because after the RW you get a healthy dose of positive things, from the Stark prospective, that take place. The non-reader is going to have to wait a full year before they get most of the scenes that soften that blow. The third season is already going to be a huge punch to the gut for anybody that hasn’t read the books. They’ll need some hope going into that fourth season.

  • No reason they can’t have the Purple Wedding in Season 3 but have the reception in Season 4.
    Ep 9 could have the Red Wedding. Ep 10 could have a sequence where Arya is devestated, Robb’s desecrated body is revealed, the ‘triumphant’ sequence of Joffrey’s wedding… cut to the creation of UnCat. I don’t think they can kill Catelyn in Ep 9 of Season 3 then wait until ep 3 or 4 of Season 4 simply because TV works differently than reading a book. If they skip that many episodes between her death and her resurrection for the audience it would feel like she had been dead months rather than days. And I don’t think her resurrection as a zombie cheapens the death because, she’s a zombie and also because Robb remains really, most sincerely dead.

    The Purple Wedding reception could be the start of Season 4, setting up the trial.

  • I agree with most of the theories, so thanks for putting them up. As long as they start building up Jon as a leader a bit. I was actually thinking that Osha and Rickon will actually leave Bran and the Reeds by themselves quite early on in S3, or no?

    I think the 300 extras and updo hair thing will eithers be Tyrion’s wedding or the arrival of the Tyrells.

    And I’m still hoping that the news of all these many subplots being filmed is all pointing to twelve episodes, which should be announced early next year if it’s the case :)

  • I think they will (or at least should) end season 3 with the PW for a few reasons. Each season tells a somewhat self-contained story, and this season will be all about the three weddings and the fulfillment of the 3 leeches prophesy. Secondly, PW will reward viewers who will be very disappointed after the RW and make them come back for more (much like Dany’s dragons redeemed the show after Ned’s death). Third, why employ Jack Gleeson for an additional season (same goes for Ygritte btw, it’s all about $$$). Finally, the facts floating around about the filming of big event early on and GRRM stressing ‘weddings’ at the Emmy’s. I think it only makes sense.. And why do people think RW is ep 9? I get the history, but they can change it up. RW can be earlier to allow for some time to build up and finish with the PW. And I wouldn’t mind one bit to see some balance regained with the PW. Much more rewarding and impactful after a painful event. To me PW and RW always came together. But of course that’s just my opinion and wishful thinking.

  • I just don’t see how season 3 in KL can end with anything other than the PW. The entire season builds up for it, and without it there’s absolutely no other ending for the story arc that makes sense

  • darquemode,

    Dude… That would be awesome! I loved that guy in ROME! And he would be a huge, menacing Victarion Greyjoy… Imagine him in armor chopping up much smaller and less armored pirates… Would be great! Just like the book…

  • bon: We should name Chamberlain as ser Richard of House Mormont or Bear Island…

    He was always so elegant, with great elocution. I agree with Arthur ( above ) in grand
    parent status though, elevating him to lord Mormont ( elder )of Bear Island.

  • Joshua Taylor:
    If HBO does another epic series they should do Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome specifically the first three books. It was because I loved that series that someone recommended me to read ASOIAF. I would love to see the rivalry of Marius and Sulla, the the breakdown of the Republic and the rise and fall of Caesar brought to life. Rome was close but not as good as McCullough’s vision.

    I will consider adding these to my reading list. McCollough’s ” Thorn Birds ” was my
    only read, several years ago ,and I enjoyed very much. Ironically, Chamberlain
    starred in that poorly written script for a TV miniseries ( it was awful ).

    Have you read any of Olivia Mannings’ work? Try ” The Balkan Trilogies “, Kenneth
    Branagh and Emma Thompson starred in the BBC adaptation.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap:
    I’ve been re-reading A Storm of Swords again and three characters really stand out as having great story arcs. Those three are Jaime(my favorite POV in the book),Jon, and Daenerys.The Red Wedding is the singular event I am most looking forward to, but I believe the season will be Nicolaj’s time to shine. In the same way Alfie Allen had his time to shine in season two, NCW will have that in season three.If he doesn’t win the WIC award for best actor next year I will be surprised.

    I haven’t re-read any of the books yet, but I recall feeling the same as you with ASOS.
    Those three did have remarkable storylines. However, the rumour of a 2/3 book split
    really alters the pace a bit. There may be some focus on Jaime & Brienne, but
    Danerys or Jon’s stories may become abbreviated ( or vice versa ). There are so many
    elemental introductions and significant moments for season three, I hope the story
    doesn’t suffer by the weight of it . There’s still ” wiggle room ” with the script however,
    and I believe last year was a learning curve, so there’s pressure to improve the quality
    of story telling. To do so may require continuing certain plots for season four.

    How do you feel about the inclusion of certain ADWD elements Beric meets Cate?

  • Since we’re speculating about S3:

    To have the Dragonstone story work at all, those leeches have to feed off someone. Since Edric Storm not been cast, that leaves only Shireen with the necessary royal blood. One can see religious fanatic Selyse (who has been cast) applying the leeches to her own daughter and giving the bloated creatures to Mel and Stannis for the test sacrifice. A test would imply a willingness, or at least consideration of, going through with the full monty. If that case Stannis loses all sympathy as a just but strict adherent of the law.

  • Yes! WiC, I’m glad that you agree with me about the placing of UnCat! It makes for an amazing, amazing cliffhanger and will make nonbookreaders poo their pants (I posted the same prediction in one of the threads before this). It’s difficult to leave her death til season four because by then, Brienne is already looking through the Riverlands and the writers will probably be looking to end Brienne’s storyline in S4 where Feast ends it. For that reason we have to introduce UnCat earlier (for foreshadowing) but we can’t just use a random Frey for it (no introspection for TV viewer = no Merrett). Hence, using Thoros and Beric is good; it accomplishes a lot of things in one stroke.

  • What interests me is how they’re going to streamline all the disparate storylines from three books into Season 4. Martin better hurry up with those books. Depending on how efficiently the producers edit the vast story, they’ll have caught up with him in one or two more seasons.

  • The thing about having UnCat awakening as a cliffhanger is that it cheapen’s her death after it being only an episode or two ago, plus it’s not all that amazing on it’s own. Oh great she’s alive or at least not so dead.

    If they are going to use it this year, then they should show why it is great, show the reason she is back. Have her hang a couple of Frey’s!!!

  • The last shot of this season must be Cat opening her eyes, IMO. Since it happens off screen in the books, I speculate we will see the return of The smoke monster, Thoros conjuring him/ her as a ole smokey out of Beric into Cat. Would make sense faster to non book readers what is happening?

  • To have the Dragonstone story work at all, those leeches have to feed off someone.

    Yeah, Stannis, like it was in the book, or am I missing something here?

    I wonder if they will show Balon’s death. If they do that could actually reveal things we still don’t know in the books. Was he was assassinated on Euron’s orders?

  • First of all what a great topic! I can definitely see the logic behind your split up.

    Mine’s a bit different. In my breakdown season 3 ends with:
    Jaime rescuing Brienne from the bear at Harrenhal
    Melisandre telling Davos she means to sacrifice Edric to the gods(this is a slightly readjusted version of Davos 4 where Davos first meets with Stannis (ep8) then with Edric(ep9) and finally with Melisandre (ep10)
    Ygritte dying in Jon’s arms
    Belwas killing Oznak zo Pahl to no effect
    The Red Wedding including Arya being knocked unconcious(this would effectively close the season)

  • I love your endings WiC, even though I was more rooting for an end to the North storyline at Queenscrown.
    Given how rarely northern POV characters have the chance of, almost, meeting up, finishing the season with Jon escaping after Ygritte shot him and realising that he was just saved by Summer would have been a good way of balancing the Red Wedding in the previous episode.
    Your post made me realised that that was incompatible with Stannis sailing off DragonStone to the Wall, as Jon would not have sent for help yet.

