Awards roundup

We may be gearing up for the next season, but Game of Thrones is still picking up awards and nominations for season 2. After a month-long online voting process at, GoT won Best of 2012 in three categories:

  • Best Kid Character: Arya Stark. Maisie Williams left her competition in the dust, with almost 45,000 more votes than the 2nd place nominee.
  • Best New Character: Stannis Baratheon. Despite strong competition from The Walking Dead’s Michonne, Stephen Dillane’s humorless king took the prize.
  • Best Villain: King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) might be the most hated character on television right now, which makes him an unsurprising but well-deserved winner.

And in other awards news:

  • On January 2nd, the Producers Guild of America announced their nominations, and Game of Thrones is up for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama. If they win, the award would be shared by show producers David Benioff, Bernadette Caulfield, Frank Doelger, Carolyn Strauss, and D.B. Weiss.
  • Gemma Jackson’s production design is nominated for Excellence in Production Design for Television at the Art Directors Guild Awards. The nomination is for the episode, “The Ghost of Harrenhal.”

Ours is the Fury: The way fans got behind voting for the awards was great, and GoT was close to winning Best Drama Series as well. Thank you to everyone who voted!

UPDATE by HmR: There is another batch of awards I almost forgot about. Over at they selected the best of 2012 both according to their jury and by popular opinion via internet vote. GoT was put forward in 5 categories by the jury, and won:

  • Best Episode: Blackwater (but of course!)
  • Best DVD or Blu-ray set: GoT: The Complete First Season on BR

In popular vote, however, Thrones did even better and actually won every single poll:

  • Best TV series
  • Best TV drama
  • Best Villain: Joffrey
  • Best Episode: Blackwater
  • Best DVD or Blu-ray set: GoT: The Complete First Season on BR


  • Maybe… maybe not. Great to hear about the awards. GoT deserves far more.
    IMO, Blackwater was one of the most amazing episodes in television history and should have gotten far more recognition. Still, great news. March 1st is getting closer…

  • Forget the Golden Globes, the internet is our playground.

    I don’t think it’s possible to lose most tragic death unless the 3-5 characters end up splitting the vote.

  • “Stannis! Stannis! STANNIS!”

    Seriously, I’m so happy that Stannis won “Best New Character” — how delightfully ironic, given that the basic premise regarding the character’s story arc is that nobody loves/appreciates him! I think Stephen Dillane is terrific as Stannis, and he and Liam Cunningham have great chemistry; the conversations between Stannis and Davos in “Ghost of Harrenhal” and “Prince of Winterfell” were two of my favorite “private” scenes in Season 2.

  • How da fuck did Michonne place second? Look I love walking dead but she sucks on tv! Better in the comics, but the fucking brooding is getting on my nerves!
    Now Stannis there’s a winner! Go Stephen Dillane!

  • Congratulations on more accolades GoT, they are well deserved and certainly more will come in the season/s ahead. There was no doubt Arya would nab that award, she’s really an amazing talent!

  • So cool for Arya, Stannis and Joffrey.
    A little off topic – but Stannis B. and Balon G. are both in this new BBC series called “Hunted”. Look who else just auditioned for “Hunted”! He’s sooo good and sooo sexy!
    At :47 – “If I’m going to kill someone, I do the job. You’re still walking and talking so job not done. If I wanted you dead, you would be. (Doesn’t this lady realize she’s talking to Jaqen H’ghar?)
    At 2:29 – “You’re easy to look at” (swoon)
    At 2:35 – “Just the way you like it” (double swoon)
    At 3:58 – he tells the lady he’s German, but also speaks French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc. Jaqen speaking French with that deep voice of his – almost too much to bear!

  • I am glad for Stephen Dillane. I remember when he first appeared as Stannis some people were complaining about his potrayal, but I for one thought he did a fantastic job with the character. Now having the benefit of being almost half-way through “A Dance Of Dragons” as well as thinking about the other books in the series, Dillane captured Stannis down to a t. I still think, as I did when his casting was anounced, that we are extremely lucky to have an actor the caliber of Stephe Dillane working on GoT! I absolutely loved his performance in “John Adams” and cannot recomment enough “Fugitive Pieces” , a really good, but overlooked, movie he did with Jeremy Podeswa a director I hope will at some point work on GoT as well!

