Game of Thrones awards update

  • Our favourite show missed out on GoldDerby awards this year, despite four nominations (Dinklage, Headey, Best drama, Ensemble cast of the year).
  • Similarly, GoT was deservedly nominated at the end of last month for an Artios Award for outstanding casting in a drama series, but came up short.
  • However, the production team did win one technical award: the Hollywood Post Alliance award for color grading on TV.
  • There are two new nominations for awards coming in January: at People’s Choice Awards GoT is running for Favorite premium cable TV show (to be announced on January 9), and at Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) Awards for Outstanding episodic TV drama (January 26).
  • Looking into the future, the next big event will be the Golden Globes, and they are just around the corner. The nominations will be announced on December 13, while the 70th Golden Globes will take place on January 13 and will be broadcast live on NBC.


  • I was very disappointed in the Emmy’s this year for not nominating Headey. Game of Thrones not winning in the future would be a complete travesty and I hope HBO campaigns more to break the barrier for a fantastic Fantasy show. Brilliant performances. I hope Season 3 breaks the barrier for not only the show, but for Headey and Williams, this awards season.

  • You forgot the SAG nominations on December 12th.
    Hopefully two or three (Peter, Ensemble Cast and Lena); would love Alfie and Charles to receive credit along with Maisie.

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  • Ryan71, I haven’t heard any other reports of an ad like that, but I sent an inquiry to our ad provider, just in case. I agree that popup ads suck.

  • Ryan71:
    Does anyone else get pandora jeweler adds popping up every time they visit this site now? Every time I come here on my iPad first I have to look at a stupid add.Then I click he to comment.. Add pops up again.

    I have never had a pop up on my iPad before.. But I’ve had this one for like 3 weeks now.

    I get them on my iPad, too. But not when I’m on my PC or on my iPhone.

  • A woman hopes that GoT will receive many more awards this year, is there an award for best epic battle scene filmed for tv EVER????? Blackwater and season 2 overall will certainly receive more acknowledgement this awards season, there is no doubt.

    Re: pop up ads, they also show up on my iPad but not laptop. Is this common?

  • Yeah, apparently they were iPad-only ads. I had them disabled since I prefer to keep the site user-friendly over making a little extra money.

  • Homeland has gone in the crapper from everyone’s account and Breaking Bad is about to end. For the time being it looks like HBO will be competing against themselves (and Mad Men) for all these awards.

  • tysnow,

    There’s even more coming in terms of nominations, but I only mentioned Globes since they are the big ones. As for the rest I only listed done deals, both noms and awards.

  • dizzy,

    I haven’t been hearing much negative stuff about Homeland, and we’ll still be getting competition from the Walking Dead, Dexter, and American Horror Story.

    On a side note, did anyone else see the last episode of Boardwalk Empire? With episodes like that, they’re on their way to a comeback.

  • sunspear,

    I don’t watch Homeland but everything I’ve heard or read about it has been overwhelmingly negative (saying it’s going to 24 levels). I can’t see it winning again with criticism like that but I’ve been wrong before. Walking Dead is o.k. Not sure if it would be nominated for the Emmys or Golden Globes though.
    Boardwalk Empire has been really good this season. Should be a real good finale.
    I might even watch it over football this Sunday. (Eagles still suck more than the Cowboys, Winter)

  • The awards for Game of Thrones will be forthcoming, right now the show has
    worthy competition and still needs to prove it’s competitive strengths.

    Right now, Homeland and The Walking Dead ( to name a couple ) are riveting,
    but GoT has the potential of surpassing these and others.

  • I wasn’t alerted to my stein victory I’m just going to assume winter is late asking for my address

  • sunspear,

    Gotta say that BE is the one to beat right now. The past 3 to 4 episodes have been fantastic…better then any other show right now.

    However GoT S3 is prob going to be the best season to challenge BE with the story arcs they have planned.

  • dizzy,

    I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard nothing but increasingly good things about Homeland’s second season – it’s got no episode below a B- on the AV club, and has a 96 on Metacritic. If there’s a backlash, I certainly haven’t noticed it. Anyway, even the amazing stuff coming up in GoT isn’t going to trump the series finale of Breaking Bad on a critical praise level unless that is a huge debacle.

  • Imho, walking dead made a serious comeback from that disaster that season 2 was.
    As for homeland, im liking the second season more than the first

    Dexter started super strong( for the reasons everyone who watches it knows), but as slowed down the pace too much these last 2 episodes.

    GoT has some serious competition, and season 3 better bring its A game, cause as much as i love GOT, season 2 was a little slow due to so many new characters being introduced ( not saying it was a bad thing, just felt too compacted)

  • We’re still loving Homeland. Carrie is my idol, I want a boss like Saul and yet another sexy, dangerous red-haired assassin (Nicholas Brody in Homeland, Micheletto in The Borgias, and, of course, Jaqen H’ghar in GoT.) But GoT is every bit as good as Homeland. It’s just that GoT has so many characters, locations, story lines, etc. that when it comes to awards time, it might be a little confusing for the judges if they don’t watch the series. Don’t think Walking Dead will ever win the big prize, but the WD zombies would never have shuffled by plump, juicy Samwell Tarly without even a second glance. The WD zombies mean business.

  • I don’t think season 2 is strong enough to win any awards this time, the competition is too strong IMO.

    Season 3 is also going to have it tough because BoardWalk Empire season 3 and Breaking Bad season 5 have/were outstanding.