    For the Riverlands, I think it is probably what you said and Catelyn awakening would be a great of way of closing the season – with all viewers thinking it is a very positive moment. Nonetheless, I loved the concept of showing only half of the RW and closing the season on the beginning of the Rains of Castamere and the arrival of Arya. Even if they shot the whole thing this year, they could always keep some of it for season 4, the probability is very low (non-existent? ^^) but it could have been interesting.

    For King’s Landing, we may see some of the plotting of Margaery earlier. Just make her plot with Joffrey instead of Tommen, I think it would a great way of balancing the storylines.

    One thing is sure, with the whole RW in this season they need all the positive scenes they can get :D
    Your guesses do a good job at that with Arya/Needle/Valar Morghulis, Cat, Dany. For Jon, it could balance episode 9 by showing him and Summer in parallel of the RW but it would also give some heaviness to the very end of the season.

  • Nothing much happens in KL in the first half and there’s a lot of things leading to his wedding so they might use that to be the ending of that storyline, makes a lot of sense to me. Also killing Joffrey after killing Robb would probably be very smart to not lose viewers who think this is about evil (Lannisters) vs. good (Starks), saying, yeah we kill the “hero”, but we also kill the “villain” so don’t worry (I’ve read many people speculating that the show will lose viewers because they killed Ned and then Robb, which, unfortunately, I think it’s entirely possible);
    Ygritte’s death could be the end of Jon’s storyline this season, they would get rid of a cast member and it would be one less battle on the Wall on s4, and it would have much more impact now, in the season that they built their relationship, the on s4
    I’m not sure about Lady Stoneheart, it would maybe lessen the effect of the RW (even if LS is not Catelyn), and they could save that to be season 4 last scene, after a whole season of hearing about a Stoneheart through other characters’ mouths.
    Oh and I hope they don’t drag Dany’s storyline to have the Unsullied stuff on the finale. I don’t get the necessity to have all the major events at the end of the season, especially if everything I mentioned happens.

  • Blood: Yeah, Stannis, like it was in the book, or am I missing something here?

    I wonder if they will show Balon’s death. If they do that could actually reveal things we still don’t know in the books. Was he was assassinated on Euron’s orders?

    No, in the book it was Edric Storm. Since he doesn’t appear to be in the show, I think they’ll make it Shireen.

    I do hope they show Balon’s death, or at least one more scene with him. They need to keep the Greyjoy’s in everyone’s minds, and set up Victarion, Euron, and possibly Aeron For season 4.

  • sunspear: No, in the book it was Edric Storm. Since he doesn’t appear to be in the show, I think they’ll make it Shireen.

    I do hope they show Balon’s death, or at least one more scene with him. They need to keep the Greyjoy’s in everyone’s minds, and set up Victarion, Euron, and possibly Aeron For season 4.

    Actually in the book, Stannis used his own blood for the leeches, Mel wanted to use Edric as a sacrifice to wake the Stone Dragons. I hope they don’t make it Shireen.
    Edric would not need many lines or one even, it’s a tiny part that could be played by a featured extra.

    Me too, showing his death would keep viewers interested in the Greyjoys, especially if they show someone on Pyke seeing Euron’s ships on the horizon.

  • OtherAndrew: the all important Ros will be getting an expanded role, taking the place of Shae in KL, then slicing off Jamie’s hand instead of Vargo Hoat, and finally giving the kiss of life to Catelyn at the end of episode 10, and taking the place of Strong Belwas in Astapur/MeereenThat was sarcasm, in case you didn’t know.


  • Heres my theory: Since Edrick Storm hasn’t been cast, Stannis will send Davos to kidnap Gendry and bring him to Dragonstone. Thats how Stannis will ask Davos to prove his loyalty after being imprisonned. . Gendry will then serve the role of Edrick Storm.
    Possible dialogue for when Stannis meets Gendry:
    Gendry: “Who are u!”
    Stannis: “What, you dont even recognize your own uncle?”

  • A good place to stop the individual story lines for season three would be…………

    Jon: Queenscrown scene, also Bran/Rickon ends at this point (we will get Nightfort in season 4)

    Dany: Astapor insurrection (it appears about 60% juncture in SoS)

    K.L.: Arrival of Oberyn (RV arrives prior to PW), the viewers get the surprise appearance of a really big name actor.

    Arya: On the road again after RW the previous episode.

    Theon: Still the plaything for Boy.

    Stannis: The beach scene they were filming.

    Cat: Nymeria pulling her from river.

    Asha/Balon: The rope bridge.

  • There are major problems with have the PW in season 3:
    1) This means that at the start of Season 4 Tyrion will be confined to a prison cell. Meaning he wont have that epic encounter with the Red Viper in front of the Kings Landing gate.
    2) Episode 10 of game of Thrones is usually used as a table setter for the next season. The PW is a major turning point and having that event while also trying to wrap up other arcs does not do the event justice.
    3) Similar to point 2, forcing the PW into season 3 will leave precious little time to see the aftermath of the RW. Which includes Joffrey gloating to Sansa, Sandor’s ending with Arya, Tywin and Tyrion’s meeting as the react to the RW event, etc.

    That being said I am very confident that we will not see the PW until season 4 so I’m not worried about these possibilities

  • I think it would be great if halfway into episode ten they show Berric and Thoros with Cat’s dead body. Then right at the end they show a Frey about to be hung and the camera slowly closes in on a hooded figure who then is reveled to be Lady Stoneheart.

  • For Kingslanding i have an interesting potential solution:

    Have PW in this season. HOWEVER don’t have Sansa escape. (Maybe a failed attempt and Ros gets killed? maybe in episode 9 before the PW? Could be added as a motive for Sansa) Instead she is accused while Tyrion is just a suspect and remains free. Then in S04E01 S04E02 Sansa is locked up and will be sentenced to death etc etc she is unhappy. Meanwhile Oberyn shows up AND interacts with Tyrion who is still free (Tyrell vs Tyrion scenes there anyone? He must know who really did it) Then at the end of S04E02 (or 3?) Littlefinger whisks away Sansa to the Eyrie and Tyrion now takes the blame for everything. Continue storyline as normal. That way Jack Gleeson doesn’t need to paid for an extra season nor the Red Viper. Peter will have more to do and everyone loves how well Sophie acts ‘in distress’. Personally i think it would give a nice end to the storyline and leave everyone with stuff to do in S4.

    As for the other storylines. I agree Dany will probably go further. the obvious issue is of course ‘Mereen’ how long will they have her stay there? But what should they invent instead? Tough one.

    Also i really hope for a Bran/Meera Sam/Gilly meeting!! Would be a nice end to their arcs…

  • tysnow,

    D&D have already said they’re not going to bring in actors for the last episode of a season. I can guarantee you the Red Viper will not show up in season 3.

  • Carne,

    I’d guess the Red Viper will be one of the main new characters introduced in season 4. D&D can also use a pretty high profile actor like they did with Ned since there will be no long term commitment necessary. I am still hoping James Purefoy gets the role.

    Oh yeah, I also pray they get Conan Stevens back as The Mountain by then, or at least put their season 2 mountain in a rubber muscle suit like he wore when he played the predator. His narrowness lack of muscle as he appeared in season 2 was just a visual annoyance to me personally. The Mountain is an epic mountain of muscle, not a skinny NBA center…

  • tysnow:
    A good place to stop the individual story lines for season three would be…………

    Jon: Queenscrown scene, also Bran/Rickon ends at this point (we will get Nightfort in season 4)

    Dany: Astapor insurrection (it appears about 60% juncture in SoS)

    K.L.: Arrival of Oberyn (RV arrives prior to PW), the viewers get the surprise appearance of a really big name actor.