    Jack Gleeson is most definitely one of the absolute pillars of the show! This young man has impressed from the first appearance! To say that he portrays Joffrey very ably would be an insult, he IS Joffrey week after week, episode after episode! Part of a great cast of kids, here is looking at you Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner and everyone else. I am excited to see the new kids joining the show next season!

    PS I cannot stress how indebted we are to Nina Gold and Robert Sterne ( I think I got his name right…) for the extraordinary casting job they did for us all!

    Oh and by the way, I really like Michonne! I haven’t read the comics, but I like her as a character on “The Walking Dead” :-P !

  • Udi,

    Could not agree more! “Blackwater” was to my mind a precedent setting episode in so far as television goes! It was a creative and artistic milestone in each and every aspect. I hope that HBO has the good sense to bring Neil Marshall back in the future to direct again!

  • Of course, one wishes only the best for the actors in GoT. There is not a single one whose talent doesn’t merit widespread success, but one is a little uneasy when one reads of their becoming involved in other series. What if their new ventures are too time-consuming to permit future appearances in GoT? One is thinking specifically at this time of Bron appearing in Ripper Street. Best of luck, but save time for us.

  • Is anyone at all concerned about the show itself? I am a huge fan, don’t get me wrong, but the story keeps spreading outward with most of the characters never interacting again after the initial meeting in Winterfell way back in the first book. I think a lot of audience members will struggle with the lack of closure or conflict from not having the main characters speak to one another. I mean for Petes Sake, who doesn’t want some bro-love with Tyrion and Jon again?

    Also, excited to be apart of the community here. May GoT continue for 10 massive season!

  • many characters who you wouldnt think would meet up, do, and it makes it much more excited when it does occur,
    i think clash of kings is the ultimate spreading out that occurs, and an eventual(very slow) “shrinkage” occurs after who zany characters meeting in the most unexpected places

  • A BIG shout-out to all the fans that voted on Stephen Dillane did wonders with that character, and you people did wonders with that poll.

    Tereeza777: Look who else just auditioned for “Hunted”!

    Ugh, he would have been *much* better than the actor they went with. Alas!…

  • Glad Stephen Dillane got it… he deserved it !

    Then I must confess a heresy.

    I voted for Sherlock. But because we all know GoT is a tremendous show with a huge success damn-well-deserved. But on this occasion, I wanted to vote for the only other show I like as much as GoT. And Sherlock is less known, has less success and I wanted it to be push forward in the light a little bit more than GoT who already got it all.

  • Currer Bell,

    Sadly, Bronn will probably disappear midway through season 4 for a long time. He’ll probably only have one scene in season, if they leave him in at all.

  • Wednesday, January 9, the Directors Guild of America will announce the Television Nominees for 2012. Last year, Tim Van Patten was nominated for his work on the pilot. I think we can expect another nomination for one of the directors of the second season. Alan Taylor and David Nutter have already been nominated in the past by the DGA, and Neil Marshall directed “Blackwater”. One of them could make it, in my opinion…

  • I’ve heard Williams is playing a supporting role in a film about Africa or something either next year or the year after. It’ll be interesting to see her on the big screen in movies, methinks. She has a hell of a lot of potential that one.

    Dillane plays a great Stannis and has made me like a book character I couldn’t and probably never will warm too.

  • Kudos all around. What would the show be without Maisie, Jack and Stephen? I think all three took on extremely challenging characters and added life and nuance to them.

  • Sherlock isn’t a tiny show either though. Cumberbatch and Freeman are starring in The Hobbit and the new Star Trek movie. Their show has huge buzz, a large fanbase, it had a bunch of Emmy nominations this year and gets great ratings. I don’t think it really needs pity votes. But if you vote for it because you think it’s genuinely better than GoT, that’s fine. No one has to think GoT is the best show around to be a fan of it.

