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Season three casting update

We have some Game of Thrones casting news today that answers a few longstanding questions.

Our sources tell us that Tom Brooke, first reported to be cast last August, will be playing the role of Lothar Frey. Brooke is a regular in British film and television, appearing in Pirate Radio, Restless, Mrs. Biggs, Thorne: Scaredy Cat, and the Henry V episode of The Hollow Crown. Lothar, nicknamed “Lame Lothar” because of his twisted leg, plays a key role in Robb and Catelyn’s story in A Storm of Swords.

We have also learned from a source that Torchwood star Burn Gorman will portray a member of the Night’s Watch as originally speculated. The character name is still unknown at this time. Given his filming last fall with certain actors, it’s likely he’ll be part of the group traveling with Samwell and Lord Commander Mormont.

And finally, we have confirmed via her CV that actress Stephanie Blacker will be playing the role of “Violet.” This creates more questions, as the only character named Violet in the book is an older woman in Catelyn’s memories of her childhood at Riverrun. Is this Violet connected to Riverrun or did the show simply borrow the name for an entirely different character? Blacker is credited for an episode directed by Michelle MacLaren, who directs episodes 7 and 8.

Ours is the Fury: It’s great to see House Frey filling out, with Brooke on board. What do you think of this “Violet” business?


  • I am definitely the ONLY person who just shouted out loud, “Oh my God, lame Lothar my favorite.”

    Also, Violet? In the book? What? That character was named Tansy, unless we’re thinking of two different people, and I’m pretty sure we’re not.

  • Could Violet maybe be some combination between Val and Dalla?
    Or is she appearing to late in the season for that?

  • Should be perfect as a frey!
    Gorman, does that put Winter’s Coldhands theory to bed?
    Violet? Interesting… A new character? or just renamed Val for some reason?
    But having her just in one late episode is strange for Val.

  • M,

    Tansy isn’t the same person as Violet, in the book. Though the discussion of flowery names was connected.

  • Violet is actually YyvB. She has been holding out on us.

    Damn, so my prayers to have Burn Gorman play Belwas were not answered.

  • Given the late episode in which she appears, I am going to guess that she is the new Roslin. Young and Pretty.

  • Based on the looks of ms. blacker I’m pretty sure the just renamed Val to Violet, although I suppose she could be a combo of Val and Dalla as someone else suggested

  • I doubt Burn can still be Coldhands then? Maybe we will still get a Coldhands though from an uncredited extra or someone else? Pretty sure we only got Rattleshirt casting last year quite late on

  • Yeah on second thought.
    As queenscrown is probably in episode six, it seems pretty unlikely that we’ll get to see any new wildlings in episode seven or eight.

    So my new guess is that she’s one (or all ) of Margaery’s cousins. The name Violet seems like a name that would fit someone from the reach.
    But then again, pretty late for her appareance and she also looks a bit to old for that part.

  • I still think Stephanie Blacker is playing a version of Kyra, since she was seen hanging out with Alphie Allen and Iwan Rheon. She’ll try to escape the Dreadfort with Theon.

  • The idea of Stephanie Blacker playing Kyra is interesting. It would fit the chronology : having the escape scene in episode 7 or 8…

    Maybe introduce her in episode 7 to sympathize with Theon, then the escape scene and betrayal in episode 8.

  • Lothar Frey! So… we have our Frey mastermind… that little rat!
    Burn Gorman can still play Coldhands, just his appearance to the show might be different.
    Violet… wha? I was inclined to believe she is still Val, with a longer name, but giving the fact that she only had scenes with Michelle MacLaren… I’m really puzzled…

  • She looked so perfect for Val!
    I really can’t see a flower name – especially one associated with shyness – being switched in for a wildling name. It doesn’t fit the culture at all.
    So much as I’d like ‘Violet’ to simply be Val’s new name, I don’t think it is.

  • Yeah, this Violet taking Kyra’s role could be interesting. About Lothar Frey, I think he’ll be taking over the role of Aegon “Jinglebell” Frey. Receiving a retard as an emissary is much more insulting than receiving a cripple.

  • Thanks for this update. The “who are they playing” questions have been driving me crazy.

    A bit disappointed that Blacker may not be Val; she looks perfect for the part.

    Tom Brooke: happy to be able to put more faces to names in House Frey.

    Burn Gorman as one of the NW: my guess is that he will be the one that leads the revolt that results in the murders LC Mormont and Craster. Gorman is a fairly recognizable face so he must do something memorable, right?

    So no Patchface? Not that I am complaining; that character creeps me out.

  • mariamb18: So no Patchface? Not that I am complaining; that character creeps me out.

    Just because we don’t know that a role has been cast doesn’t mean the role hasn’t been cast! Patchface is probably not a really huge role this season; doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  • Cary Storm,

    Yes, you have a point. If Patchface is around this season, it may just be a minor role at this point in the show. I just thought that we might get mention of casting for him once Selyse and Shireen were cast.

  • I was just talking this over with a friend but what about the following prophecy when Dany was in The House of the Undying: “A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness.”

    Val = Violet (blue flower)

    I initially didn’t think Violet was a suitable name for a wildling but then we thought of the prophecy. Are we reaching here?

