Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Looking for love

This one is courtesy of @ClaudiaLives:

Part two of KillerMadchen’s musical shorts:

Worried about the cold and storms coming?

This one is from last year’s promo tour of Brazil, if you still remember. May it keep you warm.


  • OOOOOO!!!! Do I see a new feature added to this site???? Perfectly executed, WiC, on the option to turn spoilers on…perfect for people who use tablets!!!!! Well done:)

  • Ok I got a question in the early scene in the Blackwater episode just as you hear the LAN ister men and bronn sing the rains of castermere who’s burnt body is hanging at the entrance????

  • Rk76,

    I have always noticed that too. I saw it as Lannisters mocking and celebrating what they believe and still believe to be the fate of the 2 Stark youngest boys. News got out to what appeared to have happened to them and in distasteful mockery Cersei probably ordered a few hundred of those things be made and hung around the city.

    But that’s just my theory.

  • Arthur,

    I thought it was an effigy of Stannis. Theon kept the boys “death” secret. If Robb doesn’t know than the Lannisters certainly won’t.

  • Arthur,

    No TV!Cat with some coaxing from Brienne realized that Jaime Lannister wasn’t going to make it through the Night as the Karstarks wanted his blood. If Jaime dies…Sansa/Arya dies. That’s why she had Jaime released.

    Also if it did get out we would see two figures not one and we would have got a reaction scene from Robb, Cat and Sansa to the boys’ fate.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    So what was that shriveled burnt corpse hanging before the Blackwater bar scene? U think it was Stannis? Hope when the bluray is released the commentary verify.

  • Arthur,

    It could have been an effigy of Stannis it could have been one of the Seven but it wasn’t the boys. Purists have attacked the series for not having the reveal about the boys to the Starks. It would be funny if you are right and make the purists look dumb but sadly that’s not the case. I don’t know exactly why they didn’t the reveal like they should have but I believe Bolton is keeping it under wraps for an opportune time.

    And like I said We would have had a reaction scene with Sansa if word came that they were dead. The reason I suspect they didn’t have the reveal is that it would have made Sansa’s awesomeness in Blackwater not seem believable. It’s funny how in order to assert characters to a broad audience certain story details have to be modified. Such is the price of the longevity of the adaptation.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    Your probably right now thinking about it. Oh well, soon we all can watch it again in 1080p with commentary and learn all sorts of inside info we aren’t aware of…

    But until then, where is Meera Reed! What does her outfit look like? Does she have a net, bow and frogspear? =P

  • Arthur,

    Joshua Taylor,

    On the show Cat frees Jaime before Theon reveals the “Stark kids'” bodies. The second-to-last scene of Ep 17 is “Brienne, your sword.” The final scene is the miller’s boys.

    That’s the price we paid for having Jaime & Brienne’s Excellent Adventure moved up. Still wish they woulda had Robb hear about it before he got married, though. Pretty sure we’ll get a reaction scene in 21 or 22.

  • Also, the first scene of Ep 18 is Asha showing up at Winterfell:

    “We’re islanders, baby brother, or had you forgotten that? Our power comes from our ships. And now that you’ve decorated your walls with the bodies of the Stark boys, every man in the North wants to see you hanged. When Robb Stark finds out…”

    “He won’t find out. We’ve killed all the ravens. We have all the horses. I have taken Winterfell. And I will keep Winterfell.”

    Of course, that kind of news always get out sooner or later. And even though its unclear what exactly happened at Winterfell after Finchy clocked Theon, I think its safe to say that Ramsay knows at this point.

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