    Arya: On the road again after RW the previous episode.

    Theon: Still the plaything for Boy.

    Stannis: The beach scene they were filming.

    Cat: Nymeria pulling her from river.

    Asha/Balon: The rope bridge.

    I wondered if they would Nymeria pulling Catelyn from the river, the inclusion of the
    Direwolf is important IMO. As in ASOS depicted the rescued Cate, ser Beric spotted
    her afterwards.

    I wonder what elements will be included from ADWD ? I hope there is not a big rush
    to show Jon already chosen as LC. What about his insight gained from living among
    the Wildlings? I really don’t like the notion of ColdHands being involved so soon.
    Perhaps Burn Gorman shows up in season 4.

  • Carne:

    D&D have already said they’re not going to bring in actors for the last episode of a season. I can guarantee you the Red Viper will not show up in season 3.

    Well, Tyrion does meet Oberyn and his entourage, in ASOS, but only briefly. His
    appearance on screen would be brief, as was lady Selyse ( S2). It would be
    a questionable choice however, I simply cannot recall seeing Selyse alongside
    Stannis at that bonfire ( on the beach ). I would likely dismiss Oberyn’s arrival
    as well. With so many shocking moments in ASOS, accelerating the Viper’s
    swordplay with Clegane would be a bit much. Really, any acceleration of KL
    events , to include a second wedding and dual, are a bit too much. We do know
    that the QoT is being filmed too, but I hope as an introduction only. It would
    score the season 3 as an exciting one, but overwhelming. Some elements are
    definitely better left for the following season. Truly wish the authorities would
    allow for 2 more episodes for future seasons.

  • For me, this is a very easy choice. Show the Red Wedding as the very last scene of the season. The build up will be extreme. Kind of reminiscent to how Harry Potter split Deathly Hallows.

  • Adam Lannister,

    Hmmm I think it would be best to have RW as ep 9 then we can have some after-math stuff in ep 10.

    And I seriously hope it is nothing at all like Harry Potter haha.

  • So far they always end on a “dany triumph” so im gonna go with the taking of the unsullied…

    But i think they may play some story lines through so i see Red wedding as ep 9 and the unsullied as part of ep 10

  • Conor, I agree they will have all three weddings this season. The show watchers will be bummed thinking the Lannisters won and the Starks lost. The PW in the last eppisode will be a happy note to end on.

  • maester blaster,

    Season 3.
    3 Weddings
    3 Leeches burned
    3 Kings killed

    That would be perfect. It still leaves plenty of stuff for series 4 with;

    Tyrion’s trial.
    The Red Viper VS Mountain
    Tyrion killing Shae and Tywin
    The wildling attack on the wall…

    Should be awesome!!!!!

  • Here are my thoughts:
    (North of) The Wall
    I think Jon’s arc will end with him parting ways with the wildlings in the Gift. This allows more time for Mance and Ygritte to be built up more as characters, and we’ll get to know them a bit before he parts ways with them. This also allows a nice “tease” with the chance of Jon and Bran crossing paths at the end of the season. I suppose we might see that first battle at Castle Black happening at the end of S3, but that might seem a bit rushed to me.

    As many others have pointed out, Daario and Meera have been cast, so it’s highly, highly unlikely that the season will end with Dany’s liberation of the Unsullied/the sacking of Astapor. I think that moment will be our mid-season “shock” moment, probably at episode 6 – just like Viserys’s “crown” in S1 and Theon’s siege of Winterfell in S2. I expect will end in siege with Meereen, or possibly earlier with the “defeat” of Yunkai.

    I think I agree with WiC on this account, but I don’t think we’ll actually see Beric and the Brotherhood bringing Cat back this season – maybe we’ll see them finding her as a bit more of a subtle hint/tease, but I don’t think they’d be quite as overt as was originally suggested.

    Bran & Rickon
    As alluded to earlier, I think the season will end for Bran and Rickon hidden in the Gift from the Wildling band, with the season giving us a big tragic tease about the possibility of Jon finding his brothers.

    King’s Landing
    I think the season here will mostly involve Sansa trying to escape KL and Tyrion trying to lay low, and will end with their marriage to each other.

    Yeah, Jaime rescuing Brienne in episode 9 or 10, and the season ends with them en-route for King’s Landing.

    Yep, probably ending with Davos’s letter-reading.

  • Only 14 days of filming for Lena! Wow, that’s a bit disappointing…I hope they don’t invent Roz scenes and rob us of some new Cersei/Tyrion scenes, since all of those scenes last season were off the charts.

  • Josh,

    Ros… God why has D&D let this whore infiltrate our beloved series? Because she was willing to show some breasts so D&D feels obligated to give her a storyline?

  • This is going with the RW/PW in same season idea. You’ll see some obvious shifts in time, but as we’ve now come to see in Season 2, changes are bound to happen so I don’t find a time shift to be implausible. Mostly tried to have a complete character arc for everyone.

    Moved up to Season 2:
    Jamie I (seen)

    Episode One:
    Jon I
    Catelyn I (Obviously we’ve gone over some of this, but we’ll need Tully introduction!)
    Arya I
    Tyrion I
    Dany (V from ACOK — perhaps not using Qarth sets, but intro of Selmy)
    Sansa I
    Jamie I
    Davos I
    An invented Bran scene that ties him to J+M, perhaps? This would be an Arya style “cliffhanger” from this season, after Catelyn and Robb hear they are “dead.”

    strong>Episode Two:
    Invented scene with Bran meeting J+M with a ton of exposition
    Jamie II
    Tyrion II
    Arya II + III
    Dany I
    Cat II
    1/2 of Jon II
    1/2 of Sam I
    Davos II

    Episode Three:
    1/2 Sam I (Sam the Slayer cliffhanger)
    1/2 of Jon II
    Tyrion III
    Sansa II
    Jamie III (Bye Bye Jamie’s hand)
    Arya IV
    Davos III

    Episode Four:
    Bran I
    1/2 of Sam II
    Cat III
    Jamie IV
    Jon III
    Arya V + VI (Beric’s resurrection the cliffhanger)

    Episode Five:
    Bran II
    Sansa III (Marriage to end episode)
    1/2 of Cat IV
    1/2 of Sam II
    Dany II
    Arya VII

    Episode VI:
    Jon IV
    1/2 of Dany III
    Tyrion IV
    1/2 of Cat IV
    Davos IV (leeches)
    Arya VIII

    Autumn Storms:
    1/2 of Dany III (Bye Bye Astapor)
    Bran III
    Jon V
    1/2 of Jamie VI (Send Robb Stark my regards)
    Cat V (hear of Balon’s death)
    Arya IX
    Sam III

    The Rains of Castamere:
    1/2 of Jamie VI (saves Brieene… YAY, what a happy episode!)
    Tyrion V
    Cat VI
    Arya X
    Dany IV
    Cat VII (Yeah.)

    Episode Nine:
    Arya XI + XII
    Tyrion VI
    Davos V
    Jon VI
    beginning of Bran IV
    Dany V

    Episode Ten:
    Tyrion VII
    Sansa IV
    Davos VI (since the scene will come before Joffrey dies, they can’t say it obviously, but they can show Mel looking in the flames and being like “Oh SHIT!”
    the rest of Bran IV
    Jon VII
    1/2 of Arya 13 (Kill in the INN… transformation to killer [cuz witnessed both parent’s deaths] the end of her arc…)
    Final appearance of Brienne and Jamie wandering about
    Dany VI
    Tyrion VIII
    Sansa V

    No epilogue because we’re not going to see Lady Stoneheart for a while… BUT I believe in the rule of Chekov’s Gun and if you’re going to show Beric’s resurrection, I believe there should at least be a scene at the end where he finds a certain body floating in the river w/ Nymeria… That would be neat, IMO.

