Making Game of Thrones Media Production Season 3

Season 3 In Production video: Art Direction

A new Making Game of Thrones video released today highlights the art direction of season three, with comments from art directors Heather Greenlees and Tom Still and location manager Robert Boake. There’s another glimpse of Jojen Reed, and a few familiar returning characters. We also get a peek at a new courtyard for the Red Keep.

Ours is the Fury: The art direction for Game of Thrones is always incredible. It looks like season three will be just as great. It’s nice to see them expanding even existing settings like the Red Keep.


  • Not really much to take from that but still a nice surprise!

    0.35 seconds. Looks like that’s how the Reed’s will be introduced then.

  • Very very nice! Loved the new courtyard setting for KL, and yay, a new scene with ygritte and jon :D this season is gonna be amazing!!

  • Tywin-Cersei-Tyrion scenes will be jewels on the crown of GoT! I get a grin every time I think about it.

  • Chuck91,

    Agreed. that s was my first thought as well.
    though nothing spectacular or new in the video..except for the scene of Starks and Boltons riding togheter somewhere. To Twins? Riverrun? Somwhere else?

  • Tywin now sporting the hand of the king badge… The Tyrion/ Cersei/ Tywin scenes are going to be great. ASOS has such amazing combinations of characters. You take it for granted and then in AFFC… the combinations aren’t nearly as good…

  • The Rabbit:

    Agreed. that s was my first thought as well.
    though nothing spectacular or new in the video..except for the scene of Starks and Boltons riding togheter somewhere. To Twins? Riverrun? Somwhere else?

    It looks like the same forest Bran & company are. Maybe they will run into some trouble with the Boltons in the North. I just know that is a Bolton army, or at least led by the a Bolton, apparently, as the flayed man is in the front of the host.

  • I was wondering if Jon would actually be given furs to wear in S3, which gives me the impression that the intro with Mance might be handled well. The furs/ blacks could also be used very symbolically visually.

  • Chuck91,

    I dont think so because Meera and Jojen travel with Bran beyond the Wall while Osha travel only with Rickon somewhere else…Skagos maybe?

  • WompWomp:
    It’s good to see Ned found a new job as GoT’s Location Manager. :]

    Har! My first thought was “we’ve found our Brandon Stark if flashbacks are ever filmed”

  • There is never enough Robert Boake!

    Re Reeds: But why would Osha only be carrying a sharpened stick to protect Bran if the Reeds are already with her and they have weapons? I guess they could be hiding, but still risky? I guess they could want to Reed’s to show their badassness by fighting some baddies as proof of their loyalties? Still think it’s our first meeting with them walking out of some forest as predicted by Winter (?) moons ago.

  • The Rabbit:

    Agreed. that s was my first thought as well.
    though nothing spectacular or new in the video..except for the scene of Starks and Boltons riding togheter somewhere. To Twins? Riverrun? Somwhere else?

    Not only Boltons and Starks, but Karstarks too. Probably this is the previous scene to Locke running into Brienne and Jaime we saw in the previous video.

  • Ren Snow: Not only Boltons and Starks, but Karstarks too. Probably this is the previous scene to Locke running into Brienne and Jaime we saw in the previous video.

    Yeah, I think Robb will (finally) split his army and give most of it to Roose Bolton while he goes deal with the Freys.

  • Lol at the crew member assuring whoever was off-screen that he doesn’t spoil anything when he chats with his mates about his work. HBO must terrify these guys into silence! :-)

  • HouseLark: Har! My first thought was “we’ve found our Brandon Stark if flashbacks are ever filmed”

    I couldn’t help but wonder if the Ned-like bannerman Brienne skewered in the S2 finale was the Sean Bean stunt double who supposedly looked a lot like him as a young man. GRRM noted D&D would have to address the Tower of Joy someday, despite their reservations against flashbacks, but seeing Ms. Christie slowly kebab him dashed my hopes of the aforementioned lookalike breaking their rule someday.

    Oh well, at least we have Frank Stark.

    EDIT: There’s nothing inherently wrong with flashbacks. They can be tastefully applied to enhance the narrative, given the proper restraint. Breaking Bad proved it with Walt as a TA working at a blackboard, which is one of the few flashbacks on the show I can recall. Surely the Tower of Joy deserves more than a conversational reference after it’s been totally ignored by the show so far? Maybe Sean Bean will pull a Khal Drogo, though they’d need to doll him down by a decade to pull that off.

  • WompWomp,

    I’ve always thought that they could do a long Hollywood movie adressing the War of the Usurper. No need for flashbacks then! I can imagine Tom Hardy playing a younger Robert fighting Rhaegar on the Trident.

  • Joan,

    A full-on prequel effort would be most welcome. There’s a trove of amazing scenes to be had there. I can see a helluvan opening scene with Aerys and the Starks.

