The North Remembers: November 2009

In November 2009, WiC.net celebrated its first year of existence. You want to know what else was going on three years ago? Read on.

  •  Filming of the pilot continued and cocluded that month. We got our glimpses of fake snow and a dead direwolf from Tollymore Forest, got some reports from the set, the King’s arrival was filmed, and heard they were using Castle Ward for the first time. Then the production moved to Morocco, and they filmed the wedding scenes there. With the end of the Moroccan shoot, the pilot was done as well. George R.R. Martin was there for the most part and witnessed a lot of the process, reporting from Morocco, and writing more about his trip, including the wrap party.
  • While GRRM was in Belfast, there was a signing organised, as well as the first Belfast moot. It was a momentous occasion with a large number of cast attending, proving how awesome they all are. For the first time, the fans and the actors bonded in an atmosphere of mutual respect (and good fun). I encourage you to go back and read the reports from both events. Good days!
  • We also learned for the first time that a linguist was hired to develop the Dothraki language – that turned out to be David Peterson.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talked about the pilot shoot, and mentioned some fan controversies concerning his nose (and thus proving he read our site).

Hear Me Roar: So, what do you remember best from these good old days when the first big stage of getting the show to our screens was completed?