    It’ll probably need some godswood stuff for Sansa sprinkled throughout. As well as Theon/Ramsay. As we know, this production team isn’t afraid to add stuff, so yeah. In fact I see entirely invented scenes on the horizon for Arya and Lady Stoneheart in season four and beyond (Arya in her training, Stoneheart killing random Frey’s). That’s why I felt completing all of Arya’s arc this season was fine, plus I think it feels right… Her handing out her first cold blooded kill (which was left out the 2nd season).

    That’s 66 chapters covered, five less than CoK and eight less than GoT and covers (roughly) the same amount of pages as GoT. And just think, Littlefinger will be gone most of the season! And no GIANT battle… Imagine if they got the same budget… Hopefully that’d go toward adding an extra five minutes to every episode.

    I’d make season four finish off ASoS in five or six episodes, then have the last five or six episodes feel how a “A Feast for Crows” was supposed to feel: slow and melancholy.

    Season four ends:
    Tommen and Margaery wedding
    Jon executing Janos Slynt
    Brienne taking Jamie to Stonheart
    Samwell getting laid
    Davos imprisonment
    Tyrion finding out who Young Griff is
    plus others I can’t think of at the moment

  • pntrlqst,

    Actually, I wouldn’t have Tyrion’s arc end there… I’d have him disappear for a while after he kills Tywin and it’ll make Cersei’s paranoia seem legit. Episode eight he pops out of a barrel and in episode ten he is sent toward Dany. And I’d have Brienne meet Stoneheart, not take Jamie to her. Jamie would capture the Riverlands.

  • I really love the idea of the RW and the PW happening simultaneously in the last scene of the season. Leave everyone gob smacked and waiting for S4. While I like the pacing they have set thus far, and think it would be incredibly cruel to leave that much of a cliffhanger, I think its time to switch it up. GRRM’s books are at their best when he is not afraid to take chances and do the unthinkable. I hope the show learns from his example.

  • My picks:
    Dany burning the hell out of the Astapori.
    Jon breaking from the Wildlings at Queenscrown.
    Jaime saving Brienne from the bear pit at Harrenhal.
    Arya and the Hound leave Riverrun.
    I’m not a fan of Season 3 ending with the PW because it basically means Tyrion is going to be in a black cell 80% on Season 4. I think like the first two seasons we’ll see the pageantry at King’s Landing after a Lannister victory.

    As far as the Dragonstone story goes I’d like to hear some guesses because I have no idea how it’s gonna play out without Edric Storm.

  • Jon: This sounds about right to me, though I could see it ending with his return to the wall. Given my antipathy for Ygritte, I *hope* it ends with her death. Good riddance.

    Daenerys: I suppose this could be it, though I could also see it ending with the revelation (to Daenerys, if not the audience) that Arstan Whiteheard is Barristan the Bold and Jorah is a traitor.

    Robb/Cat/Arya: Obviously, the Red Wedding will be here, but I don’t agree with much else. Arya doesn’t get Needle back until almost the very end of the book, and there wouldn’t be much for her to do in Season 4. I think it’s more likely that her story ends with her still a captive to the Hound (that’s good stuff anyway). As for Catelyn, I think it would be dumb to resurrect her one episode after the Red Wedding (unless that happens a couple episodes earlier–more on that in a minute). Even if means holding off until the Season 4 premiere, that would give the story the necessary time to breathe, but it would only be technically one episode later for Michelle Fairley.

    Bran/Rickon/Sam: No arguments here.

    Jaime/Brienne: No arguments.

    Stannis: No arguments.

    King’s Landing: I could see this ending with the Purple Wedding. It obviously doesn’t *have* to, but it makes sense that the three leeches will cash in for Stannis. I think a lot of people are assuming that the Red Wedding has to be in the ninth episode, but I’m not sure I agree with that. It could happen in episode seven (the episode Martin is writing) or eight, with the Purple Wedding happening a couple episodes later. I actually think that Joffrey’s death, followed by Cersei ordering Tyrion’s arrest would be the ideal ending to the season. That still leaves Sansa’s escape, Jaime’s return to King’s Landing, Tyrion’s imprisonment and trial, the Red Viper/Mountain, Tywin’s death (and possibly, funeral), Tyrion’s escape, Tommen’s coronation and betrothal to Margaery, etc., etc., etc. And I agree with others that this would be much more cathartic for devastated fans than Catelyn’s resurrection. I mean, Robb’s dead. Who cares about Catelyn? But Joffrey dying too will make people happy.

  • Great topic!

    @Winter Is Coming, re: King’s Landing, you negelected that they cast the amazing Dame Diana Rigg as the Queen of Thorns, so for sure she’s going to get some scenery to chew. I expect a lot of the interplay between her and Sansa, Margery’s befriending and plotting with Sansa, and of course the undoing of it with the sudden marriage to Tyrion, all this season. Then next season the Queen of Thorns gets her revenge!

    Also, since Littlefinger is so great and consistent character (he disappears fir a loooong time in Book 2 and 3, they can;t do that on TV), I expect him to absorb Dontos’ part, and I would have him meet Lysa at the Eyrie onscreen to.

    Same with Theon, he’s a major character: I think we have to see some of his actual transformation at the hands of Ramsay.

  • DRAGONSTONE is insular plotwise, true, but it has amazing foreshadowing that hangs over the season, because we KNOW Melisandre has the power to kill. I’d like to see the whole 3 leeches for 3 kings scene, and then the last Scene of the season between Stannis and Melisandre being where she says she’s always right, and Davos point s out only 2 kings have died, not yet 3. It would really set up PW for next season.

    Stannis: “I can count, woman!”

  • Conti,

    You have a point over there… I mean, if the Red Wedding is on the 9-10 episode of season 3, everybody will expect something with it

  • obviously this won’t happen, but hopefully something close
    Something to go by:

    Season 3:
    Episode 1:
    -Samwell is saved somehow by the White Walkers, in an unknown but apparently exciting way (prologue)
    -The first proper scene of the episode is of Davos being saved on his rock by Salladhor Saan
    -Jaime walking through the forest with Brienne, they talk of how Jaime has to keep his true identity secret
    -Catelyn & Robb read a letter from Riverrun of Hoster Tully’s death; they decide they have to go to Riverrun for the funeral.
    -Arya and company also heading for Riverrun, using a map and exhausting themselves
    -Tyrion speaks with Tywin about Duskendale and his position now in King’s landing, he also learns about Bronn no longer being in the city watch
    -Daenerys is ambushed at the docks, and Arstan Whitebeard/Barristan Selmy is introduced
    -Bran somehow meets Jojen and Meera
    -Showing Theon stuck in a dungeon with most of his fingers cut off, he has a conversation with two eight-year old Frey boys also in the prison
    -Jaime is ambushed by one of Edmure’s river galleys
    -Jojen and Meera tell Bran and co. about whom they are and how they are here
    -Jon is taken in to see Mance Rayder, and they have a conversation, Mance tells Jon his backstory while testing him on why he ‘deserted’ the Night’s Watch so he can trust him
    -Samwell and company retreat back to the fist, and he releases the ravens, the white walkers are swarming them.

