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Season 3: In Production video to hit HBO On Demand on Dec. 3

HBO has updated their online schedule and, lo and behold, a S3: In Production video has appeared in the On Demand section. It is slated to hit HBO On Demand beginning December 3. However, these things usually air on the main network the day before they hit On Demand, so it seems a good bet that this would air on Dec. 2, prior to the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. We’ve reached out to HBO for confirmation of that.

Last year, the In Production video was our first peek at season two and it looks as if this year will follow suit. Unfortunately, that means we may have to wait until January for a full-blown trailer.

Winter Is Coming: Thanks to Darquemode for the heads up on this. Y’know, I think I look forward to these videos even more than the trailers, since they usually give us better looks at the costumes and sets than the trailers do. Hopefully this one will include some glimpses of some new characters in costume, like Mance or Beric or the Blackfish. We have less than two weeks to find out!