  • Robin,

    Not sure how a Prophecy from the book which has not been mentioned in the show supports a possible name change for a Wildling character.

    Plus that Prophecy is 99% likely to be refering to Jon Snow.

  • Well, I just remembered that in ep2 of s2 Grenn talked about a girl that he grew up with, a milkmaid named Violet. And maybe this girl will be “Kyra”.

    Maybe we will only see Dalla/Val as a combined character and in the background. And then later, like with Stannis’s wife, she’ll be recast or get a bigger role.

    And if there is no Val, well. There might be a chance that Ygritte might even become that replacement.

  • I like the Kyra idea as well, just based on the episode placement. One would hope Val or a Val/Dalla hybrid would be introduced before 7, just based on the amount of movement that need to happen to get the Beyond the Wall storyline to where it needs to be by season’s end.

    Oh, Gorman has a voice made for shouting, “There are no laws beyond the Wall, old man.” Exciting stuff.

  • I made out with Burn Gorman and I can assure you that his hands are far from cold. They don’t call him Burn because he has frozen digits.

  • Nedro:
    I am thinking Belwas is not to be, alas…

    This is really depressing. For me, the character’s charisma is so infectious that just the mention of his presence in a scene makes me happy.

  • Javi Marcos,

    When Coldhands rescues Sam and Gilly from the wights, he is wearing a hood and his face cannot be seen. It is only his hands that clue Sam into his identity. For now, it sounds like a role for a featured extra. If they stretch things like I think they’re going to, the whole ordeal could be pushed off into episode 9 or 10, with a full-time casting in the offing for season four. Or they could have just cast someone in secret and kept it hidden. But I think that’s less plausible.

  • Judging by the picture of the actress. If Violet isn’t Val I’ll eat my hat. That is Val if I’ve ever seen her. Ridiculously good looking blonde princess? Check.

  • What was the name of the Frey that Edmure agrees to marry?Does it sound similar to any of the other characters? They tend to change the names when they sound similar to characters already (such as Yara/Asha).

    Maybe Violet is just some extra character, though..

  • Have we received word how much of Theon’s storyline will take place in season 3 since he is not in books 3 & 4?

  • No big surprise for Gorman and Brooke, at least for me.
    You can not have a face like Brooke and not to play a Frey.

    Violet bussiness is interesting though, a bit too late in the season for Val, I guess.

  • Hi-Fi
    Posted January 10, 2013 at 11:41 am | Permalink

    Cary Storm,

    Hahaha. So cruel.

    ???? Don’t understand this reference.

  • I always thought that Val was not going to appear in season 3; at least untill Ygritte’s death . But if they are gonna combine Dalla and Val…
    If she is Kyra, that would be awesome. All of us would be wrong about her.

  • If Val is being developed as a love interest for Jon, then combining her with Dalla would greatly complicate the relationship between her, Jon, and Mance.

  • There is no reason to combine Val and Dalla. Dalla doesn’t have a very big part, she can easily be portrayed by a featured extra. For that matter, Val almost can too in Season 3. There are so few scenes with either of them. Judging by when Violet is appearing, it doesn’t even make sense, as Mance is almost certainly going to be appearing from Episode 1.

  • Ours is the Fury,

    Oops, sorry – should have looked it up after all, I guess. It seems like an unlikely role to actually cast though, if it was just a passing reference, especially to an older woman.

  • Sir Arthur Dayne,

    I’m surprised that everyone is assuming that Coldhands will make an appearance in Season 3 as opposed to Season 4. Considering Sam’s Season 3 storyline will already include the battle at the Fist, the retreat from the Fist, the regroup at Craster’s, the mutiny at Craster’s and his splitting from Craster’s with Gilly, I could see the Coldhands rescue taking place at the start of Season 4. There really won’t be much to show between the rescue and the meeting with Bran under the Wall. If Coldhands makes an appearance this season, then the meeting with Bran would be pushed to the start of Season 4 and that happened at the very end of ASOS.

  • I think Stephanie Blacker will be playing the shows equivalent of Kyra, we know she’s in a Michelle McLaren episode, Michelle McLaren is directing grrm’s “Chains” episode, the title chains seems to point to Theon’s storyline, among others, so it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that Stephanie Blacker will play a role in Theon’s arc.

  • Unless Violet is the show’s version of Pia… or someone connected to the BwB…

    or maybe even another of Craster’s daughter-wives

  • Ren Snow,

    Craster’s daughter wife make sense for Blacker. Gilly is named after a flower and so too would be “Violet”. I’m thinking Violet could be the daughter wife that gets Craster pissed off when the NW soon to mutineers mess with her, thus leading to the mutiny in full swing.

  • AdrianAegon: That would explain the name, the timing, and the one episode appearance!

    Yep, Ren is on to something. Violet is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  • Joshua Taylor:
    Ren Snow,

    Craster’s daughter wife make sense for Blacker. Gilly is named after a flower and so too would be “Violet”. I’m thinking Violet could be the daughter wife that gets Craster pissed off when the NW soon to mutineers mess with her, thus leading to the mutiny in full swing.

    Ha, I think you nailed it!