    Episode 2:
    -Jon observes Mance’s host, he watches as giants and mammoths walk by, and Mance talks to him about this army and what he plans to do
    -Daenerys sails for Pentos in her boat; she speaks with Arstan/Selmy about Rhaegar Targaryen
    -Mormont tells everyone to retreat once more to the forest, and they make their retreat.
    -Full scene at the inn of the kneeling man with Brienne and Jaime
    -Davos speaks with Salladhor Saan while sailing for Dragonstone
    -Tyrion speaks with Varys about Pycelle and Boros Blount
    -Arya and company are ambushed by outlaws
    -Catelyn & Robb arrive at Riverrun and Catelyn and Edmure have an argument about how she released the kingslayer
    -After flaying a prostitute from the Winterfell brothel, Ramsay arrives back to see Theon/Reek brought before him by the Frey boys, he taunts him and Theon is forced to stay silent to save himself.
    -Jojen and Meera play with the direwolves, and speak to Bran about the three-eyed-crow, the direwolves get aggressive however
    -Daenerys talks to Jorah, they decide to change course from Pentos to Astapor, kiss scene
    -Arya is taken to the inn by the outlaws and stuff happens leading up to Harwin arriving at the inn and revealing Arya to everyone

    Episode 3:
    -Arya departs from the inn with everyone.
    -Sansa is invited to have dinner with Lady Olenna
    -Tyrion meets with Shae to talk about how he can protect her, conversation about Symon
    -Jaime tells Brienne about how he became a member of the Kingsguard while they travel.
    -Daenerys arrives at Astapor and arranges to speak to the master slaver
    -Ygritte is brought before Mance and she tells him that her and Jon are lovers
    -Daenerys speaks to the master slaver about the Unsullied
    -Robb has battle plans with Edmure
    -Ramsay has a little torture session with Theon, flaying him and telling him to remember his name – Reek
    -Sansa has dinner with Lady Olenna, they speak about Willas, and Sansa tells them everything about Joffrey
    -Arya is told she is off to see ‘The Lightning Lord’ rather than be taken to Riverrun, she tries to escape from the outlaws and fails
    -Bran is told more about the three-eyed crow while travelling with Jojen and Meera
    -Jon and Ygritte sleep together one night
    -Davos is taken into custody when arriving at Dragonstone

    Episode 4:
    -Scene with Robb sentencing Rickard Karstark to death, he is advised against it but tells them he will carry out the sentence
    -Ramsay tortures Theon once again, this time he has a conversation with him, telling him about how his dogs are all named after peasant girls he’s raped, hunted, flayed and killed
    -Bran is told about ‘The Knight of the Laughing Tree’ by Meera and Jojen
    -Arya and the outlaws arrive at High Heart and hear the dwarf’s prophecy
    -Daenerys speaks with Arstan/Barristan and he gives her his advice about the Unsullied
    -Margaery fits Sansa for a new gown, while telling her of how she isn’t afraid of Joffrey because her family will protect her
    -Davos is visited by Melisandre in his cell, she comes to brainwash him about R’hllor
    -Council speaks with Tyrion about Littlefinger’s plans to woo Lysa Tully, and they make him master of coin
    -Daenerys comes to Jorah for advice about the Unsullied
    -The dwarf lady asks Arya about Beric Dondarrion, and they search for him
    -Robb carrying out his sentence against Rickard Karstark
    -Sam The slayer scene
    -Jaime and Brienne have the swordfight scene and are ambushed by Brave Companions; Jaime’s hand is cut off

    Episode 5:
    -Mormont’s survivors arrive at Craster’s keep; Sam has a conversation with Mormont about Dragonglass and about how the white walkers are the real enemies
    -Arya and company arrive at Acorn hall looking for Beric Dondarrion, she speaks with Gendry there about how it is a brothel
    -Tulisa comes to Catelyn for advice about Robb
    -Jaime mulls about with his hand and protects Brienne from some rapists
    -Tyrion, suspicious about Symon, asks Bronn to kill him.
    -Daenerys speaks again with the master slaver, he offers 80,000 Unsullied only if she gives him Drogon, so she decides to give him Drogon for them.
    -Night before Jon and the magnar plan on scaling the wall, Jon and Ygritte have their cave scene
    -Tywin talks to Cersei and Tyrion, and tells Tyrion he must marry Sansa, and Cersei must marry either Willas Tyrell or Balon Greyjoy
    -Sansa and Littlefinger have a secret conversation with Littlefinger promising Sansa that he will break her out of King’s Landing
    -Alester Florent is thrown into Davos’ cell and they have a conversation about Stannis
    -Jojen tells Bran about a particular dream he had, predicting something to happen later in the season – possibly the Red Wedding, or his brief meeting with Jon through the eyes of his wolf
    -Arya stays overnight at Acorn Hall, she is woken up, told that a stranger has arrived at the brothel, a lannister, turns out it is The Hound
    -Jon and the magnar begin to scale the wall, this is made very ominous

    Episode 6:
    -Tyrion talks with Tywin about Janos Slynt at the Night’s watch, and Tywin shows Tyrion the valyrian swords made for Joffrey.
    -Jon and the magnar reach the top of the wall and rope ladders are thrown down to absail down the other side
    -Daenerys speaks to Jorah who tells her about Rhaegar and honour
    -Jaime arrives at Harrenhall, Roose Bolton welcomes him
    -Hoster Tully’s funeral scene
    -Ramsay Bolton asks Theon to go to Moat Caitlin and promise the Ironmen there his peace terms, Theon obeys under full obedience for Ramsay
    -Arya is brought to Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr at Hollow Hill with Clegane
    -Sansa is told (maybe by Olenna Tyrell or something) of her wedding with Tyrion
    -When the Magnar’s men reach the bottom of the wall, Ygritte speaks with Jon about the horn of Joramun
    -Mutiny scene at Craster’s keep
    -Davos is taken to the painted table because Stannis needs him; Stannis has a rant about a story back in Aerys Targaryen’s time, and throws him back in his cell.
    -Beric and Thoros decide on a trial by battle between Clegane and Beric
    -Jaime’s wound is treated at Harrenhall
    -The trial by battle, the Hound defeats Beric however he comes back to life and gets Clegane
    -Dracarys scene

    Episode 7:
    -Arya eavesdrops on Beric and Thoros’ conversation on how Thoros has brought Beric back to life a few times before and their plans on ransoming Arya back at Riverrun
    -Robb plans a meeting with him and Walder Frey, they decide on Edmure Tully having to marry Roslin Frey as an apology to Walder
    – Theon arrives at Moat Caitlin and talks with Dagon Codd and Ralf Kenning about the pardon Ramsay has offered them and they surrender
    -Jon & Ygritte having a lil chit chat on the way to Queenscrown
    -Bran and company also arriving at Queenscrown, him and Meera having a lil chit chat about the area.
    -Jaime and Brienne’s bath house scene
    -A scene between Tyrion and Joffrey, something to do with him teaching him a lesson, some talk about him and Sansa’s marriage
    -Daenerys and her unsullied army arrive at Yunkai, she speaks with Jorah about how she can deal with the city. She decides on a meeting with the sellsword captains.
    -Tyrion and Shae in the room of the dragon skulls, part of their conversation may be something to do with the story of what Clegane did to Elia.
    -Jon and company arrive at the town of Queenscrown, they look for somewhere to stay and meet a man
    -Bran and company find a way to get into the Holdfast tower to stay the night
    -Jon is told to kill this man, scene with Ygritte slitting the man’s throat
    -Inside the Holdfast tower during the thunderstorms, Hodor is making a racket because of the storm, he wargs into summer
    -Through summer’s eyes he sees Jon, and attacks one of the wildlings, Jon then decides it is his chance to escape

    Episode 8:
    -Jon escaping from Queenscrown, he is hit by an arrow in the foot.
    -Arya is told by the dwarf lady to seek her mother at the twins rather than Riverrun
    -Catelyn & Robb heading for the twins, speaking of Robb’s plans on legitimising Jon to make him lord of Winterfell
    -Jaime talks with Roose Bolton about Starks and stuff
    -Jon comes to Mole’s town to tell the populace to evacuate and come with him.
    -Daenerys’ meeting with the three sellsword captains, telling them she will attack in 3 days’ time
    -Sansa readying herself for her wedding ceremony, conversation with Cersei – Cersei being sly as ever
    -Robb speaks with Jason Mallister about plans for after Edmure’s wedding
    -Samwell and Gilly arrive at Whitetree and decide to stay in a cabin
    -Tyrion & Sansa’s long wedding ceremony and the bedding afterwards
    -Arya tries to escape from the clutches of Beric and Thoros to get to the Twins, however the Hound catches her
    -Alester Florent scene with Davos, he is sentenced to death, scene with the leeches
    -Sam and Gilly wake up in the cabin to be surrounded by Wights