  • WompWomp,

    I was just wondering the other day where a prequel season covering Robert’s Rebellion would start. My final opinion is that the opening scene should be at the tourney at Harrenhal in the year of the false Spring. Not only do you have the whole Rhaegar and Lyanna stuff, but it is also when Jaime is inducted into the Kingsguard. I think an entire episode could be dedicated to the tournament and the events that take place there. The next episode could start with a time jump that cuts to Brandon riding to King’s Landing and being arrested. There is enough material covering this time period for an incredible mini-series, if not a 10 episode season. It would be a real money maker for HBO. Hopefully we’ll get to see it one day.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    There is a serious problem with any Robert’s rebellion prequel. There is no effective way to do it without showing what really happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna, and George won’t want that shown until he covers it in the books. And before you say anything, do you think it would make sense to do a prequel and not show who Jon Snow’s mother is?

  • Yet another featurette with no hint of any scenes taking place at Harrenhal. This of course does not mean it is not going to be featured in S3 but I’ve always been of the opinion that they will hold all the Jaime/Brienne/Roose scenes in a nondescript location so as to avoid the issue of having Harenhal changing hands to the North. I think based on the events of S2 (Arya leaving, no Weasel Soup, no Bloody Mummers, the Mountain taking up the mantle of Harenhal after Tywin leaves) that it left no point in revisiting the location in S3. Trying to twist the narrative and plot in order to achieve the environment that exists in ASoS doesn’t seem worth it just so that Roose and Jaime and Brienne can interact in that castle. It seems far easier to have Roose’s man Locke play the Vargo role and make the Jaime capture somewhere in the woods (as they’ve depicted scenes of in the featurettes so far) and then have Roose meet up with them to have the proper interactions.

  • sunspear,

    Well that won’t be a problem if the prequel happens after the series is finished, or possibly during a hiatus before the final season. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling Jon’s parentage will be revealed in the 6th book, probably by Bran seeing it through his tree vision.

  • Speaking of things that will probably be in S4 but may somehow be shuffled all the way into S3…

    I just read through the first three books and I have a question concerning Shae. Her depiction seems rather different on the show; personally I like her more there than in the novels, really. Anyway, the show writers seem much more hellbent on convincing the audience she loves more than jewels than Martin ever was, and I’m now wondering if her televised fate will be separate from what was written. So my question, as a recent book reader, is thus: have D&D made any statements concerning express intent to alter Shae’s characterization, and if so, what has been said? Of course, if more is revealed on her in the more recent pair of books, I haven’t read them yet so please don’t tell me!

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    On Shae

    I too am a big fan of what the show has done with the character. I always found Tyrion’s affection for somebody acting (or genuinely being?) so ditzy to be a little hard to take with the character. I think Martin was aiming to portray all three Lannister siblings as rather emotionally stunted, but the show seems to have made Tyrion a little more impressive and making his love interest a competent adult helps with that. Still, I hope they go with pretty much the same path ASOS takes things. Maybe we’ll get to see what (presumably horrific) circumstances lead to Shae testifying at the trial as she does in the book. That would make Tyrion’s interpretation of her betrayal all the more tragic and would make his post double homicide self-destruction more compelling than it was in the books.

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    Its a interesting question. I, too, disliked Shae in the book and have developed a great admiration for the character in the show. (Shae was fabulous in “Blackwater.”) She seemed to be truly devoted to Tyrion in the scene from S2E10…when she suggests that they run away together.

    It is possible that TV Show Shae will betray Tyrion because of his marriage to Sansa. I think that Tyrion is somewhat infatuated with Sansa (despite the age difference). Perhaps the show will “capitalize” on that to a greater extent than the book did…and then Shae will respond out of jealousy.

  • Watson,

    In regards to Shae…

    Were we to assume that Shae was the victim of turture/pressure and that was the reason she gave up Tyrion? I always felt that she had manipulated him the entire time and threw him under the bus when convenient… reinforced by the fact that Tyrion found her in Tywin’s bed…

  • Watson,


    On Shae:

    In A Feast for Crows, Cercei makes a statement that she promised Shae a marriage to a knight in exchange for testifying against Tyrion. It’s in her first chapter, if you want to go back and reread it. There is no real reason to think that book Shae betrayed Tyrion for any other reason than personal gain. That doesn’t mean they won’t change it in the show, however.

  • sunspear,

    I was suggesting that it would take something horrific to get the show’s Shea to testify. As for the book’s version, no I don’t think it took more than a bribe to get her on the stand. That said, I don’t really get the bile some readers throw at her. /tyrion was paying Shea for a service, and when he couldn’t pay her anymore she went elsewhere. If she did succeed in manipulating him, that says more about Tyrion’s faults than it does about hers. She’s not a good person, but she’s not exactly on Westeros’ Most Dangerous.

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    I am on my phone so…. SPOIlERS!!!!! On Shae, I remember Grrm being asked this question. And he answered vaguely but clearly. What happens in the book will happen, there’s no change to come in that character. Maybe more screen time, but she will die. Sorry i don’t have a link, but I think the interview had something to do with Android or Google. Google it.

  • Is it just me, or was our dear Cersei wearing flip flops in that first frame? Ha, who knew?! I always took her for more of an S & M girl!

  • Red Keep and Northern locations look very good. The Northern army looks at last like it should look from the beggining – not only Stark banners and shields of other houses, but many different banners (Karstark and Boltons) and cloacks especially with the sigil of House Cerwyn that we saw so many times. I liked the Daenerys’ camp with the tents looking like piramids.

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