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Interview Round-up: Harington, Dance, and Glover

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are a few interviews that have popped up in the past week with Game of Thrones cast. Three of them are of the video variety, and one is text. Beware of MAJOR SPOILERS in the Charles Dance interview. … Continue reading

Suggestion box: How to improve WiCnet

By Winter Is Coming on

With news and set photos slowing down a bit these past couple days, I wanted to take a moment and ask the community if they have any suggestions or feedback for us here at I am always looking to … Continue reading

MGoT: Three filming units confirmed

By Winter Is Coming on

A short Making Game of Thrones post confirms what we reported a while back: they started running three filming units for the first time this season. The third unit is called Raven, joining the Dragon and Wolf units that have … Continue reading

More photos, and now video, from Morocco

By Winter Is Coming on

Yet more photos of filming in Essaouira, Morocco have emerged. This time there are even a couple short videos as well. Both the videos and pics come courtesy of Juego de Tronos.

Game of Thrones fans deemed most devoted fan base by Vulture

By Winter Is Coming on

Step aside, Trekkies. Move out the way, Trubies. Stand down, Browncoats. There is a new fan base in town and we are the hardest of hardcore. That’s right, Vulture has ranked the top 25 most devoted fan bases, and guess … Continue reading

New images from Astapor filming in Morocco

By Ours is the Fury on

A fresh round of images from the filming in Essaouira, Morocco, has surfaced today courtesy of a local. The photos provide a thorough look at the costuming for Astapor, a city in Essos where Daenerys Targaryen travels, and give us … Continue reading

New in-depth report from the set in Northern Ireland

By Ours is the Fury on

A new report from Northern Ireland brings fresh details about the filming of a notorious event for season three of Game of Thrones. McDoodils was able to access the location in Moneyglass (a place previously used for Winterfell sets) and … Continue reading

A Flight of Sorrows released on Amazon

By Winter Is Coming on

Tower of the Hand’s book debut, A Flight of Sorrows, is out now over at Amazon. For the price of a venti caramel macchiatto at Starbucks, you get some fascinating analysis of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice … Continue reading

Day 98: Set photos surface from Essaouira

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming has gotten underway in Essaouira, Morocco. Sets were under construction over the last few days and today seems to be the first day of actual filming. Many photos have popped up on Twitter and elsewhere of what was being … Continue reading

Laughs: Last supper and Brave

By Hear Me Roar on

From sheilalala on DevianArt:

Kit Harington wanted Ian McShane for Mance, but says Ciarán Hinds is ‘perfect’

By Winter Is Coming on

Kit Harington is attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, to promote his upcoming film Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Naturally, a few journos have taken the opportunity to ask him about the third season of Game of Thrones. Terri … Continue reading

MGoT: Somebody Call Stannis a Tow-Truck

By Ours is the Fury on

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