    Episode 9:
    -Ravens come to save Sam and Gilly from the wights, and they manage to escape, Sam reaches out to grab a cold, black, hand
    -Arya attempts to kill the Hound in his sleep but fails; he tells her to not worry, that he will take her to the twins
    -Roose Bolton leaves Harrenhall for the twins; and Jaime sets off for King’s landing
    -Theon arrives back at Winterfell and Ramsay humiliates him more and ‘promotes’ him to the role of dog, more bad things happen with him
    -Catelyn & Robb arrive at the twins, and Robb has the scene at the gatehouse about his direwolf.
    -Davos comes to Maester Pylos, and Maester Pylos makes a start on teaching him how to read.
    -Jon arrives at Castle Black, they celebrate his return and tell him to go to Maester Aemon and he will help with his wound, they rejoice at all the survivors of Mole’s town coming
    -Osha and Rickon leave Bran, Hodor, Jojen and Meera, they tell them they will head south into safety, perhaps to White Harbour.
    -Catelyn & Robb meet Walder Frey, insults are thrown and they are invited to eat with him, they meet Roslin Frey
    -Maester Aemon tends to Jon’s wound and they speak about Bran and how wildlings plan to attack Castle Black.
    -Arya and The Hound arrive at a farm and decide to disguise themselves as farmers, come to bring pork to the feast
    -Catelyn is not enjoying the feast, hating on all the drums and stuff, she observes Edmure and Roslin, and Robb and all his men
    -Arya arrives, walking through all the tents, not recognising who ‘Jeyne’ is that everyone is talking about
    -RW, many people die

    Episode 10:
    -Arya and the Hound are ambushed by Frey’s and she escapes, upon glimpsing her mother’s dead body floating down the river she is bumped on the head by the Hound’s axe
    -Talk of RW between Tyrion, Tywin, Kevan, Cersei and Joffrey, Joffrey is too pleased by this fact and talks about serving Robb’s head to Sansa at a feast. Tywin tells Tyrion that Joffrey needs a sharp lesson
    -Salladhor Saan tells Stannis the gory details of the RW, Melisandre then enters the room and they talk of reawakening the Stone Dragon and how they need a boy called Edric Storm for this.
    -Jon and the survivors of Mole’s Town along with the few members of the Night’s Watch prepare the defences of Castle Black for the Magnar’s host that are coming to attack.
    -Bran and company all reach the Night Fort, and begin to sleep there in the kitchen, they hear footsteps
    -Daario brings the heads of the three sellsword captains to Daenerys, the battle at Yunkai begins
    -The Magnar’s host attacks castle black, and the battle at castle black begins
    -Arstan speaks to Daenerys inside while the battle at Yunkai takes place; he tells her a story about Rhaegar Targaryen
    -Tyrion speaks to Tywin and Kevan about the RW and why they left him in the dark on it.
    -Jaime comes back to save Brienne from the bear pit.
    -Bran meets Samwell at the Night Fort; he takes them to the Black Gate
    -The battle at Castle Black is won, however Jon is concerned about Ygritte, he goes down to find her and she dies in his arms
    -Battle of Yunkai is won – ‘Mysha’ scene

    Season 4:

    Episode 1:
    -Begins with a dream through a direwolf’s eyes, running with a pack of wolves, the dream finishes and Arya wakes up, and Sandor talks to her about why he hit her on the back of the head
    -Balon’s death
    -Aeron Greyjoy performing his rituals, drowning people, he is told about his brother’s death
    -Oberyn Martell arrives at King’s Landing with a host of Martells, including Arianne. Tyrion is sent to greet him, so he does, and they speak about a number of things, including the Elia and Clegane story
    -Aeron Greyjoy speaks with Gormund Goodbrother, they speak about who should claim the Seastone Chair, and Aeron believes it should be Victarion, but he has a better idea
    -Jaime and Brienne walk through the forest talking about honour and things like that
    -Theon meets Roose Bolton as he arrives at Winterfell with a number of Frey men Theon recognizes
    -Bran rides in Hodor’s basket, wondering how much further to the three-eyed crow, ravens are flying around them, Meera speaks to Bran about how she doesn’t trust Coldhands, Bran tells her they must, seeing as he saved Sam and Gilly from Wights
    – Sam arrives back at Castle Black to meet with some survivors to man the wall; preparations for the battle ahead take place here
    – Daenerys and her army arrive at Meeren, and they decide not to take it by force; however do not want to starve the castle as their army will starve before the castle does.
    -Sansa speaks with Tyrion about depressing things like the Red Wedding, given a note to go somewhere on Joffrey’s wedding day
    – Aeron preaches for a Kingsmoot to the masses
    -Daenerys discusses how they will go about getting into Meereen, and decides she will send Strong Belwas in to dispatch the hero of Meereen
    -Maester Pylos gives Davos another lesson in reading; here Davos finds the letter from the wall
    -Jon and all the survivors of the Night’s watch all watch as Mance’s host approaches.

    Episode 2:
    – Strong Belwas takes out the hero of Meereen
    – Joffrey’s wedding gifts are given, entire scene around that
    -Belwas returns from dispatching the hero of Meereen and they notice that this makes little difference, Ben Plumm reveals there is a way in through the sewers, and the dragons seem to like him
    – The battle at the wall begins
    – Ramsay comes back from a search for some Frey men, he throws a severed head Theon cannot catch because, Big Walder then speaks to him about who the man’s head was he caught
    – Samwell joins in with the battle at the wall, giving Jon some advice on what he should do
    – Sandor tells Arya he plans on taking her to the eyrie to ransom her to Lysa Tully as they head for a small village nearby
    -Tyrion speaks with Varys, he finds out about Joffrey sending the sellsword to kill Bran
    -Melisandre and Stannis talk about how they need Edric Storm to wake the Stone Dragon
    -Arya and Sandor arrive at a small village and they ask the people there about whether they can work there for them
    -Davos and a few hand-picked men loyal to Stannis take Edric Storm to safety
    -More battling at the Wall, this time the giants and mammoths come – horrible little cliffhanger
    -Arya learns from the owner of the village about the mountain clans around the Eyrie and how they’ve grown stronger and now carry steel
    -The entire Purple Wedding in parallel with Sansa’s escape, ending with Tyrion arrested and Sansa finding Littlefinger at the godswood

    Episode 3:
    -Sansa is taken into a boat by Littlefinger, on the way he explains to her how he organized the dwarf jousters for the wedding and how he doesn’t wish Joffrey dead, and that he merely has to be unpredictable when playing the game of thrones
    -Jon goes down to the base of the wall as advised to do by Samwell, and he finds Donal Noyle dead
    -Daenerys flirts with Daario Naharis, to show she has the hots for him
    -Kevan visits Tyrion in prison, telling him about the trial and how if they choose combat, Cersei will name Gregor Clegane as her champion, asking him to take the black
    -Jaime and Brienne are still on the way to King’s Landing, they hear on the road about Joffrey’s death, Jaime is concerned – though it seems more about Cersei
    -Tyrion is now at his trial, he declares his innocence, however they don’t agree, Tyrion asks them to prove his guilt and it seems they will
    -Daenerys and company all go to visit the camps and Daenerys is attacked by Mero of Braavos, however Arstan kills him with his staff, Daenerys and Jorah are surprised
    -Jon fights his way across the wall, more of a visual scene of what is going on at the wall
    -Jaime and Brienne arrive at King’s Landing, Loras confronts Brienne about Renly, Jaime tries to stick up for her however Loras arrests her
    -Brienne is thrown into prison
    -Jon arrives at Maester Aemon’s chamber and tells him of Donal Noyle’s death, they discuss what must be done, and it becomes clear that Jon will have to lead the watch for this battle
    -All the damaging evidence is said against Tyrion
    -Cersei comes back to the great sept of Baelor to see Jaime there, she is wary about them being together in such a public place, Jaime doesn’t seem to care and they have sex after talking about Joffrey and Tommen and stuff
    – Barristan reveals himself and Jorah tells Daenerys not to accept him. Barristan reveals Jorah also so Daenerys dismisses them both
    -The battle at the Wall is won, Mance’s army retreat back north

