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This is something we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for the past month or so and can finally now unveil. has collaborated with Topix Media to create a one-time-release Game of Thrones magazine! Here is the cover…

The mag is chock-full of Thrones content, which will hopefully whet your appetite for season three. All four of the WiCnet writers worked really hard and produced some great material. Here is just a taste of what you can expect.

  • Top TV critics weigh in on Thrones
  • The good and the bad changes from the books
  • An examination of race in Game of Thrones
  • Brand-new interviews with Kristian Nairn and Kit Harington
  • And a whole lot more!

The magazine will be available on newsstands throughout the US starting on Jan. 1 (although we’ve heard reports of it popping up in some stores already). Be sure to pick up a copy and let us know what you think!