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MGoT: On the first scene with Hinds as Mance

The latest report from the set is from the time filiming started in Dubrovnik, Croatia. At the same time, Mance’s introduction scene was filming in Belfast, as we learn in the post. Now we also know Dan Minahan is directing episode 302, based on the accompanying photo (which may or may not be the episode where Mance is introduced, depending on how many instalments Minahan is directing – most likely the first two). Here, read the most important bits for yourself:

Nestled on the back of Stage B, on one of our new soundstages at the Painthall, is Mance’s tent. The Stage is pleasantly warm, but inside the tent fires burn while the takes are on, and every wildling is in furs and capes. Amazing for Icelandic glaciers, not so great for weight-loss-inducing sweat lodges in Northern Ireland.  It’s so hot in fact, that Edward Dogliani, who plays Rattleshirt has eschewed his namesake and is wandering around with no shirt of any kind (but a rather fetching pair of braces).

It’s unusual that a new cast member’s introduction scene is the first scene we film with them, but that seems fitting for one of the season’s most anticipated new characters. Dan Minahan is at the helm, and in a small sub-section off the tent he watches as the scene comes to life.

It’s time for Jon to meet the King North of the Wall, brother that was. It seems they have a lot to talk about.

Hear Me Roar: Nice and juicy. Sounds like the first meeting between Jon and Mance will go down as described in the book. Thanks for the report, Cat! It’s not easy to get things approved and past the HBO guards.


  • No word on Dalla? I’m beggining to think they’ll merge her with Val, also eliminating Jarl in the process

  • Odd. I thought that Kit already mentioned acting with Ciaran Hinds. Must’ve just been a readthrough or something.

  • It would be kind of weird to wait until episode 2 to introduce Mance, since Jon and Ygritte were already at the camp in the season finale.

    Can’t wait to hear the dornishman’s wife!

  • Any word on Tormund Giantsbane? I really hope he is cast and a part of this….one of my favorite characters.

  • It’s so hot in fact, that Edward Dogliani, who plays Rattleshirt has eschewed his namesake and is wandering around with no shirt of any kind (but a rather fetching pair of braces).

    Well, duuh. That’s just Mance’s effect on people.

  • Beautiful! Thank you Babar. Don’t know anything about the guy, but looks alone, I can definitely dig it. He looks very fitting. HAAAARRRRR!

  • Monica,

    ME too!

    Hinds was not exactly the picture of Mance I had in my mind as I read, but he has the charisma needed for the role. Mance had to be able to win over if not control the Wildlings and Hinds has the gravitas that will make Mance a believable leader of men. A man that leads with charisma and his mind and not his brawn.

  • It can be episode 2… maybe they wont show Jon’s storyline in ep 1 (I think that, according to James Cosmo, first scene of the season is the Battle of the Fist, but that isnt Jon’s storyline), so maybe we’d get this scene only in episode 2.

  • Its been a while since i read a storm of swords but there are Giants & Mammoths present at mance’s camp if i remember correctly, wonder how they will handle that.

  • Arkash,

    When did Cosmo confirm the Battle of the fist? Must have missed this one too. Glad to hear it will not be skipped to just show aftermath !

  • Sandsnake,

    He never did, IIRC. He said something along the lines, that his favorite scene is in the first episode and many people made the conclusion, that he was referring to the battle of the fist.

  • Ciaran is going to be awesome!! :D i just hope they are more faithful in adaptin the relationship between jon/mance than they were with jon/qhorin.

  • I like that Hinds is an older man. Some of the suggested actors who were fortyish would’ve been good, but I like that Hinds will look like a father figure for Jon. I think it’s important and wouldn’t have worked with a younger man.

  • Caro H,

    I think TvQuorin was a pale reflection of the book character because they are going to pass on his influence for Jon to Mance instead. Quorin= hardcore night’s watch perspective vs Mance’s Wilding perspective.

  • Ooooh, the time is near for our first glimpse of S3! A woman has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, and the joys of watching this fascinating story unfold on-screen is but one. Mance! Sweet!

  • Har! It could mean that we get a quick Jon glimpse in ep1 like with Arya at that epic climax in ep1 of season 2. Either that or the picture is random, because the date indicates a time of filming when Kit, I think, wasn’t available yet for shooting because he had broken his ankle that same month of Comic-Con.

    If James Cosmo is actually referring to what we all want to believe he is referring to for the opener, it would be cool if they immediately cut to Jon meeting Mance after that as the first sort of important dialogue scene of the episode.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    I hope that’s the case. if mance appears since the start of the season then the audience will have more time to warm up to him than they did with qhorin as well, so it will have a more meaningful impact for tvJon when he returns to Castle Black :)

  • My girlfriend and I have been watching ‘Rome’ (she’d never seen it before) and every time Hinds is on screen as Caesar I let out a little inner ‘squeek’ at how great he is and how much I think he’s going to be awesome as Mance..

  • Winturd:

    Really? I didn’t know girls even watch game of thrones.. given all the nudity, sex and violence, and the fact that it is

    Say you wouldn’t be female and write for the New York Times by any chance would you?

  • I’m seriously excited! I was hoping Ciaran Hinds would be cast in GOT, and now he is.

    Here’s hoping he joins Sean Bean, Stephen Dillane, and Mark Addy as one of the great actors on this show.

  • Okay, here’s the breakdown:

    301 Dan Minahan
    302 Dan Minahan
    303 ?
    304 ?
    305 ?
    306 ?
    307 Michelle MacLaren
    308 Michelle MacLaren
    309 David Nutter
    310 David Nutter

    The unknown four will be divided between David & Dan, Alik Sakharov, and Alex Graves.

  • Serious lurker here – I think I’ve posted three times in the past two years…..

    But this is one of my FAVORITE scenes in the series – Jon misidentifying Mance, Mance’s
    Story about the red cape, and Jon’s line

    “did you see where they put the Bastard?”

    NOW I’m getting excited!!!!!!!!


  • Ron Snow:
    Any word on if Hinds will have the long hair as Mance?

    I think he will. The actors playing Ned, Robert, Lancel and Cersei all wore wigs, and Daario is also wearing one. Ciáran Hinds will probably wear one as well.

  • Hinds was, frankly, awesome as Caesar on Rome. Can’t wait.

    I still get goosebumps thinking of how he yelled “HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME!”

  • Wish Tim Van Patten would direct more GoT episodes. His Boardwalk Empire episodes are the best in a season of great directing.

    I hope Hinds has a wig. To me at least, he IS Caeser so I would like him to not look like that character as much as possible.

  • Patchy Face,

    If I remember correctly, they were in Morocco while the big scene was being filmed too, no? Seemed very odd, especially given their enthusiasm for said scene.

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