    Episode 4:
    -Asha is sailing on a ship in the middle of the sea somewhere, and she is told about Aeron’s kingsmoot idea, so she discusses it
    -Arya and Clegane talk about the fact they might not be able to make it to the Eyrie, so Clegane tells her he will take her to her uncle Brynden in Riverrun
    – Littlefinger explains to Sansa that they’re going to the Eyrie, and boasts to her about having Catelyn’s maidenhead, saying he must protect her as she is Catelyn’s daughter
    -It is the next day of Tyrion’s trial; Varys has some damaging evidence against Tyrion
    -Added scene – a conversation between Arianne and Oberyn Martell, they talk about how they want revenge against Gregor Clegane and introduce the Myrcella plot, believing she should be queen
    -Bran and company are looking for shelter so Bran wargs into summer to find a wildling village for shelter, he finds the corpses of five men- men from the night’s watch apparently
    -Thorne and Slynt arrive at the wall and throw Jon into an Ice Cell
    -Arya speaks to Edric Dayne who lives at the village about her father
    -Jaime visits Tywin who is distraught about his hand, he gives him a new Valyrian sword which he feels he can’t really do justice without a fighting han
    -Oberyn comes to meet Tyrion in his cell, he tells him that he would be his champion if it came to a trial by combat, as he seeks revenge on Elia against Clegane.
    -Jaime is taken to the fake Arya whom he knows just by looking at her is fake, however he says nothing – awkward scene which shows Jaime’s honour
    -Theon is chained to the wall at a feast they have, he notices the dogs providing the entertainment, Roose enters and tells Ramsay of his plan to wed him to ‘Arya Stark’ – he also scolds him for acting brash and foolish
    -Arya and the Hound then set off from the village; Arya taunts him about how he has lost his belly for fighting since the blackwater
    -Daenerys is let into Meereen after some of her men open the gates from travelling in through the sewers
    – Davos tells Stannis and Melisandre of Joffrey’s death and how Tommen has been named king, they ask for Edric Storm and he tells them he is gone, Stannis means to behead Davos but he reads the letter from the Night’s watch to them

    Episode 5:
    -Daenerys is welcomed into Meereen by her own soldiers, and she speaks to one of the rulers of the place
    -Samwell comes to see Jon in his cell; he cheers him up a bit, and tells him that Slynt and Thorne want to speak to him sometime
    -Sansa and Littlefinger reach the Eyrie, and Littlefinger tells her to keep herself a secret, and he tells her the new name she must call herself.
    -Pod comes to see Tyrion in his cell, Tyrion asks him about whether he thought he killed Joffrey and Pod just seems nervous and awkward, just spluttering
    -Jaime confronts Loras about Brienne, Loras is surprised he cares so much for her
    -As the Bolton’s all ride to barrow hall, Roose tells Theon about how he knows who he really is and what he thinks of Ramsay, the story behind him and such
    -Victarion arrives at the kingsmoot and has a conversation with Aeron
    -Daenerys is given a letter from Astapor of their new King Cleon wishing to marry Dany, she hears he is bringing the slavery back to her dismay
    -Jon is taken back to Thorne and Slynt and they tell him the only way to prove his innocence is to kill Mance Rayder – he obeys
    -At Barrowhall Theon is introduced as who he really is, she is surprised and asks Roose about him, he tells her that he is not the turncloak, that he died at Winterfell
    -Jaime gives Oathbreaker to Brienne and tells her to find Sansa, to do Catelyn proud, he releases her from prison
    -A scene of Brienne riding out of King’s landing
    -Shae testifies against Tyrion, a very horrible ominous scene of her saying nasty things about him
    -Littlefinger speaks to Lysa Tully, they plan their wedding
    -Brienne comes across two hedge knights who offer to share their meal, Illifer, one of them notices that she is the maid who killed Renly, she denies it and they agree to travel with her to Duskendale
    -Tyrion sets the date for the trial on the morrow, large sense of ominousness, fear of Tyrion having to die

    Episode 6:
    -Oberyn comes to speak with Tyrion in his cell about how confident he is, inviting him to go to Dorne with him to help crown Myrcella
    – Jaime is reading the history of the kingsguard to his son Tommen, he is given 5 of the kingsguard who he humiliates
    -Daenerys sends for Ser Barristan who apologizes and tells her the truth of Aerys Targaryen to her, he apologizes and she absolves him
    -Jon is brought before Mance and they talk about the horn of Joramun and the main reason why Mance is coming to the wall – to escape the White Walkers
    -Stannis and Davos are sailing a ship somewhere, but we don’t know where, Stannis tells Davos to take Salladhor Saan’s fleet to White Harbour to get the manderly’s on their side
    -The Arya imposter arrives at Barrowtown, Theon knows she is not Arya and speaks to her, telling her to think of herself as Arya at all times to avoid enraging Ramsay, the wedding is planned to occur at the godswood at Winterfell
    -Arya and Sandor come to an inn at the crossroads where two people on Arya’s list are – they pay for a room, she falls asleep to herself planning her kill on them
    -Lysa and Littlefinger marry in the small village
    -Jaime goes through plans with the small council
    -Asha bumps into Tristifer Botley and refuses his sexual advances while sailing for the kingsmoot
    -Polliver tells Sandor about what is happening in the realm at the inn
    – Lysa talks to Littlefinger about how she wants to make a baby with him, however doesn’t like Sansa being around, he then tells her Sansa will marry her son in time
    -Jaime speaks with Cersei in the White Sword Tower about plans for Tommen and Casterly Rock, along with talk about Gregor’s screams. The conversation turns to Bran
    -Dalla begins to give birth, and Jon is asked to help Mance with it, however they are then soon ambushed by a large army, Jon wonders who it is
    -The trial-by-combat takes place; Tyrion loses and is condemned to the black cells

    Episode 7:
    – Jon is taken by Melisandre to Stannis who lets him free from Slynt and Thorne, telling them of his honor
    – Daenerys sends for Jorah and he does not beg forgiveness, remaining defensive so she exiles him
    -Victarion speaks to Euron, this is really an argument over who should have the Seastone Chair
    – Varys comes to Tyrion’s cell speaking of his beheading on the morrow, implying he will get him out of it; he talks about how he can’t find any traces of Sansa
    – Littlefinger tells Sansa it was the Queen of Thorns that killed Joffrey, and that he planned the whole thing, Sansa also meets Marillon who hits on her.
    -Brienne passes a group of ‘sparrows’, a hedge knight who guards them tells Brienne he knows she seeks Sansa Stark
    -Gilly is nursing both her baby and Dalla’s, Val wants to bring her baby to Mance, Samwell wants to take Gilly to Horn Hill and tell them Gilly’s baby is his.
    -Daenerys speaks with Daario about her situation and he tells her she shouldn’t have exiled Jorah like she did, which makes her feel bad
    – Aeron speaks with Euron about who should sit the Seastone Chair
    -Samwell talks with Jon about Slynt and Bran, and then Stannis tells them all his plans once Lord Commander is decided
    – Asha asks Victarion for her to be his hand if they take the Seastone chair, and they talk of their plans. Victarion does not let her so Asha decides she will take the chair for herself
    – Samwell votes for new Lord Commander, he counts the votes to notice that Janos Slynt is leading
    -Bran wakes up to a roasting pig Coldhands had killed for them, he talks to him about the dead men of the Night’s watch, and he does not deny he killed them, Bran asks about his black hands and he tells him about how he is dead, Bran is suspicious of him
    -Brienne slips off as the hedge knights stop at an inn as she doesn’t trust them and doesn’t want to fail Jaime
    – A fight breaks out at the inn, Polliver gets Sandor and he comes out seriously wounded; however Arya finishes him off – big moment as he was on her list

