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SciFiNow interviews Bryan Cogman

The latest issue of SciFiNow has an article about season three of Game of Thrones, which includes a short interview with writer and story editor Bryan Cogman. As usual, Bryan is a good interview. Here are a few interesting quotes from the article:

“Today, I just came from the set where one of the iconic sword fights of the book is being shot, and any fan of the books will know what I am talking about,” he reveals. “I sat watching and thought to myself, ‘I’ve been waiting to see this scene shot in front of me for four years’, and I know fans have been waiting even longer than that. I’m thrilled that we can offer some of those moments this season.”

“From now on we’re not looking at a book per season,” Cogman confirms. “There’s going to be a lot more blending of elements from all the books as needed. You might see bits from other books, it just depends what each story needs in terms of adapting for televison.”

“The books are surprising, and so is the TV series” he teases. “We get more and more amazing cast members every year, and we kill a few too to make room… that tradition is going to continue in Season Three.”

You can read the full article in the November 2012 issue, on sale now.

Winter Is Coming: What sword fight do you think Bryan is talking about? I can think of at least two from A Storm of Swords.


  • Hmm could be Jaime VS Brienne but more likely Beric VS the Hound. I really hope they nail both of those fights. Jaime VS Brienne because its important that Brienne surprises and impresses Jaime with her skill and also because its the last time we’ll get to see Jaime properly fight. And the only time we’ve seen it before was Ned VS Jaime and that got int interrupted. And the Hound VS Beric because its just so damn awesome.

    This fan art sums it up really well.

  • Rainbow:
    And which characters will get killed off? Talisa?

    Most likely he’s just talking about Robb, Catelyn, Balon, Craster, and Lord Commander Mormont.

    And don’t even get me started on Season 4.

  • Honestly, I may be anticipating the Hound v Beric more than the RW or any other scene in the upcoming season! I really hope that it lives up to the books!

  • D&D have stated that some characters which survive ASOS are not going to survive season 3. No word on their level of importance.

  • Watson,

    I don’t think I read that artcle. Do you have the link?
    Was there anything else to glean from what they said?

    IF going by ACoK I can think of a few characters that should die in Season 4 , but I can easily dying in Season 3. If they are saying that some characters that should be alive as AFfC begins (Season 5 starts) I would have to think about it a bit I guess.

  • The fight I’m most excited to see is the Red Viper vs the Mountain but I guess that will come on the end of season 4, here he is definitely talking about Beric vs the Hound

  • Dracarys:
    The fight I’m most excited to see is the Red Viper vs the Mountain but I guess that will come on the end of season 4, here he is definitely talking about Beric vs the Hound

    I agree with both points here. I wonder what Beric will look like at this point.

  • The Hound, definitely.
    I’m slowly getting more and more amped that A Storm of Swords is going to be adapted to (small) screen.

  • Darquemode,

    Agreed. Maybe it’s because the RW has been hyped to no end. It’s kind of ruining it for me (although I anticipate that lack of excitement going away by the time the episode airs). At this point Im way more excited to see zombie Beric and his scenes with Arya and The Hound than anything else.

  • Since he mentioned ‘set’, it makes me think it’s Beric vs the Hound, since that took place inside the tree.

  • I thnk he is talking about the Hound vs Beric. But I’m looking forward to Jaime vs Brienne more. I enjoyed Jaime’s trash talking while in chains and emaciated from captivity. That will be a great scene to watch, especially if a certain character altering event happens directly afterward like in the book.

  • Probably Hound vs. Beric there, but a woman REALLY wants to see a stunning Jaime vs Brienne scene too. That’s also important to the plot since he gains a lot of respect for her there.

  • Watson,

    Do you have a link?

    If true, they wouldn’t want to kill off anyone major, especially those that the fans have a theory about, ie the Jeyne Westerling switch. That leaves only minor characters like Hot Pie or Grenn.

  • Anyone know whose playing Beric? I heard it wasn’t gonna be the guy from season one when Eddard sent him out.

  • Watson,

    If you are referring to the Icelandic TV report from a couple of weeks ago that was posted here, I believe that was just an interview from last year. The interview sounded very familiar to one I saw last year. I know the footage they used was from last year, namely Kit running around with his Ipod.

  • Pretty sure it’s Jamie and Brienne. Season 3 should consist mostly of the first half of ASOS.

    It’s a pity I’ll have to wait until season 4 before I can see The Red Viper :-(

  • It’s Jamie vs Brienne. It’s truely one of the major sword fights showing that Brienne can definately hold her own against Jaime, whose supposed to be the best swordfighter in all of Westeros. It’s possible it could be the oters mentioned, but some of those characters haven’t even been introduced into the show yet…and since some of them don’t even survive their ONE AND ONLY fight….I’m putting all bets that he meant Jaime vs Brienne.

  • I never thought the H vs B was iconic. We knew so little of BD up to the point of them fighting that it really didn’t really hold my thought after I read it. J and B, however, was building up from the get go and made much more of an “iconic” impact to me.

    Spoilers will. Not work from mobile so sorry for the initials.

  • Jaime vs. Brienne was the first thing that came to my mind. Although, Beric vs. The Hound is a good call as well. Both will be epic, I’m sure.

  • I’m with Rygar. J and B was great :)) I definitely bonded with Jaimie more when I read aSoS and always imagine him looking and acting like NCW when I read his chapters.

  • Nerd:

    Agreed. Maybe it’s because the RW has been hyped to no end. It’s kind of ruining it for me

    Well, if you read it, then you know what is coming. How could it be hyped any more than you knowing how it goes down? I mean, there is no way it can possibly be better in the show than it was in the book.

  • 10 bucks says Balon dies in Ep 8. Robb in Ep 9 and Joffrey bites the dust in the last minutes of Ep 10. .
    3 prophesies for Season 3.

    But I’d be happy with 2/3.