  • Michonne walks around with an expression on her face like she’s constantly smelling a bad fart.

  • Here’s hoping we get to hear about

    The Windproud and Proudwing

    on Season 3! Add some more depth to Stannis.

  • I’m perplexed by the awards. Take a look at these two:

    It’s odd how handily GoT beats Breaking Bad and Homeland in the Best Drama category, but hardly gets any votes in the Best Overall Series category. I guess there’s just a huge overlap with Community and The Walking Dead.

  • Maisie Williams is one of my favourite actors and i love the way she plays Arya, who is also my favourite character in the series. I love her story in A Storm of Swords with the Brotherhood and the Hound and just hope that they dont leave out too much in the show. I know they have already killed the tickler, but i really want to see Arya killing someone at the Inn (maybe Polliver?). I really want to see her killing more people and going down a darker path. But that will probably be Season 4 when she has more time with The Hound. And i hope that they have the Hound hit her with the axe and make it look like she has been killed.

  • WheelofIceandFire,

    Yeah i agree, im a bit worried that we wont get to see arya much this season. There seems to be so much they have to do. Its only 10 hours and they have the red wedding to build to, Jaime’s redemption, kings landing politics/tyion-sansa wedding, stannis/davos story, sam/nights watch story with old bear’s death, new characters to introduce etc and i just hope we get some lengthy brotherhood/arya scenes. But i have a feeling we will only have a few scenes with beric similar to Yoren last season. I also hope someone recognises her and she doesnt just end up being a random ‘hostage’. I love the moment in the book when Harwin tells Lem who she is and bends the knee. I think that would be a great way to end one of the episodes

  • Brian,

    What happened was that once a show fell a few thousand behind in a category, people tended to throw their support to another show with a better chance of winning.

  • Good luck to little Maisie girl. She did great and made her parents proud.
    Off topic but GT took a lot from Pillars of the Earth. Both are great in their own right. Pillars of the Earth is a must see out on DVD

  • Honoring characters instead actors or writers. Interesting. Just sayin’.

    OT: GRRM said:

    For all you Wild Cards fans out there who are tired of waiting for the next book…


  • Ren Snow: Want… casting news… want… trailers… trailers dates… pleaseeeee…

    I am with you !!! ..where is the damn trailer ? !!

  • Brian,

    Because you could vote continuously for your favorites, most fans voted for their favorites in whichever category they knew their show had the best chance of winning in.

  • Aegon the Conqueror: How da fuck did Michonne place second? Look I love walking dead but she sucks on tv! Better in the comics, but the fucking brooding is getting on my nerves!Now Stannis there’s a winner! Go Stephen Dillane!

    I was just about to post that on Michonne. Loved her in the comics, but it’s like the producers of the show couldn’t wait to introduce her, but don’t know what to do with her now that she’s on the show. So, they’ve had her basically be silent and glower the whole season.

  • I must confess that I spent ages voting for all the GoT people. The kid character poll was getting really close at one point.

  • loco73,

    Hear Hear!
    ‘Blackwater’ was as good as ‘The battle for Helm’s deep’ only far better with regards to the great dialogues and interactions between characters… and it was a Tv episode!!! Simply top-notch.

  • Har! They just used the Game Of Thrones lettering and logo on an MSNBC Last Word featuring Lawrence O’Donnell segment called “Game Of Drones” about the proposed new US CIA Director. Wowsa, now GoT references in the news/political opinion shows! It replays in a few hours if you missed it!

  • Ren Snow: Want… casting news… want… trailers… trailers dates… pleaseeeee…

    WiC posted here in another post theorizing that we might get a trailer on the 13th with the premiere of Girls. Since we got a trailer both for s1 and 2 in jan, combined with the show Girls being kind of a big deal for HBO.

  • Game of Thrones is nominated by VES for its visual effects:

    -Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program: Game of Thrones : Valar Morghulis

    -Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial or Broadcast Program : Game of Thrones: Training the Dragons

    -Outstanding Created Environment in a Commercial or Broadcast Program : Pyke

    -Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program : White Walker Army