    Episode 8:
    – Sandor and Arya leave the inn to travel, however the Hound says he can’t go on, and tells Arya to kill him because he’s in so much pain, Arya decides not to and leaves him
    – Sam talks to Stannis about Dragonglass while he has a look at Lightbringer and Stannis wishes to make the Nightfort his seat
    – Brienne reaches Duskendale and asks for her shield sigil to be painted over however gets barred for the night. Sansa goes out to build a snowcastle and Littlefinger kisses her, she is surprised and a little bit scared
    -Stannis asks Jon about Mance Rayder and he offers to legitimize him and make him lord of Winterfell, also offering for him to marry Val
    -Jaime conversation with Cersei, very pivotal scene where she unlaces his breeches trying to persuade him of Tyrion’s ‘evil’ and he sends her out because he notices how evil she really is
    – Jon thinks about the offer Stannis gave him while having sword practice with Iron Emmett who reminds him of Robb (he does something in the scene Robb used to do and Jon lets it be known)
    -Sansa goes out to build a snowcastle and Littlefinger kisses her, she is surprised and a little bit scared
    -Brienne leaves Duskendale, they tell her to head for Dun Fort
    -Sam speaks to Jon about Melisandre’s plans and his letter to Tommen about Stannis, and how if he were Lord Commander he would send him to the citadel to learn to be a Maester
    -Daenerys’ advisors tell her to move on, however she tells them she must learn to rule before she can conquer Westeros, deciding to stay as Queen of Meereen
    – At dun fort, Brienne asks about Sansa. They tell her a story of Aerys Targaryen, explaining why Sansa and whoever she is travelling with won’t be there
    -Lysa brings Sansa in to shout at her for trying to seduce Petyr, she then tells the story about how she had sex with him and he called her cat, tying up that loose end, they are interrupted by Robert having a fit
    -Jaime comes to break Tyrion out of his cell; they exchange a lot of secrets together
    -Shae scene
    -Tyrion and Tywin scene

    Episode 9:
    -Cersei finds Tywin dead and sends Jaime off to find Tyrion because she knows he murdered him
    – Littlefinger hears from Sansa about what happened between them and seems concerned; he talks to Sansa about it, trying to get as much information as possible out of her
    – Brienne heads for an inn nearby, passing ‘Pod’ on the way who runs away, she talks to a dwarf called ‘Nimble Dick’ there; he doesn’t give her much information
    – Tyrion on the boat to Pentos drunk, obsessing about the phrase ‘wherever whores go’ and speaking to Varys
    -Daenerys finds there is a surge of murders around Meereen done by the ‘sons of the harpy’ so she sends an investigation against them
    -Preparations at the kingsmoot, a number of Ironmen come up and proclaim why they should have the Seastone chair.
    -Davos’ fleet is smashed by storms on the way to White Harbour; he must stop at the nearest town
    -Daenerys discusses her situation in Meereen with Barristan Selmy
    -Jon goes to the bathhouse and overhears a conversation about Tywin’s death, however he overhears in this conversation that Tywin wanted Janos Slynt as lord commander, Jon worries whether it might be fixed
    -Cersei speaks about Tywin’s murder with Pycelle and Qyburn
    -Davos is marched before Godric Borrell, Godric tells him of Tywin Lannister’s death, Wyman Manderly arrives – having pledged his alliegance to king Tommen
    -Sam sets it up so everyone lends their vote to Jon
    -The king of the Iron Islands is decided at the kingsmoot, Asha, Victarion and Euron all do their speeches however Euron seems to get the most approval
    -Jaime comes back to Cersei telling her that the search for Tyrion is fruitless
    -Tyrion’s boat arrives at Pentos, they come out of the boat to see the bright scenic city
    – Lysa talks to Littlefinger about kissing Sansa by the moon door, she tells him about how she poisoned Lord Arryn, Littlefinger pushes her out, when the guards come, and he blames Marrillon

    Episode 10:
    -Tyrion meets Illyrio who speaks to him about what he wants with him, however Tyrion is too focused on ‘wherever whores go’ and asks him where whores go, he doesn’t really understand what he means, Tyrion then mulls over his options of what he should do
    -The voting council is called and Jon Snow is named 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch
    -Arianne Martell and Arys Oakheart are in bed together speaking about their plan to leave for Dorne on the morrow, that both Oberyn and Tywin are dead, and Gregor’s death is imminent and there is nothing left for them at King’s Landing. They have sex and Arys Oakheart feels guilty about breaking his vows
    -The Wedding ceremony at the godswood, Theon is made to present Arya to Ramsay while Winterfell starts to freeze, Theon gets all sad about life, after the marriage is a banquet, with northern guests, Ramsay calls for Theon to humiliate him and ‘Arya’ in his quarters
    -Gilly begs Sam to find a good wetnurse for the baby
    -Brienne proceeds to Maidenpool and meets Podrick Payne who offers to stay with her as it might lead him to Tyrion.
    -Cersei and Tommen look over Tywin’s body and talk about him
    -Davos asks Borrell to help him get to White Harbour, Borrell tells him a story about Ned Stark, and this makes him let Davos go on his way instead of turning him in, Davos echoes these sentiments
    -Sam and Gilly get on the boat to be on their way to Eastwatch
    -Both Bran and Meera voice their suspicions of Coldhands to each other, then they ask him questions, Meera demands to see his face which he refuses, they then ask him who the three-eyed crow is, and he knows about it
    -Court trial with Marrillon and stuff around that, Petyr tells Sansa of how (a character already introduced) will be coming to the Eyrie as he believe the Eyrie is his, Petyr also gives her some advice about what he plans to do
    -Jaime mulls over everything and has a conversation with Cersei, including him denying her proposition for him to be hand and the topic of Tommen and his wedding
    -Arianne Martell and Arys Oakheart speak of Myrcella and how they will try to get her on the Iron Throne, and of Quentyn, conversation around that
    -Daenerys gets another letter from Cleon of Astapor asking for her hand in marriage and support for a war against Yunkai, someone empies the bones of a child onto the floor, a victim of her dragons
    -Arya arrives at the docks, and tries to find a boat to the wall to see Jon, however she only finds one that goes to Braavos, she shows them her coin Jaqen H’gar gave to her, and they let her on.
    -Uncat epilogue of SoS, with Meerett Frey

  • Thanks! And nope, just a lot of thinking, with educated guessing based on the information about the season that’s already out.

    -James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont) telling us he’ll be in the first scene of the season in an interview
    -Iwan Rheon cast as Ramsay Bolton in the season, and Theon will be “on a knife’s edge”
    -the Red Wedding in episode 9
    -Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding in episode 8
    -‘Autumn Storms’ being the name of episode 7
    -Jon finishing his story arc at Castle Black
    -No casting for the Red Viper
    -Casting for Daario Naharis and Mero of Braavos (both whom Dany meets at Yunkai). More information is that Mero of Braavos will be introduced in episode 8 – the episode she has a meeting with the sellsword captains.
    -The scaling of the wall will be included in Season 3
    -The bear-pit scene has been filmed
    -A scene revolving around Robb and Edmure, and battle plans has been filmed
    -No mention of the purple wedding whatsoever for season 3

    there’s probably more but I can’t think of any at the moment!